Seagull Artist Mosaic Review – Acoustic Guitar With Solid Cedar Top

Seagull Artist Mosaic Guitar

Brand/Model: Seagull Artist Mosaic

Number of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right

Body Material: Mahogany/Cedar top

Neck Material: Mahogany

Fretboard Material: Rosewood

Price Range: Under $1000

Our Rating: 8.8/10

The Seagull Artist Mosaic is currently out of stock. You could take a look at the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar instead.

Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar Review

Mosaic Acoustic Guitar back of

We’re going to lay it out for you straight. There is no other premium acoustic guitar that can match the Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar in cost, craftsmanship, and sound – none! This statement isn’t difficult to defend since it’s true.

The Canadian based company has provided an opportunity for avid musicians to own a high quality and premium guitar for only a third of the cost. The entire guitar is a mosaic in itself, a masterpiece!

The body is absolutely flawless and gorgeous with its solid high quality pressure tested cedar top. To compliment the cedar, the backs, sides, and neck are all made with solid mahogany.

The familiar touch of Seagull’s fretboards and bridges isn’t lost on the Artist Mosaic guitar either. It has the Indian Rosewood which adds to its exquisiteness.

As you can guess, the sound that emanates from this instrument is familiar to only the best artists – it’s premium. It’s literally on par with guitars three times its price!

While this may sound like a Seagull advertisement, it’s far from that. This work of art should literally be in every guitarist’s collection – from one inspired musician to another, it deserves the bragging rights.

  • Price
  • Solid wood
  • Beautiful seagull inlays
  • Handmade
  • Pressure tested Cedar top
  • Price

Seagull Artist Mosaic Reviews

Seagull Mosaic Acoustic Guitar side on

The Seagull Artist Mosaic is one of the best acoustic guitars priced under $1000! There’s no debate about it and there’s no mistake. We avid musicians consider it right up there with the best of the best brands there are – Martin and Taylor.

But, Seagull is making a name for itself and is quickly dominating online guitar sales for its excellent craftsmanship, comparable quality, and premium sounds. There is not a single item of complaint against this stunning beauty at time of writing.

While the price has incredible value, it might still be expensive for most, but it’s worth saving every penny for it.

Alternative Acoustic Guitars to Consider

To trade out the bright and crisp ringing of the cedar top for warm and rich tones, you may as well go mahogany.  The Ibanez Artwood Vintage guitar has “Thermo Aged” tonewood made by a special process that you’ll find out about in our full review.

Curious?  We’ll tell you about its fantastic quality, highlighted features, and its low price.

Or, you could check out what’s new with this stunning and unique grand auditorium bodied Riversong Guitars SOULSTICE HB guitar!  This instrument has a composite neck that’s a new version of their patent pending Riversong neck system.  This combined with its spruce top and maple back and sides makes for an interesting guitar that might top the charts for you and us both!

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar
  • Made in North America
  • Select Pressure Tested Top
  • Double Action Truss Rod

Seagull Artist Mosaic FAQ

Is there a Seagull Guitar that’s Budget-Friendly?

While it might still not be in your ballpark of a tight budget, the Seagull S6 is the best acoustic for beginners from this brand. It’s handsome, and its sound quality and playability is right up there with the top dogs.

This acoustic guitar will last you decades as it takes you from novice to guitar guru.

How does the Tonewoods Affect the Sound of the Artist Mosaic?

The combination of the cedar and mahogany provides unbelievable warmth, mellow, and richness. Yet tone definition is crisp, defined, and clear since the string spacing is slightly larger.

This guitar will impress even the most professed guitar experts around.

Is there an Acoustic Electric Model of the Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar?

Yes! While this is the acoustic only model, Seagull has also produced the outstanding Seagull Artist Mosaic QII Acoustic Electric Guitar and the Seagull Artist Mosaic CW Folk QII Acoustic Electric Guitar models.

Does this Artist Mosaic Guitar Come with a Case?

Depending on the seller, you might receive a hard case, soft case, or a hybrid case. But, one thing is consistent between vendors – they all ship the Seagull Artist Mosaic in one of the cases mentioned. A case should always be included.

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Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need

A case is most likely going to be included with your purchase.  What kind of case?  This will really depend on the vendor and who you choose to buy through.  But, it seems like you’ll receive a hardshell case of some sort that will fit the dreadnought guitar.

If owning a guitar is nothing new to you, you should already have the bits and pieces of tools in your stash to get playing today.  But, make sure you swing by our electric & acoustic guitar accessories guide to see if we have any fresh suggestions.

For the rest of you newbies, here’s some starter tips on the essentials to keep at the top of your shopping list!

Standout Features of the Artist Mosaic Guitar

  • Solid pressure-tested cedar top
  • Excellent quality and sound
  • North American made

Our Verdict on the Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar

To strum it up, Seagull continues to prove quality guitars can be delivered for under $1000.  The Artist Mosaic guitar embodies everything the brand is about, and if you’re a true artist, you’ll feel the call to this high-quality instrument.

Expressing your musical genius is about being an artist.  What guitar is better suited to this than an Artist Mosaic masterpiece?

The Seagull Artist Mosaic is currently out of stock. You could take a look at the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar instead.

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