Ortega Guitars R270F Classical Guitar Review

Ortega Guitars R270F Review

If you’ve been sifting through classical guitar reviews, trying to find the perfect one for you then I’m happy to say I can help you out.

Maybe you’re looking for a flamenco guitar to add to your collection or maybe you’re just looking for an affordable upgrade.

Either way, the Ortega R270F might just be the one for you!

It’s not often you find a brilliant classical guitar under $2000, so let’s find out if this gem from Ortega is what you’re looking for!

At a Glance…

Ortega Guitars 6 String Traditional Series Flamenco Solid Top Made in Spain Classical Guitar w/Bag,...
  • SOLID Spruce top, Maple back & side, gloss finish, FLAMENCO STYLE
  • Made in Spain with Solid North American Cedar Top, Gloss Finish
  • Maple back & sides with Maple Binding, Gloss Finish

✔️  What we like: Spanish made with perfect playability for flamenco players

❌  What we don’t like: The included strings aren’t optimized for flamenco players

Standout Features

  • Flamenco scratch plates
  • Handmade in Spain
  • Maple back and sides for a bright flamenco sound

Our Verdict: The Ortega R270F is easily the best flamenco-style classical guitar on the market for under $2000. It’s hand-made with traditional techniques in Spain (I mean, can you get more flamenco than that?) and it has a beautiful bright tone. Plus, it’s great value for money so it’s definitely a winner in our books!

Who is the Ortega R270F Best Suited To?

As you’ve probably guessed, the Ortega R270F is best suited to flamenco-style players. I know what you’re thinking, “aren’t all classical guitars technically flamenco guitars?”.

Well, here comes another history lesson! Flamenco guitars are made to sound a lot more percussive, brighter, and have less sustain than normal classical guitars. Flamenco guitarists have a very particular playing style and their guitars have to be made to suit them! In terms of difficulty, I’d say the Ortega R270F would be perfect for any serious player.

Given that it’s on the higher end of flamenco guitars, I wouldn’t recommend it for kids but any flamenco student would love this guy! If your budget doesn’t quite stretch this far, you might want to check out our Ortega R200 review for another option!

Features & Benefits

Body & Neck

I haven’t come across many maple classical guitars in my time so I’m pretty excited to review this one. Maple is ideal for the flamenco style because it gives you the warmth of rosewood but with a much purer tone.

It’s definitely not for everyone but I think the combination of the maple back and sides a lovely spruce top makes for a beautiful flamenco guitar. I also love that this one comes with clear scratch guards (FYI, if you fancy giving flamenco a try you’re gonna need some of these). You can still see the natural wood through the guards but the top is protected from the crazy fast percussive playing you’re about to do!

Oh, I almost forgot, in true flamenco form, the R270F doesn’t have a raised fingerboard. So, if you are a classical player looking to add a flamenco guitar to your collection just bear that in mind.

It might take some getting used to!


I think we’re starting to get a running theme with the hardware in these classical guitar reviews! Once again, I have nothing bad to say about the tuning pegs or bridge. They hold intonation really well after the strings have broken in so I’ve got no complaints in that department!

What’s with every classical guitar on the market coming with Savarez 500CRJ strings? I know they’ve been really popular since they came out but I still think a lot of players will struggle with them. Maybe I’m just a bit of a string snob! The right strings make the world of difference to flamenco players because they need to be able to transition without gauge or tension getting in the way.

Most of the flamenco guitarists I know use D’Addario EJ45’s, so I’d maybe give those a whirl if you’re new to flamenco.


YouTube video

As you can imagine from its maple back and sides, the Ortega R270F has quite a bright, clear sound. Flamenco is all about fingerwork and percussive strumming and I think this guitar compliments that playing style so well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not too bright or “plastic” sounding at all! I think it has the perfect balance of warmth and purity.

As I said, flamenco guitars aren’t really made to have good sustain, they’re supposed to be punchy and upbeat. However, I’d say this guy’s got pretty decent volume!

Spec Summary

  • Body Material: Maple back and sides, spruce top
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Pickups: None
  • Bridge:  Hardtail

Fantastic value Flamenco style classical guitar


The Ortega R270F is a fantastic classical guitar but it’s pretty limiting as to what it can do. It’s aimed directly at flamenco players, so if you play with different styles this one might not be for you.

The strings on flamenco guitars are usually pretty close to the body of the guitar so that the player can use their instrument percussively, hence the scratch guard. So, I’d say the lower action would be pretty challenging for classical players to get to grips with. On top of that, the R270F hasn’t got great sustain, so if you were going to use it as a normal classical guitar you’d probably have to upgrade again pretty soon.

All in all, I’d say this is a fantastic flamenco guitar and it would be a fantastic addition to your collection. However, if you don’t want to limit yourself to the flamenco style, you may want to choose another model!

Where is the Ortega R270F Made?

The Ortega R270F is made in Spain, the home of flamenco playing! You can’t really get more traditional than that, right?

How Much Does the Ortega R270F Weigh?

The Ortega R270F weighs 3lb 9oz. Flamenco guitars tend to be a little bit lighter than normal classical guitars because they’re made from lighter wood and have less bracing inside. This is what gives them their brighter, more percussive sound!

How Does the Ortega R270F Sound Straight Out of the Box?

Although Ortega R270F sounds beautiful just out of the box, like most classical guitars, it will sound better the more you play it. If you practice regularly, you’ll begin to notice a much nicer tone after a couple of weeks and it will only continue to sound better and better. There’s some motivation for ya!

A Fantastic, Affordable Flamenco Guitar

If you’ve been thinking about adding a flamenco guitar to your collection, the R270F is a brilliant option.

Finding an affordable flamenco guitar that actually sounds like a flamenco guitar is harder than you’d think! Ortega has really hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s got a lovely, punchy tone and it’s set up perfectly for flamenco players.

I mean, you really can’t go from with this one if flamenco is your style. Don’t get me wrong, you could easily play classical on this model as well but the playability just might not be there when you get to the higher register. Don’t lose hope though, if you’re looking for a great classical guitar for under $2000 then I’ve reviewed plenty more guitars at this price point!

Whatever your budget and style, the perfect classical guitar is out there for you!

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