12 Best Portable Record Players In 2024 (Very Affordable)

Best Portable Record Player

If you’re a collector of vinyl, it’s likely you spend hours trawling garage sales and vintage stores, looking for rare music finds.

However, how can you test vinyl before buying it without the aid of a reliable portable record player?

Or maybe you love the easy listening nature of vinyl and would love the option to sit on your porch in the sunshine while you enjoy your favorite tunes.

We’ve got you covered with the best portable record players on the market, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere.

If convenience and on the go listening are important to you, you’ve come to the right place!

Quick List: Top 12 Portable Record Players

  1. Byron Statics KTS-601BT Turntable
  2. Numark PT01USB Portable Turntable – Best Overall
  3. Jensen JTA-230 Turntable
  4. LP&No.1 Portable Bluetooth Turntable – Best With In-Built Speakers
  5. Voksun Portable Bluetooth Turntable
  6. Photive SoulTracks
  7. JORLAI Vinyl Record Player
  8. Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK – Best Sounding
  9. GOODNEW Vinyl Record Player
  10. Crosley Voyager CR8017A-SA
  11. Victrola Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable
  12. Victrola Revolution Go

Researching Portable Record Players

Best Overall
Numark PT01USB - Portable Vinyl Record Player, USB Turntable With Built In Speaker, Power via...
Best With In Built Speakers
Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player 3-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable with Dual External Stereo Speakers...
Best Sounding
Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Fully Automatic Bluetooth Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Black, Hi-Fi, 2...
Numark PT01USB - Portable Vinyl Record Player, USB Turntable With Built In Speaker, Power via...
Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player 3-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable with Dual External Stereo Speakers...
Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Fully Automatic Bluetooth Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Black, Hi-Fi, 2...
Best Overall
Numark PT01USB - Portable Vinyl Record Player, USB Turntable With Built In Speaker, Power via...
Numark PT01USB - Portable Vinyl Record Player, USB Turntable With Built In Speaker, Power via...
Best With In Built Speakers
Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player 3-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable with Dual External Stereo Speakers...
Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player 3-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable with Dual External Stereo Speakers...
Best Sounding
Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Fully Automatic Bluetooth Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Black, Hi-Fi, 2...
Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Fully Automatic Bluetooth Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Black, Hi-Fi, 2...

We spent a lot of time looking for the absolute best portable record players available on the market.

Our first priority, of course, was portability, so we looked for lightweight units that can easily be transported. Many of these are in a suitcase design with an in-built handle, making them super easy to take on the go. Some are even battery powered, so you have no need for a power bank, and can enjoy playback outside or in transit.

We also focused on finding record players that have durable and quality turntable design. This includes high quality styluses, solid tone arms, multiple playback speeds, and anti-vibration material that make for smooth and balanced sound.

Different vinyl enthusiasts have different needs, so we also sought out high quality turntables with extra features, like customizable sound, Bluetooth connectivity, integrated radio, and powerful in-built speakers.

We also know that price can be a determining feature for some of you, so we sought out the ultimate portable record players at the budget, mid-range, and premium end. However, even for the most budget options, we focused on quality so you can find the portable record player that will best suit your needs.

The Best Portable Record Players in2024

1. Byron Statics KTS-601BT Turntable

ByronStatics Record Player, Vinyl Turntable Records Player Bluetooth 5.0, Built in Stereo Speakers,...
  • Record Player With Bluetooth 5.0 - Advanced 5.0 Bluetooth Technology, Byronstatics Record Player Have A Stronger Connection And Longer Distance, Fast And Stable Transmission Under Bluetooth Mode,...

The KTS-601BT by Byron Statics is the perfect blend of retro and modern, with an attractive vintage-style design and modern audio technology.

✔️ What we like: A retro-style record player with modern connectivity.

What we don’t like: No automatic tone arm control.

Standout Features

  • Budget friendly
  • Automatic stop function
  • Bluetooth 5.0

The KTS-601BT is a stunning portable record player with a vintage-style suitcase design, available in 4 different colors. The durable outer protects your record player from damage, while the included handle and lightweight nature make it easy to transport.

At just over 7 pounds, this Byron Statics record player is small but powerful, with front-facing in-built speakers that can pack some serious volume. The turntable itself includes a metal tone arm, smooth platter, and diamond stylus that contribute to better tracking, minimal distortion, and smooth playback.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, the KTS-601BT will have you feeling comfortable in no time, with a plug and play design that can get you started straight out of the box. An automatic stop feature and lift lever for the tone arm help you to place the needle and stops rotation at the end of the record, preventing damage to your precious vinyl.

The turntable is suitable for all kinds of vinyl, with three playback speeds that can support all standard sizes. You can also use the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 input to stream music directly from your phone if you’re looking for a little more diversity.

Our only criticism of the KTS-601BT is that while it has the automatic stop function, the tone arm itself doesn’t have automatic movement, so you will need to spend some time familiarizing yourself.

If you’re looking for a beautiful vintage-style portable record player with up to date audio technology, you can’t go wrong with the KTS-601BT by Byron Statics.

2. Numark PT01USB Portable Turntable – Best Overall

Numark PT01USB - Portable Vinyl Record Player, USB Turntable With Built In Speaker, Power via...
306 Reviews
Numark PT01USB - Portable Vinyl Record Player, USB Turntable With Built In Speaker, Power via...
  • Ultra-Portable, Feature Packed – Portable 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM turntable powered by AC adapter or batteries (6 D, not included) to listen your vinyl on the Go

The PT01USB by Numark is our pick for the best overall portable record player, due to its lightweight but durable design, balanced sound, and diverse features.

✔️ What we like: An all-rounder record player with balanced sound and extra add-ons.

What we don’t like: The turntable feels easily breakable.

Standout Features

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Vinyl-archiving software
  • Adjustable pitch control

The PT01USB has a superior portable design, with an in-built handle and protective dust cover. At just over 4 pounds in weight, the turntable is super easy to transport, while giving you peace of mind that the turntable will be protected from damage. You have the option of powering the record player with an AC adaptor or batteries. This makes it perfect for taking to garage sales when you need to test out vinyl before buying.

It includes 3 speeds of playback, meaning you can play any vinyl that you might have in your collection. For the aspiring DJ’s, the inclusion of adjustable pitch control +/- 10% and EZ Vinyl Converter recording software allows you to try your hand at some fresh mixes. Some users have even reported making some modifications to convert the PT01USB into a scratch turntable for exactly this purpose.

The record player includes in-built speakers that can deliver decent volume and balanced sound. If you’re looking for different playback, there’s also the option to use the RCA connector with external speakers or the headphone jack for more personal listening. All the outputs are of a high quality, so you can be sure of clean, balanced sound across all playback modes.

Our only issue with this record player is that because of the extremely lightweight construction, it does feel a little breakable. If you’re more on the clumsy side, this might not be the best option for you. However, if you’re looking for a great quality, portable record player, the PT01USB by Numark is a solid choice.

3. Jensen JTA-230 Turntable

Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers, Aux in, Vinyl to MP3...
4,605 Reviews
Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers, Aux in, Vinyl to MP3...
  • Belt Driven 3-Speed Stereo Turntable 33/45/78 RPM with Stereo Speaker System

The JTA-230 by Jensen is a compact and budget-friendly record player with a multitude of extra audio features.

✔️ What we like: A great budget record player that gives you control over sound.

What we don’t like: No adjustable tracking force.

Standout Features

  • Direct vinyl to MP3 encoding
  • Customizable sound
  • Automatic stop function

The JTA-230 is reasonably portable, due to its lightweight nature. At less than 6 pounds it’s easy to transport, while a durable dust cover protects the turntable from damage. While you do need a power source for the Jensen record player, it’s ideal for transporting to and from the office if you prefer that classic vinyl sound while you work.

This record player is extremely diverse in its connectivity and playback possibilities. It includes the standard RCA, AUX, and headphones outputs, with the bonus of being able to convert your vinyl direct to digital through the USB port. There’s no need for a computer or recording software, so it makes it easy as pie to immortalize your favorite tracks forever.

The JTA-230 also includes in-built stereo speakers that produce enough volume for yourself or a small group of friends.

User friendly design is a highlight of the Jensen record player, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music with minimal effort. The automatic stop function is great if you’re forgetful, while those of you that enjoy more control can benefit from the adjustable levels for pitch, tone, and volume.

One issue with the Jensen record player is that the tracking force isn’t adjustable and tracks a little heavier than we would like. This causes a bit of distortion that can be frustrating for audiophiles, but unlikely to bother the average listener.

4. LP&No.1 Portable Bluetooth Turntable – Best With In-Built Speakers

Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player 3-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable with Dual External Stereo Speakers...
137 Reviews
Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player 3-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable with Dual External Stereo Speakers...
  • 【3-Speed Stereo Turntable】Features a suitcase design and belt-driven system,3-speed turntable (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM) plays your 3-size of 7/10/12 inches vinyl record and albums.Pitch control to...

The LP&No.1 is our pick for the best portable record player with in-built speakers, due to its ample volume, user-friendly features, and superior audio technology. 

✔️ What we like: A powerful but compact record player with excellent volume.

What we don’t like: It feels easily breakable.

Standout Features

  • Dual stereo speakers
  • Anti-vibration design
  • User-friendly

The LP&No.1 is surprisingly powerful, despite its small and compact appearance. It’s made in the classic vintage suitcase record player style, with an easy carry handle, PU leather exterior, and the option to choose from 3 attractive colors. While it is lightweight, at less than 7 pounds, it also has dual stereo speakers on either side of the suitcase that can comfortably play your vinyl tracks at volume. For that extra volume boost, you can also easily connect via the RCA output.

The turntable portion of the record player is lightweight but durable, with a belt-driven platter and diamond stylus. The platter includes anti-vibration material that stabilizes it for smoother sound, and the heavy stylus delivers high quality, detailed tracking. This leads to a balanced and old-fashioned type sound that really takes you back to the vintage feel of classic vinyl.

User friendly design is a huge perk of the LP&No.1 record player. It’s designed for simple use, with an auto stop tone arm and a simple dial to switch between playback modes. Other than the traditional turntable, you can also pair your device via Bluetooth or AUX. For those of you looking to record and preserve your vinyl tracks, you can do it easily via the USB port and conversion software for your computer.

Our only issue with the LP&No.1 record player is that it is so lightweight that it feels breakable. If you consider yourself a clumsy person, it’s probably not the best long term choice for you.

5. Voksun Portable Bluetooth Turntable

No products found.

The Portable Bluetooth Turntable by Voksun is a great mid-range option if you’re looking for a portable record player that will give you years of painless use.

✔️ What we like: An attractive and durable record player with automated playback.

What we don’t like: No locking hinge on the suitcase lid.

Standout Features

  • Automatic tone arm
  • Direct vinyl to MP3 recording
  • Durable design

The Voksun record player edges out the competition of other suitcase record players with its exceptionally durable and attractive design. This includes custom plywood panels, retro metal screws, an electroplating knob, and PU leather outer. This sturdy design ensures years of reliable use, and an integrated handle makes it super easy to take with you wherever you go. The black vintage appearance definitely doesn’t hurt either, allowing you to show off your passion in a timeless and attractive way.

The turntable is designed to give you great playback with minimal fuss. It’s great for beginners due to its automated tone arm features like on, off, and stop. Even if you’re a complete novice, you can enjoy the great sound of your vinyl with next to no effort.

This record player can handle 3 playback speeds, and additional input from Bluetooth, AUX, and USB. The in-built full range stereo speakers can handle some deceptively loud volume from such a compact unit, proving that bigger isn’t always better.

If you’re looking to record your vinyl and can’t think of anything more frustrating than spending hours learning record software, Voksun has answered your prayer. With this record player you can record directly to USB with no need to hook up your computer, which is guaranteed to save you a headache.

The only drawback of the Voksun record player is that the lid doesn’t include a locking hinge, so could fall, and damage the turntable if you’re not careful. However, this would be an easy fix if you’re a capable handyman.

6. Photive SoulTracks Record Player

Photive SoulTracks Portable 3-Speed Turntable with built in Speakers. Vinyl Stereo Record Player...
  • 3-Speed Portable Turntable with Built In Speakers. Play all your Vinyl Records on the go

The Photive SoulTracks record player is a throwback to a simpler time, with a healthy dose of nostalgia and simple playback.

✔️ What we like: A cute, mid-range record player with easy controls.

What we don’t like: Average sound quality from in-built speakers.

Standout Features

  • Automatic tone arm stop
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Simple operation

The Photive SoulTracks is a symbol of a simpler time, with an attractive vintage-style suitcase design. Wood and leatherette construction is attractive and durable for long term use, and the portable record player is incredibly lightweight at under 5 pounds. This makes it perfect for children or the elderly to enjoy classic vinyl tracks without putting strain on their back and shoulders.

This record player is versatile, with 3 different playback speeds that can support all vinyl from your collection. It also includes AUX and headphones connections but doesn’t confuse you with multiple functions or modes. Paired with the automatic stop function of the turntable, the SoulTracks is made for complicity and great sound. The in-built speakers can easily fill a room with sound, or you can connect to external speakers via the RCA connection.

The turntable itself is belt-driven with a high quality stylus that can pick up the best details of your favorite music. We don’t love the sound quality from the in-built speakers, but the sound is greatly improved with the use of external speakers.

If you’re looking for a simple but reliable record player that doesn’t try too hard with extra features, the SoulTracks by Photive is a solid option.

7. JORLAI Vinyl Portable Record Player

Vinyl Record Player, JORLAI Vintage Turntable 3-Speed Record Player with Speakers, MP3 Recording,...
  • ♬【Retro Record Player】Antique wooden case design, a removable transparent dust cover protects the turntable and keeps records safe while playing, while being lightweight and easy to transport.

The JORLAI Vinyl Record Player is a great budget option if you’re looking for simple design and complete portability.

✔️ What we like: An automated record player with in-built battery for outdoor listening.

What we don’t like: The short power cord.

Standout Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Automated tone arm
  • Rechargeable battery

The JORLAI record player is portable in every sense of the word: easy to carry, lightweight, and with an in-built battery for independent use. It follows the retro suitcase record player trend, with metal decorative panels, retro metal screws, an electroplating knob, and in-built handle for easy transportation.

At just under 7 pounds it’s not going to put any strain on your shoulders, while the inclusion of in-built speakers and an in-built rechargeable battery allows you to listen to music wherever and whenever you want. If you have romantic ideas of sitting outside in the sunshine while listening to classic vinyl, then this is definitely the portable record player for you.

We really appreciate the user-friendly tone arm in the JORLAI record player, with a one touch arm raise lever that moves the arm into position and slowly lowers the stylus into place. This avoids damage to your precious vinyl and makes your life a whole lot easier.

If you’re looking to record your vinyl into a digital format, that’s also extremely easy with the USB connection and included recording software for your computer. When you also consider the in-built speakers, AUX, headphones, and RCA connections, you can see how diverse the JORLAI record player is for your listening needs.

We don’t like that the power cord for the record player is so short, making it difficult to position if you want to listen while charging. However, this is a small price to pay for a great value and versatile record player with pain-free controls.

8. Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Record Player – Best Sounding

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Fully Automatic Bluetooth Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Black, Hi-Fi, 2...
  • Fully automatic operation with 2 speeds: 33-1/3 rpm and 45 rpm.Wow and flutter :

Audio Technica is famous in the world of audio for a reason, and their AT-LP60XBT-BK doesn’t disappoint with its innovative design, durable construction, and optimal sound.

✔️ What we like: A premium turntable with superior audio design.

What we don’t like: Inconsistent Bluetooth pairing.

Standout Features

  • Anti-vibration design
  • Switchable preamp
  • Excellent tracking

The AT-LP60XBT-BK differs from the other portable record players on this list, in that it is a standalone turntable without in-built speakers. However, it is very lightweight, at less than 7 pounds, and can be easily connected to external speakers via Bluetooth or the in-built RCA connection.

It includes a switchable preamp that allows excellent sound quality through your speaker system. It also includes an AC adaptor that converts AC/DC current separately from the chassis, reducing noise and allowing for silent operation.

The Audio Technica turntable also features a superior design that is both durable and optimized for high quality playback. This includes an anti-resonance,die cast aluminum platter that is heavy and turns smoothly, as well as a sturdy tone arm. The high quality diamond stylus has excellent tracking, allowing for an overall high sound quality that is balanced with audible lows, mids, and highs.

The fact that the turntable is fully automatic definitely doesn’t hurt either. Beginners and audiophiles alike can delight in the excellent sound quality that this turntable brings. Our only complaint is that the Bluetooth connection can be inconsistent with paired devices, so take this into account if your speaker system runs on Bluetooth.

If you’re looking to invest in a portable record player and sound quality is your top priority, you won’t find any better than the AT-LP60XBT-BK by Audio Technica.

9. GOODNEW Vinyl Record Player

GOODNEW Vinyl Record Player Turntable, Built in Speakers, Support Headphone & RCA Output and AUX...
  • Suitcase Design: Protable Turntable for Playing vinyl and Recording easily in High Quality. Enjoy all the smooth sound expressions your vinyl is capable of.

The GOODNEW unit is a great choice for if you’re looking to spend small and get the most out of your record player.

✔️ What we like: A record player that is light on the wallet and heavy on features.

What we don’t like: Variable quality between units.

Standout Features

  • Very budget-friendly
  • Multiple playback modes
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

The GOODNEW is like many suitcase record players with its vintage-style appearance, integrated handle, and light wooden construction. However, it excels with its in-built rechargeable battery that supports 3 hours of continuous playback and dual stereo speakers that can easily fill a room with sound. If you’re looking to enjoy your favorite vinyl while sitting in your garden, the GOODNEW record player is the one for you.

This record player also supports other forms of playback, including USB, Bluetooth, and SD card inputs. It includes RCA and headphones outputs, and even an FM radio! Whatever kind of sound you are looking for, the GOODNEW unit has you covered.

It’s also pretty user friendly, with an automatic off function that stops your vinyl spinning when it reaches the end of the album. This is great if you’re forgetful and will help your vinyl and turntable last a lot longer. With the option to play vinyl at 3 different speeds, you can also be sure that your entire collection is compatible with the GOODNEW record player.

Our main criticism of this portable record player is the inconsistency in construction. While many users have reported no issues, several others have complained of defective models. Thankfully, those with the defective models were able to easily exchange them for a new unit, free of charge.

If you’re looking for a very affordable record player that can play any form of your music wherever you want, the GOODNEW record player is a strong contender.

10. Crosley Voyager CR8017A-SA Record Player

Crosley CR8017A-SA Voyager Vintage Portable Vinyl Record Player Turntable with Bluetooth Receiver...
  • Vintage-inspired, belt-driven 3-speed turntable; plays 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records

The Voyager CR8017A-SA by Crosley is truly designed for the traveling audiophile, with excellent portability and diverse audio capabilities.

✔️ What we like: An attractive, mid-range option with adjustable sound and great playback.

What we don’t like: Inconsistency of quality.

Standout Features

  • AC and battery power
  • Customizable sound
  • Bluetooth wireless

The Voyager is ideal if you’re looking for a mid-range, portable record player with superior audio qualities. It comes in the vintage-style suitcase design, with the choice of 3 attractive colors to reflect your personality. We like that the record player can be plugged into a power point with the AC adaptor or run off batteries, giving you full control over where you can listen to your vinyl.

The turntable reproduces a warm analogue sound that does justice to your favorite music, in part from the firm diamond stylus that has excellent tracking. It supports three playback speeds and includes a slider for adjustable pitch control. This means you can play the entirety of your record collection and even try your hand at DJ and play around with sound effects.

The Voyager includes in-built stereo speakers that can comfortably generate enough volume for personal listening or a small gathering. You can also hook up your device via AUX or Bluetooth wireless if you want to mix it up from your vinyl or connect to external speakers for an extra volume boost.

Our sole criticism of the Voyager record player is that some users have reported inconsistencies in construction. While many units are fine, others have pieces that are not properly attached or damaged. Thankfully, you can always return the record player for a replacement if this is the case, and it’s still a solid investment if you’re seeking a mid-range option with great sound.

11. Victrola Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speakers | Upgraded...
  • THREE SPEED BELT-DRIVEN TURNTABLE - This 3-speed (33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm) suitcase record player features UPGRADED PREMIUM SOUND QUALITY and sits on sound isolating feet that prevent vibration. It is...

Victrola is renowned for their range of beautiful vintage record players, and this unit lives up to both the aesthetics and excellent sound quality.

✔️ What we like: A budget record player with user-friendly controls and many playback options.

What we don’t like: The included stylus isn’t up to scratch.

Standout Features

  • Value for money
  • Easy controls
  • Superior Bluetooth connection

Victrola excels at constructing vintage-style record players that have both great sound and attractive aesthetics. This budget offering is no different, with a retro suitcase design that is available in 32 different colors and patterns to match your personality.

At less than 3 pounds and with an integrated handle, it’s also super portable and lightweight. This exterior design is completed with the addition of sound-isolating feet that minimize vibrations and ensure smooth playback from the record player.

We appreciate how easy it is to use the Victrola record player due to its user friendly features. These include input select, a knob to control the power and volume, and automated turntable functions. The turntable stops spinning at the end of your record, preventing long term wear and tear, and the addition of a lift lever for raising and lowering the turntable helps with accurate placement without damage.

More than just a turntable, the Victrola record player can also support playback from Bluetooth wireless. It excels in this regard, with reliable connection up to 33 feet away from the unit, and in-built speakers that can produce more than enough volume. Additionally, it includes a custom tuned preamp that improves the sound quality, for a warm, analogue playback that does justice to your favorite vinyl tracks.

Our only issue with the Victrola record player is that the included stylus is not of great quality. However, considering how affordable the unit is, it’s no big deal to upgrade the stylus and still enjoy the great quality that the Victrola player affords.

12. Victrola Revolution Go Portable Record Player

The Victrola Revolution Go portable turntable is an absolute must for vinyl aficionados that are constantly on the move.

This record player has external Bluetooth speaker connectivity, it connects to Bluetooth devices internally so you can play MP3s and streaming audio through the record player, it has a headphone jack, a detachable guitar strap and handle, and much more.

What we like: 3-speed turntable, built-in rechargeable battery

❌ What we don’t like: Bluetooth connection difficulties

Standout Features

  • Retractable handle and detachable guitar strap
  • RCA out home stereo jacks
  • Illuminated knob control
  • Built-in headphone jack
  • 12 hours of battery life

I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised by the Victrola Revolution Go portable turntable. In the past, portable turntables never really measured up to the hype. Either the rechargeable battery died too quickly or you literally had to replace the AA batteries with new ones every couple of hours. This record player has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that lasts for as many as 12 hours, which I can attest to because I tested it myself.

I also appreciate the knob control with built-in voice confirmation. By turning the knob, you are switching through the various options including the record player, the Bluetooth streaming option, and other choices. The voice confirmation tells you exactly which setting you’re on in a very clear and distinct female voice. Without it, you’d potentially have a difficult time determining which feature you were using, so I appreciate the built-in voice confirmation a great deal.

On a sourer note, some people will undeniably run into Bluetooth connectivity difficulties. How do I know? I know because every Bluetooth device seems to have connectivity issues from time to time. There are tens of thousands of Bluetooth devices in existence and it’s certainly possible that compatibility issues will happen every now and then. So be prepared for it in case it happens to you.

Overall, I really like the Victrola Revolution Go portable record player a great deal because of its many wonderful features. I appreciate the Vinyl Stream™ technology, the easy portability via the handle and detachable strap, the 6.5-pound lightweight turntable, the removable lid that doubles as a vinyl stand, and all of the other wonderful features that you’ll certainly enjoy.

A Guide to Choosing a Portable Record Player

cool portable record player

Where do you want to play your vinyl?

While all the record players in this guide are portable to a degree, your choice of listening location will determine which one is most suitable.

If you’re looking for complete flexibility and to maybe listen to your tracks outside, you should choose a portable record player that includes a rechargeable battery and in-built speakers. This can give you a few hours of playback, far from a power point and far from worries.

However, if you’re looking for a light unit to use inside, then a record player with an AC adaptor will serve your needs perfectly. If you also have an existing home stereo system, it would be handy to pick a unit that can easily connect to external speakers via Bluetooth or RCA connection, so you have the option for extra volume.

For either scenario, it is of course essential to choose a record player that is light enough to carry but sturdy enough to give you reliable use.

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How experienced are you with turntables?

If you’re a complete beginner to the world of vinyl, you can greatly benefit from a unit that includes user-friendly features. This could include an automated tonearm that will move into position, lower the stylus accurately, and return to position at the end of playback.

If you’re somewhere between beginner and intermediate, there are also semi-automatic options that include auto stop but you may need to use a lift lever to drop and raise the needle. For both levels, you can also benefit from simple controls with clearly marked functions.

For intermediate users and audiophiles, you can easily handle a portable record player with manual operation. You’re an old hand at placing a needle and remembering to lift it at the end of a record, and you may even enjoy the hands-on approach. You can also benefit from controls for customizable sound, and maybe even the option to try out some DJ-style mixing.

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What other features do you need?

For those of you that consider yourselves vinyl purists, you may just want a simple but high quality turntable that can play your records and play them well. However, if you’re used to a diverse range of playback, there are different record players that can accommodate your needs.

If you’d like the option to also play music from your device through the record player’s speakers, there are options that include AUX or Bluetooth wireless connection. Some units can even connect to your Bluetooth speakers, so you can amplify the sound for full enjoyment.

If you’re an amateur DJ or just looking to preserve your vinyl tracks forever, many portable record players include the option to record into a digital format. This could be through your computer with recording software or directly from the unit with a USB. If recording is a high priority, it’s worth selecting a record player that has both options for ultimate flexibility.

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What’s your budget?

How much you are able and willing to spend will determine what kind of portable record player is available to you.

Find out what turntables under $200 look like and also the quality you get in the higher range like turntables under $500 and under $1000.

At the budget end, there are excellent options with great portability, including integrated carry handles and perhaps an in-built battery. They have speakers that are loud enough for personal use or small gatherings, and maybe some automated turntable features like auto-stop.

In the mid-range price bracket, you have a greater choice of high quality record players. They will feature more durable exteriors, with improved tracking technology for detailed playback and great sound. They may be either manual or semi-automatic control, with some options for customizable sound.

If the sky’s the limit, you can reap the rewards of a premium portable record player. At the top end, you can choose a fully automated unit that makes playback super simple, or alternatively a manual system with multiple options for customizable sound. Premium units can integrate better with external speakers for a superior sound quality and feature advanced audio engineering that sets playback apart from the competition.

YouTube video

The Best Portable Record Players for All Budgets

Vinyl is still one of the best audio formats available, and the benefits of portable record players are numerous.

They give you full flexibility to play wherever and whenever you want, allowing you to fully enjoy the immersive audio experience.

We’ve pulled together the top portable record players for all budgets, taking into consideration portability, user-friendliness, sound quality, and playback options.

We’ve done the hard yards of research so you can pick the unit that best serves your needs and can give you years of satisfying vinyl sound.

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