Muse Black Holes and Revelations Review (With Song List)

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My Review of the Muse Album Black Holes and RevelationsMuse and Rich Costey Produced and recorded the album through 2005-06. On July 3rd 2006, “Black Holes and Revelations ” was released.

The band received much inspiration from Artists such as Queen, Depeche Mode, and Millionaire.

Taking a much more laid back approach in the writing, you can see that these English rockers have taken their originality to a whole new level.

Although some Critics argue (wrongly) that Muse’ new album is just a blasphemous copycat of Radiohead, their “isolated with inspiration” approach at the writing process combined with emulating ethnically diverse world sounds seeks to prove them wrong.

The Band spent much of the writing period in an old château in France, and spent part of the recording period in the same studio that recorded Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.


World Thundering Songs


Lighter Songs

Starting with the world-judging “Take a Bow”, Black Holes and Revelations brings something that just feels new. Continuing on with such Dance beats as “Supermassive Black Hole” the album shows a new kind of diversity that needs recognition in the world today.

As the Album moves on, you get to hear more and more things that seem familiar, but with such a spin that something new has been created. With the barbershop vocals of “Soldier’s Poem” and the whistling of the saw blade in “Invincible” you continually find yourself in a journey of sounds, and the trip is long from over.

Muse then makes their well-performed attempt at metal in “Assassin” but quickly diverges to the earlier said ethnic sounds of Spanish guitar in City of Delusion.

Some Critics say Muse are copycats. That’s BS, just look at this Baby-Kicking Video! As one wise YouTube commentor put it: “The only way this video would be more manly, is if Bruce Cambell was playing the main character. “

To finish off what started great, Knights of Cydonia does more than a spectacular job. Being one of the best Music Videos ever made, the song itself is not far from being close to that title with its comical “Space-Western” sound.

Black Holes and Revelations is an amazing album from an amazing band. As their albums get exponentially better, their latest is at the top of their game, and like the last one, shows even more promise for future albums to come.


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