Martin D-15M Review – Acoustic Guitar Made In The USA

Martin D-15M Guitar - Acoustic

Brand/Model: Martin D-15M

Number of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right/Left

Body Material: Mahogany/Mahogany top

Neck Material: Mahogany

Fretboard Material: East Indian Rosewood

Price Range: Under $2000

Our Rating: 9.8/10

Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar Review

Martin D-15M headstock only

All-mahogany guitars have had their ups and downs in the market, but Martin has brought them back with simple flair and style.  The 15 Series is dedicated to keeping the aesthetics original and authentic.

With premium tonewoods and Martin’s touch, the D-15M guitar is much more than just another brown guitar.

It has a classic dreadnought body with gorgeous, dark mahogany back, sides, neck, and top.  It’s a completely solid wood guitar, and there’s no laminate on this instrument.

The solid top has Sitka spruce non-scalloped X bracing, faux tortoise shell pickguard, and a multi-stripe rosette.

Hardware includes a rosewood bridge, compensated bone saddle, bone nut, and nickel open gear tuning machines with butterbean knobs.

The fretboard has no binding, but it does have abalone diamond and square inlays with yellow side dots.  To complete the Martin guitar, it’s been dressed in a satin finish.

If you know anything about mahogany, you’ll know what to expect.  It offers very warm and rich tones that’s boomed across a room in full resonance thanks to its full-size dreadnought shape.

This is a guitar that sounds experienced right from the bat, and it’ll only get deeper and sweeter as it ages.  It has a versatile guitar that’s great for playing styles including fingerpicking and strumming.

Blues players will certainly enjoy giving this Martin a run for its money, and all other guitarists will easily find their groove.

The D-15M is no entry-level guitar.  While it may have simple flair to it, it’s been made with superb materials to create a high-quality instrument – an instrument worthy of being manufactured in the USA!

  • Price
  • Solid wood
  • Quality hardware
  • Full-size dreadnought
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-scalloped bracing

Martin D-15M Reviews

There are few very guitars that can really stun the harshest critics in the guitar community, and the D-15M happens to be one them.  All buyers of this guitar appreciate the simple grace and elegance of the solid mahogany beauty.

Players are impressed by the quality craftsmanship, and the integrity of the guitar lends to its playability and intonation.  Buyers unanimously agree it’s a guitar they’re proud to own, play, and be seen with.

Buying Martin quality at this price doesn’t get better than this, and you won’t be the first buyer to compare it to guitars costing twice its price to find it comes up purer and more satisfying to play.

Martin D-15M
  • The D-15M offers a perfect blend of vintage features and modern technology to create an instrument of exceptional tone.
  • Back, sides and top are bookmatched from solid genuine mahogany

Alternative Acoustic Guitars to Consider

D-15M guitar back of

There’s another Martin D Series guitar that’s a stunner.  The D-16RGT comes from the 16 Series that’s known to bring classic tones and appeal into the modern era.  It has solid rosewood back and sides with a solid spruce top that’s studio-worthy to ring bright and true.

This isn’t a cheap guitar, but it’s American-made, and Martin quality is the difference between street playing and performing professionally for crowds!

To be fair, Martin isn’t the only brand that gets it right.  Blueridge astounds with their BR-163A Historic Craftsman Series acoustic guitar.   You’ll have to push your budget up just a nudge, but it still falls under the 00 price range.

It has a solid Adirondack spruce top with solid rosewood back and sides.  There are premium features to be seen on this wonder, so be sure to check it out!

Martin D-15M FAQ

Scalloped VS Non-Scalloped Bracing?

Scalloped bracing allows for more responsiveness to produce sound.  Parts of the tone bars are shaved in places to affect the harmonic range.

While it’s true that non-scalloped bracing requires more effort to improve responsiveness, all components need to be taken into consideration to produce the best sound.

Sometimes, heavy tops sound better with non-scalloped bracing, and lighter tops do well with scalloped bracing.  It’s all about what you find comfortable playing and what sounds the best to you.

Does the Martin D15M guitar come with a Case?

For a high-end guitar costing top-notch payment, it sure does come with a case.  This isn’t a nylon gig bag, it’s the real deal – a hard shell case.

What Action does the D-15M come with?

The guitar does have an adjustable truss rod if you want it professionally setup, but it comes playable out of the box with med-low action.

Does the Martin D Series Guitar need Tuning Often?

This is a premium guitar with high-quality hardware.  With nickel open gear heads and butterbean knobs, tuning won’t be an issue.

It holds tight and true, and tuning issues will be a problem of the past.  Many buyers say they barely need to tune their guitar at all.

What Strings does the Martin Acoustic D-15M come with?

The D-15M comes pre-strung with SP Acoustic 92/8 Phosphor Bronze medium strings.

What is the Scale Length of Martin’s D-15M?

This is a full-size 25.4″ scale guitar.

Is the Neck Tapered on the D-15M?

The Martin D guitar as a standard taper with a modified low oval shape.

What is the Martin Warranty on the 15 Series Guitar?

If you’re buying your guitar brand new, be sure to fill out the online warranty registration.  The guitar is covered under a Martin Limited Warranty, but it will come with a pamphlet outlining terms and conditions.

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Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need

Buying a guitar of this caliber, you’ll want to protect it right for it to last a lifetime.  While you’ll be provided with a ply hardshell case, you’ll also want to ensure the wood doesn’t dry out during storage or use in dry climates.

There are a few more accessories you’ll want to kick up your playing style or skills if you’re new to guitars, so be sure to check out fantastic guide to acoustic & electric guitar accessories. But, here’s a couple suggestions that we think you should get right away!

Standout Features of the D-15M Guitar

  • Solid top and back/sides
  • All-mahogany guitar
  • Made in America

Our Verdict on the Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar

To strum it up, the Martin D-15M acoustic guitar is a work of art.  It’s the simple elegance of the wood and finish that really stands out on the shelves, but it’s the craftsmanship and sound that continues to impress every guitar player with any sense of taste!

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