6 Best Electric Ukuleles (Under $100 to Over $500)

Best Electric Ukulele

If you’ve been searching high and low for an electric ukulele but just haven’t found the right one yet, you’ll be glad to know you’re in the right place.

Maybe you’re in a band and your acoustic uke simply can’t be heard over the drums, or maybe you just love the idea of an electric ukulele.

Either way, I’ve done the research for you and discovered the very best electric ukuleles on the market.

Snapshot: Top 6 Electric Ukuleles

  1. Enya EUT-MG6 EQ  – Best Under $1000
  2. LAVA U Carbon Fiber UkuleleBest Under $500
  3. Enya EUC-M6 EQ Acoustic-Electric Concert UkuleleBest Under $300
  4. Enya EUT-X1C+EQ Electric Tenor Ukulele
  5. Vorson FSUK-1 S-Style Electric UkuleleBest Under $200
  6. Aklot Electric Acoustic Soprano UkuleleBest Under $100

Researching Great Electric Ukuleles

Best Under $1000
Enya EUC-MG6 23inch Concert Ukulele All 5A Solid Mango Wood Ukulele with Padded Ukulele Gig Bag
Best Under $500
LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele with Effects Concert Travel Ukulele with Case Pick and Charging Cable...
Best Under $100
Soprano Ukulele, AKLOT Acoustic-Electric Ukelele 21 Inch Solid Mahogany Uke for Professional Player...
Enya EUC-MG6 23inch Concert Ukulele All 5A Solid Mango Wood Ukulele with Padded Ukulele Gig Bag
LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele with Effects Concert Travel Ukulele with Case Pick and Charging Cable...
Soprano Ukulele, AKLOT Acoustic-Electric Ukelele 21 Inch Solid Mahogany Uke for Professional Player...
Best Under $1000
Enya EUC-MG6 23inch Concert Ukulele All 5A Solid Mango Wood Ukulele with Padded Ukulele Gig Bag
Enya EUC-MG6 23inch Concert Ukulele All 5A Solid Mango Wood Ukulele with Padded Ukulele Gig Bag
Best Under $500
LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele with Effects Concert Travel Ukulele with Case Pick and Charging Cable...
LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele with Effects Concert Travel Ukulele with Case Pick and Charging Cable...
Best Under $100
Soprano Ukulele, AKLOT Acoustic-Electric Ukelele 21 Inch Solid Mahogany Uke for Professional Player...
Soprano Ukulele, AKLOT Acoustic-Electric Ukelele 21 Inch Solid Mahogany Uke for Professional Player...

It’s important to note that there aren’t all that many completely electric ukuleles out there. There are, however, tonnes of amazing acoustic-electric ukes that give you the option to play both ways.

So, how did I narrow down the list?

Well first and foremost, I wanted to scout out the best sounding electric ukes.

As much as we all want an eye-catching instrument, sound quality is always at the forefront of my mind. However, I do like a good-looking uke as much as the next gal so, of course, I only wanted to include really well crafted electric ukuleles.

I also realize that, unfortunately, we don’t all have a large budget, so I wanted to include high-end, mid-range, and, most importantly, cheap and cheerful electric ukuleles.

So whatever your ability, budget, or style, the perfect electric ukulele for you is on this list.

The Best Electric Ukulele in2024

1. Enya EUT-MG6 EQ Review – Best Under $1000

Enya Electric Acoustic 26 inch Tenor Ukulele with Pickup 5A Solid Mango Wood Ukulele with Padded...
  • ♫ 【All 5A Solid Mango Wood 】Ukulele Whole Body is made of High Quality 5A Solid Wood with A High Glossy Finish.It gives the Ukulele Richer,Brighter and Resonanced Sound.
  • ♫ 【Beautiful Design】The unique inlay on the fretboard, cutaway style and electric guitar head design All make this Tenor ukulele Attractive
  • ♫ 【Extra Quality Assurance】High quality Imported Daddario strings and Double pickup provide stability and durability sound not only can avoid stroke but also allows for a full-bodied sound when...

If you’ve never heard of Enya ukuleles you’re in for a real treat. In my opinion, Enya make some of the best electric ukuleles in the market and the EUT-MG6 EQ absolutely proves my point.


Enya are well known for their beautiful designs and amazing craftsmanship. So, it’s no surprise that this solid mango wood ukulele caught my eye. You can tell how much attention to detail has gone into crafting this little instrument. I know I say this a lot, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful ukulele. But it’s not all about looks, right? The cutaway makes the uke more comfortable and easier to play.

You can access the frets further up the uke a lot easier and there’s so much more room for your hand. So here’s a top tip from me – if fingerwork is your jam, get a uke with a cutaway.

Neck & Hardware

I just love it when a ukulele becomes almost a show of craftsmanship. I mean, I don’t even know where to start with this neck. It looks almost like an ornament! I absolutely love the floral details inlaid in maple on the fingerboard. Its electric guitar headstock is a really sleek touch and I adore its bright orange gearheads.

Okay, aesthetics aside, what makes this ukulele so great?

Well, for one, its mahogany neck is completely straight and its ebony fretboard is finished beautifully and bound with maple. It also comes with die-cast tuners, making it the perfect ukulele for taking on stage. Finally, a ukulele that will stay in tune for your whole set. 


The Enya EUT-MG6 EQ is fitted with the Enya Double-A1U Ukulele Pickup. The great thing about this pickup is that it is designed specifically for the size, shape, and sound of the ukulele. The passive pickup sits under the saddle and projects the beautiful, natural sound of the instrument. There’s a lot of debate over active and passive pickups, so it can be quite confusing if you’re not too sure what any of it means.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I know that people tend to prefer active pickups as they are generally more powerful than passive pickups. However, I think the passive pickup on this uke makes it sound more natural instead of sounding overly electric… If that makes sense? I’ve played some ukuleles with passive pickups that sounded kind of dull and crackly, but I absolutely love the pickup on this uke.


YouTube video

The solid mango wood gives this uke an incredibly warm sound, but what I love about its softness. It really sounds quite unique. I know the struggle of trying to find an electric ukulele that still sounds like a ukulele. However, Enya has really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Spec Summary

  • Size: 26” Tenor Ukulele
  • Body: All solid mango wood with abalone inlaid rosette
  • Neck & Hardware: Mahogany neck with gold agate die-cast tuners
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Bridge: Ebony with Nu-bone saddle
  • Electronics: Enya Double-A1U Ukulele Pickup

An incredibly well crafted and warm sounding acoustic-electric ukulele

Final Thoughts on the Enya EUT-MG6 EQ

This is a beautifully crafted acoustic/electric ukulele. Its incredibly warm, soft sound is just as unique as it looks. When you’re in the market for a high-end ukulele, attention to detail is what makes the instrument worth your money, and this uke is packed full of lovely details.

The Enya EUT-MG6 EQ would make the perfect on-stage companion.

2. LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele Review

LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele with Effects Concert Travel Ukulele with Case Pick and Charging Cable...
  • Riches Up Your Tone: We invented a new way to let the structure to grew by itself. It uses mechanical simulation and algorithm to create a pattern has up to 142 units bionic structure. It also...
  • Play with Effects without Plugging In: The FreeBoost technology that lets you change the sound with one finger. The L2 mini developed by LAVA & Double acoustics. It enables you to play with superior...
  • Works on Different Conditions: With our patent pending carbon fiber composited AirSonic, you could now bring your LAVA U to anywhere from desert to Iceland. It’s well adapted from Temperature -4°F...

The Lava U Carbon Fiber Ukulele had to be on my list of the best electric ukuleles in2024. This is an acoustic/electric number and not only is it the best electric ukulele under $500, but it’s also one of the best ukuleles I’ve ever played, honestly.

You know it’s good when I use the word “honestly”, right?


Now, don’t get me wrong. I love solid wood ukes as much as the next gal, but I have to say I am in love with how the Lava U looks. As its name suggests, it’s made of Carbon Fiber. I know, it might not be to everyone’s taste. It looks really futuristic, so if you’re a “classic uke all the way” kind of collector, this maybe isn’t the instrument for you.

I mean, if Darth Vader was to play the ukulele, he’d probably go for this one but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic instrument. The Lava U Carbon Fiber uke is really artfully made. It has a one-piece molded body which is so sleek and really comfortable to play. Because all of its edges are pretty rounded, it fits the body so well. On top of that, its oval soundhole makes it so unique.

Now, I know I overuse the word “unique” (it’s a problem, I can’t help it) but this truly is the most unique instrument I’ve ever seen or played. It can also withstand extreme temperatures. So, you could take it to the beach or use it as a sled and it will still come back as a fully functioning ukulele.

Just kidding, maybe don’t use it as a sled.

Neck & Hardware

The Lava U’s neck is fitted with an ultra-stiff carbon fiber rod. What on earth does that do? I hear you ask… It’s really just to improve the balance and sound of the instrument. As you can imagine, carbon fiber is a lot stronger than solid wood, that’s why this funny-looking uke has such a great tonality.

There aren’t any fret markers on the front of the Lava U, which adds to its sleek “I’m from the future” look. Don’t worry though, they do give you white dots on the side at the 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, and 15th frets.


This is what makes the Lava U the best electric ukulele under $500. This ukulele has so many more features than most electric ukes. The Lava U is made with something called FreeBoost technology. It basically lets you play with features like delay, reverb, and chorus without even being plugged in. This uke has no cable whatsoever, so it doesn’t constrict your playing at all. I mean, if you like to dance about as much as I do when you’re playing (alone of course) then you’re going to absolutely love this uke.

The FreeBoost technology also allows you to turn the uke on with just one finger. The button is on the back of the uke, so it’s really simple if you want to go between natural and amped playing. I could honestly go on about this electric ukulele all day, but all you really need to know is that it’s great, right?


YouTube video

Okay, so here’s where it gets interesting. When you see a carbon fiber ukulele, thoughts of those plastic ukes you give to kids spring to mind, right? Well, don’t worry. The Lava U sounds just like a solid wood ukulele. It’s fitted with something called “BreatheNet Bionic”.

I don’t know all of its scientific properties but what I do know is it gives the bass such a rich sound. It basically allows the instrument to vibrate in a more natural way, giving you that classic ukulele sound – just amplified.

Spec Summary

  • Size: 23” Concert (also available in 26” tenor size)
  • Body: AirSonic Carbon Fiber (comes in black, purple, champagne, red, blue and pink)
  • Neck & Hardware: Carbon fiber neck with ultra-stiff carbon fiber rod
  • Fretboard: CNC machined HPL with a comfortable curve
  • Bridge: Glass fiber composited

An amazing, unique electric ukulele with revolutionary features

Final Thoughts on the LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele

I think a lot of reviews of the Lava U Carbon Fiber Ukulele (like mine) really over complicate it. Really, all you need to know is this is a fantastic electric ukulele that is worth every penny. I know, it seems strange that I’m so passionate about a uke, but I absolutely love it when instruments are uniquely crafted.

In my opinion, the Lava U is a revolutionary instrument and every ukulele player should own one. Rant over.

3. Enya EUC-M6 EQ Cutaway Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele Review –  Best Under $300

Enya EUC-M6 EQ Cutaway Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele 23 Inch All Solid Mahogany with Beautiful...
355 Reviews
Enya EUC-M6 EQ Cutaway Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele 23 Inch All Solid Mahogany with Beautiful...
  • ♫ 3A solid mahogany top, back and sides with a high gloss finish which is wear and corrosion resistance provide clear, crisp and melodious sound.
  • ♫ This Concert ukulele has the beautiful and gorgeous inlays on the fingerboard.
  • ♫ The carbon strings provide stability and durability sound not only can avoid stroke but also allows for a full-bodied sound when you play ukulele songs.

Okay, sorry about that explosion of excitement. However, this mahogany Enya acoustic-electric ukulele is pretty exciting too. As you now know, I love Enya and I think they make incredible instruments, so I wanted to add some (slightly) more affordable Enya options to this list.


The main difference between this uke and the Enya at the top of my list is really what they’re made of. Mango wood is, of course, more expensive than mahogany, thus making a more expensive instrument. However, the attention to detail shown in the craftsmanship is no different whatsoever.

This uke features a really beautiful inlaid rosette on its mahogany body, adding that really expensive feel. Yes, the mango wood ukulele is a little bit more striking, but this uke is like its classic little sister.

Neck & Hardware

This ukulele has lovely attention to detail on the fingerboard with its beautiful floral inlays. They actually stand out a lot more than the inlays on the mango wood uke’s fretboard. So, if standing out from the crowd is your thing, the EUC-M6 EQ is maybe more your cup of tea. I also love how they haven’t skimped on the tuning pegs when it comes to this uke either.

You’re still getting really good quality die-cast tuners with those beautiful orange gearheads.


The Enya EUC-M6 EQ is fitted with the same Double AIU pickup as the mango wood uke at the top of the list. As I said, I absolutely love this pickup, I think it gives a really nice, natural sound and it’s incredibly durable. The last thing you want is to have to replace your pickup if you’ve spent a couple of hundred dollars on an acoustic-electric ukulele.


Okay, so here’s where the differences between the mango wood and this mahogany uke come into play. Mahogany gives you that really classic tone. The main noticeable difference is the depth of sound in the bass. So, the mango wood uke gives you that really soulful, harplike sound, whereas this mahogany one gives you a bit of a brighter, more traditional uke sound.

I absolutely love them both, it really just comes down to personal preference (and your bank balance). Because these ukes are acoustic-electric, you can play them without pickup or with. If you’re spending quite a bit of money on a ukulele, it’s always good to have options!

Spec Summary

  • Size: 23” Concert
  • Body: Mahogany with a high-gloss finish
  • Neck & Hardware: Mahogany neck with an electric guitar headstock fitted with 1:18 gold agate die-cast tuners
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Bridge: Ebony

Beautiful classic sounding acoustic-electric uke

Final Thoughts on the Enya EUC-M6 EQ Cutaway Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele

I think the Enya EUC-M6 EQ is a really great acoustic-electric ukulele. It has a beautiful classic sound which amplifies really well. This uke would be great for players of any difficulty, but I think beginners would love its classic sound.

This uke would make a really special gift for an aspiring ukulele player or even for a professional.

4. Enya EUT-X1C+EQ Electric Tenor Ukulele Review

No products found.

I know, I know. You’re probably sick of reading about Enya ukes. But the truth is, they do electric ukuleles incredibly well. So, if you have been looking into buying one for a while, you’ve probably seen this name come up a lot. That’s why I wanted to give you Enya options in a few different price ranges, just to narrow things down for you a little.

It’s confusing out there, I get it!


If you’re more of a straight forward, no fuss, no flowers kind of ukulele lover, this uke will be right up your street. I love how classic it looks but I’m also a fan of its little unique touches. Its cutaway adds that “electric” aesthetic, which is really cool and makes playing more comfortable. Now, you’re probably thinking “wow this uke is basically the same as the EUC-M6 just without the fuss of rosettes and binding and all that bling”.

However, this ukulele is made of laminate koa rather than solid wood. Like I’ve said many a time though, laminate wood ukes are a great choice if you travel or live somewhere with a temperamental climate. You don’t have to worry about changes in humidity or temperature like you do with solid-wood instruments. Also, the top of this uke is actually a little thinner than that of the EUC-M6 EQ, which gives you a tad more projection when playing without a pickup.

So laminate wood isn’t all bad, guys!

Neck & Hardware

You can probably tell how much I love affordable ukuleles that still look expensive. To be honest, it’s not just ukes, it’s everything. I guess I’m a bit of a cheapskate. Anyway, back to the electric ukuleles. I love that they’ve given this uke the same electric-guitar headstock as the other two more pricey options. I think it gives it that really unique expensive look.

The Enya EUT-X1C+EQ is fitted with die-cast tuners as well. Even though they’re not gold with orange gearheads, they do their job brilliantly. Another great thing about this Enya ukulele is its fingerboard. It’s fitted with an HPL, KOA, and Richlite fingerboard which allows you to play it anywhere without it being damaged by humidity or temperature changes. Another bonus, yay!


There’s not a lot of details online about what kind of pickup this uke is fitted with, but my guess is that it’s the same Enya Double AIU as they use in their other electric ukuleles. It looks exactly the same and gives off the same kind of projection. The pickup can be accessed and adjusted from the soundhole, which I like. This way the ukulele keeps its natural facade but also has the electric function.

I also love how the strap peg acts as the 1/4 port for the electric pickup jack.


I absolutely love the sound of this uke. I think for its price, it really can’t be faulted. It gives off a really nice traditional ukulele sound, yet it is still quite soft. When this uke is amplified it honestly sounds really great, so if you’re planning on amping up your ukulele most of the time, this one is a great choice for you.

The other Enya acoustic-electric ukuleles that I reviewed do, of course, sound absolutely stunning even without a pickup, but if you’ve already got a great sounding acoustic uke at home then this is the electric ukulele for you.

Spec Summary

  • Size: 26” Tenor
  • Body: Laminate koa with a natural, matte finish
  • Neck & Hardware: Mahogany neck with an electric guitar headstock fitted with chrome die-cast tuners
  • Fretboard: HPL KOA, and Richlite
  • Bridge: HPL KOA

A brilliant, classic-sounding yet affordable Enya electric ukulele

Final Thoughts on the Enya EUT-X1C+EQ Electric Tenor Ukulele

The Enya EUT-X1C+EQ has everything I look for in an electric ukulele. It’s got a great sound, great pickup, and is really well crafted with some unique touches. I think it has the whole package, which is great for a mid-range ukulele.

This Enya ukulele would make the perfect first upgrade.

5. Vorson FSUK-1 S-Style Electric Ukulele Review – Best Under $200

Vorson FSUK-1 S-Style Electric Ukulele with Gig Bag, Quilt Maple
187 Reviews
Vorson FSUK-1 S-Style Electric Ukulele with Gig Bag, Quilt Maple
  • Size: Tenor (scale length 432 mm)
  • Body: candlenut
  • Design: S Type

Okay, now this is an electric ukulele if I’ve ever seen one. If you hadn’t already noticed, there really aren’t many truly electric ukuleles out there but, thanks to Vorson, there is one. If you’ve read any of my blogs before you’ll know I love it when companies break the rules a little.

Well, it looks to me as if Vorson chucked the ukulele rule book out of the window right before they made this guy and I love it!


Where do I start? I love how this ukulele has that classic Fender Stratocaster body style. It’s so unique (well, to ukuleles anyway) and would look amazing on display. Unlike the other ukuleles on this list, the Vorson FSUK-1 has a solid body, meaning its shape doesn’t really affect its sound. I could go into loads of detail bout the materials, but because they don’t have the same impact as they would on an acoustic-electric ukulele, I’m going to focus more on sound and playability in this review.

That’s what you’re here for, right? One thing I absolutely love about this ukulele is its adjustable bridge. You can really get impeccable tuning as you can fine-tune each string kind of like a violin. However, I must say its solid body is a lot heavier than the ukes I’m used to playing with, so you might need to hit the gym a few times before picking this bad boy up. Just saying.

Neck & Hardware

I want to go into a bit of depth about how this uke compares to others in terms of playability. I don’t know about you, but I’ve ordered ukuleles before without taking this into consideration and they’ve quickly become ornaments. If you’re used to playing acoustic ukuleles then please take the difference between nylon and steel strings into consideration. Steel strings are so much harder on your fingers.

Trust me. I learned the hard way. Okay, now that we’ve got the warning out of the way, I have to say I absolutely love that they’ve fitted this uke with steel strings. I also love that this uke has an adjustable truss rod so you can lower or heighten the action to suit your playing style.


The Vorson FSUK-1 is the only electric ukulele I’ve come across that uses magnetic pickups. This is a lot different from the piezo pickups that are usually used for acoustic-electric ukuleles. They pick up the natural sound of the ukulele, unlike the Vorson.

Magnetic pickups sense the vibrations from the strings and turn them into an electric signal. The Vorson uses the same kind of pickups as most electric guitars, so you can imagine the difference.


YouTube video

If you are looking for an amplified acoustic sound, this is not the uke for you. However, if you’re in the market for a true electric instrument, this is your guy. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really expect this electric ukulele to sound like a ukulele at all. Probably because it doesn’t look anything like one.

However, it does still carry that bright ukulele sound, just with a heck of a lot more edge than you’re probably used to.

Spec Summary

  • Size: Tenor
  • Body: Quilt maple colored basswood
  • Neck & Hardware: Candlenut
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Bridge: Adjustable

An affordable completely electric ukulele with a rockstar body


Final Thoughts on the Vorson FSUK-1 S-Style Electric Ukulele

This truly is an electric ukulele, which is pretty hard to come by. Without a doubt, the Vorson the best electric ukulele under $200. In fact, given how well crafted it is, I’m really surprised it’s available for this price. I think it would make a fantastic gift for a ukulele fanatic, I mean if I unwrapped a Vorson FSUK-1 I’d be a very happy gal (hint, hint).

Plus, you’d really stand out with this thing on stage. I mean, I’ve never seen someone with one before, have you?

6. Aklot Electric Acoustic Soprano Ukulele Review – Best Under $100

Soprano Ukulele, AKLOT Acoustic-Electric Ukelele 21 Inch Solid Mahogany Uke for Professional Player...
  • Acoustic & Electric: Aklot electric ukulele has been installed 3 Band (Bass,Middle,Treble) Pre-amp, allowing it to be connected with speckers when you play it at stage and can tune the timbre...
  • Stays in Tune: Comes with the 18:1 geared tuner machine and Aquila string, it makes the electric ukulele keep in tune better when the string is settled down, we pre-tuned every ukulele before shipping...
  • Solid Mahogany: The best features of a solid material electric ukulele is that under the same condition, compared with Laminated wood ukulele, natural solid mahogany wood is more natural and compact,...

Yes, that’s right, an electric ukulele for under $100. Quite a lot under $100, actually. You can thank me later. Just kidding. I wanted to include a really affordable ukulele in this list but, I have to say, it was a struggle. On the one hand, I wanted affordable but on the other, I wanted a really great sounding instrument but, eventually, I found both in this Aklot uke.


I love that at this price point there are still some unique features in the craftsmanship. The signature Aklot bridge is a really nice touch. I also love ukes with no-tie bridges. They’re the perfect ukulele for beginners and take the fuss away from changing your strings – which you might find yourself doing more often with a cheaper uke.

The main thing I wanted to point out about this ukulele is that it has a solid mahogany soundboard. So although it is made from laminate wood, its soundboard gives it the tone you’d expect from solid wood.

Neck & Hardware

Here is the grand return of the open-geared tuners – enough said, we all know I love them. This Aklot ukulele also has a beautifully curved neck, it’s incredibly comfortable to play and hold. On top of that, its fretboard is finished perfectly. I’m actually really pleasantly surprised by this uke, I think it shows off some great craftsmanship that you don’t generally see in affordable instruments.


This uke comes fitted with a three-band preamp which is great value for money. It projects a nice smooth sound, free from the buzzing and snapping you quite often get with more affordable preamps. It’s really easy to use, so it would be perfect for a beginner. Amazingly, this little uke also comes with an onboard tuner, which I find so handy.


YouTube video

I’m sure you’ll be just as surprised as I was when you hear this acoustic-electric ukulele. It offers a good bit of sustain and a really nice, quite mellow sound. You definitely wouldn’t think it cost under $100, that’s for sure. I don’t often find affordable ukuleles that sound this great out of the box, so I feel like this Aklot acoustic-electric uke is a real diamond in the rough!

Spec Summary

  • Size: Soprano
  • Body: Laminate wood with a solid mahogany soundboard
  • Neck & Hardware: Okoume
  • Fretboard:
  • Bridge: Rosewood

An amazing acoustic-electric ukulele that is really good value for money

Final Thoughts on the Aklot Electric Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

Honestly, I don’t understand how Aklot is making profits from these ukes. This electric-acoustic ukulele is amazing value for money. It’s a great-sounding, well-crafted instrument and would be perfect for players of any difficulty.

Go Electric Today

Whether you’re a true rock star and have already added the Vorson uke to your basket, or you’re a lover of the classic ukulele and just want a bit more volume, I hope I’ve helped you find the perfect electric uke.

Electric ukes are a great option if you play in a band, enjoy busking in your free time, or just want a new uke to play around with. There’s never been a better time to treat yourself to something that will help you pass the time.

Music has definitely provided me with a much-needed escape over the past few months, so I hope you too can find comfort in picking up a ukulele and giving it a whirl.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned ukulele player, now’s the time to do more of what you enjoy.

I hope you’re all staying safe and, of course, staying musical.

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