Best Electric Guitar Gig Bag In 2021: Includes Lightweight, Budget & Padded Bags

Most casual players don’t think about protecting or transporting their electric guitars until they’re ready to walk out the door and hit the road.  While an electric guitar case may have been included with your guitar when you bought it, it’s likely not good enough to offer the protection, portability, and storage that you’ll need. 

If you’re a traveling guitarist or a gigging artist, you’ll appreciate the value of a quality gig bag.  If it’s time to get a new one, you’re all in the right place – beginner or experienced player. 

Here’s an updated list of the best gig bags for your solo electric guitar – or two. 

Snapshot: Top 6 Electric Guitar Gig Bags

  1. Best Under $50: Hola! Music Deluxe
  2. Best Under $150: Mono M80 Sleeve
  3. Best Double Electric: World Tour Pro Double EDX2NN
  4. Best Padded: Gator Transit Series
  5. Best Budget: ChromaCast Padded CC-EPB-BAG
  6. Best Lightweight: Gator GBE-ELECT

The Best Electric Guitar Gig Bags

Best Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Gig bags are different to hardshell electric guitar cases, nevertheless, they can provide protection and portability benefits. 

Their soft nylon material is cheaper to manufacture, and it can be easier to tote around than a hardshell case.  Benefits include security, protection against the elements and accidental abuse, and the lightweight convenience of wearing a gig bag. 

What should you look for in a quality gig bag?

Storage pockets may be essential to hold all your necessary gear like music sheets, tuners, cables, and more.  Hardware including zippers, locks, handles and stitching should be able to hold up to the demands of use.  A good padding thickness of at least 0.5” will provide some soft cushioning and having some internal sculpting or neck support is even better. 

You’ll also want to look at size.  While many electric guitar gig bags are universally the same size, be sure to look for specific mention to best fit your Stratocaster, Telecaster, SG, Les Paul style guitars, or whatever it is you have.  Of course, if you have a travel guitar or an oddly shaped electric guitar, you’ll want to get even more picky with size. 

Who should own a gig bag or electric guitar case? 

I believe every guitarist should have a quality gig bag.  Ditch the cheap ones and opt for a good bag to store your electric guitar while it’s not in use.  Professional players or those who travel to gigs should invest in quality guitar cases, but if the preference is to have a quality gig bag at your disposal, look to spend on the pricier side for optimum protection. 

With these features to identify while you shop, let’s get to the lineup. 

1. Best Under $50: Hola! Music Deluxe Review

Electric Guitar Gig Bag by Hola! Music, Deluxe Series with 15mm Padding, Black
374 Reviews
Electric Guitar Gig Bag by Hola! Music, Deluxe Series with 15mm Padding, Black
  • Don't miss the Video on the left for full description and specifications.
  • Fits standard Electric Guitars such as Telecaster, Stratocaster and Les Paul up to 40 inchs in length. Soft lining and a layer of reinforced padding protect the surface of your guitar from damage.

An underdog brand comes in to claim the spot as one of the best guitar gig bags under 50 bucks.  The Hola! Music gig bag covers the basics plus some which keeps it in the lead against its competition.

Build Quality

The fabric used for this gig bag is 600D Oxford Nylon – not to be confused with polyester.  While it may not be a waterproof champ, it’s more abrasion resistant, stronger, and smoother.  The bottom of the bag is outlined with hard rubber, so when you put your gig bag down standing up, it’s not going to damage the strap button or bottom of your ax.  The interior features a neck support pillow with a strap to keep it from moving loosely within the bag, and obviously, it will protect the neck.  Anti-scratch pads are sewn in to protect the bridge and the headstock. 

Lastly, 15 mm of padding is just over half an inch.  It’s not a lot, but it’s better than the 10 mm or no padding at all like on cheap bags. 

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Size & Storage

The shape of the guitar case is designed to fit most electric guitars with standard specs up to 40” in length.  It has dual zippers, two pockets on the front of the case, and two handles with one on the front and one on the side.  It also has adjustable shoulder straps for backpack style portability. 

Spec Summary

  • Material: 600D Oxford Nylon
  • Size: Up to 40”
  • Padding: 15 mm
  • Storage: 2x pockets
  • Portability: 2x handles/Adjustable shoulder straps

Great low price.  Extremely portable.  Good protection features. 

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Final Thoughts on the Hola! Music Deluxe Gig Bag

For a low-price gig bag, it’s impressed the masses.  The padding is better than standard, it has internal protection features, and it has all the portability features you’ll need to get around easily with your electric guitar in tow.  For the price, we see why it’s so popular. 

2. Best Under $150: Mono M80 Sleeve Review

MONO M80 Sleeve Electric Guitar Case - Black
185 Reviews
MONO M80 Sleeve Electric Guitar Case - Black
  • Top-Loading for quick stand-up access allows you to quickly unzip the case and pull your guitar out from the top so no need to lay the Sleeve down on the floor
  • Patented neck suspension system features a slimmer Headlock molded from solid, shock-absorbing EVA rubber to protect the neck and headstock from impact during falls

The Mono Sleeve is something different as it takes on a minimalist design.  Lightweight, portable, and stylish is obviously going to cost you a pretty penny. 

Build Quality

This hybrid gig bag is a breed of its own.  Mono is less than forthcoming about what materials they’ve used to make the M80 Sleeve, but they do state that the bag is made to military specs “using high-test materials with extreme resistance to abrasion and the elements.”

Whatever they’ve used, it seems to do the job quite nicely.  There’s a hidden hinge on the front panel that allows you to unzip the case while standing so the guitar can be removed without ever placing the sleeve along the ground.  The bottom features a super slim EVA insole with a groove to protect the strap button and bottom of the electric guitar. 

The inside is plush and has a slim version of Mono’s patented neck suspension system, the Headlock.  Molded EVA provides a shock-absorbing contour to protect and hold the neck in place. 

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Size & Storage

There are two storage pockets.  One larger one for things like sheet music, tablets, and it’s even large enough for small laptops.  Within that pocket is a smaller pocket that holds those loose items like guitar picks and tuners. 

High-grade webbing, steel rivets, and back-tack stitching provides confidence in the strong handle and custom steel buckle keeps that pouch extra secure.  On the back of the super slim case are shoulder straps that also includes a waist buckle as well.  The size of the case is 41” long and 15” wide.  It can fit electric guitars with a body length of up to 21”. 

Spec Summary

  • Material: Unknown
  • Size: 40 x 15 x 21”
  • Padding: Unknown
  • Storage: 2x pockets
  • Portability: 1x handles/Adjustable shoulder straps

Sleeve design.  Top-loading.  Super slim & portable.

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Final Thoughts on the Mono M80 Sleeve Gig Bag

This sleeve gig bag is different, but its slim and top-loading feature are attractive.  It has reinforced hardware that you can depend on, and it’s clearly made for the avid guitarist that leaves home often.  The price is rather hefty, but if you want the best of the minimalist gig bag market, this may be the case for you and your electric guitar. 

3. Best Double Electric: World Tour Pro Double EDX2NN Review

World Tour Pro Double Electric Guitar Gig Bag
624 Reviews
World Tour Pro Double Electric Guitar Gig Bag
  • Extra Thick 20mm High Density Padding
  • 20mm center divider
  • Water Resistant PVC backed Cordura Material

Why not get double value for one price?  For under 50 bucks, you can get yourself a dual electric guitar gig bag that holds two electric guitars at the same time.  If you’re packing for an extended stay and can’t leave your favorite guitars behind, or your hauling for a buddy, having extra space can be a handy feature.

Build Quality

Think of what your luggage bags and suitcases are likely made of – it’s probably just like this PVC-backed Cordura material that makes up this gig bag.  It’s waterproof, scratch-proof, and strong – everything you need it to be to withstand the abuses of travel and transportation. 

For the low price of this gig bag, it’s exciting to see thick, high-density, 20 mm of padding on the interior.  The interior is scratch-proof as well, so you shouldn’t fear any scratch marks on your electric guitar.  Both guitars are separated by a 20 mm center divider, so they’ll never touch or scratch each other.  Both bottom sides of the case have a rubber molding to protect both the strap buttons and bottom of the guitar. 

However, to keep the costs low, there is no molded or shaped support feature for the neck and headstock to keep the guitar from sliding around. 

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Size & Storage

You’d think for a dual gig bag, it might come larger, but it maintains the same specs as a standard gig bag but is a little thicker to cater for two instruments.  It’s 41” long, 12.5-13.5” wide around the body, and is 6.5” deep. 

There are three storage pockets found on only the front/face of the gig bag and the back features adjustable shoulder straps.  There are also two handles with one on the side and one on the back. 

Spec Summary

  • Material: PVC-backed Cordura
  • Size: 41 x 13.5 x 6.5”
  • Padding: 20 mm
  • Storage: 3x pockets
  • Portability: 2x handles/Adjustable shoulder straps

Dual guitar holder.  Great low price.  Cordura fabric.

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Final Thoughts on the World Tour Pro Double EDX2NN Gig Bag

The Pro Double gig bag has some decent gig bag features apart from its dual electric guitar capability.  It has more than the standard amount of padding, an extra pocket than the standard 1-2, and it has a very attractive price tag.  What are you waiting for? 

4. Best Padded: Gator Transit Series Review

Gator Cases Transit Series Electric Guitar Gig Bag; Tan Exterior (GT-ELECTRIC-TAN)
971 Reviews
Gator Cases Transit Series Electric Guitar Gig Bag; Tan Exterior (GT-ELECTRIC-TAN)
  • Weather resistant blended fabric exterior with thick rubber Tread on bottom of the Bag prevents wear
  • 20mm thick internal foam padding covered with plush Micro-Fleece lining and adjustable, removable Three-Point interior padding system protects the headstock, neck and Body

This gig bag screams high quality as it almost seems like a hard case, but it’s not.  Definitely made for the road, you can rest assured it is well padded and that your electric guitar will be protected while encased in a luxurious, plush interior.

Build Quality

It’s like a suitcase for your electric guitar.  The outer exterior is a water-resistant nylon material, but it feels higher quality than regular nylon.  While this model sports a Tan color, there are Grey and Charcoal colors, too. 

The interior of the bag has the feeling of a hardshell case with its bright red color – a symbol of luxury.  The foam padding is 20 mm thick and is covered with a plush micro-fleece lining.  There are three padding points that are removable and adjustable.  They’re designed to protect the body, neck, and headstock during transit. 

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Size & Storage

If you ever want to make use of all your storage pockets, they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  There are three zippered pockets on the front of the case that offer lots of storage space with one featuring a flap.  G hook buckles and seatbelt loops provide extra connection points for when you load up those pockets. 

The back has shoulder straps with a handle at the top of the backpack style straps and one on the side of the bag.  While the gig bag may look bulky from the front, it’s rather slim.  It’s 41.5” long and 14” at its widest point. 

Spec Summary

  • Material: Weather-resistant Nylon
  • Size: 41.5 x 14”
  • Padding: 20 mm
  • Storage: 3x pockets
  • Portability: 2x handles/Adjustable shoulder straps

High-quality. Plush Micro-Fleece lining.  Large size. 

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Final Thoughts on the Gator Transit Series Gig Bag

This gig bag is one of the best high-end ones that you can find in the market without hitting into the hardshell case price range.  The 20 mm padding is great to see, but the extra micro-fleece lining makes it that much better.  Secure on the inside.  Secure on the outside.  Done and done for all your protection and travel needs. 

5. Best Budget: ChromaCast Padded CC-EPB-BAG Review

ChromaCast Electric Guitar Padded Gig Bag (CC-EPB
5,096 Reviews
ChromaCast Electric Guitar Padded Gig Bag (CC-EPB
  • Durable nylon Gig bag
  • Extra padding for added protection
  • Exterior dimensions: 40" Length x 12" (Upper bout)/ 15" (Lower bout) Width x 3" Height

If you want the cheapest gig bag possible without going too cheap, then your best bet is to stick with what the masses have rated as the best budget gig bag.  The one to take that honor is the ChromaCast CC-EPB-BAG. 

Build Quality

It’s pretty straightforward and simple.  This bag is made from Nylon not unlike what you’d get included with your beginner guitar pack.  There’s not a whole lot of padding, 10 mm worth, and while it’s not waterproof, it’s somewhat water resistant.  There is a rubber bumper on the base of the bag that protects the guitar’s bottom. 

But, you may find the other ChromaCast Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag in the market, and you may wonder what the difference is.  There is no difference.  It’s the same gig bag, but it costs slightly more because it also includes a guitar shoulder strap and a pick sampler – just FYI. 

YouTube video

Size & Storage

This electric guitar bag is as universal as it can be.  It has an overall length of 40” with the widest bout at 15” and a depth of 3”.  Interior specs are 39.5” in length, 14.5” at its widest, and 2.5” deep. 

Far from the norm, this gig bag has six storage pockets!  Most of them are bundled together, but it’s the extra long one that lines the neck that catches my attention.  It’s long enough to hold a collapsible guitar stand. 

Since there isn’t a molding to hold the neck in place, ChromaCast did install a Velcro strap as a security mechanism instead.  Personally, I’d put a small microfiber cloth between the strap and the fingerboard just for extra measure.  Reinforced handles and shoulder straps complete the hardware. 

Spec Summary

  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: 41 x 15 x 3”
  • Padding: 10 mm
  • Storage: 6x pockets
  • Portability: 2x handles/Adjustable shoulder straps

Multiple pockets.  Basic features covered.  Best Budget Bag!

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Final Thoughts on the ChromaCast Padded CC-EPB-BAG

It’s a you-see-what-you-get kinda gig bag, but it’s been the top choice and high rated for good reason: decent quality and a low price to match.  Don’t go too cheap and waste your money.  Stick around $20 for the best of the budget crowd.  You may be better pleased than you’d expect.

6. Best Lightweight: Gator GBE-ELECT Review

Gator Cases Gig Bag for Standard Electric Guitars (GBE-Elect)
2,907 Reviews
Gator Cases Gig Bag for Standard Electric Guitars (GBE-Elect)
  • Fits Electric Guitars
  • Nylon construction with 10mm internal padding
  • Reinforced interior at headstock & Bridge

Weight is definitely a factor when you’re on your feet or packing for transit from point A to point B.  While an electric guitar isn’t too heavy to begin with, you may be rethinking its weight when you’ve been hitting the road for a bit.  However, while weight is a factor, you don’t want to skimp on quality.  It might weigh nothing but if it doesn’t hold your guitar, it’s worthless.  Fortunately, Gator doesn’t compromise. 

Build Quality

This is about as entry-level as Gator Cases get.  Their GBE series of gig bags are both affordable and practical.  This particular model is made with 600-denier nylon material that is rip, tear, and moisture resistant.  It has 10 mm of padding and reinforced protection interior points at the headstock and neck – right where you need it.  Of course, as is standard for gig bags, the base has a rubber bumper for shock protection for the guitar’s booty and strap button. 

Size & Storage

Its dimensions are right in line with universal electric guitar gig bag specs with a 40.5” overall length and 15.75” width at its widest point.  Its featherlike weight is a non-issue at 1.5 lbs – like carrying one and a half packs of butter – smooth and lightweight. 

There is only one, large storage pocket and two handles meant to be used in unison.  While things may seem to be as basic as can be, consider yourself fortunate that Gator didn’t cut the backpack straps on the back – whew! 

Spec Summary

  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: 40.5 x 15.75 x 3.5”
  • Padding: 10 mm
  • Storage: 1x pockets
  • Portability: 2x handles/Adjustable shoulder straps

Fair price.  Decent quality.  Super lightweight. 

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Final Thoughts on the Gator GBE-ELECT Gig Bag

It’s entry-level, cheap, and it comes from a renown brand.  To keep things lightweight, it’s done without the luxury features, but at least it has the foundational qualities that makes it a decent gig bag for causal travel and good storage protection at home.  Love it! 

Play it Safe, Get a Case!

Female Guitarist Holding Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Don’t forgo quality guitar cases for your prized electric guitar.  Even if it’s a cheap electric guitar, it still deserves protection round the clock.  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a hardshell case when a gig bag may be all that you need. 

Evaluate your travel needs, how many gigs you play, and your storage methods while it’s safe and sound at home.  With quality bags coming in around 20 bucks, you have no excuse.  Don’t go without – play it safe and get a case. 

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