7 Best Wired Headphones For Running In 2021 (Great Quality & Affordable)

Best Wired Headphones for Running

Avid runners enjoy listening to their favorite rock, hip-hop, R&B, or dance music while tearing up the streets or hiking trails.

But they want to experience their favorite music, audiobooks, talk radio shows or podcasts in a relaxing and personal way.

That’s where the best wired headphones for running come into the picture.

You’re in the right place to learn about the top running wired headphones on the market today.

Please read these recommendations, digest them, and use this information to make the correct personal choice.

Quick List: Top 7 Wired Headphones for Running

  1. Philips Sports Running EarbudsBest Overall
  2. ROVKING Wired Running HeadphonesBest Value
  3. Samsung Active InEar Headphones
  4. Mucro Wired Running Sports Headphones
  5. JBL Endurance Sport Headphones
  6. Sony MDR-AS210/B Headphones
  7. Mucro Night Running Headphones

Researching the Best Wired Headphones for Running

Best Wireless
PHILIPS Over The Ear Sport Earbuds with Mic, Earphones for Sports, Running and Gym
Best Value
Samsung EO-EG920LLEGUS Active InEar Headphones for Universal/SmartPhones - Retail Packaging - Blue
Most Discreet
JBL Endurance RUN - Wired Sport In-Ear Headphones - Black
Most Expensive
MUCRO Wired Running Sports Headphones, Behind The Neck Folding Wrap Around The Ear in-Ear Stereo...
PHILIPS Over The Ear Sport Earbuds with Mic, Earphones for Sports, Running and Gym
Samsung EO-EG920LLEGUS Active InEar Headphones for Universal/SmartPhones - Retail Packaging - Blue
JBL Endurance RUN - Wired Sport In-Ear Headphones - Black
MUCRO Wired Running Sports Headphones, Behind The Neck Folding Wrap Around The Ear in-Ear Stereo...
Best Wireless
PHILIPS Over The Ear Sport Earbuds with Mic, Earphones for Sports, Running and Gym
PHILIPS Over The Ear Sport Earbuds with Mic, Earphones for Sports, Running and Gym
Best Value
Samsung EO-EG920LLEGUS Active InEar Headphones for Universal/SmartPhones - Retail Packaging - Blue
Samsung EO-EG920LLEGUS Active InEar Headphones for Universal/SmartPhones - Retail Packaging - Blue
Most Discreet
JBL Endurance RUN - Wired Sport In-Ear Headphones - Black
JBL Endurance RUN - Wired Sport In-Ear Headphones - Black
Most Expensive
MUCRO Wired Running Sports Headphones, Behind The Neck Folding Wrap Around The Ear in-Ear Stereo...
MUCRO Wired Running Sports Headphones, Behind The Neck Folding Wrap Around The Ear in-Ear Stereo...

Discovering the best wired headphones for running can be a downright pain in the rear end for the uninformed. You may think you know what to look for when searching for the right wired earbuds for exercising, running, hiking, and more. But then you realize that you may not know all of the best features to keep in mind during your quest.

If you are yet to decide on whether to go with wired or wireless workout headphones reading both of our articles should help you make up your mind.

More and more runners and starting to wear bone conduction headphones too, so that might be worth looking into as well.

As you can imagine, I have years of experience with all kinds of audio products including electric guitars, stereo systems, record players, speakers, mixing boards, and so much more. This experience makes it possible to know precisely what you should seek when looking for the perfect wired headphones for exercising.

As an example, did you know that an asymmetric longer cable is better for runners than other types of exercise? You need the additional long cord made available so you can put your phone or MP3 device in any pocket you want without worrying about not having enough available cord. But weightlifters and CrossFit experts might hate a long cord because it will get in the way of their workouts.

Other things to consider include stereo quality sound, contoured ear hooks, noise cancellation capabilities, a remote control that can play/pause, raise/lower the volume, and turn on the microphone, and the ear pads should come in multiple sizes so they’re guaranteed to fit.

The Best Wired Headphones for Running In 2021

1. Philips Sports Running Earbuds – Best Overall

The Philips Sports Running Earbuds is our favorite overall choice because of the Hi-Res high fidelity sound, the balanced audio, the durable and lightweight design, the superior sound performance, the noise reduction capabilities, and the excellent fit.

✔️ What we like: 3 pairs of ear gels available in three sizes

❌ What we don’t like: Microphone broke within a week of purchase

Standout Features

  • Luxurious metallic finish
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • 12.2 mm driver unit
  • Hi-fi stereo sound
  • Built-in microphone and remote

Runners can truly appreciate the high resolution audio emanating from these earbuds. They were designed with runners and exercising in mind because they provide three pairs of ear gels in three different sizes including small, medium, and large. This guarantees that you find ear gels that fit perfectly into your ear canals, and you won’t have to worry about the earbuds constantly falling out as you run across town to get in your morning workout.

Another great feature is the built-in microphone. This is awesome because you may want to talk to your friends while running, hiking, or bicycling throughout the day. You may prefer to make these phone calls while running as a way of multitasking. Plus, talking to other people as you hit the streets or the hiking trails is a good way to keep yourself motivated if you have an encouraging person on the other end of the line.

On the other hand, one unhappy reviewer said that his microphone broke within a week of purchasing these earbuds from Philips. While this is undoubtedly true, it’s also a glaringly obvious defect. Philips is known to go out of their way to treat their customers with respect. They would gladly replace the busted earbuds with a new pair with a working microphone if the reviewer took the time to ask.

On the whole, I think the Philips Sports Running Earbuds are the best choice because they have superior sound performance, strength and durability, intelligent noise reduction, small, medium, and large ear gels, and a gorgeous metallic finish that makes this durable and lightweight set of earbuds really shine.

2. ROVKING Wired Running Headphones – Best Value

The ROVKING Wired Running Headphones are the earbuds that present the best value because they’re inexpensive yet they possess noise isolating capabilities, have comfortable ear hooks to keep the earbuds in place, they are sweat proof, have a built-in microphone, and easily connect with all devices including laptops, smartphones, MP3 players, and more.

✔️ What we like: Earbuds remain secure in your ears while running

❌ What we don’t like: Broken microphone, poor sound quality

Standout Features

  • Earbuds designed for small ears
  • Hands-free phone calls
  • Built in remote control
  • Sweat resistant
  • Connects to multiple audio devices

Runners tend to appreciate these earbuds because they have so many awesome features yet you can get them for less than $15 so they’re very affordable. Even better, if you happen to have small ear canals and have a difficult time finding earbuds for small ears because they hardly ever fit, you’ll definitely like this exciting design. It was created with a smaller housing so it’s lightweight and perfect for smaller ears. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them popping out because they come with multiple ear tips in small, medium, and large so you’re bound to find the perfect size.

While running, it can get very frustrating if you have to constantly take your phone out of your pocket to change tracks or change radio stations. Or maybe you need to lower the volume to talk to somebody and pulling out your phone to do so is a real nuisance. You don’t have to worry about taking your phone out with these earbuds because the microphone and audio remote control is already built-in and available on the wire. You can use the remote control to skip tracks, play or pause your music, answer and end phone calls, activate your voice assistant, and there’s even a button to press so you can use your microphone.

Speaking of microphones, one reviewer was unhappy because his broke relatively quickly. He also said that the audio was of poor sound quality. To me, it sounds like he purchased the defective set of earbuds. He should contact the manufacturer and send them back for replacement.

All in all, the ROVKING Wired Running Headphone is the best choice for valuable headphones on a budget because they fit securely for runners, they’ll never pop out of your ears while working out because of the ergonomic ear loops, and the design is comfortable, durable, and lightweight.

3. Samsung Active InEar Headphones

The Samsung Active InEar Headphones are a great choice because they have four sets of interchangeable soft gel tips, they are available in four colors including blue, red, white, and black sapphire, and the tangle free cable is also available in four colors.

✔️ What we like: Large 12 mm speaker units, in-line 3 button remote control

❌ What we don’t like: Left earbud stopped working after three months? 

Standout Features

  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Interchangeable soft gel ear tips
  • Tangle free flat cable
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Contoured ear gels with stabilizing wings

Runners looking for a comfortable set of earbuds should definitely look no further than this great pair from Samsung. These in ear headphones are the ideal design for the active listener who likes to run, jog, walk, hike, or practice any other type of exercise. The earbuds are stable and secure and definitely stay in place because of the contoured design and stabilizing wings that firmly keep them in place at all times.

And getting back to comfort, they are made of a very comfortable gel that molds to the insides of your ear canals perfectly. And since they’re available in four different sizes, you should have no trouble finding the perfect size to fit snugly within the canal of your ear.

One reviewer had a negative experience because she said that after three months her left earbud stopped working. This doesn’t seem like it should happen so quickly since most earbuds are designed to last for at least a few years before they finally break. So if you end up buying these earbuds and they stopped working – or at least one earbud stopped working – after three months you should find out how you can exchange them. Let Samsung know about the issue and they should have no trouble sending you a new pair.

When all is said and done, the Samsung Active InEar Headphones are a wise choice because of the four amazing colors, the four sets of ear gels, the colorful tangle resistant cables, and all the other great features like the 3.5 mm jack, the large 12 mm drivers, and the soft and contoured gels that minimize background noise while improving the quality of the audio.

4. Mucro Wired Running Sports Headphones

The Mucro Wired Running Sports Headphones are the perfect choice for runners because the earphones were designed to snugly fit in your ears and stay where they belong throughout your workout. The foldable and lightweight design, the built-in microphone, and the multifunction controls make this a wonderful choice.

✔️ What we like: Reflective warning stickers, foldable neckband

❌ What we don’t like: One earbud stopped working after a few months

Standout Features

  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Comfortable ergonomic neckband design
  • Small, medium, and large ear tips
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Noise cancelling features

One of the more exciting things about this headset is that is designed for smaller people so it’s perfect for kids and young adults who have taken up running as a hobby or a form of exercise. These earbuds will comfortably fit within their smaller ears and stay put. Plus they are foldable, so young kids can fold them up and put them in their pocket very easily. Otherwise kids have a tendency of losing regular headphones because they put them down and forget about them, but these foldable ones shouldn’t get lost since they’ll put them directly in their pocket or backpack.

Another great thing is the built-in microphone and multifunction controls. The microphone means you can call your best friend while running or even talk to your followers on Snapchat. Or do anything else that involves use speaking into a microphone. And the multifunction controls mean you can turn the microphone on and off at your leisure, answer or hang up on phone calls, and play music, raise or lower the volume, or even skip tracks on your favorite audio devices.

One reviewer had the unfortunate experience of having one of his earbuds stop working after a few months. This is very depressing because you have audio coming out of one of your earbuds and it sounds perfect, yet the other earbud is completely dead and it’s very frustrating. If the earbuds broke after a couple of months, you can always tell the manufacturer about the problem and they’ll likely send you a new pair on the house.

In the end, I love recommending the Mucro Wired Running Sports Headphones because of the great design, the foldable neckband, the lightweight feel, the durability, and the excellent audio quality.

5. JBL Endurance Sport Headphones

The JBL Endurance Sport Headphones are fine choice of wired earbuds because they have a flexible flipbook two-way design, so you can wear them behind the ear or in the ear canal; they are ergonomically designed, lightweight, secure, sweat proof, and have a one button remote control.

✔️ What we like: TwistLock and FlexSoft technologies, magnetic earbuds

❌ What we don’t like: They do not offer a wireless version

Standout Features

  • Two way design
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Secure and stable fit
  • Magnetic for easy cable management
  • In-line one button remote

Not only are these earbuds from JBL very inexpensive below $20, they are also an innovative new addition to the space. They created these earbuds with a two-way design, so if you prefer to use these earbuds inside your ear canal you can. Or if you’d rather keep them behind your ear and outside of the ear canal, that’s also possible with the dual design.

Do you know what else? They tapped into their innovation muscles with these earbuds even further by incorporating their patented FlexSoft and TwistLock technology. This new tech means these earbuds were capable of remaining ergonomically correct and lightweight for maximum comfort, so they do not weigh you down whatsoever. Even better, this new design style means added stability and security during workouts. You can jump up and down, run up a mountain, run down a hill, or run top speed and not have to worry about these earbuds falling out because they’re held securely in place within your ear canals.

So many reviewers were confused by the product image posted on their favorite online retailer’s website. They thought these were wireless earbuds, but in truth they were never supposed to be wireless at all. But this seems to disappoint many people nonetheless so it bears mentioning in case you thought they happened to be wireless earbuds too.

Generally speaking, I have no problem recommending the JBL Endurance Sport Headphones because of their innovative features, the four sizes of ear gels, the fact they’re available in black, blue, red, yellow, and teal, and their comfortable feel means these earbuds are always an excellent choice for every kind of runner.

6. Sony MDR-AS210/B Headphones

The Sony MDR-AS210/B Headphones are worthy of your time and attention because they’re lightweight clip-on headphones, perfect for those who lead active lifestyles, they’re comfortable, securely fit over your ears with an adjustable loop hanger, and they’re even water resistant as well.

✔️ What we like: Low price point below $15

❌ What we don’t like: Left earbud stopped working within a few months

Standout Features

  • Clip-on headphones
  • Lightweight design
  • Water resistance
  • 13.5 mm drivers
  • Angled for a more stable fit

Runners truly appreciate these earbuds/headphones from Sony because of the lightweight clip-on design. The clip is made so it stays securely over your ears and the earbuds never go flying out while running, walking, or jogging at a brisk pace.

Even though they’re made with big loops, they still fit securely and feel comfortable over your ears. And the water resistant design is great for people who work out rigorously and sweat a lot. You don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking your headphones while breaking a sweat.

A recent reviewer posted that the left earbud stopped working after a couple of months. This is disappointing to say the least yet it happens from time to time. I’m sure Sony would feel comfortable sending this guy a new pair if he made the request.

At the end of the day, the Sony MDR-AS210/B Headphones are highly rated and recommended because of the tangle free serrated cable, the convenient clip, the adjustable loop hanger design, and the angled ear buds that provide additional stability.

7. Mucro Night Running Headphones

The Mucro Night Running Headphones are perfect for everyone who loves to work out, break a sweat, or go running, walking, or jogging at night. These headphones are extra special because they provide a reflective warning, offer a snug fit, and were created with a lightweight and foldable design for easy carrying and portability.

✔️ What we like: Built-in microphone, shallow in ear design

❌ What we don’t like: Earbuds make a buzzing sound

Standout Features

  • Shallow in ear design
  • High-performance mic and remote
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Ergonomic neckband
  • Different ear tip sizes

These wired earbuds are a great choice for people who like using a neckband to keep them stabilized and secure. This neckband means that you won’t have additional pressure on your ears, and it’s easy to carry them around for extra portability. You can wear them at the gym, while exercising, and especially while running, which means you get to enjoy listening to music, podcasts, and your favorite talk radio shows while on the go.

The shallow in ear design is perfect for people with small ears like young children or teenagers. And since the silicone ear plugs come in multiple sizes, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pair that holds them firmly in your ear canals with stability while avoiding unwanted pain when wearing them for a long time without stopping.

One reviewer said that she had to return these earbuds because they were making an annoying buzzing sound. At least she had the sense to return them because she obviously purchased a defective device and it needed to go back to the retailer or manufacturer so she could get a working replacement.

All things considered, I like the Mucro Night Running Headphones and recommend them because of their multifunction microphone control, their lightweight and foldable design, and the fact that they have reflective warning stickers on the back of the neckband to keep runners safe at night.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Wired Headphones for Running

man and woman running with wired headphones

You’ve read through all the reviews, and after careful consideration you’ve decided that you’d like to find your own pair of the best wired headphones for running. Even though you weren’t displeased with my choices, you’d still like to take the challenge to see what you can come up with. To that I say good luck my friend! I wish you nothing but success.

Before you begin, you should think about the important features that you need to look for when choosing a pair of the best wired headphones for running. I personally believe you should consider earbuds with an ergonomic design, a loop that goes over your ears to provide additional stability, or a neckband that will firmly keep the earbuds in place without falling out while you go running.

You should also consider the following features as well because they’re also of critical importance.

YouTube video

Noise Cancellation Capabilities

For so many of us, noise cancellation is of the utmost importance. Although earbuds do not possess patented noise cancellation technology, they do often provide multiple ear tips so you find the perfect gels that will fit securely within your ear canal. This also doubles as noise cancellation because the tighter the fit, the less background noise will bleed into your awareness as you listen to your earbuds while running or jogging.

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Lightweight and Foldable Design

The design itself is also critically important when choosing the best wired headphones for running. Why? If you picked the wrong design they are going to constantly fall out of your ears while you exercise, practice martial arts, or simply go for a run. The design should be lightweight, foldable, and stable enough that they stay in your ear canals so they don’t accidentally get lost while you perform strenuous activities.

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Stereo Quality Sound

Sound quality is also critical as well when choosing a new pair of earbuds. Many earbuds often have terrible sound quality, so you should focus on the ones that are known to provide excellent audio at all times. You also want earbuds that will last for more than a couple of months, so keep that in mind while reading reviews.

Experience The Ultimate Wired Headphones for Running

Before we go, it’s important to take a moment to recap everything that I covered today in this review of the best wired headphones for running.

Not only did I choose the best overall headphones, I also chose the ones that I felt possessed the best value. And when I did my research I looked for earbuds with stability, flexibility, ergonomic designs, and ones made of lightweight yet durable material.

Thanks for taking a moment to read these reviews and good luck with your next purchase!

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