Best Acoustic Guitar Under $2000: 5 Top High-End Picks In 2020

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List of Acoustic Guitars Below 2000Looking to spend some serious money on a good brand-name acoustic guitar?

Well, you’re in the right place for it, we will help you find the best acoustic guitar under $2000 for you.  If you can’t front the cash, you best do a U-turn right now.

The price tags on these excellent acoustic guitars are not for the faint of heart, and they’re destined to make you want them if it’s the last thing you ever do before you go broke.

Recording artists, stage-worthy performers, and seasoned players, this is the top playlist for you!


Quick Answer: 5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000 In 2020

  1. Taylor 224CE-K DLX Acoustic Guitar
  2. Martin D-16RGT Acoustic Guitar
  3. Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar
  4. Blueridge BR-163A Acoustic Guitar
  5. Blueridge BR-361 Acoustic Guitar


The Best Acoustic Guitars for Under $2000

tsj-table__imageTaylor 224CE-K DLX
  • Body: Koa/Koa
  • Neck: Sapele
  • Fretboard: Ebony
tsj-table__imageMartin D-16RGT
  • Body: Rosewood/Spruce
  • Neck: Hardwood
  • Fretboard: Richlite
tsj-table__imageMartin D-15M
  • Body: Mahogany/Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fretboard: East Indian Rosewood
tsj-table__imageBlueridge BR-163A
  • Body: Rosewood/Spruce
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
tsj-table__imageBlueridge BR-361
  • Body: Rosewood/Spruce
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Ebony



Our 5 Top Acoustic Guitars Less Than $2000

There are plenty of good name-brand acoustic guitars in this price range, but we’ve narrowed it down to the best you can get your hands on today.  With a price tag like this, they’re all bound to excel, and they promise to offer the highest quality a good guitar can sport.

Cosmetics must be on-par with price point to make heads turn, and hardware must be of the highest quality for excellent playability and intonation.

This isn’t a price range for beginners acoustic guitars or first-time buys, although, it may be your first-time buy for a premium guitar.  Those who demand the best for playing on-stage, recording in studio, or adding to your collection have earned boasting rights to buy from this top acoustic guitar under 2000 dollars lineup.

However, we also root for the underdog who saves enough cash to splurge on a high-end guitar.  You can make your name with any one of these top choices and show off your music groove in style.

Taylor, Martin, and Blueridge make an appearance together in this budget category, and we scrutinize the best models for your money right here.




Taylor 224CE Deluxe Koa Grand Auditorium

Taylor Guitars 224ce-K DLX Koa Deluxe Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar
30 Reviews
Taylor Guitars 224ce-K DLX Koa Deluxe Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Grand Auditorium Body w/Solid Hawaiian Koa Top & Layered Koa Back/Sides
  • 25.5"-Scale Sapele Neck w/Ebony Fingerboard w/1-11/16" Nut Width
  • Taylor Expression System 2 Electronics

Technically, we’ve toed the line here with the Taylor 224CE.  It’s a top acoustic electric model that sports electronics so it can be plugged in and amplified for an entire crowd to hear.  What better way is there to get your Koa acoustic heard?

The 224CE is a gorgeous specimen.  Its dark, solid Koa soundboard is strikingly attractive and is bound to turn more than a few heads.  Layered Koa makes up the sides and back on a grand auditorium body with a sexy Venetian cutaway.

It’s a bright tonewood that may be unlike anything you’ve heard.  You’ll want to give in to the seduction of playing the Koa guitar, and the more you do, the more it will develop into a sweet-sounding and deep acoustic treasure.

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Martin D-16RGT

Martin 16 Series D-16RGT Dreadnought Guitar Natural
6 Reviews
Martin 16 Series D-16RGT Dreadnought Guitar Natural
  • "Dreadnought body style Solid Sitka spruce top Solid East Indian rosewood back and sides Solid Spanish cedar neck FSC Certified Richlite fretboard and bridge Herringbone rosette Hybrid D1 bracing...
  • "The traditional Martin D-16RGT Dreadnought Guitar features a top of solid spruce and back and sides of solid East Indian rosewood
  • Easy-playing neck and fretboard is a joy

This is a grabber of a buy.  It’s a Martin that may be mid-range quality to them, but it sure is high-end and premium to the rest of us.

The 16 Series is Martin’s expression of combining both classic and modern elements to create a good guitar that appeals to us all.  Contemporary players will shine with both fingerpicking and strumming in any genre.

We see good solid tonewoods in this price range starting with a solid spruce top.  Solid East Indian Rosewood dress the back and sides, and the combination of both woods offer bright, note defining, and harmonically-balanced tones.  Martin is a favorite brand to the masses, and we’re sure it’ll be yours too.

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Martin D-15M

Martin 15 Series D-15M Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
23 Reviews
Martin 15 Series D-15M Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
  • The D-15M offers a perfect blend of vintage features and modern technology to create an instrument of exceptional tone.
  • Back, sides and top are bookmatched from solid genuine mahogany

This is Martin has a price-point that’s probably more in line with realistic budgets.  But, despite its lower price tag, it still has everything Martin about it and is worthy of being named as one of the best acoustic guitars under $2000.

You may be wondering if it has laminate back and sides to compensate for the price drop, but you’d be wrong.  This is an all-wood, all-mahogany guitar.  That’s right, solid top, back, and sides all made from the best premium mahogany.

It’s part of the 15 Series that’s American made in the USA.  Dedicated to keeping the aesthetics authentic and original, the D-15M is a winner in our books and other passionate players love it too.

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Blueridge BR-163A

Blueridge BR-163A Historic Craftsman Series 000 Guitar
  • Solid Adirondack spruce top with scalloped braces provides you with superior note clarity and volume to spare
  • Solid Santos rosewood back and sides guarantees deep bass and strong cutting power
  • Slim mahogany neck offers fast, easy action and inherently long-lasting stability

Historic.  Vintage.  Pre-war.  Put all that into a good guitar and you have a Blueridge.  This guitar is part of the Historic Craftsman Series 000, and we say it’s right up there with top world-known brands that know how to do it right.

The 163A has real tonewood all the way around.  It has an Adirondack spruce top that fingerpickers and bluegrass players will immediately make use of.  Santos rosewood makes up the back and sides with its tight grains, bright trebles, and fat low-end.

This is a traditional masterpiece of a guitar that shouldn’t be treated like an antique in a museum.  While it may have vintage appeal, it’s meant to be played till you can’t play no more.

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Blueridge BR-361

Blueridge BR-361 Historic Series Parlor Guitar with Deluxe Hardshell Case
7 Reviews
Blueridge BR-361 Historic Series Parlor Guitar with Deluxe Hardshell Case
  • Solid Sitka spruce top with scalloped braces gives you clean articulation and a crisp tone
  • Solid Indian rosewood back and sides guarantees deep bass and strong cutting power
  • Slim mahogany neck offers fast, easy action and inherently long-lasting stability

Navigating Blueridge’s inventory requires that you know your model numbers.  But, we’re sure you’ll remember this parlor gem.  It’s part of the Historic Craftsman Parlor Series, and as expected, you’ll see some traditional, vintage, and pre-war elements perfectly executed along with modern components.

This parlor guitar is obviously scaled-down in size, and it mightn’t be as loud as a dreadnought, but its rich undertones, responsiveness, and flawless intonation makes up for it.  This is in part thanks to the solid spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides.

Playing a parlor guitar is one of the most romantic ways to go back to a classical period where your fingers made music magic.  Woo and move the iciest of crowds with an intimate piece from a Blueridge parlor.

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What to Expect in This $2000 Price Range in 2020

Laminate is making their way out on acoustic guitars in this $2000 price range.  You’re seeing a lot more solid body guitars with all the trappings.  However, even a solid top and laminate body guitar is not uncommon to find.  The key to knowing whether it’s a good guitar is to look at the craftsmanship, hardware, and additional materials.

If there have been budget cuts to allow for a friendlier price, expect to see laminate necks, especially if it means they put the quality in the solid body.  You’ll have to decide which feature is more important to you.  Being brand-specific during your product search can also help with that judgement.


Features to Consider in an Acoustic Guitar Under $2000

Tone woods:

Tonewoods are getting more specific and exotic the higher priced the guitar.  You may want to look for the availability of specific species of tonewoods if you’re after that certain tone the top acoustic guitars can offer.


The absolute best of bracing patterns are made in this price range.  Also, you may see some non-scalloped patterns.  This has its place when combined with specific tonewoods to achieve a sound you may want.


Nothing but the best quality should be expected here.  We’re seeing acoustic guitars made in the USA, incomparable craftsmanship, and high-end hardware that absolutely contributes to the performance and integrity of the guitar.


Most acoustic guitars in this price category will come with a hard shell case.  Consider this a bonus since hard shell cases can cost into the hundreds.  You’ll have to purchase other accessories and protecting equipment like guitar humidifier to properly care for your guitar.


Given that you’ve taken care of your guitar, you can retain resale value if you dare part with it.  Guitars running around $2000 are guaranteed to be wanted by someone else looking for a bargain or who is on a tight budget.


Why Spend More For a Top Guitar?

While there are acoustic guitars that can cost as much as a complete kitchen remodel, the average person won’t ever buy it.  Sure, they’ll drool over it and dream about it, but it won’t ever be a realistic buy.  Acoustic guitars under 2000 dollars seems to cap the max that even privileged budgets will peak.

But, with the quality seen on these guitars, why spend more?  You don’t have to be afraid of using it and playing it, it’s what it’s made for.  These are the gems that you can display and play.

It would be a shame to let it sit for fear of damaging your investment.  Let the world know how good you really are with a deluxe-made instrument under $2000.

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