5 Best Pedal Power Supplies In 2021

Best Pedal Power Supply

Building your first pedal board?

Looking for clean, silent power for all of your effects pedals?

Then you need a good pedal power supply.

No matter how many pedals you have in your chain or what level of musician you are, you’re going to need electricity fed to your effects pedals in order for them to operate properly.

But with all these terms like Voltage, Currency, and Isolation, how are you supposed to pick the right power supply for your needs and budget?

These are our top picks for the best pedal power supply in 2021.

Snapshot: Best Pedal Power Supplies in 2021

  1. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus –  Best Overall
  2. JOYO JP02Best Budget Option
  3. Friedman Power Grid 10Best High End Option
  4. Strymon OjaiBest Isolated/Best Mini
  5. JOYO JP05Best Rechargeable

Picking a Great Pedal Power Supply That’s Right for Your Board

When picking out the best pedalboard power supply, I kept in mind the following four essential pieces of information:

  • Voltage – Power requirement. Usually 9V, but ranges from 12V, 15V, 18V, even 24V. Minimum power must be met to power your pedal. NEVER add too much voltage –  will damage your pedal.
  • Current – Flow of electrical charge, measured in milliamps (mA). Minimum current is a requirement and exceeding current minimum is ok.
    • Required Current – Rule of Thumb: add up mA requirements of all your pedals and double it. This is what your power supply needs to be rated.
  • Polarity – AC and DC. Most pedals are 9V, DC, Center-Negative
  • Isolation – means each pedal is individually powered, as opposed to daisy chain power. Isolated power is more reliable and reduces unwanted noise due to ground loops.

That Pedal Show refers to these requirements using the acronym VCPI. To learn more, check out their video on power supplies.

My list of the best pedalboard power supplies includes options that addressed the VCPI essentials in a safe and dynamic manner so that a wide array of pedals could be properly powered.

Most notably, every option on this list features isolated power, as this is the best way to power your pedals.

I also kept in mind that doing this can get expensive, so I’ve included some models that power for less, but not at the expense of quality. I also made sure to pick some smaller and rechargeable (battery powered) options for traveling/touring guitarists.

The Best Pedal Power Supply Options in 2021

1. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Review – Best Overall

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Isolated Power Supply
524 Reviews
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Isolated Power Supply
  • A universal power supply for all battery-operated guitar pedal effects

There is no better place to start a list of the pedalboard power supplies than a tried and true staple of the industry. The Power Plus 2 from Voodoo Lab has been the go-to pedal power supply for professional guitarists for over a decade.


YouTube video

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus is a compact power supply that is built like a tank and utilizes toroidal transformers for low noise. It requires a standard 120V power, so it can be used anywhere in the US. It has eight outputs, each with short circuit protection.

Even if one of your pedals were to go down due to a short circuit, the rest would still be powered. The box comes with all the required connections, including a detachable AC chord.


Each of the Power 2 Plus’s eight outputs are switchable between 9 and 12 volts, giving you greater flexibility for analog pedals. You will need a separate voltage-doubler if you want to power 18V pedals.  Two of the outputs are designed to handle 250 mA of current with the included red cables.

All of the outputs are set for DC, Center Negative polarity and are 100% isolated.

  • Ultra Low Noise
  • Sturdy build ready for the road
  • Can Sag 4V to 9V on last two outputs
  • 250mA max current
  • Bulky, won’t fit under mini pedal boards.

Spec Summary

  • Dimensions: 6 x 3.4 x 1.8”
  • Voltage: 9-12V Switchable
  • Current: 100/250mA (Rated 1100mA)
  • Isolated: Yes
  • Features: Sag, Low Noise, Highest Build quality,

The shoulders upon which all pedal power supplies stand

Final Thoughts on the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus

Though not the most versatile pedalboard power supply on the market, the Power 2 Plus is the perfect companion for analog pedal heavy boards. It has a solid construction that will last you a lifetime and is dead quiet. If you need other power requirements that this model doesn’t offer, I highly recommend looking at the rest of the Voodoo Labs power supply line.

2. JOYO JP02 Review – Best Budget Option

JOYO JP-02 Guitar Pedal Power Supply Pedal Board Guitar Power Supply with DC 18V Pedal Power Adapter...
60 Reviews
JOYO JP-02 Guitar Pedal Power Supply Pedal Board Guitar Power Supply with DC 18V Pedal Power Adapter...
  • JP-02 amplifier power supply has been well recognized by music lovers all over the world. Each of its circuits has independent short-circuit protection and independent short-circuit protection...

I get it – you want to spend your money on new pedals instead of a power supply. Thankfully, the JOYO JP02 is a highly rated and flexible power supply with a small price tag.


YouTube video

The JP02 from JOYO is the perfect pedalboard power supply for small pedal boards or those who are on a budget. Each of the ten outputs features independent short circuit prevention technology, so even if one pedal goes down the rest of your chain receives reliable and steady power.

The power supply has bright blue LED’s above each of the outputs, so you know that they are functioning. This is great for troubleshooting purposes. It features high performance, peripheral-simplified switching for an extremely low noise performance.


The first eight inputs are set for 9V, 100mA power that is ideal for overdrives and other analog pedals. The eight input is switchable up to 500mA and can power large Strymon or Line 6 digital modeling pedals. Output 9 is set for 12V and output 10 is set for 18V.

The supply can be powered by a DC18V input and is rated for 1.5 amps of current out. The entire supply is DC out and features all isolated power for each.

  • Easy to use and safe
  • Low noise
  • Low price point
  • Small build
  • Only one 500mA output

Spec Summary

  • Dimensions: 5.75 x 2.56 x 1.38”
  • Voltage: 9/12/18V
  • Current: Rated 100/500 (Rated 1500mA)
  • Isolated: Yes
  • Features: LED’s

Pedal power supply with a small build and price tag

Final Thoughts on the JOYO JP02

This is a great option if you are purchasing your first power supply for your pedals, you have a small board, or if you are on a budget. It will power just about any analog pedal but may not be the best option if you have a wide array of high current digital pedals.

3. Friedman Power Grid 10 Review (9V) – Best High End Option

Friedman Amplification Power Grid 10 Isolated High Current 9V Pedal Power Supply
36 Reviews
Friedman Amplification Power Grid 10 Isolated High Current 9V Pedal Power Supply
  • Universal power from 100-240Vac meaning you can plug it in anywhere in the world

On the surface, the Power Grid 10 is like a Voodoo Lab Power 2 Plus on steroids. It has more inputs, more current potential, and also a larger price tag. In this case, the increase in price is very worth it once you realize what the Power Grid has to offer on the inside.


YouTube video

The Power Grid 10 is a lightweight power supply for your pedalboard built without traditional transformers in it. While it isn’t the smallest option around, it is built to fit perfectly under all Friedman pedal boards using just two screws.

If you aren’t using Friedman products, the Power Grid 10 can still be mounted on top of any board and is designed to be stable enough to have two standard sized pedals fit on top of it. It has universal power (100-240vac) so it can be plugged in anywhere around the world.

The box also comes with all the necessary cables and performs with zero hum, even with pedals on top of it trying to cause interference.


While all ten outputs power 9V, the Power Grid 10 can power 18V pedals using the two slot cable included in the box. Because all then outputs allow for 350mA of current, this box can power just about any pedal on the market and many of them. As the front panel shows, all outputs are DC, Center Negative and are fully isolated for perfect power.

  • Universal Power (100-240vac)
  • 10 isolated, high current outputs
  • Zero hum
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive

Spec Summary

  • Dimensions: 4.5″ x 6.75″ x 1.75″
  • Voltage: 9V
  • Current: 350mA
  • Isolated: Yes
  • Features: Universal Power, Includes all cables, Riser with zero hum

High Quality. High Current. Worth the High Price

Final Thoughts on the Friedman Power Grid 10

Friedman makes some of the best pedalboard hardware around, including one of the best buffer pedals on the market. So it is no surprise that they will also make one of the best pedalboard power supply options ever. This will work for just about any pedal and it is the ultimate defense against noisy pedal boards.

4. Strymon Ojai Pedal Power Supply Review – Best Mini/Best Isolated

If you have a small pedal board, real-estate is at a premium. You can’t afford to waste any space on your board for a pedalboard power supply, but you also need a power supply that can power the most demanding pedals. The Strymon Ojai (pronounced “Oh Hi”) is the most powerful supply in its class.


YouTube video

The Strymon Ojai is a small, powerful wonder of technology. Compared to all the other products on this list, the Ojai boasts big numbers in the currency department, while maintaining a manageable price point and a tiny footprint.

It is fully compatible with the rest of the Strymon power supply family using the 24V thru jack, so you can chain two or more Ojai’s together for larger pedalboards and it will remain low noise and high power. It also has LED’s to indicate which outputs are working.


All five of the outputs on the Strymon Ojai are 9V and a whopping 500mA, meaning that any pedal can be powered by this supply. It can even be used to power modelers like the Line 6 HX Stomp with the right connections. All of the outputs are DC, center negative and are double isolated. This makes this the best isolated pedal power supply on the market.

  • Incredibly small
  • Expandable
  • High current
  • Low noise
  • Limited to 9V

Spec Summary

  • Dimensions: 3.2″ x 2.3″ x 1.3”
  • Voltage: 9V
  • Current: 500mA
  • Isolated: Yes
  • Features: Expandable with 24V Thru, Dual Isolated outputs, LED’s

The smallest, most powerful, power supply


Final Thoughts on the Strymon Ojai

Finding a powerful, reliable, and quiet power supply for your pedals was a challenge for a long time. Now, the Strymon Ojai has changed everything. This pedalboard power supply will fit under just about any pedalboard. While not the most dynamic in terms of voltage, it’s pretty crazy to think that power supplies twice as big as this can’t power as much as the Ojai.

5. JOYO JP05 Review – Best Rechargeable Pedal Power Supply

JOYO JP-05 Power Supply, Multi-Channel Mobile Guitar Pedal Power Supply, with 8 DC Outputs...
175 Reviews
JOYO JP-05 Power Supply, Multi-Channel Mobile Guitar Pedal Power Supply, with 8 DC Outputs...
  • With a built-in 7.4V/4400mAh rechargeable lithium battery pack, charging time is about 2.5hrs.

Sometimes a small pedalboard power supply isn’t good enough. Sometimes you need a small pedalboard that doesn’t need to plug into a wall to power all of your pedals. Whether you’re on tour or playing a small show outside, the JOYO JP05 is a high quality, battery powered supply that every traveling musician could benefit from using.


YouTube video

The JP05 steps things up a notch from the JP02 by incorporating a lithium battery to deliver its power. With 2.5 hours of charging time, you are rewarded with 10 hours of power time. If that isn’t enough, the JP05 is still capable of being powered through a DC 9V wall cable, and even if it comes unplugged the board continues to power your pedals through the battery.

The modern features don’t stop there. The JP05 also has a 5V USB output to power your phone or tablet. This will come in hand for all you working musicians out there that keep your charts on your phone. It is also small enough to fit under even the smallest of boards.


Similar to the JPO2, the JP05 has 4 DC 9V 100mA outputs, 3 DC 9V 500mA output, 1 DC 9V/12V/18V adjustable output, maximum output current is 100mA. All the outputs are DC, center negative, but the polarity can be reversed. Of course, all the outputs are fully isolated, making this a reliable, quiet, and extremely versatile power supply.

  • Low price point
  • Optional battery power
  • Wide range of current choices
  • USB output for phones and tablets
  • Only one jack for 12/18V

Spec Summary

  • Dimensions: 7.83 x 6.77 x 2.76 inches
  • Voltage: 9/12/18V
  • Current: 100/500 
  • Isolated: Yes
  • Features: USB output, LED, Rechargeable battery

The ultimate battery powered pedal power supply

Final Thoughts on the JOYO JP05

Once again, JOYO has created a game changing piece of gear at an unbeatable price. This might be the best pedalboard power supply for anyone looking to put together a small rig to take out on the road, or even for gigging musicians that need versatility when it comes to their power supply without breaking the bank. This is about as exciting as it gets when it comes to powering your pedals.

Find The Right Pedalboard Supply For Your Needs

9V Pedalboard Power Supply with 5 outputs

Doing just a little bit of research about what kind of power your pedals need can go a long way in building your confidence around gear, as well as give you peace of mind knowing that your pedals are operating at their best.

Choosing the best quality pedalboard power supply not only gives you a quieter signal, but it also protects your pedals and ensures that they will work year after year, not matter where you take them.

I’ll be the first to admit that spending money on a power supply for your pedal board isn’t as exciting as buying a great tremolo pedal or a great delay pedal, but you will only be able to get the most out of your pedals if you give them the right power. Thankfully, doing this doesn’t have to break the bank.

It is my hope that this list has helped explain how power supplies work and how you can use that info to make an informed decision about what kind of pedal power supply you need.

Once your pedals are powered, all that’s left to do is play the guitar!

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