Best Website Hosting For Musicians & Bands

Discover My Recommendations of the Best Hosting for Your Band Website

You’ve already come to the conclusion that you’d like to build a Wordpress band website for your band, but the options for website hosting for musicians are tremendous.

There’s GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, WPX hosting and many, many more band web host choices.

How do you choose the best hosting for musicians & bands?

What Do You Want In A Musicians Website Hosting Provider?

There are 3 main things that are important in a web host for musicians:

1. Loading Speed

If your website loads slowly, that’s going to be a big problem for your visitors, and doubly so your mobile visitors. You want a website hosting company that has quick loading times, so that fans have no reason to click away from your site.

Check out this infograph from KISSmetrics to see how many of your visitors will leave your site because of slow loading times.

It’s important to note that your loading speed can be greatly influenced by the package you get with your web host. $3/month shared hosting will likely be very slow, while a dedicated server will be much faster.

2. Great Support

Support is something that can get overlooked, but anyone who develops websites regularly knows full well that good website hosting support is absolutely a necessity.

Things go wrong all the time, and having a top-notch support team to help you out with it is a must. If you’re a first-time web developer, don’t let yourself overlook this. Once you’ve done a few sites, you’ll realize how much you need this.

3. Features

Features such as having a:

  • 1-click Wordpress installer
  • robust web FTP editor (in case you ever need it)
  • cPanel
  • and email accounts

…are always a good bonus to look for in a web host. You might not need every feature all the time, but it sure as heck helps if you ever need it!

The best musician’s website hosting company is one that accommodates a variety of needs; a robust web host is a sustainable web host.

Which Is The Best Web Hosting To Get For Your Band’s Website?

I personally have had different websites hosted over the years with lots of different companies including Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator, Siteground & more.

The Sound Junky is currently hosted on WPX Hosting & I have never been happier, which is why I believe they are the best website hosting for musicians and bands that want top service & lightning fast speeds.

Some people in life are incredibly good at everything, they can sing, they can play multiple instruments, they learn things very quickly and understand complex things and they are great on computers.

I am NOT one of these people (sadly).

I think running a band, or business or both is stressful enough without having to work out what a dns nameserver is and how to migrate a website and make it faster.

That is why I currently host with WPX and will never move hosts again, these guys have the most incredible support I have experienced in my life, (online or offline) they are literally 30 seconds away when you have a question. (No bullshit, check out their reviews).

No matter what you need help with, and I need it all the time, they help with no questions asked, and they never make you feel stupid.

So ask yourself this, what do you value more?

A very cheap or free web host with next to no support that leaves you pulling your hair out, and having to pay a developer a boat load of money to get things going and fix your mistakes every time.

Or a web host that is like having your own team of top WordPress theme guru’s only 30 seconds away.

It’s not just the support though, their hosting speeds have been tested to be some of the best and fastest in the industry. And there are loads of other perks like free SSL certificates , free website migrations & much more.

If you feel the price is a bit high then you could talk to friends or family and move their websites into the same hosting account, you can have 5 websites in the same account so if you split the cost it works out to be very inexpensive. (WPX will migrate all the websites for you FREE)

Maybe you have 4 members in your band, it would then only be around $5 each a month to have all of the above.

Anyway you can take a peak at their info here, you won’t be disappointed. As you can see, finding the best hosting for musicians and bands is not that difficult after all.

Oh, and if you are a pet lover like me, you’ll like that they help feed 350+ homeless dogs a day.

Get WPX Hosting Today!

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