12 Best Beginner Electric Guitars in 2020: The Top Starter Kits Reviewed

So, you’re ready to take on the master strokes of Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and other greats?  Hold your horses, buddy.  You must start from the beginning. 

We know you’re itchin’ to get your groove on, but the guitar you choose will make a difference in your long-term motivation and dedication to pursuing your rock star dreams. 

However, you don’t have to start out with an electric guitar that’s worth a king’s ransom.  You’ll soon learn that starting out from scratch takes money, honey.  After buying a guitar, amp, bag, and all the other gear you need to move up from rookie status, you might find you’ve run out of dough. 

Here’s where we help you navigate the market for the best beginner electric guitars that are designed specifically for you – beginners on a budget. 

Snapshot: Top 12 Beginner Electric Guitars

  1. Ibanez RG GRX70QA
  2. Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack
  3. Squier by Fender Stratocaster Beginner Pack
  4. Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Pack
  5. Best Choice Products Beginner Starter Kit
  6. Donner DST-1B Electric Guitar Bundle
  7. Glarry Beginner Pack
  8. ISIN Beginner’s Accessory Pack
  9. LyxPro 39” Beginner Starter Kit
  10. ZENY 39” Beginner’s Starter Package
  11. SX ¾-Size Beginner Package
  12. PylePro Electric Guitar Package

Researching Electric Guitars for Beginners

Best Beginner Electric Guitar Reviews

We all judge a book by its cover, and many of us judge guitars the same way.  Yep – it’s important to find a finish that you feel matches your style, but there’s more to the instrument than what meets the eye. 

An electric guitar for a beginner should be ultra-playable and comfortable.  This means having a neck that you’re able to grab and play comfortably, tuners that hold those strings in tune, and pickups that sound like the real deal.  While tremolo bridges are fun to get your whammy on, they require more user intervention to change out strings and keep them in tune.  It’s best to avoid them unless you have your heart intent on learning whammy bar basics. 

These guitars come as package or starter kits.  They include stock-grade electric guitar accessories that will need upgrading in the future, but it will be enough to get plugged in and start playing immediately.  Beginner packages are designed to be an affordable option for new players because upgrading gear this early on can be the most expensive way to do things. That is why all of the bundles on this page include electric guitars under $500, in fact, you won’t pay more than $300 for any of these starter packs and many are below $100-$200!

The unfortunate thing about affordable guitars is that they often need some fret smoothing, strings replaced, and until you learn how to intonate the guitar yourself, you’ll need someone to do it for you.  Be prepared to set a few bucks aside for a professional setup and the small investment will pay off in the long run.

The Best Beginner Electric Guitar

1. Ibanez RG GRX70QA Review

Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Transparent Red Burst (GRX70QATRB)
  • Fast, slim Maple neck
  • Beautiful quilted Maple art grain top
  • High output Infinity R pickups

As a stand-alone guitar, you’ll forgo any accessories and gear you’ll need in the buy, but at least you’re getting a high-quality guitar from a name brand to start on. 

Body & Neck

This guitar is part of the RG series and is the GRX70QA model with the TRB (Transparent Red Burst) finish.  It has that classic metal look with its exaggerated horns on a double cutaway body with a pointed headstock.  The body is made from poplar with a Quilted Maple Art Grain top which we assume is a veneer. 

The bolt-on neck is made from maple and has the GRX profile which is relatively thin with a 12″ treated New Zealand pine fretboard radius suitable for learning to bend strings and shredding.

Electronics & Hardware

Ibanez puts their low-end Infinity R pickups on the RG guitar with humbuckers at the neck and bridge and a single-coil in the middle.  While it’s seemingly made for hard rock, with the single-coil pickup and a 5-way pickup selector blade, you can achieve a lot of sound with this guitar. 

There is no pickguard on board, all the hardware is finished in chrome, and there is a set of decent tuners at the head – no complaints there.  As a rock guitar, it does come with an Ibanez T106 tremolo bridge that has no locking mechanism, so you may need to tune up often if you plan on using that whammy bar. 


Through a high-grade amp, you’ll get some better-than-average sound out of the guitar.  The single-coil allows you to get some vintage sound that’s exceptionally bright sounding.  The humbuckers, suited for hard rock and metal, are surprisingly strong in the mids, are hot, and responsive. 

Specs Summary

  • Body Material: Poplar
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Treated NZ Pine
  • Pickups: Infinity R
  • Bridge: Ibanez T106 tremolo

Sexy body.  Sexy finish.  Sexy sound.

Final Thoughts on the Ibanez RG GRX70QA

It’s an entry-level guitar, but it still has quality behind it since it comes from a renowned brand.  With some nice touches from the tremolo bridge, HSH pickup configuration, fast neck, and attractive finish, it’s a versatile guitar for any beginner looking to learn all the tricks to the trade. 

2. Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack Review

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack (Ebony)
  • Epiphone's Les Paul Player Pack has everything you need to start playing guitar right away
  • It includes a genuine Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar featuring two classic hum bucker pickups and a 10-watt Electra guitar amp with a 10ft guitar cable
  • Epiphone also includes a clip-on headstock chromatic tuner, a guitar strap, medium picks, and an easy-to-carry gig bag

If you’ve always wanted a brand name guitar, there’s no better place to start your collection than with the Epiphone Les Paul modeled after the Gibson Les Paul.  It has everything you need to get playing live such as an Epiphone gig bag, 10-watt amp, cable, strap, picks, chromatic clip-on tuner, and downloadable guitar lessons from eMedia.  This Epiphone pack is the real deal. 

Body & Neck

It’s obvious this is a Les Paul Special-II LE.  Its body shape with a single cutaway, the 24.75″ scale length, and of course, the clipped dove-wing, marked headstock with Les’ signature are undeniable.  The solid Alder body guitar has a hard maple bolt-on neck with a Rosewood fretboard.  The neck type isn’t specifically mentioned, but we know it’s slim and playable for beginners and even those with small hands.  Finished in an Ebony or Vintage Sunburst color you have your choice of classic black or a traditional aesthetic. 

Electronics & Hardware

True to a Les Paul, it has humbuckers sitting on top.  There are two, open single-coils with a 650R at the neck and a 700T at the bridge.  To keep an uncluttered top, there is only one volume and one tone control to work the pickups, but it does come with a 3-way toggle switch to access them.

You have precision 14:1 ratio machine heads that help to keep the guitar in tune.  The slightly angled headstock contributes to string stability within the nut which obviously should help with tuning stability as well.  All the hardware is finished in chrome including the user-friendly and sustain-guaranteed Tune-O-Matic bridge with a StopBar tailpiece.  Installed upon arrival are D’Addario 10s. 


The Epiphone pickups are warm, thick, and well-balanced sounding, are responsive, and they play clean exceptionally well through the amp.  But, if you plan on dabbling in the high gain and dirty genre of music, you may want to upgrade your amp with one that has some effects sooner rather than later. 

But, for a taste into the basics of rock, blues, jazz, and a light touch of metal, the pickups will hold up and you’ll learn to shape your sound until you can afford a more powerful and versatile amp.  The consensus about sound from the masses is unanimous – better than expected. 

Spec Summary

  • Body Material: Alder
  • Neck Material: Hard Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Pickups: Epiphone 650R/700T humbuckers
  • Bridge: Tune-O-Matic

Real quality. Real Sound.  Real Les Paul. 

Final Thoughts on the Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack

It’s an excellent deal for the money.  There’s no need to scout out and settle for no-name brands when you can have the real deal – a Les Paul.  If you want to be a great guitarist, start by getting real about your choice of guitar. 

3. Squier by Fender Stratocaster Beginner Pack Review

Squier by Fender Stratocaster Beginner Pack, Laurel Fingerboard, Black, with Gig Bag, Amp, Strap,...
  • Comfortable “C”-shaped neck profile
  • Three single-coil Stratocaster pickups
  • Vintage-style tremolo bridge

As part of our promise to be as up-to-date as possible, we’ve discovered that Squier no longer offers the Short Scale 24″ electric guitar.  Paying attention to model numbers, this guitar has a full-scale length of 25.5″ – true to the full-length Strat.  Still highly playable and recommended for beginners, the Stratocaster Pack is full-size to the max. 

Body & Neck

This model is designed to bring that same, great Strat sound with affordability and value in mind.  It has the classic Strat double cutaway body designed for access to the higher frets, is made from poplar, and it has a C shape maple neck to satisfy performance and comfort demands. 

The fingerboard radius is 9.5″, so it’s going to be extremely compatible for learning those chords and expanding upon them for a long time to come.

Electronics & Hardware

Back in the day, Leo Fender decided to up the competition and stick on three single-coil pickups with one in the middle position.  With Fender Standard Single-Coil Pickups, you have a master volume control, two tone controls, and a pickup selector blade to move between them. 

Stock hardware includes chrome tuners, a 1-ply white pickguard, and white plastic control knobs.  To manipulate that pitch, you have a 6-saddle, vintage-style, synchronized tremolo bridge.  Since Fender has improved their designs to maintain decent tuning while whammying it up, you’ll still need to be prepared to tune-up more often than not. 


As a true Strat with single-coil pickups, you should expect bright, crisp, and clear tones.  It’s good for everything from rock and blues to even mixing it up with some country twang and clean sounds.

A Squier Frontman 10G guitar amplifier is included in the buy.  With it, you have volume, bass, and treble controls, and Aux In and Headphone Out jacks.  Since there is only one channel, you can play clean, amp up the gain for some crunch, or switch it out of clean and into overdrive for distortion tracks.  For an amp so small, you can get some decent sound for practice or playing with another band member, but it won’t be able to cut through a full mix with drums. 

Spec Summary

  • Body Material: Poplar
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Pickups: Fender Standard Single-Coils
  • Bridge: Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo

Full-size.  Full sound.  Full value. 

Final Thoughts on the Squier Stratocaster Pack Review

This is the full package deal.  So, not only do you get the guitar and the amp, you’ll also receive a padded gig bag, Fender guitar strap, Fender 10′ cable, Fender guitar picks, and a 3-month FenderPlay Subscription.  Now, that’s all name-brand stuff right there.  No wonder this is one of the best electric guitars under $300!

4. Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Pack Review

Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Pack, Laurel Fingerboard, Candy Apple Red, with Gig...
  • Comfortable “C”-shaped neck profile
  • One humbucking bridge pickup; two single-coil Strat pickups
  • Vintage-style tremolo bridge

Super sexy in Candy Apple Red, Squier comes through for budget-minded buyers with an Affinity Stratocaster pack.  But, what’s the difference between the Affinity and the regular Stratocaster?  Let’s find out. 

Body & Neck

The Stratocaster is everybody’s favorite type of guitar – it’s famous!  The Affinity Strat and the Squier Stratocaster are essentially the same in make from the poplar body to the C shape maple neck and the 25.5″ scale length with 21 narrow tall frets.  The obvious difference is this model is in a fiery, stage-worthy color.  The rosewood fretboard has the standard Fender 9.5″ radius that lends itself to grabbing chords. 

Electronics & Hardware

Right off the bat, the main difference lies in the pickup configuration.  This model has the HSS with a humbucker at the bridge and Standard Single-Coil pickups at the neck and middle.  1x volume, 2x tone controls, and a pickup selector blade allows you to shape your sound. 

It also has sealed, die-cast tuners, a 3-ply black pickguard, and the same 6-saddle, vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge. 


With two single-coil pickups, you can achieve vintage, bright, and clean sounds great for any music genre where you need twang, crispy, and note articulation like in blues, country, and even some jazz.  But, with the inclusion of a humbucker, you can rock your way with crunch, grind, and thick warmth. 

The Affinity comes with a Fender Frontman 15G amp that is a versatile practice amp.  Plug in headphones for silent brush-ups, connect to a soundtrack to play along, and there are two channels for playing clean or in overdrive with a gain control to get some crunch.  With decent output and responsive pickups, you can do a lot with the Affinity. 

Specs Summary

  • Body Material: Poplar
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Pickups: Fender Standard pickups
  • Bridge: Vintage-style synchronized tremolo

Versatile sound.  Squier name.  Fender quality. 

Final Thoughts on the Squier Affinity Stratocaster Pack

The Affinity gives you the option of expanding the sonic impact you’re after.  With Fender accessories thrown into the buy that includes the Frontman 15G amp, picks, padded gig bag, shoulder strap, 10′ cable, and 3-month FenderPlay subscription, you’ll have everything you need to get started. 

5. Best Choice Products Beginner Starter Kit Review

Best Choice Products 39in Full Size Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit w/Case, Strap, 10W Amp,...
  • ULTIMATE BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE GUITAR: Your electric guitar set comes ready to play right out of the box and is custom designed and hand crafted to convert vibration to a electric sound for you to...
  • COMPLETE ALL-IN-ONE GUITAR KIT: No need to purchase any additional accessories, this all-inclusive set comes with an amplifier and cable, a nylon carrying case, extra strings, a pick, whammy bar,...
  • CUSTOM DESIGN: New model features a quality paint finish, custom black tuning pegs, and accented binding for a sleek, sophisticated electric guitar look

This guitar is extremely popular and is one of the most oft-bought packs you’ll ever come across.  Maybe because it’s a real, full-size guitar.  Maybe because it has everything you need to get plugged in.  Maybe because it’s under 100 bucks! 

Body & Neck

The guitar is strikingly similar to a Stratocaster.  It’s not a bad thing since who doesn’t want to own a Strat-like guitar?  The brand is very vague when it comes to materials used, and keeping consumer costs as low as possible, it’s made with some kind of hardwood, what looks to be a rosewood fretboard, and a maple neck.  There have been complaints of a warped neck upon box opening, so be sure to keep your proof of purchase. 

Electronics & Hardware

Three stock single-coil pickups are onboard with a 6-saddle, vintage-style tremolo bridge.  You can manipulate that pitch once you get that whammy bar in, and you can change up the sound by going between pickups with the selector blade.  Just like a stock Strat, you have a master volume, two tone controls, and even the 6-inline tuners on the headstock. 


The sound has been described as decent, but you’ll want a better grade amp if you plan on using this guitar for anything past practice sessions in private.  While it can achieve thinner, bright, and crisp tones, the single-coils are a bit noisy and can come through as sounding tinny through the included amp.  But, for getting started, the Best Choice Products guitar will get you through the learning curves until you can upgrade that amp.  Speaking of the amp. . .

It has only one channel for playing clean or in overdrive.  It does have a jack for plugging in headphones, so you can practice silently so as not to disturb the household with your screeching and squawking as you learn the master strokes. 

Specs Summary

  • Body Material: Hardwood
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Pickups: Stock single-coils
  • Bridge: Tremolo

Very popular.  Classic body.  Excellent price. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Choice Products Beginner Starter Kit

This guitar is designed for the adult on a budget.  It’s a full-size electric that offers everything its competitors have but for a much lower price.  If you’re gifting to a friend, buying for an older child, or trying your hand at a new instrument, this is the guitar pack you must start with. 

6. Donner DST-1B Electric Guitar Bundle Review

Donner DST-102B Solid Body 39 Inch Full Size Electric Guitar Kit Black, Beginner Starter, with...
  • [S-S-H pickups] Two classic Single-coil pickups /One power 203S Humbcker pickup. S-S-H pickups perfect for a Texas blues/rock sound.
  • [Maple neck with “C”shaped profile] Laurel Wood fingerboard, Canadian maple neck, Solid basswood body, S-S-H pickups, 5-Ways Pickup switch, 2-Volume & tone controls.
  • [22 copper-nickel Frets] The electric guitar features a pick up selector switch, a volume knob, and two different tone knobs. 22 copper-nickelFrets with Fret position Marks on neck and top of...

Donner strives to be a leading brand in the entry-level and affordable market.  With quality specs and a full guitar bundle wrapped into a single buy, it’s a beginner’s pack worthy of consideration. 

Body & Neck

There’s no getting away from the iconic and classic double cutaway body shape of a Strat.  But, Donner takes things to the next level with a AAA Solid African Basswood body with contours, AAA Canadian Maple neck, and an Ebony fretboard with dot inlays. 

The neck has a C shape profile, and presumably a flatter radius because it’s been said that it has exceptional surface contact and is great to lead with.  The finish is nothing to write home about, but Black has always been a can’t-go-wrong aesthetic. 

Electronics & Hardware

The Donner guitar has been set up as a tonally versatile instrument with its H-S-S pickup configuration and a 5-way pickup selector blade to achieve sound variety between them. 

You have die-cast steel 6-inline tuners on the headstock and a 6-saddle tremolo bridge that surprisingly keep the strings in tune even when using the included whammy bar. 


The sound is as expected when using the single-coil pickups – bright, clean, and clear.  Engage the humbucker in the bridge position and you have some warm, thick tones that translate well through the tiny amp. 

The included 3W mini amp has good output, has a headphone jack, and a built-in, rechargeable battery that allows for up to 5 hours of playing when you’re out and about.  It’s comparable to other amps included in bundle packs with its channel for clean and distortion, volume, tone, and gain. 

Specs Summary

  • Body Material: AAA Solid African Basswood
  • Neck Material: AAA Canadian Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Ebony
  • Pickups: Standard humbucker & single-coils
  • Bridge: Tremolo

Great tonewoods.  Great accessories.  Donner quality 

Final Thoughts on the Donner DST-1B Electric Guitar Bundle

For being so cheap in price, the Donner guitar surprises with quality where it matters.  Regardless, it’s also an excellent platform to modify on at a later point, thanks to the good tonewoods.  With great sound, great quality, and even some extra accessories not seen in other packs that includes a capo, the rechargeable mini amp, and extra strings, the Donner beginner’s pack is an excellent buy. 

7. Glarry ST Beginner Pack Review

GLARRY Full Size Electric Guitar for Music Lover Beginner with 20W Amp and Accessories Pack Guitar...
  • 【PERFECT GIFTS】- Best choice for yourself or as a gift for your dear friends. A perfect solution for beginners who want to learn to play guitar.
  • 【COMPLETE ACCESSORIES】- Come with 1x Electric Guitar, 1 x Amplifier, 1 x Guitar Bag, 1×Shoulder Strap, 2 x Plectrum, 1 x Tremolo Arm , 1 x Connecting Wire, 1 x Spanner Tool. An instrument you can...
  • 【SUPERIOR MATERIAL】The fretboard and face/back Material is made of basswood. This material makes your eletric guitar sound both warm and rock. Strong and durable materials will keep your love for...

Glarry brings some variety to the mix with its distinct features that stands apart from the multiple guitar lookalikes in the affordable market. 

Body & Neck

First off, the white finish with the black pickguard is a nice touch to the plethora of black guitars in this price range.  Beginners who want a fresh and stylish look can stand out in white.  It keeps to the standard with a basswood body, maple neck, and 25.5″ scale length.  But, things take a twist with its 22 frets and maple fretboard. 

The neck is smooth, it has standard string spacing so adults that want a full-size electric can trust that this ain’t no kid’s guitar, and black dot inlays provide a contrast against the white finish. 

Electronics & Hardware

Yep – there are three single-coil pickups on the ST guitar, but the bridge pickup is mounted on an angle.  We see the standard followed to the T once again with a volume control, two tone controls, and a 5-way pickup selector blade with that hardware all in black. 

Unfortunately, while we expect a plastic nut at this price point, we weren’t expecting a plastic bridge.  It may be a point of upgrade later on, but it is compatible with a whammy bar if you wanted to set that up. 


With single-coils all the way, the sound is clear and well-defined, but of course, they may be on the weaker side of sonic impact.  What about the slanted bridge pickup?  It’s not a design flaw if that’s what you’re thinking.  It’s angled to get closer to the bridge so it can maintain those high trebles for a brighter-sounding, thinner tone. 

What about through the amp?  Yes, the Glarry bundle includes a 10W amp that has a gain dial for crunch and to distort things up, treble and bass dials to tweak tone, and an AUX input and headphone out jacks for playing alongside tracks and silent practice.  To really maximize what your guitar can truly sound like, an upgrade in amp should be considered later. 

Specs Summary

  • Body Material: Basswood
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Maple
  • Pickups: Single-coils
  • Bridge: Tremolo

Good finish.  Good sound.  Glarry Goodness. 

Final Thoughts on the Glarry ST Beginner Pack

If you can get some skills and a new amp under your belt, this guitar is worth writing home about.  The angled bridge pickup, white finish with black hardware, and a few surprises in tonewood and frets make it an interesting guitar for the beginner player. 

8. ISIN Beginner’s Accessory Pack Review

GLARRY Full Size Electric Guitar for Beginner with Amp and Accessories Pack Guitar Bag (Dark blue)
  • Best choice for yourself or as a gift for your dear friends or families
  • A perfect solution for beginners who want to learn to play guitar
  • Black fender plate on the surface, this guitar looks cool and could be well protected

This is one of the cheapest accessory packs available online.  It’s right on par with comparable guitars of similar price range and quality, but something it lacks is what sticks out to us. 

Body & Neck

This guitar is just like the many others you will find, but it has a Dark Blue burst finish that separates it from the single-color guitars which makes it appealing in its own way.  Even though it’s about as inexpensive as it can get, it’s still a solid body guitar made from basswood.  Both the neck and fingerboard are made with maple, and it has a 25.5″ scale length with 22 frets. 

Honestly, one of the most appealing things about it is the lack of any brand logos and decorative prints that sets it apart from the budget brand crowd.  You have a blank slate to work with and no ugly stamping/stickering of some off-brand logo.  You be the judge of this, but we count it as a bonus. 

Electronics & Hardware

While you may expect maybe one or two pickups on such a cheap electric guitar, it has three single-coil pickups with the bridge pickup mounted on a slant.  A 5-way pickup blade allows you to select between the single-coils or combine the bridge or the neck with the middle pickup. 

The compromise on price is definitely seen with the plastic hardware with the nut and bridge.  The nut can be replaced, especially to minimize any fret buzz that may occur.  The bridge may hold up but will need some extra attention when you expect to intonate the guitar and use the whammy bar. 


The pickups are trebly, especially with the bridge pickup having been mounted on an angle.  With chimey, bright, and note-defined tones, you could dabble in almost any music genre you wanted to try your hand at. 

The included cable is noisy, so if you plan on a cable upgrade from the get-go, you’ll reduce static and minimize the inevitable hum of single-coil pickups, although, you won’t completely get rid of it.  The included amp is decent for being included in such a cheap package.  It has a grind button for dirty playing, gain, treble, bass, and volume dials, and headphone and mp3 jacks. 

Specs Summary

  • Body Material: Basswood
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Maple
  • Pickups: Single-coils
  • Bridge: Tremolo

Lowest price.  Good tonewoods.  High performance. 

Final Thoughts on the ISIN Beginner’s Accessory Pack

It’s a hobby guitar that’s under $100 and great for learning and getting started when you’re as green as can be.  But, what’s nice about its build quality is that it can be later modified from the pickups to the bridge and tuners.  But, that’s all down the road stuff.  For now, you’ll learn your chords, try your hand at the tremolo, and experiment between clean and distorted playing.  That’s everything you could ask for at such a low price. 

9. LyxPro 39″ Beginner Starter Kit Review

LyxPro Electric Guitar 39" inch Complete Beginner Starter kit Full Size with 20w Amp, Package...
  • 39 INCH ELECTRIC GUITAR : Perfect for beginner and intermediate players Plug In Guitar Features High-Quality Materials Including Premium Rosewood Fingerboard, Canadian Maple Neck, Volume/Tone, S-S-S...
  • COMPLETE GUITAR SET : Ultimate Starter Package Includes Full Size Guitar & All the Parts & Equipment They Need to Rock Straight Out the Box | Perfect Choice for Novice & Intermediate Players
  • 20 WATT AMPLIFIER WITH CABLE : Pack Includes 20W Amp with Built In Speaker, Headphone Jack & AUX Input for Playing Along to Music on Phone or MP3 Player | Integrated Controls Include Gain, Bass,...

LyxPro – a brand commonly known to provide affordable guitars to the masses including their very own branded amplifier.  What else is in store for you?  Let’s find out. 

Body & Neck

Interestingly, the body of this guitar is made from Phoenix tonewood.  Not very common, it’s apparently an affordable alternative to Alder.  It’s lightweight, but its grain isn’t very distinct, so the finish covers it up anyway.  The neck is made from Canadian Maple, and the fretboard from an engineered wood that’s supposed to be similar to Rosewood but it’s much darker. 

The neck is smooth, straight, and adjustable.  The body shape has that of a double cutaway Stratocaster so you can access all 22 frets. 

LyxPro Electric Guitar for Beginners

Electronics & Hardware

All the hardware, minus the white pickguard, looks to be in a chrome black finish while the control knobs and pickup selector blade tip are black.  It doesn’t stray away from the Strat design of two tone controls and one volume control.  It maintains the three single-coil pickup configuration with the bridge pickup mounted at an angle. 

You also have a tremolo bridge that has adjustable saddles and we wouldn’t be surprised if it was made of plastic. 


Sound is always subjective, and with the right amp, you can really turn it into a high-performing sound machine.  But, with single-coil pickups, you should expect that high-ringing, chimey, and clear-cut sound that comes with these style pickups.  If the tonewood isn’t dampened too much by the finish, it’ll come through with a strong punch of the mids. 

The included 20W LyxPro branded amp features the necessities such as a drive button, dials for gain, treble, bass, and volume, and Aux and headphone jacks.  Beginners like the sound of the guitar, and they learn to work with the amp settings, but skilled players should plug into their high-end amp especially if quality distorted tones are needed to cut through the mix. 

Specs Summary

  • Body Material: Phoenix
  • Neck Material: Canadian Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Engineered wood
  • Pickups: Single-coils
  • Bridge: Tremolo

Full-size.  Full kit.  Full sound. 

Final Thoughts on the LyxPro 39″ Beginner Starter Kit

The LyxPro guitar pack also includes a multi-instrument digital clip-on tuner, extra stings, 2x picks, whammy bar, gig bag, and a shoulder strap.  Designed for the beginner who wants to learn the guitar without investing too much from the get-go, this starter kit promises foundational quality with a low-price tag.

10. ZENY 39″ Beginner’s Starter Package Review

ZENY 39" Full Size Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack Beginner Starter Package,...
  • Right-handed electric guitar with accessories is ideal for beginners and is ready to use out of the box
  • Comes with a nylon carrying case perfect for traveling musicians and easy storage
  • Made of an all wood construction, steel strings, and an attractive, smooth finish

Looking to make the most of your tight budget?  You must consider the ZENY guitar pack if you need an all-in-one beginner’s package. 

Body & Neck

For the very low price, we commend the industry standard of basswood, maple, and rosewood seen on this guitar for the body, neck, and fretboard.  It’s not always easy to acquire these tonewoods when looking to keep prices as bottom barrel as it gets. 

The body has the classic S style with double cutaways, contours to satisfy the comfort demands of playing while sitting or standing, and 21 frets to learn to shred with.  The neck is adjustable and supported with a truss rod, and just in case you were wondering, this is a full-size 39″ guitar with a 25.5″ scale length made for older kids and adults. 

Electronics & Hardware

There are no surprises when it comes to pickups.  There are three single-coils on board and a six-saddle adjustable tremolo bridge.  Even though it’s pretty stock, this is one of the more popular, inexpensive guitars in its price range. 

Hardware has a chrome finish, the volume and two tone controls are white plastic, and a white pickguard wraps it up. 


Basswood and maple are known for their brighter tones, and when paired with single-coil pickups, you can’t help but exude vintage sound in all its glory.  Even the slanted bridge pickup adds a flair for the high end. 

But, if you want to make use of all that clarity without it sounding muddy, you’ll need to experiment with the 3 EQ amp.  There is no gain dial on the ZENY amp, but it does have a drive button to give your playing some crunchy character. 

Specs Summary

  • Body Material: Basswood
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Pickups: Single-coils
  • Bridge: Tremolo

Value.  Beginner quality.  All-in-one package. 

Final Thoughts on the ZENY 39″ Beginner’s Starter Package

It’s about as basic as it gets, but the compromise between this package and other ones at a slightly higher price is in the amp.  If you plan on replacing the amp or using one may already have, your money is best saved here. 

11. SX 3/4-Size Beginner Package Review

3/4 Size Electric Guitar Package Beginner Red with Amp, Carry Bag , Strap and Cord SX RST 3/4 CAR
  • A Great 3/4 Size Guitar Package at an unbelievable price!
  • Package includes everything you need to start playing: Guitar, Guitar Amp, Guitar Bag, Strap, and Cable!
  • Scaled down guitar is about 3" shorter and 2" narrower than a full size guitar. Great for travel!

Are you an adult on the smaller side with matching-sized hands?  Are you buying for a child that is interested in learning the guitar?  Perhaps, you’re planning on hitting the road and need a small-scale guitar?  The SX just might be for you. 

Body & Neck

It’s a 3/4-size electric guitar with a 24″ scale length, 21 jumbo frets, and a double cutaway S body.  It’s 3″ shorter and 2″ slimmer than a full-size, but it has some heft to it.  The Red finish certainly grabs your attention, and its high gloss finish promises rock star performance. 

The guitar does feature arched contours for long sessions of learning and playing, and the adjustable neck has a truss rod running through it accessible above the nut.  Basswood, maple, and rosewood are the tonewoods of choice.  Unfortunately, it’s quite heavy at 8.5 lbs.  If you are on the smaller side and especially a true beginner, playing while sitting may the only option to comfortably wield this guitar. 

Electronics & Hardware

Don’t expect this guitar to be set up out of the box.  While it has solid features that lends itself quality such as the tonewoods and adjustable neck, you must consider string replacements, fret smoothing, and intonation to be done to reduce the problems that occur with inexpensive guitars. 

Intonation can easily be done with the vintage fulcrum tremolo bridge.  It has individually adjustable saddles to intonate the strings along the entire fretboard.  While tremolo bridges are harder for beginners to learn to maintain, it does provide an opportunity to acquire some guitar setup skills yourself. 

Stock tuners, dot inlays, two tone controls, volume knob, and blade pickup selector switch complete the hardware specs. 


Vintage is the underlying sound motif of this guitar.  Single-coil pickups at the neck, middle, and bridge positions bring out that Strat sound that’s versatile and distinct at the same time.  Since the bridge pickup is angled, you get accentuated trebles and high-end tone while the neck pickup works to bring out warmth and clear bottom-end notes. 

The included amp is basic.  It’s a 10W with a 4″ speaker, so it’s not loud enough to disturb the neighbors but is suitable for practice.  You won’t get any grind from it since it doesn’t have a gain dial or an overdrive switch, but it does have volume, treble, and bass controls. 

Specs Summary

  • Body Material: Basswood
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Pickups: Single-coils
  • Bridge: Vintage Fulcrum Tremolo

Strong finish.  Strong tones.  Vintage style. 

Final Thoughts on the SX 3/4-Size Beginner Package

The striking red finish serves as the major appeal since all other features are pretty much identical to the other affordable options in this lineup.  The amp is quite limited, but you do get a gig bag, guitar strap, 10′ cable, picks, and an instructional DVD in the buy. 

12. PylePro Electric Guitar Package Review

PylePro Full Size Electric Guitar Package w/Amp, Guitar Bundle, Case & Accessories, Electric Guitar...
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: The electric guitar kit was designed for beginners. It comes with everything you need to get started. The kit is the perfect gift for anyone looking to try their hand at electric...
  • ACCESSORY KIT INCLUDED: Take your guitar amplifier kit to lessons, gigs or on vacation with the included travel/storage bag. Also included is everything you need to start playing right out of the box,...
  • HANDCRAFTED CONSTRUCTION: The Pyle Pro guitar was handcrafted from three different kinds of high-quality wood, including Basswood for the body, Maplewood for the neck, and Rosewood for the fretboard.

Marketed as a rock guitar, the PylePro will certainly help you learn rock strokes and master RockSmith.  Built for the beginner on a budget, the guitar comes with a complete package from amp to bag and extra strings. 

Body & Neck

This budget electric guitar has the usual 25.5″ scale length, maple neck, and 22 fret rosewood fretboard, but it veers off the path with a Paulownia body.  It’s a very strong wood, and yet, it’s lightweight and soft, so you’ll want to take extra care when pulling it out of its included case and be on the watch for screws stripping out. 

The finish is something different for this finish with a grey burst color that has a tint of red at the edges.  Everything from its double cutaways to its S-profile and 6-inline headstock is right on the money as a Strat copy. 

Electronics & Hardware

Why fix what ain’t broke?  Yes, there are many Strat setups in this price range, and for good reason when the Stratocaster is a hell-of-a-guitar that’s made its mark in history.  The PylePro takes after it with its three single-coil pickups, 6-saddle vintage tremolo, and control knobs with pickup blade all in their expected positions. 

There have been issues with the whammy bar functioning correctly to change the pitch, but it might not be a bad thing since it’s always questionable how well the bridge will help to keep those strings in tune.  For a true beginner, it’s best to get the basics down before you try to dive bomb dabble like Steve Vai. 


The Paulownia tonewood is quite resonant, if it hasn’t been dampened too much by the finish, but its tonal contribution is soft, mellow, and has a slow response.  However, combine this with single-coil pickups, a maple neck, and rosewood fretboard, and you can still achieve that snappy, bright, vintage chime you’re after.  Add in a little warmth with the neck pickup, and you can balance out the high-end trebles. 

The 5″ speaker 10W solid state amp takes things one level above mediocre with its gain dial and overdrive switch with its 3 EQ controls and headphone out jack.  However, it does experience some feedback issues if you crank that gain dial, but it’s the consensus of the masses that you’ll want to upgrade it as soon as possible if you want to maximize decent sound from the quality guitar 

Specs Summary

  • Body Material: Paulownia
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Pickups: Single-coils
  • Bridge: Tremolo

Lightweight.  Better-than-average build quality.  Versatile sound possibilities. 

Final Thoughts on the PylePro Electric Guitar Package

We’re assuming you’re as green as green comes if you’re looking for a beginner guitar.  Sticking with a package that includes an amp, travel bag, cable, picks, pitch pipe, strap, and 5 extra strings will help you get everything you need with a limited budget. 

A Beginner Guitarist’s Checklist

Beginner learning to play electric guitar

Budget is always a concern for beginner players because there’s a lot that needs to happen before you can plug-in and play.  Getting a quality guitar, the extra gear, and a professional setup can be more than what you’re prepared to do.  The most affordable and fastest way to do it all would be to buy a beginner’s all-in-one guitar package and go from there. 

Be focused on choosing a quality guitar first that can promise longevity and possible modifications to the electronics and hardware as your skills improve.  Where do you start today? 

Step one: buy guitar package – done.  Step two: play! 

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