Jasmine JO36 Review – J-Series Acoustic Guitar (Orchestra Body Style)

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Jasmine JO36-NATBrand/Model: Jasmine JO-36

Number of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right

Body Material: Sapele/Spruce top

Neck Material: Nato

Fretboard Material: Rosewood

Price Range: Under $200

Our Rating: 10/10

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Jasmine JO36-NAT Acoustic Guitar Review

If you consider yourself an expert about guitars, then Jasmine will be a very familiar name.  Although they’re mostly known for their “quality on a budget” guitars, they’re a respected brand with a well-deserved reputation.  The JO-36 guitar is another example of why this affordable brand has a solid footing in the guitar industry.

Bridge_and_saddle_on_Jasmine_JO36The guitar has an exotic and sharp appeal with its unmistakable sapele back and sides with its spruce top.  For the price, it’s obviously a laminate guitar, but don’t let that deter you.

The orchestra body style guitar has Jasmine’s advanced X bracing lending to its sweet and full overtones with balanced and clear-cutting note definition.  Thanks to the closely-placed braces due to the forward-shifted position, the guitar sings loud and true!

The neck wears a rosewood fingerboard that matches the rosewood bridge.  It has a slim neck profile with a 24 3/4″ scale, 20 frets, and a 12″ fingerboard radius – plenty of access to the entire fretboard done with ease.

Hardware includes synthetic bone for the nut and a compensated synthetic bone saddle.  White Ivroid bridge pins with black dots, black teardrop pickguard, pearloid dots inlays, and chrome die-cast machine heads complete the guitar.

This might not be the fanciest Jasmine guitar out there, but it’s certainly a well-built and affordable guitar.  For a guitar that you want as your wing-man for casual events and passing the time at home or at the bus stop, the JO36 is your winger!


  • Price
  • Full-size
  • Orchestra body style
  • Advanced X bracing
  • 24.75″ scale

  • May require setup


Buyer’s Feedback on the JO-36 Orchestra Guitar

Headstock_of_Jasmine_JO36_guitarThe Jasmine JO36 guitar in the natural finish is a natural beauty to behold.  Everything about is top-notch and classy.  Buyer’s were especially surprised by the amazing sound from the orchestra guitar.

It’s sweet with resonance and rich tones despite its laminated construction.

However, with any mass-produced guitar, it may need some smoothing out once you receive it.  Check to see that frets are smooth, the finish is even, and hardware is adequate.

You might find that you may need to sand down the frets, upgrade the strings, or even change out the tuning heads, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem with the Jasmine.

Personal preferences may be the motivation for a setup.  But, Jasmine guitars are pretty good about being playable out of the box.


Alternative Guitars to Consider

If your budget was tight to begin with and this guitar was pushing it, don’t lose hope on owning a Jasmine.  Finger pick you way to the Jasmine S34C acoustic guitar.  It’s under $100, has a grand orchestra body style with a cutaway.  It also sports the advanced X bracing, and it has a satin finish that’s typically preferred over the gloss finish on this JO36 guitar.

However, neither guitar comes with any included accessories.  If you want to make the most stretching every penny in your guitar buy, then the Donner DAG-1C is a great alternative.

It’s still under $200, and it comes with every accessory you’d want to buy as a beginner guitarist.  There’s no shame in opting for a guitar bundle when you get a whole lot more for your buck!


Jasmine JO36-NAT Q&A

Is the Jasmine a Full-size Guitar?

The JO36 guitar has an orchestra body style that is slightly smaller than a dreadnought but is still considered full-size.  It’s 40″ long, has a 24.75″ scale, and 20 frets.  It’s a full-size acoustic guitar.


Who makes Jasmine Guitars?

It’s unfortunate that many people still give credit to Takamine for the affordable Jasmine brand.  However, shifting of brand rights was transferred over a decade ago to KMC Music, Inc.

Obviously, there hasn’t been a change in quality with the change in ownership and manufacturing because Jasmine guitars are still rockin’ the market to this day.


What is the width at the Nut?

The nut width is 44mm.


Is this a Left-hand Guitar?

This guitar is designed for right-handed players.  However, thanks to the symmetrical orchestra body style, a left-hand player could rig it by stringing the strings in reverse order.  The pickguard would be on the top, but at least it a lefty will find the guitar playable.

Besides, there are usually other left-hand players sporting the pickguard upside-down as well!  You wouldn’t be the only one.

What Strings come with the JO36 Guitar?

This Jasmine steel string guitar comes pre-strung with Phosphor Bronze Light Gauge .012-.053 strings.


Does this Orchestra Guitar have Pickups?

No.  This guitar has no electric counterparts for plugging-in.  It’s an acoustic-only guitar.


Where is the Jasmine guitar made?

This guitar is made in Indonesia.


What is Advanced X Bracing?

Scalloped bracing entails the strips of wood used to support the soundboard.  It also affects how the acoustic guitar sounds.  Jasmine’s Advanced X bracing brings the “X” forward and closer to the soundhole to allow for maximum string vibration to resonate within the sound box for full, clear, and loud projection.


Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need

Jasmine guitars come alone, just like other high-end guitars.  It’s not often that you get accessories included in the purchase with a high-quality guitar.  Since the Jasmine guitar is so affordable, it won’t hurt so bad to be out of pocket to purchase your own accessories.

However, knowing what you should buy can be a torment in and of itself.  Let us shoulder the burden and compile a complete checklist for you – wait, we’ve already done that!

Sound_hole_on_JO36-NAT_J-Series_guitarHere’s a quick list of some the things a beginner will need.


Standout Features of the JO36-NAT

  • Forward-shift X bracing
  • Orchestra body style
  • Excellent price point


Our Verdict on the Jasmine JO36 NAT Orchestra Guitar

To strum it up, the Jasmine JO36-NAT guitar is a worthy buy.  It might not be a once-in-a-lifetime buy, but you’ll get a lifetime of practice and unforgettable jamming sessions out of this guitar.  Give credit where credit is due – Jasmine is a high-quality brand for the working man’s budget!

Jasmine 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right Handed, Natural (JO36-NAT)
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Jasmine 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right Handed, Natural (JO36-NAT)
  • Spruce top with Jasmine Advanced "X" bracing
  • Sapele back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Slim neck profile, 24 3/4" scale length
  • Synthetic bone nut and saddle
  • Gloss Natural finish



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