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The Yamaha FG850 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar in Mahogany is an excellent instrument for the price. Check it out now!

The FG800C acoustic guitar by Yamaha is very well built, it has scalloped bracing and a solid top. We recommend you check out this full size guitar today!

The Yamaha JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic guitar is lightweight, well priced & comes with a gig bag and accessories. Check it out!

The Yamaha JR2 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar comes with loads of extras and is worth checking out. Take a peek here!

Sometimes you just can't go past a Yamaha and this FGX800C is no exception. Check out this great value electro-acoustic guitar right here.

With a unique bodiless design, the Yamaha SLG200S 'silent guitar' is certainly different - but how does it sound plugged-in? Find out right here.

If you are looking for an acoustic-electric Yamaha for under $300, the APX500III Thinline guitar may be what you need. Check it out here.

Update - 2019.07.13There is a newer model available which is the Yamaha APX600 BL

The Yamaha AR3 A-Series Guitar has a pure sound and options galore. Check out our in depth review of the acoustic-electric here.

If you are looking for a small acoustic-electric guitar for travel or for a child, this review of the 3/4 size Yamaha APXT2 is for you!