7 Best Violin Mutes In 2024 (All Under $20)

Best Violin Mute

I know how much a dodgy mute can mess up your performance.

I also know that the perfect mute can give you that beautiful delicate sound without stifling your violin’s natural tone.

So, whether you’re a beginner who’s afraid to make too much noise, or just want to make practicing less of a disturbance, I’ve got you covered.

This list of the very best violin mutes in 2024 will elevate your performance, not just muffle it!

So, without further ado, let’s get into it…

Snapshot: Top 7 Violin Mutes

  1. eBoot Rubber Violin Practice MuteBest Budget
  2. Eno Music Rubber Violin Practice MuteMost Popular
  3. Tamir Rubber Practice Mute
  4. Glaesel GL3834 Violin Ultra Practice Mute
  5. Alexi Strings Heavy Practice Mute
  6. Otto Musica Artino Practice muteBest Overall
  7. Eastar EAC-002C Practice Mute Set
Best Budget
eBoot Rubber 4/4 Violin Practice Mute, Black
Most Popular
Eno Music Rubber Violin Practice Mute for 4/4 Violin
Best Overall
Otto Musica Artino Practice mute For violin/viola
eBoot Rubber 4/4 Violin Practice Mute, Black
Eno Music Rubber Violin Practice Mute for 4/4 Violin
Otto Musica Artino Practice mute For violin/viola
Best Budget
eBoot Rubber 4/4 Violin Practice Mute, Black
eBoot Rubber 4/4 Violin Practice Mute, Black
Most Popular
Eno Music Rubber Violin Practice Mute for 4/4 Violin
Eno Music Rubber Violin Practice Mute for 4/4 Violin
Best Overall
Otto Musica Artino Practice mute For violin/viola
Otto Musica Artino Practice mute For violin/viola

Buying a Great Violin Mute

Generally speaking, beginner violinists are more inclined to play with a mute. It allows them to practice until their hearts’ content without keeping their neighbors awake all night.

However, if you are a beginner, you’re probably wondering what violin mute is best because the last thing you want to do is accidentally damage or shift your bridge!

Rubber mutes are usually your best bet because they don’t damage your bridge. However, metal mutes actually do the job better because they’re stronger so it’s hard to know where to look, or even what to look for!

I usually recommend strong rubber mutes but I know beginners aren’t the only ones who like to practice with a mute.

So, don’t worry, I’ve got some great alternatives for advanced players too!

The Best Violin Mutes in 2024

1. eBoot Rubber Violin Practice Mute Review – Best Budget

eBoot Rubber 4/4 Violin Practice Mute, Black
  • Great for practicing and playing violin when you don't want to disturb your family or friend
  • Easy to use, just put it on top of the bridge
  • Compatible with 4/4 violin

The eBoot Rubber mute is a hit amongst beginners. However, the higher the quality of your violin, the harder it will be to mute, so keep that in mind!


As I mentioned, I’d usually recommend rubber mutes for beginners. Rubber is flexible enough to slot onto your bridge without damaging the wood or accidentally moving it, yet it’s strong enough to really mute down the sound of your violin.

It’s pretty easy to slide the eBoot Rubber mute onto your bridge but you should always be very careful and try to touch the bridge as little as possible. Pushing it even a millimeter out of place can really damage the sound of your violin!


The design of this mute is pretty simple, so it’s perfect if you just need it for bedroom practicing! Mutes can look quite intrusive on the body of the violin, but if you have an ebony fingerboard (which most violins do) then it should blend in quite nicely. This mute has 5 prongs, so will really dampen down the sound of your violin.

A really good, affordable rubber mute for beginners

Final Thoughts on the eBoot Rubber Violin Practice Mute

The eBoot Rubber Violin Practice Mute basically does everything it says on the tin. It really turns down the sound of your fiddle without getting rid of its natural tone. Plus, it won’t damage your bridge (as long as you’re careful when putting it on and removing it).

Eno Music Rubber Violin Practice Mute for 4/4 Violin
186 Reviews
Eno Music Rubber Violin Practice Mute for 4/4 Violin
  • The practice mute reduces volume by about 50% which doesn't disturb your neighbors or family
  • Put it on the top of bridge, easy to use
  • available for 4/4 violin

This Eno Music Rubber Violin Practice Mute is very similar to the eBoot one but there are some differences in design. If you’re an intermediate or advanced player and live with your parents or a roommate, you’ll love this mute.


Again, this violin mute is made of rubber, as are most good violin mutes. It’s a little bit sturdier than the eBoot mute, but it has enough flexibility to allow your violin’s natural tone to shine through.


You might have noticed that the mute itself is curved much like the bridge on a more advanced violin. It has more of an incline towards where the E string is. Now, I find that mutes work better when they’re more tailored to the shape of your bridge, mostly because they fit better and thus work better.

On top of that, the prongs are more rounded on the inside (where they’ll rest on the bridge), which means the mute isn’t actually touching the bridge that much, which is great. You want the mute to have enough contact with the bridge to stop it from vibrating, but not too much that it stops the violin’s natural tone from coming out.

A really well-designed violin mute, suitable for beginners to even more advanced players

Final Thoughts on the Eno Music Rubber Violin Practice Mute

I absolutely love this mute. It is a couple of dollars more expensive than the eBoot one but it’s definitely worth it. The mute’s design allows it to damp the sound without muffling the violin’s natural tone.

3. Tamir Rubber Practice Mute Review

Rubber Practice Mute for 3/4 & 4/4 violin by Tamir.
  • dampens the volume of your violin.
  • Maintains the sound quality of your violin.
  • easy to place and remove from the bridge.

This Tamir practice mute has a slightly different design to your standard mutes. It’s compatible with both violins and violas, so if you happen to be learning both (good on ya), this one will definitely come in handy.


The Tamir mute is made of 100% rubber, however, it is much stronger and thicker than your bog-standard rubber mutes. Because it’s less flexible, it won’t fit to your bridge quite so well. If you’re looking for something that’s going to really mute out your violin so only you can hear it, this might not be the one for you.

However, I love it because it takes away the volume without muting out the resonance and tone of your violin. It really just depends on personal preference! I’m a Leo, so I struggle to be quiet…


Most mutes have five prongs, one for between each string and then two for the edges of the bridge. However, this little violin mute only has four. That little bit of space in the middle allows a little more of the tone of your violin to come through.

I’m not sure what it’s edgy shape is all about, I mean it does stand out a bit more than your usual mute. I love the little Tamir logo on the front though, that’s a nice touch.

A gentle mute that allows your violins natural tone and resonance to shine through

Final Thoughts on the Tamir Rubber Practice Mute

If you’re looking for a mute that really tones down your violin to a “barely there” volume, this one isn’t your mute. However, if you’re like me and you don’t want quite so much volume but you still want to hear the tone and resonance of your violin then you’ll probably love this mute from Tamir.

4. Glaesel GL3834 Violin Ultra Practice Mute Review

Glaesel Violin Practice Mute, Black (GL3834)
  • DURABLE RUBBER MATERIAL - Made from high-quality rubber, this violin practice mute is both flexible and durable. Unlike metal practice mutes, the rubber construction won't scratch your violin or...
  • ULTRA RUBBER VIOLIN PRACTICE MUTE - Glaesel's new ultra rubber practice mute is the perfect tool for both beginners and professionals looking to reduce the sound of their full size violin. Its...
  • GREAT PERFORMANCE AND TONE - When you use this violin practice mute, you won't have to worry about sacrificing sound quality for volume reduction. Its high level of muting preserves the tone quality,...

This mute is very similar to the Eno Music one but it’s a little bit less “intrusive” looking. Apparently intrusive is my word of the day… You know what I mean though.


Here we have another rubber violin mute. I love that this mute has a sort of aged look to it. I know that might sound a bit silly, but I’m so used to seeing my violin without a mute that when I put one on it can be quite distracting. So, I like that this one isn’t quite as dark as most. I also love how light this Glaesel mute is. You can easily put your violin down without stressing about your bridge moving. 


There we are, another five-pronged beauty. I know, all you beginners were worried when I slid that four-pronged mute in there but, you know, I’ve got to cater to everyone. I’m just kidding, five-prongs are generally better for muting out more sound. So, I think it’s safe to say that this Glaesel mute does the job and it does it well!

A really lightweight mute, great for players of any ability

Final thoughts on the Glaesel GL3834 Violin Ultra Practice Mute

This is a great mute that’s really light, so it won’t do any damage to your bridge. Plus, if you’re forgetful like me, then you can rest assured that if you accidentally leave it on, your bridge will survive – phew!

5. Alexi Strings Heavy Practice Mute Review

Woah, scary… I know, I know, what am I thinking, putting a metal mute on the list? Well, I know some people really prefer them despite their scariness.


You want me to explain myself, right? Just kidding… Yup, this mute from Alexi strings is made of metal. METAL. Beginners, you can go on and scroll past this part if you like. I know I would have, back in the day! The truth is, if you’re a really advanced player then you’ll be used to using so much power with your bow that a rubber mute just might not do the job. If that’s the case, then give this metal one a go but, of course, be careful!


This mute is designed to fit both violins and violas so it’s a great option if you play both instruments. If you really want to try a metal mute, I’d highly recommend going for four-prongs instead of five. You don’t want to have so much pressure on your bridge that it accidentally shifts or breaks. God, I just got shivers thinking about that…

A heavy, metal mute for advanced players who need a little bit more help being quiet

Final Thoughts on the Alexi Strings Heavy Practice Mute

Well, the key is in the name. This certainly is a HEAVY practice mute. I know that some violinists just prefer metal mutes because either they grew up using them, or their playing is just too damn powerful to be muted by rubber. If that’s the case, give this one a go! Just don’t accidentally leave it on, whatever you do.

6. Otto Musica Artino Practice Mute Review – Best Overall

Otto Musica Artino Practice mute For violin/viola
755 Reviews
Otto Musica Artino Practice mute For violin/viola
  • Artino Practice mute For violin / viola
  • Artino practice mute for VN / VA
  • Material: Metal covered with rubber Features: Retains the sound quality and protects the bridge

Phew, were anyone else’s hands shaking at the thought of a metal mute? Mine were… I’m glad we got that one out of the way! Okay, this Otto Musica is the solution for those who need a heavy mute but don’t want a metal one (me, me, me!).


This Otto Musica Artino Practice Mute combines metal and rubber to give you that really muted sound without the stress of accidentally damaging your bridge. It has a metal core, which will really stop those vibrations in their tracks but it’s covered in rubber, thank goodness for that!


Okay, I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of the gun-metal grey color. However, I think I have to get over myself because mutes aren’t for violin fashion shows, they’re for practicing. At home. Alone. It would be really easy for a heavy mute like this to completely stifle the sound of your violin. However, it only has four prongs so it still lets some of your lovely natural tones out.

Yay for four prongs! Wow… That was geeky, wasn’t it?

A heavy-duty mute, perfect for getting those practice hours in without damaging your bridge

Final Thoughts on the Otto Musica Artino Practice Mute

This mute provides the perfect solution for those who want a heavy-duty mute without the fear of using metal. It’s a great option for beginners or more advanced players who want to get those practice hours in without making too much noise.

7. Eastar EAC-002C Practice Mute Set Review

Eastar EAC-002C 4/4 Violin Practice Mute Set Rubber Full Size,4 Pcs,4 Color (Black+Red+Blue+Yellow)
  • Eastar EAC-002C 4/4 Violin Mute is a very effective simple violin mute. When you want to practice the violin and don't want to disturb your neighbors, it is a very good choice for you.

If you’re shopping for your kids, this is the best violin mute for you. I know how hard it can be to get a kid to put their mute on (or to play without sounding like a squealing pig, but anyway, that’s not the issue here). So, Eastar have come to our rescue with this set of practice mutes!


These are just classic rubber mutes. They’re really flexible, which is great when it comes to kids. The last thing you want is for string to snap in their face because they’ve tried to shove a metal mute on the wrong place (been there). Also, they’re made of non-toxic rubber. We all know that at some point your child will try to put the mute in his/her mouth, so let’s not beat around the bush. At least with these Eastar mutes, they won’t be poisoned even if they are being a bit gross.


I love that these mutes come in different colors. You might want your child to be quiet when they’re practicing but, let’s face it, kids love noise. So, the fact that they can put a “cool little blue decoration” on their violin will probably help get them to quiet down. You’re welcome moms and dads!

Fun and really effective mutes for kids

Final Thoughts on the Eastar EAC-002C Practice Mute Set

I think these mutes are brilliant for kids (and adults too if you like a bit of extra color in your life) because they look like little decorations for their violins. Now, using a mute will be fun rather than boring. It’s a win-win, you’ll have peace and they’ll want to practice.

Affordable Mutes for Everyone!

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Well, I hope I’ve made the world of violin mutes a little bit easier to understand.

Whether you need a rubber mute that’s easy to use or a more heavy-duty one, there’s an affordable mute out there for everyone! Now you can practice in peace without being embarrassed about making mistakes.

I’d always recommend taking your mute off at the end of each practice session though, just so you don’t get too used to the way your violin sounds with one on.

Quite Violinist

Remember, we learn from our mistakes so, if you’re afraid to make them, it might take you longer to advance as a player.

You’ve got this, happy practicing!

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