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gear guides by ‘the sound junky’

Parts of a Record Player
What Does 3.1 Channel Mean for Sound Systems
Laminate VS Solid Wood Acoustic Guitars
How to Clean Acoustic Guitars
How Do Acoustic Electric Guitars Work
Acoustic VS Electric-Acoustic Guitars
Guide to Sustainable Tonewoods and Eco Guitars
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Creative Pieces by ‘The Real Musician’

Being Creative In Music – Unlocking Your Intimate Inner Artist
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Discover How to Set up and Organize a Small Outdoor Concert
Epic Guide to Writing a Concept Album
40 Songs You Must Listen to Before You Die
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Learn More With ‘Davis Wilton Bader’

Three Quarter Versus Full Sized Guitars
Guitar Amp Noise Troubleshooting - Buzzing, Humming and Hissing
What is Gain on a Guitar Amp
How to Make a Fuzz Pedal
What Does an Overdrive Pedal Do
First Guitar Pedal to Buy - Getting Started with Effects
Xotic SL Drive Review
JHS Muffuletta Review

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favorites by the ‘magic instruments’ team

Nobels ODR-Mini Review
Which Wood Is Best for Violin
Types of Violins
Best Digital Guitar Reviews
Ukulele vs Mandolin - Which One Should You Learn and What’s the Difference
Gaming Headset VS Headphones
Banjo VS Ukulele - All Your Questions Answered
How to Clean an Electric Guitar

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