6 Best Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers (Includes Waterproof Options)

Best Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers

So you’re getting tired of searching the internet for solar powered Bluetooth speakers, huh?

When you’re paying for a piece of tech, you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re after… but it doesn’t need to take you forever!

We have spent time deciding on the best solar powered Bluetooth speakers in a number of categories so that you don’t have to waste yours reading about speakers that aren’t exactly right for you.

Whether you’re here because you’re looking for a speaker that is as ready for outdoor adventures as you are or even just because you want a great quality speaker that uses solar power, we’ve got your back.

Quick List: Top 6 Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers In2024

  1. Reveal Solar SpeakerBest for Outdoors
  2. BLKBOX Wireless Solar Bluetooth SpeakerBest Budget Option
  3. Braxus Solar Portable Bluetooth SpeakerBest Portable
  4. Tidalpool’s Original Solar SoundbarBest Waterproof
  5. Westinghouse Solar Bluetooth SpeakerBest Overall
  6. Alpine Corporation Waterproof Bluetooth Rock Speaker

Researching Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers

Best For Outdoors
Reveal Solar Powered Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Carbon Fiber Exterior, 60 hrs Music Playtime,...
Reveal Solar Powered Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Carbon Fiber Exterior, 60 hrs Music Playtime,...
Best For Outdoors
Reveal Solar Powered Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Carbon Fiber Exterior, 60 hrs Music Playtime,...
Reveal Solar Powered Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Carbon Fiber Exterior, 60 hrs Music Playtime,...

This list aims to provide speaker options for everyone. While we have included the best option for those on a budget, none of the 5 awarded speakers are incredibly expensive.

We understand that when you’re looking for a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker, you just want a way to take your tunes everywhere you go and have them sound great! This definitely needn’t cost you the Earth.

You might be planning on placing your speaker in a sunny windowsill and enjoying your music from there. All these options work well in that case but for those planning to take their speakers outdoors and on more active trips, we’ve included a range of options.

This includes the best waterproof speakers for trips to the pool or beach and portable speakers to carry on a run or hike as well as the best option generally to take outdoors.

We’ve made sure that all of these options suit a range of people. We’ve even thrown in the ultimate all-rounder if you’re just looking for a good overall speaker as well one other option which we didn’t title as “best” in any category as it is more expensive but which still boasts some amazing features.

What’s more, none of these speakers require huge amounts of sun to operate well.

We realize that not everyone is lucky enough to live in year-round sun!

If you are looking for something ideal for a party then you must check out our list of the 10 best party speakers , they range from under $100 to over $500.

The Best Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers

1. Reveal Solar Speaker Review – Best For Outdoors

Reveal Solar Powered Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Carbon Fiber Exterior, 60 hrs Music Playtime,...
124 Reviews
Reveal Solar Powered Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Carbon Fiber Exterior, 60 hrs Music Playtime,...
  • This solar powered bluetooth speaker combines ultra chic & lightweight carbon fiber exterior with a high-performance mono-crystalline solar panel, which absorbs solar energy rapidly. Every 10 minutes...

The sleek black exterior of the Reveal Solar Speaker does more than just look cool… This is an extremely sturdy, shock-proof and dust-proof speaker and the perfect option if you are looking for a speaker to use in a number of outdoor settings.

✔️ What we like: Outdoor protection to suit every climate.

❌ What we don’t like:  Not the most portable option.

Standout Features

  • Shock-proof, dust-proof and waterproof
  • Built-in carabiner and LED flashlight
  • Efficient solar-power charging
  • Charging port for your phone
  • Comes with earpods

The Reveal Solar Speaker is truly any adventurer’s dream. Behind the beautiful exterior, it has all the technical specifications you could wish for. This includes an IPX waterproof rating of 5 which makes it suitable for moderate-high water exposure. More than just being waterproof though, it is ideal for use in a huge range of outdoor climates.

It is it incredibly sturdy, able to handle the twists and turns (and drops) of an active lifestyle but it also provides a high quality sound and works without needing bright sunlight.

If you’re looking for a speaker with something extra, this is the one. The inclusion of the LED flashlight is a really nice touch and one that can be incredibly useful when you’ve spent hours listening to music outside only to realize it’s gone dark by the time you’re ready to leave!

This speaker can also charge your phone which means you need not worry about taking a separate battery pack out for you for those long days in the outdoors. This feature has been a real life-saver for me!

It might be less portable than some of the options on our list at around 10 inches long. However, the built-in carabiner and straps make it easy to carry and very versatile so this isn’t so much of an issue.

What’s more, not only is the solar panel charging both effective and efficient, but this speaker has a hugely impressive music playtime of up to 60 hours. This speaker will hardly ever run out so you can use it for your biggest adventures with no worries.

The Reveal Solar Speaker also comes with the option to plug into a wall which can be great if you aren’t getting any sun at all or for over-night charging.

2. BLKBOX Wireless Solar Bluetooth Speaker Review – Best Budget Option

No products found.

If you want an affordable solar Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t force you to compromise on sound, the BLKBOX is ideal.

✔️ What we like: Inexpensive and easy to use.

❌ What we don’t like:  Not the sturdiest option.

Standout Features

  • 10-meter Bluetooth range
  • Great sound quality
  • Comes with USB connection
  • Built-in device connection jack

If you are someone who is mainly looking to use their solar speaker indoors, this option has everything you need. It’s also ideal if you are someone who is just planning on using it at the park, round at a friend’s house or in another similar situation that won’t be demanding on the speaker. It is easy to use and equally easy to set up.

Not only does it have an awesome volume capacity but it has a 10-meter Bluetooth range which is ideal if you want to play music in an open space. It also has a 5-hour playing time which will be more than enough in most cases.

It is not the sturdiest option and is not suited to situations that could cause it wear and tear. This is partly because it is not the most portable either. However, as mentioned, this should not be an issue if you are someone who just wants a speaker that provides a good sound, can be charged by solar power and taken to various locations.

Above all, at less than $20, this BLKBOX wireless solar bluetooth speaker provides incredible value for money. It’s compatible with a range of devices and you can even plug your device in if it’s not Bluetooth enabled and it will also charge it.

3. Braxus Solar Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review – Best Portable

Braxus Solar Portable Bluetooth Speaker w/Magnetic Mount, Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker, TWS, 5w,...
  • 【SOLAR BLUETOOTH SPEAKER】 The best outdoor bluetooth speakers or golf cart bluetooth speakers. W/ Its solar capabilities it is easy to regain power to your speaker when outdoors. Our Higher...

Not only is this speaker an affordable option but it is an incredibly compact one, ideal for taking out on a run or hanging from a bike.

✔️ What we like: Palm-sized, light and easy to hold.

❌ What we don’t like:  Solar panel isn’t main way of charging.

Standout Features

  • IPX6 waterproof rating
  • Fairly dust-proof
  • Impressive play time
  • Carabiner included

It is super impressive what this very affordable, very compact speaker manages to pack in. At around 5 x 4 x 2 inches, this is definitely the best portable solar powered, Bluetooth speaker available on the market.

While it is not as dust-proof nor as shock-proof as the Reveal speaker, you can definitely take this speaker pretty much anywhere -to the beach or on camping trip, for example- with no worries. Its protective casing is incredibly effective and also makes the speaker look really cool. Just be aware that you shouldn’t take it somewhere it’ll be submerged with dust. Similarly, while it can handle the tumble of everyday life, you obviously shouldn’t drop it from a great height.

Its IPX6 waterproof rating is equally amazing! An IPX rating of 6 means that you’re able to use this speaker in the shower or anywhere else that it could be faced with a powerful jet of water. Though you shouldn’t take this speaker underwater with you (and why would you want to?) it is great for use around the pool on those relaxed summer days. This speaker also allows you to charge your phone while using it.

This awesome handheld speaker has a play time of over 12 hours when used at 70% volume. While this speaker obviously isn’t quite as loud as some of the other options on our list, it’s loud enough to suit most situations, for sure.

It should be noted that with this speaker, the power is derived mostly from a rechargeable battery and it uses the solar panel as another reserve. So while the solar panel is really high power and can be used to charge the speaker alone, it won’t be as efficient when charged this way as those that are solely charged by solar energy.

The portable design of this Braxus bluetooth speaker extends further than its size. It comes with a carabiner and loop that will allow you attach it to any bag or bicycle.

4. Tidalpool’s Original Solar Soundbar Review – Best Waterproof

No products found.

The Tidalpool speaker is perfect for those aquaphiles out there! If you can’t stay away from the beach or swimming pool, this is the a great solar powered Bluetooth speaker for you.

✔️ What we like: Enhanced durability protects it against water.

❌ What we don’t like:  Doesn’t charge as well as other options.

Standout Features

  • Floats in water
  • Built in microphone
  • 50+ hours of play time
  • Provides 360°of sound
  • AUX and SD card slot

The Tidalpool Solar Soundbar, exactly as the name suggests, is the best waterproof, solar-powered speaker available. Like the Braxus speaker, it has an IPX6 rating but, because of its enhanced durability, the speaker is also suited to more extreme wet conditions like snow.

The Soundbar can float in water and it sounds awesome while it does with its unique, triangular design. The non-slip mats on the bottom of the speaker also make it incredible for pool-side use and the 50 feet of Bluetooth range is amazing for when you’re using your phone on the other side of the pool. It even has an in-built microphone so you can pick up phone calls streamed through Bluetooth.

Of course, whether you’re spending a day at the beach with friends or working out in your pool at home, you want a speaker that is not only waterproof but provides a great sound. The design of this speaker works to enable it to give 360 degrees of crisp sound. It enhances bass and minimizes distortion. Tidalpool even describe this as essentially being 3 speakers in 1.

The only downside to choosing this speaker is that some users have noted that this speaker doesn’t charge as well as some of its competitors. While it does have an incredible 50+ hours of play time, it can also take longer to charge this speaker, especially when charging it with the solar panel. However, since you can also use USB to charge your speaker and you can even use the speaker whilst charging, this isn’t too much of an issue.

The Tidalpool also comes with a built-in AUX port and micro SD card slot. This provides yet more ways to stream music!

With the SD card, you can preload up to 128GB of your songs which is great if you don’t want to take your phone or laptop out to the water with you.

5. Westinghouse Solar Bluetooth Speaker Review – Best Overall

No products found.

This very affordable option is full of compromise and great benefits, hence why we have rated it as the best overall solar powered, Bluetooth speaker.

✔️ What we like: The affordable price does not show anywhere in the quality.

❌ What we don’t like:  Lasts 3 hours when speakers and flashlight are in use.

Standout Features

  • LED flashlight
  • Microphone included
  • Compact size
  • Water resistant
  • Great crisp sound

If you have been interested in features that each of these speakers offer but you aren’t sure you want to commit to focusing on just a couple of specialized benefits and you don’t have a high budget, you should definitely consider the Westinghouse. 

Like the Reveal speaker, it is well equipped for the outdoors as it doubles up as an LED flashlight. The light is extremely powerful and has three modes that you can use in emergencies or even just during a power cut at home.

It also has an IPX rating of 5 which is almost as high as the Braxus’ IPX 6 rating. If you’re planning on exposing your speaker to water but not using it in the shower or a direct stream of water, this option will be great. You can take this to the pool with no problem!

Since the Westinghouse is really portable too and just a little over palm-sized, this is a great option if you are looking for a speaker that you can carry around to use outdoors but not in intensely dusty environments. This really is an amazing speaker that delivers a 360 degrees clear sound way above its $20 price tag.  

The battery life is good and it can deliver up to 6 hours of sound. However, due to the high power output of the light, if you are using the speaker and light simultaneously, the battery will only last around 3 hours.

Since the solar charging is really effective, though, this really should not be a problem for long as you can simply leave it in the sun to charge.

As well as all of this, the Westinghouse bluetooth speaker has some additional, incredible features. It has an in-built microphone (like the Tidalpool) and a Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters!

6. Alpine Corporation Waterproof Bluetooth Rock Speaker Review

Alpine Corporation Waterproof Bluetooth Solar-Powered Outdoor Wireless Rock Speaker, Gray
  • OUTDOOR BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device to play your favorite tunes (pair one device to speaker at a time). 50-foot sound range fills your space with music

At over $100, this solar powered Bluetooth speaker will certainly not suit everyone’s budget. However, if you are looking for a speaker that will blend into your outdoor space and provide a high-quality sound, this Alpine Corporation speaker is perfect.

✔️ What we like: Great, realistic rock design.

❌ What we don’t like:  Bluetooth connection can be temperamental.

Standout Features

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Great volume and high-quality sound
  • Waterproof
  • 12 hours of play-time
  • Highly effective solar charging

We’ve talked a lot about the top solar powered Bluetooth speakers to take with you on adventures in the great outdoors. This option, on the other hand, is perfect for those who want a speaker that can live in just one outdoor space and provide a great high-quality sound whenever you are out there!

This compact, rock-shaped speaker not only blends stylishly in with a natural background but is incredibly durable and waterproof. Unlike some of the other speakers on this list, you can leave this one outside 24 hours a day with no concern that the speaker system will get damaged.

The sound quality provided is amazing and the speaker can play music at very loud volumes. The only problem with this speaker, however, is that users have reported that they experience issues with the Bluetooth connectivity.

While the speaker has an amazing Bluetooth range of up to 50 feet, sometimes the speaker can disconnect from your device which is a little frustrating. This is only a rare occurrence so shouldn’t be a major issue.

It has around 12 hours of play-time and charges through the solar panel even when its cloudy!

You can also charge the Alpine Corporation waterproof Bluetooth rock with the USB for an added boost.

A Guide To Choosing Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers

Sound Quality

Throughout this guide, we have made sure that you’ll never have to spend a fortune or compromise on high-quality sound and a great Bluetooth connection. You can get really get everything you need in a solar powered Bluetooth speaker for just $20 and half of our choices reflect this- the BLKBOX, Braxus and Westinghouse being the three more affordable options.

Of course, if you’re looking for a solar powered speaker system that provides the highest quality of sound, you will likely have to pay a little extra. The Tidalpool is great at boosting bass quality, for example, and the Alpine Corporation speaker offers a stand-out level of volume and sound quality.

Battery Life

Of course, with any solar powered speaker you’ll want a speaker that easily charges and none of these options require direct sunlight to charge up which is great. They can all also work for a decent amount of time. However, the BLKBOX has the shortest battery life at 5 hours and the Westinghouse also does not last for long when you are using both the light and the speaker at once.

If a great battery life really matters to you and you have a slightly higher budget, you should take a further look at the Reveal or the Tidalpool which both boast 50+ hours play time. If you are on a tighter budget but still want a speaker that lasts a good while, the Braxus lasts 12 hours.

Suitability For Different Settings

A key thing to ascertain before you buy your speaker is, of course, in what kind of setting you will most often be using it. If you are looking at buying a solar panel speaker simply because you want one that charges without being plugged in and can be taken to places like the park, the BLKBOX is great.

If you have a little bit of a higher budget and want something you can keep in your garden 24/7, you’ll want to look at the Alpine Corporation.

 However, if you are looking for a speaker that you can take outdoors-particularly in more dusty or wet terrain- you will want to read more in the next paragraph about speaker compatibility with the outdoors.

Compatibility With The Outdoors

Being able to listen to your favorite music whilst hanging out at the beach is an awesome thing but, of course, your speakers need to be waterproof or at least water resistant in order to survive this.

The best option if you are looking to buy a really waterproof speaker is definitely the Tidalpool. However, the Braxus and Westinghouse are great options if you are after something a little more affordable and not planning to use your speaker in extremely wet climates.

The Reveal speaker is the option to go for if you know you want to use the speaker in a range of outdoor terrains because, not only is it water resistant, but it is very dust and shatter-proof. The Braxus and Westinghouse are also somewhat dust-proof but if you are planning on taking this speaker into properly sandy or dusty climates, you should definitely go for the Reveal.


A related consideration for you to take into account is how easily you want to be able to move your speaker from location to location. If you are planning on taking your speaker on runs, for example, or moving about with it a lot, the Braxus is the most compact option.

The Westinghouse is just a little bigger so if you are interested in the other features that the Westinghouse offers- such as the LED light and microphone- this could be a great option for you as well.

Something A Little Different?

Of course, even considering all the main features of these speakers can still leave you a little torn on which one to choose. These additional bonus features could just sway the difference. If you’d like to be able to use your speaker to make phone calls via an in-built microphone, go for the Tidalpool or the Westinghouse.

Both the Reveal and the Westinghouse have powerful built-in flashlights for if you find yourself using your speaker a lot in the dark and the BLKBOX and Tidalpool come with great connectivity options. If you find yourself stuck on which speaker to choose, spend some time to analyze these added bonuses and see which suits you best!

Simplifying Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers

We understand that buying a new speaker can be a little stressful.

You want to make sure that you get one that is optimized for the situations that you want to use it in, you’re not sure which speaker is best for which setting and so many of them seem overpriced too…

We feel your pain!

You definitely don’t want to end up with one that has a poor-quality sound or connection or, worse still, won’t even charge at all no matter how much sun it gets!

All the speakers included in this list will help you to avoid these problems and each of them will also provide its own spectacular list of features to elevate your listening experience.

We’re sure that in this article you will have managed to find the best solar powered Bluetooth speaker to suit you!

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