Gibson Maestro Review – Gibson’s 41″ Full Size Acoustic Guitar with Exotic Laminate

Gibson Maestro Guitar - MA 41

Brand/Model: Maestro by Gibson MA41

Number of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right

Body Material: Kauri/Spruce top

Neck Material: Maple

Fretboard Material: Rosewood

Price Range: Under $100

Our Rating: 10/10

Maestro by Gibson Acoustic Guitar Review

Headstock on Maestro By Gibson (Honey Burst)

It’s true.  “Maestro by Gibson” is a legitimate brand owned by Gibson.  This line of entry-level guitars is intended to make it easier for beginners and those new to the instrument by being affordable in price without compromise on Gibson craftsmanship.

Sporting a decent price tag that you’d never see on a genuine Gibson, can you trust that the Maestro will be up to the task to get you through your learning curves?  Let’s check it out in our Gibson Maestro review!

The full-size 41″ guitar has mellow and yet striking aesthetic appeal at the same time.  The honey burst finish guarantees an instant attraction.  The acoustic guitar has a dreadnought body style that will bellow out some serious low-end resonance.

Sound projection will be boomy, crisp, and clear whether you’re strumming or picking!

For a serious low-cost price, it’s common sense you’re not going to be dealing with real tonewoods and solid tops.  Instead, the Gibson Maestro acoustic guitar has an exotic Kauri laminate back and sides with a spruce top veneer with white binding that compliments the colors and stands out.

The neck is made from maple, and it has a rosewood fingerboard.

The guitar is finished with gloss, has 20 frets, dot inlays, black teardrop pickguard, and sealed diecast chrome tuners.  Gibson didn’t forget about both strap buttons either.  They’ve tied up all their loose ends to truly offer an affordable “made by Gibson” beginners guitar.

While the Maestro is far from the standards of genuine Gibson guitars, it’s a great entry-level guitar for any beginner.  And, if you’re going to start off with a cheap guitar, why not go with one of the best authoritative brands to start your music journey?

  • Price
  • Exotic laminate
  • Full-size
  • Dreadnought
  • Made by Gibson
  • Cheap hardware

Gibson Maestro Guitar Reviews

To land a guitar that legitimately has “Gibson” on the headstock might just be enough for some people to buy up the Maestro in an instant.  However, some buyers have been disappointed by the cheap construction materials including the saddle, tuners, and laminate on its twin model with the natural finish.

To put some people straight, its best to keep in mind that cheap materials allows for a cheaper price.  This Gibson Maestro guitar also comes with additional accessories to help beginners out.  Budget restraints are a very real factor in buying an entry-level guitar to play and to learn on.

It’s the low cost that really hit home with the beginner crowd.  For practice at home, in the garage, or on the hood of your car at the park, the Maestro will do what you need and maybe a little bit more!

Alternative Acoustic Guitars to Consider

Cheap acoustic guitars are a dime-a-dozen, but decent, inexpensive beginners guitars are the lucky stars that set themselves apart in the market for the buyer every once in a while.  We’ve sifted through the minefield to find you the best guitars under 100 that are worth buying.

To broaden your options, the Jasmine S34C acoustic guitar should be highly considered.  It is an instrument that doesn’t come with much in the way of accessories, but it does come with a well-built grand orchestra body style, a satin finish that doesn’t diminish projection, and it’s a great guitar for players of all skill levels without breaking the bank.

The Rogue RA-090 might be worth considering too.  The black finish is sleek and stylish, and the bronze rosette adds a touch of luxe.  Constant tuning might be an issue, but how else will you learn and improve without lots of practice?  A digital tuner will help with that.  The Rogue guitar certainly goes rogue when it sets itself apart from inferior ones!

Gibson Maestro 41″ Honey Burst FAQ

What is Kauri Tonewood?

Kauri is a native wood in New Zealand.  For use as a tonewood for instruments, this wood provides note distinction, clarity, and warmth.

What are the Benefits of Laminate Tonewoods?

Laminate is a cheaper, alternative option to wood when constructing a guitar.  While the wood is the most influential factor in the acoustics of a guitar (learn more about tonewoods here), laminate unfortunately cannot reproduce the harmonic resonance, sustain, and tonality that real wood provides.

However, laminate is much less susceptible to climate and environmental damage versus real wood.  It can handle the abuse of being used in various environments and the knocks and bangs during traveling with less obvious wear and tear.

What are the Accessories Included with the Maestro Acoustic Guitar?

It’s not going to be a whole lot, but it’s better than nothing.  You’ll receive the guitar, guitar strap, pick, and an extra set of strings.  You’ll also be provided with a Maestro by Gibson lesson DVD.

Will the Gibson Maestro Guitar need a Setup?

Even the most expensive guitars may need a setup out of the box, and cheap guitars that are bought online and mass-produced in a factory will almost always need setting up.

Getting a guitar set up to play is a personal process to find the action you’re comfortable with and making the tweaks necessary to really make the guitar yours.  A new set of strings is almost always recommended.  Tuning will be required.

Who Warranties the Maestro by Gibson Guitar?

Gibson provides a warranty on the acoustic guitar.

Is this Maestro MA41 a Beginner Acoustic Guitar?

Yes.  This is a basic, entry-level, and inexpensive guitar geared towards players of all ages to help making learning the guitar easier.  More experienced players will still enjoy playing the Maestro once they’ve set it up with new strings and such.

Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need

To get the very few basics that you’re receiving with the Maestro is a great deal when you’re just starting out with learning to play a guitar – any extra accessories should be well-received.

However, the package doesn’t encompass other essentials you might want to consider if you’re taking your lessons seriously.  For a full list of must-haves, check out our extensive accessories list here.  To give you a starting point, here’s our must-have tips!

Standout Features of the Gibson Maestro

  • Extremely affordable
  • Gibson-owned brand
  • Exotic Kauri laminate

Our Verdict on the Gibson Maestro Acoustic Guitar

To strum it up, the Maestro by Gibson 41″ Honey Burst Acoustic Guitar is the perfect beginner instrument with very few issues – if any.

Getting a professional setup and making a few changes to the hardware might be in order, but it’s an excellent idea if you want to maximize your low-cost buy.

The extra costs for this will be worth it when you hear your guitar sing!

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