The Best Acoustic Guitars for Under $100 (Our Top 5 Cheap Steel-Strings)

List of Acoustic Guitars Below 100Starting guitar lessons?

On a tight budget?

A guitar for under 100 bucks is a good place to start if you’re strapped for cash.

The great part about it is, you still have noted brands in this price range.

Since there are too many budget guitars to choose from, we’ve lined up the best in its class.

These are the best cheap guitars that are hard to come by if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Luckily for you, we do!

If you have a big budget you can take a look at our lineup of top acoustic guitars.


Quick Answer: 5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $100 In 2020

  1. Maestro by Gibson MA41
  2. Jasmine S35
  3. Jasmine S34C NEX
  4. Rogue RA-090
  5. Best Choice Products SKY 120


The Best Acoustic Guitars For Under $100

tsj-table__imageMaestro by Gibson MA41
  • Body: Kauri/Spruce
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
tsj-table__imageJasmine S35
  • Body: Agathis/Spruce
  • Neck: Nato
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
tsj-table__imageJasmine S34C NEX
  • Body: Sapele/Spruce
  • Neck: Nato
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
tsj-table__imageRogue RA-090
  • Body: Whitewood laminate
  • Neck: Nato
  • Fretboard: Maple
tsj-table__imageBest Choice Products SKY 120
  • Body: Laminate
  • Neck: Sapele
  • Fretboard: Rosewood



Our 5 Top Acoustic Guitars Less Than $100

There’s an ongoing debate on whether a cheap guitar is a good acoustic guitar for beginners and younger players.  Some say they’re so cheap that they won’t encourage a beginner to keep playing.  Others say, the quality just isn’t there.

What do we say?

We’re on both sides of the fence.  The above concerns are legitimate, but it’s knowing what to look for that makes all the difference.

There are some gems that perform and are built to the exact standards a player might want.  Acoustic  guitars around 100 dollars a piece make for excellent practice guitars, for recreational playing outdoors, and for handling abuse during travel, not to mention the bumps and bangs that inevitably happens when wielded by a child.

These are the guitars that you don’t have to be afraid of playing, taking to the beach or a bonfire, or your child going to town on it for a family performance.  They are the guitars that stand out among the throngs of cheap models.  Take your pick from Gibson, Jasmine, and Rogue!




Maestro by Gibson Honey Burst

There’s plenty of cheap brands out there that just don’t make the cut.  Why go that route when there’s a Gibson in this price range?  The Maestro by Gibson is an entry-level laminate guitar that’s full-size in sound and performance.

It sports an exotic Kauri body with a spruce top and maple neck and has a dreadnought body shape that would fit adults perfectly for casual playing at home or jamming on the go.

This guitar might be cheap, but Gibson warranties it, even at its low price point.  After all, it’s a Gibson-owned brand, and they don’t forget their own.  Learn to be a maestro player with this exotic Kauri, Maestro beginner guitar!

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Jasmine S35

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural
  • Features a Spruce Top
  • Laminated Nato back & sides.
  • Satin Finish

What’s not love when it comes to the Jasmine brand?  They might not be as well-known as brands like Yamaha and Fender in this price range, but they sure know how to hold their own and stand out from the crowd.

The S35 is big, classy, and well put-together.  It’s a handsome, satin-finished guitar with a dreadnought body and tons of sound quality for 100 bucks.

Advanced X-bracing, agathis back and sides, and a spruce top makes for a guitar with decent tone and sound without spending too much.  If you don’t want to commit to a heavier price, this Jasmine is well-loved and highly-praised by the masses.  You might love it too!

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Jasmine S34C NEX

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar
  • Gloss Natural
  • Dreadnought body style
  • Laminate Spruce top

Jasmine has been known to be a Takamine brand, but you may want to read our full review to get up to date.  But, Jasmine has proven itself time and time again as a good guitar, not just for the money, but a good guitar in and of itself.

It has sapele back and sides that looks just like the more expensive acoustic guitars with the same tonewood.  Adding to its unique flair, it has a grand orchestra body with a very pronounced Venetian cutaway.  Although it looks like it’s on the smaller side, it has a slim neck with a full-scale length of 25.5 inches.

This instrument is the epitome of extraordinary value for the price.  Don’t be shocked with the resonance and responsiveness of the S34C.  You might end up being blown away like the other several hundreds of buyers.  It’s a Jasmine – you’ll get used to it!

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Rogue RA-090

Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Black
  • 6-string
  • Dreadnought design
  • Whitewood body

It’s hard to not get skeptical about cheap guitars.  The Rogue RA-090 is usually one that gets looked at with an upraised eyebrow.  But, it has much to offer for its incredibly low price.

Entirely made from whitewood laminate, the quality cuts are obvious.  But, it’s playable, full-size, and loud.  That’s what matters in the end right?

Its laminate-machined body makes it a trooper for outdoor playing on the go or for practice sessions when you’re casually strummin’ it.  For a cheap guitar that gets the job done without over-spending on your budget, the Rogue may very well be “the one.”

Go against the grain and be the rogue that proves that quality sound can cost less than $100 with the Rogue RA!

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Best Choice Product Beginner’s 38″ – Best Acoustic Guitar Under $50

Best Choice Products 38in Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit w/Case, Strap, Digital E-Tuner, Pick,...
8,940 Reviews
Best Choice Products 38in Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit w/Case, Strap, Digital E-Tuner, Pick,...
  • 38-INCH ACOUSTIC GUITAR: Right-handed guitar delivers a full-bodied sound with its all-wood design, 19 frets, steel strings, and an attractive finish
  • ULTIMATE STARTER KIT: Perfect for beginner guitarists, it includes a guitar pick, shoulder strap, pitch pipe, digital tuner, and an extra set of 6 strings
  • HIGH-QUALITY SOUND: The classical guitar body and user-friendly fretboard help to create a bright sound that both beginning and experienced musicians can enjoy

We know what you’re thinking.  What?  A guitar for under $50?  It can’t be true, but it is.

This guitar was purely designed to provide a cheap and affordable option for the beginner player.  It’s 38″ that can be considered to be a 3/4-size guitar.  It’s comfortable and easy to play with, and it even comes with a full beginner’s package.

It really doesn’t get better than this.  We don’t know how the brand managed to pull it off for the unbelievably low price, even with its quality cuts.

You can’t argue with the thousands of buyers that are still toting this instrument to this day.  Yes, there will be some downsides, but we don’t think you can beat the price.  Having a cheap guitar to pick up in a jiffy or letting the kids play to their hearts content, the Best Choice Products 38″ guitar is worth it.

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What to Expect in This Price Range

We’re going to tell it to you straight – you’re not going to get hundreds of dollars of quality in a guitar in this price range.  It’s just not going to happen.

First off, realize you’re spending as little as you can in the guitar industry.  However, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to only ever affording duds.  These guitars have the standard factors that we looked for in a good guitar with acceptable quality.  Some of them even exceeded our expectations.  But, here’s what to look for if you want to do some scrutinizing of your own.

  • Tone woods: It’s all laminate in this price range.  No solid wood here – maybe the neck in some cases.  But, some exotic and unique veneers can offer a different look that other standard guitars may not have.
  • Quality: Entry-level, basic, and beginner.  Expect plastic hardware and minimal cosmetic flaws.  However, it’s never acceptable in any price range, to see poorly made necks and incorrectly placed saddles and nuts.
  • Accessories: You might not get an accessories package in this price range, but it’s typical to see your guitar come with some extra freebies.  Picks, instructional DVDs, and maybe a nylon gig bag can be expected.
  • Value: Being brand-specific might help with determining value.  Our lineup of guitars all offer value in some form or another.  Complete beginner’s accessories add to value, and sometimes a guitar made from a reputable company has better quality control than others.


These are the Multi-Purpose Guitars

Guitars in this price range are multi-purpose guitars.  They’re great for beginners on a tight budget.  Intermediate and pro players can get a kick out of using a cheap guitar that they don’t have to worry about accidentally harming.

Because they’re made of laminate, they provide worry-free playing when in environments that may cause concern for your expensive models.  Travel with it.  Sleep with it.  And, most importantly, play it whenever, wherever – it’s what they’re good for!

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