8 Best Budget Turntables Under $100 (Some Under $50)

Best Budget Turntable Under $100

While music streaming services might be all the rage now, sometimes there’s nothing better than the classic sound that only a vinyl record can deliver.

There’s nothing better than kicking back with a drink and enjoying smooth tunes direct from some of the music greats.

It can be intimidating trying to find your first turntable, especially when you see the price tag of some of the premium units.

Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together the best budget turntables under $100, so you can still get that premium sound without breaking the bank.

Quick List: Top 8 Budget Turntables Under $100

  1. Audio Technica AT-LP60X Budget TurntableBest Overall
  2. Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Suitcase Record Player
  3. ClearClick Vintage Suitcase TurntableBest Vintage Look
  4. Udreamer Vinyl Record Player
  5. HOFEINZ Vintage Wireless TurntableBest Self-Contained
  6. Zbrqotl 13 in 1 Turntable
  7. DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player
  8. Victrola The Eastwood Hybrid Turntable

Researching Budget Turntables Under $100

We know how important it is to do proper research before buying any audio equipment, so we spent hours looking into the best budget turntables under $100.

We know that some of you prefer a classic sound, while others of you are looking for more up-to-date inclusions. So, we sought out traditional turntables which need to be connected to external speakers, as well as more modern units that have in-built speakers and wireless connectivity.

Not all vinyl records are made the same, so we also looked for turntables that can handle a variety of record sizes and playback speeds, so you’ll be covered for whatever kind of music you have.

We know that music from vinyl is timeless, so we also looked for units with in-built recording capacities that allow you to convert the audio into a digital format. This way you can continue enjoying your classic tunes forever, even if the vinyl itself becomes damaged or lost.

Above all, we sought out budget turntables that have quality construction and great sound, without hefty price tags to match.

There’s no need to spend a lot to get that high quality vinyl experience, so let’s look at the best budget turntables under $100.

The Best Budget Turntables Under $100 in 2021

1. Audio Technica AT-LP60X Budget Turntable – Best Overall

Audio Technica excels at premium turntable design and excellent sound quality, and they don’t disappoint with their budget AT-LP60X.

✔️ What we like: A sophisticated design that ensures clarity of audio.

What we don’t like: Complicated installation. 

Standout Features

  • Vinyl to digital conversion technology
  • Anti-resonance design
  • Automatic playback

The Audio Technica turntable excels in its design, including many features that eliminate resonance and ensure smooth and balanced playback. This includes a die-cast aluminum platter and felt mat that minimize vibration while your vinyl is playing.

The tone arm base and head shell also have an advanced design that tracks more smoothly and eliminates any resonance. The dual magnet phono cartridge with a diamond stylus is heavy and balanced, bringing you the best possible version of your favorite tunes.

User-friendliness is an important part of the Audio Technica design, including automatic positioning and playback settings that take away all unnecessary effort.

This turntable is also highly flexible in its capabilities, including two playback speeds and diverse connectivity options. The inclusion of both phono and line level input allows you to connect to any external speakers so you can fill your room with excellent quality audio.

Our only issue with the Audio Technica turntable is that some users have reported complications with installation and limited instructions. However, once you’ve got it set up, this turntable is reliable and is sure to please.

If you’re looking for a budget turntable with excellent construction, user-friendly design, and multiple capabilities, the Audio Technica model is the best overall option under $100.

2. Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Suitcase Record Player

The Vintage 3-Speed Suitcase Record Player by Victrola features an attractive vintage design with modern sensibilities, all in a light and portable case.

✔️ What we like: An attractive vintage-style record player with modern connectivity.

What we don’t like: A low quality needle.

Standout Features

  • User-friendly
  • Anti-vibration design
  • Light and portable

The Victrola record player is attractive and impressive, with its retro suitcase design that can easily be transported to enjoy music on the go. It also works great as the centerpiece in a room, bringing a touch of nostalgia and the ability to enjoy classic vinyl in style. When standing, the design of sound-isolating feet minimizes vibration and ensures the smoothness of sound.

The record player is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to match the unit to your personality.

You have several playback options with the Victrola record player, including built-in Bluetooth speakers that can connect easily to your phone and a headphone jack for personal listening. For the more classic turntable experience, there’s also an RCA output to connect to external speakers that can amplify the smooth vinyl sound.

The turntable itself is versatile, with the option to play records at 3 different speeds: 33 ⅓, 45, or 78 RPM. This makes it ideal for any kind of record that you have in your collection.

The addition of an automatic stop button stops the turntable spinning after you switch off the unit, saving you the hassle of having to do everything manually. This user friendly design can also be found in simple controls for input selection, power, and volume.

A criticism of the Victrola system is that the included needle is too light and low quality, resulting in the occasional skipping during tracks. We would recommend investing in a diamond replacement needle for better playback. At less than $50, the Victrola record player is an absolute steal and well worth this minor change.

3. ClearClick Vintage Suitcase Turntable – Best Vintage Look

While there’s a lot of vintage turntables on the market, the ClearClick model takes the cake with its gorgeous aesthetics and diverse capabilities.

✔️ What we like: A vintage, portable turntable with diverse playback options.

What we don’t like: Need to replace the included needle.

Standout Features

  • Attractive, vintage aesthetic
  • Vinyl to MP3 conversion
  • Bluetooth speakers

The ClearClick turntable has a highly attractive appearance, with a handmade wooden case that has a retro but classy vibe. The included strap and lightweight design make it easy to take on the go, or it works well as a statement piece to show off to friends and family. The vintage aesthetic matches well with that of vinyl records, making it a great addition to your audio collection.

While the ClearClick turntable is small, it still packs decent volume, with included speakers that pair easily with your Bluetooth device. These can fill a room with sound, or you can hook up the system to external speakers if you are looking for that extra impact. The sound quality is clean, balanced, and loud, even without fancy speakers or an equalizer. 

The turntable can handle diverse playback, supporting playback speed at 33 ⅓, 45, and 78 RPM, meaning you can use it with any kind of vinyl. You can also connect with the USB to your computer to easily convert vinyl tracks into MP3 format, for music that will be preserved long after the record has been forgotten.

Some users have complained about the included needle, saying that it has a scratchy sound. However, the ClearClick turntable comes with an additional needle, which reportedly reproduces a superior sound.

If you’re looking for a dynamic turntable under $100 with a gorgeous vintage look, the ClearClick model is top of its class.

4. Udreamer Vinyl Record Player

The Vinyl Record Player by Udreamer is small but powerful, with durable design elements and the ability to handle all kinds of vinyl records.

✔️ What we like: A compact unit that can support multiple sizes and speeds of vinyl.

What we don’t like: Very lightweight needle.

Standout Features

  • Shock-absorbing design
  • Bluetooth stereo speakers
  • Supports multiple vinyl sizes

The Udreamer record player is compact but hardy, with a durable design that reduces resonance. This includes a spring and belt-driven design and foot pads that stabilize the record player and ensure smooth playback. The warm analogue sound brings your vinyl to life and immerses you in a full audio experience.

Whatever kind of vinyl you have, the Udreamer unit has you covered. It includes 3 playback speeds, at 33 ⅓, 45, and 78 RPM. It also supports three different vinyl sizes: 7 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch records. No matter which kinds of vinyl you have in your music collection, the Udreamer record player can play them.

The player has in-built stereo speakers that can easily connect to your Bluetooth device and deliver room-filling volume. For even bigger sound, it’s easy to connect external speakers through the RCA output, Bluetooth, or USB.

One issue with the Udreamer player is that the included needle is incredibly lightweight, and some users have reported needing to tape a penny to the top to weigh it down and avoid skipping.

If you’re looking for a lightweight but durable turntable that can handle all kinds of vinyl and sound great doing it, the Udreamer Vinyl Record Player deserves your consideration.

5. HOFEINZ Vintage Wireless Turntable – Best Self-Contained

The Vintage Wireless Turntable by HOFEINZ is our pick for the best self-contained budget turntable, with user-friendly features, powerful speakers, and multiple playback modes.

✔️ What we like: Vintage design with modern audio capabilities and powerful volume.

What we don’t like: No Bluetooth in capability.

Standout Features

  • Powerful speakers
  • AM/FM radio
  • Durable design

The HOFEINZ turntable is light but durable, with a classy, vintage appearance that can blend seamlessly with your existing decor or stand out on its own. The light, antique-style exterior is a remnant of an older time, and the inclusion of a sturdy dust cover makes sure that the turntable will be protected and give you years of use.

The design of the mechanism is also durable, with a belt-driven turntable that includes a heavy diamond stylus. This stylus is weighty enough to ensure smooth playback without skipping, allowing you to enjoy the sound quality of your favorite vinyl tracks.

Volume is a priority in the HOFEINZ unit, with 15W speakers that can comfortably fill a room with natural, balanced sound. This record player also includes Bluetooth output, allowing you to wirelessly pair with your home stereo system for a true surround sound effect.

This turntable is highly user friendly, with the inclusion of an automatic stop setting that effortlessly controls the tone arm. The system also supports three speeds of playback, making it ideal for any kind of vinyl in your collection.

The addition of AM and FM radio is a bonus and a nod to the antique style of this turntable, with clear reception and the option to enjoy your favorite stations without distorted playback.

Our only criticism of the HOFEINZ system is that while it supports Bluetooth out, it doesn’t allow Bluetooth in for pairing with your device.

However, if you’re looking for a self-contained turntable that can bring out the best of your vinyl records and supports radio playback, the HOFEINZ option should be top of your list.

6. Zbrqotl 13 in 1 Turntable

The 13 in 1 Turntable by Zbrqotl has you covered for every audio function that you could imagine, all with crisp sound and decent volume.

✔️ What we like: A diverse turntable that can handle multiple functions at a generous volume.

What we don’t like: No automatic off button.

Standout Features

  • Vinyl to digital recording
  • Multiple playback modes
  • Powerful speakers

The Zbrqotl turntable advertises itself as a 13 in 1 unit, with multiple audio modes that include USB play, vinyl to USB recording, vinyl to Micro SD card recording, and both FM and AM radio. This is just touching on the capabilities of this diverse unit, which can support any playback mode that you might need and allows you to create digital forms of your favorite vinyl tracks.

It also supports both Bluetooth input and output, allowing you to easily connect to music streaming services on your device. The record player includes dual 5W speakers with professional sound cavities, allowing a loud and balanced stereo sound. This is more than sufficient for personal listening, but the option to connect wirelessly to external speakers is excellent for sharing your tunes with others too.

The Zbrqotl supports all kinds of vinyl, with three playback speeds and the capacity to play three sizes of record: 7 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch. No matter what you have in your collection, this turntable can handle it.

Our only issue with this model is that there is no automatic off button and switching off the unit is a time-consuming process with multiple steps.

However, if you’re looking for a diverse and amazing value turntable that can support all kinds of playback and digital recording, the Zbrqotl is well worth its price tag.

7. DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player

The DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player sets itself apart from the vintage-style turntables with its modern design and capabilities.

✔️ What we like: A modern turntable with diverse playback and recording options.

What we don’t like: Distortion at maximum volume.

Standout Features

  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Vinyl to digital recording
  • Multiple playback modes

While many turntables provide the option to convert vinyl audio to digital formats, the DIGITNOW unit is unique. There’s no need to hook up the turntable to your computer because it can all be done directly from the unit. This makes it even easier to make copies of your favorite tunes that will never be damaged or lost.

The DIGITNOW record player supports varied playback modes. The turntable itself supports three speeds of vinyl playback, and the unit also supports cassettes, AUX input, both AM and FM radio, and Bluetooth wireless. It includes built-in stereo speakers that can fill a room with sound, or the option to easily connect to external speakers.

It’s also easy to control, with a semi-automatic play tone arm and a remote control that can be used to control playback mode and settings. With the inclusion of a backlit LCD screen and its varied capabilities, the DIGITNOW is a thoroughly modern unit.

One problem with this bluetooth record player is that at maximum volume there is noticeable distortion. However, by easily connecting to external speakers, you can get around this small issue.

If you’re looking for a budget turntable that takes classic vinyl into the modern day, the DIGITNOW option shouldn’t be overlooked.

8. Victrola The Eastwood Hybrid Turntable

looking at record on Victrola The Eastwood Hybrid Record Player

The Eastwood by Victrola Hybrid Record Player is truly one-of-a-kind and provides an exciting modern listening experience in conjunction with old-fashioned technology. It has dual Bluetooth connectivity, an available headphone jack, a three-speed record player, and a nifty removable dust cover.

What we like: Dual Bluetooth connection, 3-speed turntable

❌ What we don’t like: Difficulty connecting to Bluetooth speakers

👌 Standout Features:

  • Clear removable dust cover
  • Bluetooth connectivity (dual connections)
  • Audio Technica stylus cartridge
  • Built-in headphone jack
  • Connection ports for external speakers

There is so much to love about the Victrola The Eastwood record player. Most important of all, it brings back the wonderful feelings of nostalgia that you experienced in your younger days when you couldn’t wait to listen to the latest record from your favorite musician or band. You get to experience this excitement all over again by playing your favorite new or used records on this crystal-clear, perfect sounding record player and audio device.

I’m really thrilled with this record player because it’s made by trusted Victrola, but it also contains a speaker and stylus cartridge made by the highly respected modern-day electronics company named Audio Technica. Their speaker is truly amazing and delivers beautifully clear and perfectly pitched audio every time I listen to the crackle and pop of my favorite records.

One unhappy experience that I’d like to mention is that I freaked out and thought I broke a record player because the record player audio barely came in at a whisper, and it happened suddenly without warning. If you have this same experience, you most likely didn’t break your turntable.

More than likely, you unintentionally knocked the needle off of your record player arm part of the way. Just remove the stylus cartridge altogether and replace it following the instructions in the manual. This will reconnect the cartridge properly and it should solve your whispering record player problem!

All in all, it brings me great pleasure to recommend The Eastwood by Victrola to each and every one of my readers. It’s perfect for anyone who loves records, nostalgia, and elegance because that’s what this audio device brings to the table.

The modern-day Bluetooth connectivity, the headphone jack, and the fantastic built-in speaker are all wonderful extras that really round out this turntable and make it perfect in every way. You can read my full review of the Victrola Eastwood Turntable here.

A Guide to Choosing a Budget Turntable Under $100

nice quality budget turntablel

What kind of vinyl do you have?

It’s essential that you choose a turntable that can play all the records in your prized collection.

Different turntables support different playback speeds, so it’s important to look at your collection and see what speed your records need to be played at. Some of the turntables on the market only support 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM, while others can also handle playback at 78 RPM.

You should also consider the size of your vinyl records. There are many excellent turntables that support the full range of sizes: 7 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch records. If you have a varied collection of records, it’s essential to pick a turntable that can play all of them.

What’s your existing audio setup like?

You should look at the room where you intend to listen to listen to your records and ask yourself how the turntable will fit into it.

If you have existing external speakers, turntables include RCA output that allows you to connect to speakers. However, if you have Bluetooth-enabled speakers, it’s worth picking a turntable that includes Bluetooth output, so you can connect without the annoyance of wires.

If you don’t have or don’t intend to use external speakers, you need a turntable that includes powerful in-built speakers so you can still achieve volume and enjoy your favorite music.

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What other features are you looking for?

For the vinyl purists out there, there are budget but high quality turntables that will play your tracks and play them well, with no adornments.

However, for the more technologically minded, there are also great turntables with extra inclusions to expand your playback options.

Many modern record players include both AM and FM radio, so you can stay with the retro vibe of a turntable with a greater flexibility of listening.

There are also various turntables that have Bluetooth wireless connectivity or AUX connections so you can also enjoy music directly from your device or streaming services.

If you’re looking to make digital copies of your vinyl tracks to keep them forever, many units also have recording capabilities. Most will need to be used through your computer with audio conversion software. However, some thoroughly modern units also include the option to record directly from your unit, with no need to spend extra energy using additional software.

What’s your preferred aesthetic?

Aesthetics are important, and with so many budget turntables on the market, it’s not hard to find a unit that matches your personal style.

There are many excellent vintage-style turntable options with either woodgrain finish or actual handmade wood, that are both durable and attractive. Some brands even offer multiple colors and patterns for the same turntable, so you can truly customize according to your tastes. Retro turntables are great centerpieces or talking points in your house and fit with the classic style of vinyl records.

However, if you have more modern tastes, there are turntables with updated appearances, which maintain the same classic sound with modern sensibilities.

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The Best Budget Turntables Under $100 on the Market

Classic sound will never go out of style, and there’s nothing more classic than the quality you can get from vinyl records.

If you’re an experienced collector or just starting to build up your vinyl record set, it’s essential to find a turntable that can do justice to your favorite music.

However, we know that not everyone is looking to invest a lot of money on audio equipment, so we’ve tracked down the best budget turntables under $100 that are light on the wallet without compromising on quality.

Whatever your aesthetic or needs, we’ve got you covered!

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