Soundike Review: Is it Legal & Is There a Better Way to Support Your Favorite Artists?

A Review of - Is it a Scam is a service online in which you pay roughly 15 Cents a song for music for any songs you can find on their site, and almost everyone IS on that site.

Generally, most albums come to around 1-2 Dollars, and if you buy the Full album, you save 20% on the price of the songs.

“What a great deal!” you may be thinking. You might also think, “Is that legit?”

The answers are yes and yes-and-no. The answers are also no.

Is A Scam?

Well, here’s what will happen. You can go to the website, and you can buy music for very cheap.

You will receive a download, and it will have the music that you purchased in it. The music will work perfectly fine.

Transaction complete right?

Well the thing is, it says on the site that “This service is legal in all countries”.

After doing only a little research, it became very apparent that this is not legal at all. is actually run by some guy in Russia, who happened to find loopholes in the legal system because of Russia’s laid-back laws on Copyright.

It turns out that all this guy is doing, is downloading Torrents and then selling them to make a profit.

None of the Money you spend is actually going to the Artist.

Now isn’t that an interesting fact.

So…Should You Use It?

Well now that depends. Do you care if the money goes to the Artist? Do you realize you could get the exact same thing just by torrenting the Music? Did you figure out that you are only feeding some guys wallet illegitimately?

The answer is: If you feel like paying for something you could get for free, and it’s still technically illegal even when you’re paying for it, Then YES! Go ahead.

But if you actually want to support your favorite artists, look for an alternative source. I see no reason why this is any more legal than simply pirating the music yourself, because that’s all this person is doing.

For buying tunes, just stick with iTunes or Amazon Music. If the band has a bandcamp, I recommend you buy it from them there, because the band receives a much higher % of the purchase price on Bandcamp.