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Martin HD 28 Review – Standard Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The Martin Standard Series HD-28 Standard Dreadnought Acoustic is a guitar of excellent quality and craftsmanship. Check it out now!

Martin D-16RGT Acoustic Guitar (Made in USA with Solid Tonewoods)

For lovers of Martin we bring you the D-16RGT Acoustic Guitar with Solid Tonewoods and made in the USA. Check it out right now!

Martin D15M Review – Acoustic Guitar Made In The USA

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Martin Backpacker Review – Steel String Acoustic Travel Guitar (Compact with Solid Sound)

The Martin Backpacker Travel Guitar is great for travelers being compact & light weight - Is it the right instrument for you? Why not read our full review.

Martin LX1 Review – Little Martin Acoustic Guitar: Small, Concert Body – Great for Travel

The Martin LX1 Little Acoustic Guitar is a ripper buy for a genuine Martin. Check out this small, travel guitar right here.

Martin DRS1 Review – Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Martin DRS1 acoustic-electric guitar is a road-worthy dreadnought with awesome sound. Check it out right here.

Martin LX1E Review – Acoustic Electric Travel Guitar (with Fishman Electronics)

If you are looking for an excellent travel guitar, the LX1E Little Martin is a great place to start. Check out our review on it here.