Seagull Entourage Review – Autumn Burst Acoustic Guitar with Solid Spruce Top

Seagull Entourage Guitar

Brand/Model: Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst

Number of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right

Body Material: Wild Cherry/Spruce top

Neck Material: Silver Maple

Fretboard Material: Rosewood

Price: Under $500

Our Rating: 9.2/10

Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst Review

Seagull Entourage close up

Trust Seagull to give you an affordable solid top acoustic guitar in this price range.  They’re known for their entry-level guitars to their professional-grade ones, and they have a strong foothold in the industry for quality and authentic sound.

There’s never been a Seagull that hasn’t been worth its cost, and they’re not about to break their trend now.

The Entourage Series recently went under a complete revamp, and now Seagull has released their new and improved line of affordable guitars.

This dreadnought git has a glimmering and warm Autumn Burst finish that looks amazing with the white binding around the body.

It has a solid pressure tested spruce top and a layered wild cherry back and sides.  A silver maple leaf neck has a 21-fret rosewood fretboard with Mother of Pearl dot inlays.  A tortoiseshell pickguard is a new component, and semi-gloss finish exaggerates the darker, richer shades of amber that adorn the back and sides.

Maintaining with the Seagull trend, the Entourage guitar has a tapered headstock and integrated set neck.  Some of you may not like the set neck, but it’s typically a standard feature for Godin guitars, and it does help to reinforce strength and prevent warping.

But, how does the Seagull guitar sound?  You need to check it out for yourself.  It’s bright, it rings, and it chimes.  The sound is amazing, and projection couldn’t be better for a full-size dreadnought.

Intonation is on-point, and with a 43 mm nut width, fingerpickers will have to be somewhat experienced to nail it on this guitar.  Strumming is gorgeously done – it’s a dreadnought after all, they’re great for all styles and genres of playing.

  • Price
  • Excellent sound
  • Autumn burst finish
  • Solid spruce top
  • Dreadnought/full-size
  • Integrated set neck

Seagull Entourage Guitar Reviews

The most critical feedback on the Seagull guitar is really about personal preferences for setting up.  Most guitars will need a tweak here and there to customize it for an experienced player who knows what they want and what they like.  However, it’s a playable guitar out of the box, and its sound is above par for its price class.

The quality is right in line with what you should expect from Seagull, and buyers are happy to pay the price for this guitar.  Ultimately, it tops the best of the entry-level guitars with a more premium feel than its low price suggests.  We rank this guitar in this mid-range category with an entry-level, budget price-tag.

Alternative Acoustic Guitars to Consider

Entourage Acoustic Guitar Head Stock

The Entourage isn’t without competition in the Under $500 price range.  The Ibanez Artwood AW4000-BS has a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides.  It’s an amazing guitar for the price, and it isn’t without Ibanez’s signature Advantage bridge pins!

If you want to up your game within the Seagull brand, the Artist Mosaic acoustic is a masterpiece to behold and play.  It has a solid cedar top and solid mahogany back and sides.

Adirondack spruce is used for the scalloped bracing, and it has a new rosewood bridge design.  It’s a guitar that will push you into the next price class, but the quality and simple beauty is what pushed some buyers to put their Martins up for sale – just sayin’!

Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst FAQ

What is an Integrated Set Neck?

This is a typical feature of Godin Guitars, the parent company of Seagull.  They like their integrated necks as it’s more resistant to warping and twisting due to climate changes and abuse.

It does provide more strength and resistance where the neck meets the body, and it’s been said to provide more consistent action, and without glue or finish, more vibration and resonance is promised.

However, many players don’t like the set necks as they say it’s more difficult to have it repaired.

Each company will have their own warranty on the necks of their guitar, so it would be worth it to check out seagull’s warranty to ease your peace of mind if something were to happen.

Is this a Good Guitar for a Beginner?

This Seagull is an excellent beginner guitar.  String spacing is adequate enough for newbies to learn the ropes, especially if you have narrow or thin fingers.  The nut width of 1.72″ is standard for most players to get started.

It also has a 24.84″ scale versus the 25.5″ scales of larger dreadnoughts, so this guitar would be a great first-time guitar – certainly better than other laminate-constructed and budget-made guitars in the market!

Is this an Acoustic Electric Guitar?

This Entourage model is purely an acoustic model.  You will need to check out the other Entourage models in the Series if you’re after the guitar with a pickup.

Is a Solid Wood Top More Susceptible to Cracking?

A solid top is susceptible to drying out.  Cracking shouldn’t be an issue as the bracing under the soundboard should be keeping it intact.

However, to protect it against warping and drying out in climate changes, purchase a guitar case humidifier to keep it with the guitar.

Does the Entourage Guitar have Two Strap Buttons?

The guitar comes with only one preinstalled strap button.

Does the Seagull Guitar come with Accessories or a Case?

The Entourage doesn’t come with anything else in the buy.  You’ll have to purchase a case/bag and other essentials separately.  However, with the low cost of the guitar, there will be plenty of cash left over to purchase your other needs.

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Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need

If this is your first-time buy, you’re going to need a whole lot of accessories to start and complete your guitar kit.  It can get expensive purchasing all the essentials at one time but be sure to leave nothing out.

You can prioritize your needs by checking in with our complete rundown of our favorite guitar accessories or you can start with our starter suggestions here.

Standout Features of the Entourage Guitar

  • Solid pressure tested spruce top
  • Incredible, clear, note-defining sound
  • Gorgeous Autumn Burst finish

Our Verdict on the Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst

To strum it up, you can’t get a better price for a solid top acoustic guitar from a trusted brand like Seagull.  The Entourage Autumn Burst guitar has been redesigned to provide more value and quality than ever before for its price class.

It’s a great addition to an experienced players collection or an excellent first-time guitar for a beginner.  No collection is complete without a Seagull in it!

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