Best Gifts for Violinists In 2024 – 24 Unique Ideas They Will Love

Best Gifts for Violinists

If you’ve been searching for a gift for the special violinist in your life, then I’m happy to say you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re looking for a great gift for your teacher or a violinist friend, the perfect one is on this list.

Being a violinist myself, I know exactly what we’d love to unwrap!

So, here are 24 amazing gifts any violinist would love.

24 Unique Gifts for Violinists

1. F-Hole Pullover Hoodie

This F-hole hoodie would make the perfect practice attire. This is the perfect gift if you think the violinist you are shopping for would prefer something a little understated.

Don’t get me wrong, it still screams “I’m a violinist and I want everyone to know it” (that’s what we like, you see) but it’s pretty chic at the same time! I can definitely imagine myself strutting around in this hoodie.

2. “I Like Violin and Maybe Three People” Violinist T-Shirt

Two words – so true. Us violinists tend to be pretty simple people. We like to play the violin and, well, that’s about it. I bet a few of your musician friends come to mind when you read this T-shirt slogan!

If you buy this gift, I know exactly what you should put on the card – “You may only like three people but at least I’m one of them!”

3. Violin Jewelry Box

How cute is this? I love this little violin jewelry box. It would make the perfect gift for any lady violinist! If there’s one thing we love more than our actual violins, it’s cute little violin-shaped ornaments (or violin-shaped anything for that matter).

If my boyfriend gave me a new pair of earrings in this little jewelry box I think I’d marry him.

4. My Wand Chose Me Violin T-Shirt

Is your violinist friend a huge Harry Potter fan? Who am I kidding, does anyone not like Harry Potter? I mean, surely not.

5. Ceramic Violin Mug With Lid

This might sound strange but every violin teacher needs a mug with a lid. Let me tell ya, it takes a lot of coffee to get you through a day of teaching young violinists. I can’t tell you how many times I spilled coffee on my sheet music, though…

Cue the music teachers new best friend – the lid. Of course, it has to be violin themed as well though, right? I mean, how cute is that handle? I love it!

6. Funny Violin Teacher / Violinist Lessons Gift T-Shirt

Back when I used to teach kids to play the violin, I would get given all kinds of gifts (some better than others).

If one of those little gems had given me this T-shirt I probably would have cried (I’m an emotional being okay, and there’s nothing cuter than getting a gift from a student). Plus, I have to say the slogan is very true.

7. Violin Bow Post-it Notes

Is it just me or do violinists always have post-it notes in their cases? My sheet-music used to be covered in post-it notes. I’d leave myself practice notes like “play this bit slower” or “watch out for the timing in this phrase”. Yup, I was one of those kids in the orchestra.

Anyway, I would have loved some pretty violin-themed post-it notes back in the day! Who am I kidding, I’d still love this gift.

8. Violin Not for the Weak T-Shirt

Ah, one of the violinist’s favorite phrases. I’m not going to lie, we love the fact that our instrument is one of the hardest to learn. It makes us feel like we’re better than all the other string players (you know because we are).

Just kidding. This T-shirt would be an amazing gift for a student violinist or a professional rock-player.

9. I Have A Violin And I’m Not Afraid To Use It Essential T-Shirt

This one made me laugh. Listen, violins can do some damage (to your eardrums) so you’d better heed that warning.

This funny unisex tee would be ideal for any violinist. Although, if you know any violin-playing couples I’d definitely get them matching T-shirts. I’d love that anyway.

10. Monogram Violin Classical Music Post-it Notes

I know, more posts notes, but how amazing are these? I think these personalized post-it notes would be a brilliant present for a violin teacher.

My teacher used to put my homework on post-it notes and stick them to my sheet music. In fact, I know what to get her for her birthday now! Love these.

11. Violin For Dummies

Violin For Dummies, Book + Online Video & Audio Instruction
  • Rapoport, Katharine (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 432 Pages - 03/30/2015 (Publication Date) - For Dummies (Publisher)

Anything “For Dummies” always goes down a treat in my household. I bought Violin for Dummies for a friend who had decided to take it up again after quitting back when we were in school. It got quite a few laughs but the lessons were surprisingly brilliant.

So, if you’re looking for a gift for a complete beginner violinist, this is the one!

12. Violin Practice Record Chart Notepad

Boy, I could have done with this back when I was a learner. This violin practice record notepad would have come in so handy.

When you’re balancing schoolwork or just work-work and learning to play the violin, it’s easy to let practicing slip through the cracks. This is the perfect give for any violin student!

13. Music Lover Violin T-Shirt

Here’s another understated number. I love this music lover T-shirt. A lot of violinists get gifted slogan tees or sweaters with funny slogans across the front so it’s nice to get the odd wearable item.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a violin slogan as much as the next gal, but I’d love this shirt.

14. Violin Girl Funny Saying in Watercolor Sticker

Oh my god. I would have loved this back when I was in school! In all honesty, I was such a bragger. I’d tell all my friends I played the violin because I thought it was so cool (and I still do, lol).

If the violinist your shopping for is a young girl, she will love this sticker. I probably would have had one stuck to each notebook!

15. Chopin Liszt Notepad

Wow, that made me laugh way more than it should have. This “Chopin Liszt” notepad is the ideal gift for a classical violinist with a sense of humor. My school orchestra conductor would have doubled over if I gave her this.

Classical musicians love a good play on words! If you’re looking for a funny yet functional gift, this is the one. Plus, you can never have too many notebooks, right?

16. I Play Violin Too Much Said No One Ever T-Shirt

We all know that one violinist who spends all their time practicing. You know, their violin is their best friend, they read music for fun, and they’d rather go to the practice room than on holiday?

If someone came to mind there you have to get them this T-shirt, I guarantee they’ll never take it off. I bought my friend a  shirt with this slogan and she lives in it (seriously)!

17. Stradivarious Violins Two-Tone Mug

You can never have too many mugs, right? Violin teachers drink a lot of coffee and so do students. A mug is a good practical yet personal gift to give to a college student. I was given a few when I moved out and they all got used (probably too much, it’s an addiction).

My parents bought me a cute mug like this when I was heading off to university actually. It made me think of them every morning (and noon, and night… Oops)!

18. Musical Monogram Violin Classical Music Tote Bag

Who doesn’t love a fancy tote to carry your sheet music and a spare shoulder rest? I have so many tote bags lying around but they always come in handy. If you’re looking for a really personal gift, slap your violinist friend’s name on this tote and they’ll absolutely love it.

So many of my music bags got pinched when I was in the orchestra (I bet it was those pesky cellists) so a personalized number would have been a godsend.

19. String Player F-hole Tote

Hey, look, this tote matches the hoodie! Love it. Is it just me or can we all see this outfit coming together? I’m not going to lie, I might start painting F-holes on everything I own. I mean, they’re so cute.

I might be a little bit obsessed with this F-hole tote but I’m pretty sure any violinist would be. Plus, you’ve got to have a few extra totes in the back of your car for those impromptu grocery runs.

20. Personalized Violin Key Chain w/Box

A personalized keychain is a classic gift if you’re not really sure whether your violinist friend is as out-there as I am. I get it, not everyone wants to walk around with F-holes on everything they’re wearing.

Of course, it’s still violin-shaped (I’m not crazy) but you can personalize the charm with a little message. Everyone loves a thoughtful gift!

21. “Relax, the Violin Player is Here” Gifts Poster

This is like the violin equivalent of a “Beware, an [insert dog breed] Lives Here” poster for dog-lovers. My parents have way too many of those!

If you’re really struggling to think of a great gift for a violinist, you can’t go wrong with a poster. This would be a great gift for the violinist in your band. You know how much we like to feel appreciated!

22. I Destroy Silence Funny Cat with Violin Music T-Shirt

I would have loved this as a kid. My family used to make jokes about the noises I’d make with my fiddle as a beginner. If you’re a parent, you’ll know what I mean. The squealing pig/dying cat sounds that kids just love to make are a real silence-killer in many households.

If you’re shopping for your child, this cute T-shirt will definitely put a smile on their face!

23. “Without Violin Life Would Bb” Violin Instrument T-Shirt

Once again, I couldn’t agree more. Life would B so b without my violin! In my opinion, you just can’t beat a good ol’ slogan tee. There’s so many out there that would resonate (pardon the pun) with any violinist!

I think kids would love this one because they could explain the joke to their friends. They’d feel so proud to be a musician!

24. Violin Playing Skeleton T-Shirt

“Skeleton’s aren’t just for Halloween!” That’s what my rock ‘n’ roll friends always tell me when they rock up to the pup in their spooky outfits. Just kidding, they’re not spooky, I actually love the bony wee things.

If you know a rock-violinist, this cool T-shirt would absolutely make their day! I know not every rock musician is a fan of the creatures but almost every rock chick (or dude) I’ve met has been!

Amazing and Unique Gifts for Any Kind of Violinist

Well, I hope you’ve found a gift to put a smile on your violinist friend’s face! Whether you’re buying for a friend, your wife, your husband, or your kids, I’m sure they’ll love their present.

These days there are so many unique gifts out there for any kind of violinist.

You know, you’ve got your rock violinists, your fiddlists, your classical players, and your little learners.

There’s something out there for everyone!

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