10 Best 8-inch Subwoofers (All Budgets & Uses)

Best 8-Inch Subwoofer

No home or car audio system is complete without a good subwoofer to fill out the bass and add depth to your music. Sometimes you overlook the 8-inch subwoofer in favor of larger models with greater power and more impressive audio specifications, but sometimes a smaller piece of equipment is all you have space for in a tiny studio apartment or compact car.

If you are looking to give your listening experience that added boost, then this buying guide is the perfect place to start.

Here are some of the best 8 inch subwoofers on the market for music lovers short on space.

Quick List: Best 8-inch Subwoofer 2024

  1. Polk Audio PSW111 Compact Powered 8-inch Subwoofer Best for Home Theaters
  2. KEF KUBE 8b Subwoofer
  3. Audioengine S8 250W Powered SubwooferBest for Gamers
  4. Pioneer Alphasonik AS8DF Subwoofer
  5. Skar Audio Dual 8-inch SDR SeriesMost Powerful
  6. Mackie CR8S-XBT 8 inch Subwoofer
  7. Monoprice 8-inch Powered SubwooferBest Budget Option
  8. Rockville SS8P 400w 8″ Powered Car/Truck Subwoofer
  9. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 Punch Series
  10. CT Sounds 8-inch Car Audio Subwoofer

8-inch Subwoofer Reviews

8-inch subwoofers are known for their affordability and compact size. However, their lightweight, small design often comes at the expense of overall power. I searched for the products with the highest power handling throughout my research. These subwoofers effectively combined affordability and a small footprint but still delivered in the volume category.

The products included in this line-up promise phenomenal sound quality. They boast some of the highest sensitivity ratings and widest frequency ranges available. In other words, these subwoofers will produce accurate and precise bass, even at the lowest frequencies.

Finally, I considered build quality and long-term durability. The last thing you want is a speaker that is poorly made. Reliability is essential for subwoofers, so I have only included products made with high-quality materials that will hold up well over time.

The Best 8-inch Subwoofer

1. Polk Audio PSW111 Compact Powered 8-inch Subwoofer — Best for Home Theaters

Polk Audio PSW111 8" Powered Subwoofer - Up to 300 Watt Amp | Big Bass in Compact Size | Easy Setup...
  • ULTRA-COMPACT POWERED SUBWOOFER FOR EXTRA PUNCHY BASS – An 8" Dynamic Balance woofer, specially-tuned downward-firing port & on-point speaker geometry helps deliver accurate bass with added depth...
  • LOUDER CLEARER SOUND EVEN AT EXTREME VOLUME LEVELS – Features smart compression circuitry that limits distortion and gives a more balanced & thrilling music experience with rich, deep sound, even at...

Polk Audio is known for producing high performance loudspeakers at affordable prices. The Polk Audio PSW111 Compact 8 inch subwoofer lives up to the brand’s reputation, with an ultracompact, low-profile design that can be seamlessly integrated into any home theater set up.

  • Ultracompact and sleek design
  • Automatic on/off feature
  • Precise and controlled bass
  • Integrates well with other loudspeakers
  • Not as punchy
  • Frequency response not very low

This subwoofer is our top choice for home theaters and sound studios because its sleek, lightweight design and tiny footprint make it easy to incorporate into all television, theater, and audio setups. Unlike other subwoofers, the Polk Audio PSW111 will not stick out like a sore thumb in your living room. It has an attractive black vinyl finish that looks and feels luxe without costing you a fortune. Measuring less than a square foot, this subwoofer is perfect for anyone short on space.

The PSW111 also comes with customizable audio controls and an automatic turn-on mechanism, making it easier than ever for you to find that perfect sound. It produces an exact, accurate bass that won’t become distorted at higher volumes or lower frequencies. For the average listener who just wants to enhance their music-listening or movie-watching experience, this kind of controlled bass is perfect, as it responds well to changes in audio and produces reliable results.

2. KEF KUBE 8b Subwoofer

KEF KUBE 8b Subwoofer Black
  • The KUBE 8b is a 300W 8" front-firing, sealed box powered subwoofer whose output is powerful as much as it is musical.
  • Each KUBE comes with 3 pre-programmed custom EQ settings - free standing, corner, and wall and in-cabinet installations - to best suit the setup of your room.

If you are looking for something a little punchier and louder, then the KEF KUBE 8b is a good 8-inch subwoofer for music lovers and home theater users that delivers on volume. It pairs a powerful amplifier with a well-built driver to achieve a pure sound with a good kick for an 8-inch subwoofer.

  • Pre-programmed EQ settings
  • More powerful RMS
  • Elegant design
  • Expensive for its performance and size
  • Very narrow frequency response range

The KEF KUBE 8b amplifier is almost twice as powerful as its home audio competitors, delivering up to 300 Watts RMS. Moreover, the subwoofer is well-constructed and effectively uses technology to deliver power without sacrificing musicality. With the KEF KUBE 8b, you can enjoy bass-heavy music that is punchy and sharp without ever becoming too shrill.

The build quality is truly impressive, as all components are assembled in-house by KEF engineers. The result is an elegant cube-shaped design that goes well with all kinds of furniture but looks good on a bookshelf or cabinet.

One of the most exciting features of this subwoofer is that it comes with three pre-programmed EQ settings to maximize sound quality, depending on where the cube is placed in any given room. You can re-arrange your space as often as you like without worrying about acoustics. Simply adjust the dial on the back of the subwoofer to the free-standing, corner, or in-cabinet setting. 

3. Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer — Best for Gamers

Audioengine S8 Powered Subwoofer Speaker - 250W 8-inch Home Subwoofer with Built-in Amplifier and...
  • INCREDIBLE BASS SOUND - Gamers, movie buffs and music lovers alike will experience tight, smooth, and natural-sounding bass with the Audioengine S8 Powered Subwoofer's 8-inch custom woofer,...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY SUBWOOFER SPEAKER - Enjoy premium features like the solid hand-painted and hand-finished front-ported MDF cabinet, selectable crossover frequency adjustment, and phase switch. With the...

Audioengine’s S8 250W Powered Subwoofer is another excellent option for home users, one that particularly shines as a desk speaker for computer and gaming use. With intuitive, user-friendly design features and unparalleled sound quality at moderate frequencies, this subwoofer is our top pick for video gamers and desk users.

  • Multiple inputs make it easy to integrate
  • Auto-sleep function
  • Portable
  • Narrow frequency response range
  • Port creates noise at high volumes

It features multiple input options so you can easily connect it to televisions, record players, computers, gaming consoles, and more without having to go out and buy any extra cables or adapters. You will hook the device up to any audio source you might need.

Although the audio specifications on this subwoofer are relatively modest in terms of power and frequency response range, the sound quality is unparalleled at moderate frequencies. This is perfect for gamers and computer users looking for an immersive experience who do not necessarily need the most profound booming base.

The S8 250W also boasts an intuitive, auto-sleep energy-saving function perfect for desktop computer use. You can easily fit this compact subwoofer in the corner of your desk and forget it is there. Then, when you want to listen to music, watch television on your computer, or play computer games, this subwoofer will come in handy, promising to transform your audio experience without taking over your whole space.

4. Pioneer Alphasonik AS8DF Subwoofer

Alphasonik AS8DF 8 inch 600 Watts 4-Ohm Down Fire Shallow Mount Flat Enclosed Sub woofer Slim Thin...
160 Reviews
Alphasonik AS8DF 8 inch 600 Watts 4-Ohm Down Fire Shallow Mount Flat Enclosed Sub woofer Slim Thin...
  • power rating: 200 watts rms / 600 watts max
  • cone material: spun aluminum cone, surround material: high strength rubber epdm enhanced surround

The Pioneer Alphasonik AS8DF Subwoofer is an excellent piece of heavy-duty audio equipment because of the shallow mount subwoofer, the tight sealed bass enclosure, and the affordable price.

  • 600 W maximum audio power
  • Subwoofer makes scratching noises

Many audio fans gravitate toward the Pioneer Alphasonik AS8DF Subwoofer because the AS down-firing enclosures provide superior low-frequency and deep-sounding bass. Plus, whenever you turn your favorite song on and pump it through this subwoofer, it will feel like your heart is pounding out of your chest because the bass is commanding and unrelenting!

This subwoofer was made using durable MDF wood, which is an excellent choice because it minimizes vibration. You don’t have to worry about your speakers vibrating and ruining the audio quality because this MDF enclosure prevents this. The audio is much more precise and sounds so much better because of it.

More than anything else, feel confident purchasing the Pioneer Alphasonik AS8DF Subwoofer because of its heart-pounding low frequencies, rich and deep bass response, the mighty 600 W of audio bliss, and the superior strength of the robust wood construction. Plus, its attractive design makes it look superb in your home.

5. Skar Audio Dual 8-inch SDR Series  — Most Powerful

Skar Audio Dual 8" Complete 1,400 Watt SDR Series Subwoofer Bass Package - Includes Loaded Enclosure...
  • All-in-One Complete SDR Series Dual 8-inch Loaded Subwoofer Complete Bass Package
  • Peak Power: 1,400 Watts | RMS Power: 700 Watts

If you want to overhaul your car audio system completely, it doesn’t get much better than the Skar Audio Dual 8-inch SDR Series loaded subwoofer enclosure. You are featuring two pre-loaded and fully enclosed 8-inch subwoofers; this fully realized, high-performance audio system is in one neatly assembled package.

  • Extremely powerful
  • Optional amplifier kit
  • Easy to use and install
  • Hard-hitting bass
  • Very large and heavy

Although it is technically two 8-inch subwoofers in one, I could not resist including this product beast in this list. With dual woofers, this pre-loaded enclosure achieves unprecedented levels of power. It boasts up to 700 Watts RMS and peak power handling as high as 1400 Watts, so you can experience that chest-thumping, car-shaking bass that is usually only possible with the help of much more significant drivers.

The subwoofer produces such a low and hard-hitting bass that you can feel it in your seat while driving. Furthermore, the extensive frequency response range ensures that every song will sound incredible, no matter what genre. 

The wooden enclosure is also incredibly easy to install. All you have to do is hook it up to an amplifier, and you are ready to listen to music all day long. Skar Audio even offers an optional amplifier kit add-on that simplifies the process even further, so even if you aren’t familiar with all the technical ins and outs of audio equipment installation, you can still get that big-volume sound.

6. Mackie CR8S-XBT 8 inch Subwoofer

Mackie CR8S-XBT 8 inch Creative Reference Multimedia Subwoofer with Bluetooth Bundle with 1 YR CPS...
4 Reviews
Mackie CR8S-XBT 8 inch Creative Reference Multimedia Subwoofer with Bluetooth Bundle with 1 YR CPS...
  • Mackie 8" Creative Reference Multimedia Subwoofer with Bluetooth
  • Adjustable Input and Output Level | Variable Crossover control | Polarity switch | Inputs - 1/4” TRS, RCA, and Bluetooth | Outputs – 1/4” TRS and RCA


The Mackie subwoofer is one of the best 8-inch subwoofer in today’s retail store. It is a great overall product uniquely designed to meet the needs of the social media world. From content creators to musicians and video producers, DJs and artists can all utilize this incredible device as it promises high-quality sound on a budget.

  • Adjustable Input and Output Levels
  • Professional Sound Quality
  • Bluetooth Streaming
  • Versatile Connectivity
  • Sleek Design
  • Accessories Included
  • Power Limitation (200 watts)

This subwoofer is unique for the input and output levels that you can control; this can help you fine-tune the volume of your subwoofer. To ensure optimal integration with your speakers, use the variable crossover control to set the frequency range at which the subwoofer operates.

Another standout feature is eliminating additional cables because of a wireless connection. The Bluetooth function makes it easy for a DJ to connect music from any device to the subwoofer.

The 8-inch polypropylene-coated woofer produces tight, responsive bass performance with 200 watts of clear and precise sound. Your listening experience will be improved across various musical genres and multimedia content thanks to the reflex port’s bespoke tuning, which guarantees accurate and fluid bass reproduction.

A 1/8″ to Stereo RCA connection, speaker-to-speaker cable, monitor isolation pads and other practical accessories are included in the bundle, adding value and convenience.

7. Monoprice 8-inch Powered Subwoofer — Best Budget Option

Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer - 8 Inch With Auto-On Function, For Studio And Home Theater...
1,960 Reviews
Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer - 8 Inch With Auto-On Function, For Studio And Home Theater...
  • This is an 8" powered subwoofer capable of producing 60 watts (RMS) output. The subwoofer has a frequency response range of 50 to 250 Hz with a lowpass crossover filter, which can be adjusted from 50...
  • The subwoofer has multiple input options, which allow it to be used with any existing stereo or 5.1 (or greater) amplifier system. For each input there is a corresponding output.

Many people don’t get the hype behind subwoofers, but as people who have seen a complete overhaul of the listening experience, we recommend that you try these devices before judging.

  • The price is unmatched. This is one of the most affordable subwoofers available in the market right now.
  • While the unit is very simple, it does accept both line and speaker-level inputs, which increases its functionality.
  • The bass provided by this device is good enough for rooms in your house or enclosed spaces.
  • You cannot expect the same quality as some of the more advanced subwoofers mentioned on this list.
  • The frequency response range is relatively lower than the other subwoofers, between 50Hz and 150Hz.

If you don’t want to spend too much money on trying something new, the Monoprice 108248 8-Inch 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer will definitely be worth your time and money.

While it may seem a little boring that the company did not even decide to give an actual name to the subwoofer, you are getting what you pay for.

The frequency range stands at about 50Hz and 150Hz, which is significantly lower than most other options on the list, but so is the price. You get decent bass and overall solid performance for a fraction of what you would be paying for one of the more sophisticated options. It is excellent for people who want to experience how subwoofers can improve their listening experience.

8. Rockville SS8P 400w 8″ Powered Car/Truck Subwoofer

Rockville SS8P 400w 8' Slim Under-Seat Active Powered Car/Truck Subwoofer Sub,Black
2,693 Reviews
Rockville SS8P 400w 8" Slim Under-Seat Active Powered Car/Truck Subwoofer Sub,Black
  • Rockville SS8P 8" 400w Slim Under-Seat Active Powered Car/Truck Subwoofer Sub.
  • Enclosure is made out of cast aluminum which stays cool at all times. Peak Power Handling: 400 Watts.

The Rockville SS8P is an 8-inch, 400W subwoofer system that is set in an enclosure made of cast aluminum, allowing it to stay cool at all times. It offers adjustable input sensitivity, a soft delayed remote turn-on, and thermal and short protection circuits.

  • The compact sub can be installed under the seat with ease.
  • The PWM MOSFET power supply makes it efficient in many ways.
  • The cast aluminum enclosure ensures the unit does not overheat and remains cool even after prolonged use.
  • It offers overload protection circuit, thermal protection circuit and short protection circuit, making it extremely safe.
  • Some customers complained of hearing distortion when the gain adjustment was turned up.
  • It does not have a lot of bass output, some customers complained.

With 400 watts of peak power and 100 watts RMS, it delivers powerful bass that improves the listening experience. The adjustable input sensitivity and bass boost allow you to fine-tune the sound to your tastes, while the low pass filter and subsonic filter ensure a clear and precise output.

The sophisticated turn-on circuit was one impressive aspect. It activates the amplifier automatically after detecting the presence of an audio signal, negating the need for manual action. The subwoofer is also well-protected thanks to the temperature protection circuit, short protection circuit, and overload protection circuit.

It has PWM MOSFET Power Supply, which means improved switching speeds. Plus, it has adjustable input sensitivity and soft delayed remote turn-on, along with thermal and short protection circuits.

9. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 Punch Series

Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 8" Dual 2-Ohm Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer
  • The Rockford Fosgate P3S series shallow mount subwoofers deliver Punch, designed to deliver big bass in a tight space, with its low profile mounting depth design
  • The Punch P3SD2-8 is a slim 8” 2-Ohm DVC (dual voice coil) subwoofer with 150 Watts RMS / 300 Watts Max power handling and custom 10-AWG nickel plated push terminals

The Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 Punch is another well-constructed 8-inch subwoofer ideal for car and home use. Coming from one of the most reliable audio equipment manufacturers today, the P3SD2-8 Punch Series subwoofer is a high-quality, premium-grade product built to last.

  • Distortion free
  • Certified power rating
  • Shallow mount is easy to install
  • Not very loud
  • Requires modified enclosure

Like the JBL Stage 810, the Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 Punch is a popular replacement subwoofer for home theater units and factory car audio systems. It’s solid construction and high-quality materials deliver a more profound, tighter bass than most subwoofer components. It also has a shallow mount that easily fits into existing woofer enclosures and tight spaces.

Although it is not the loudest subwoofer, it does have an official power-handling certification. Many subwoofers will claim to have an RMS or peak power handling much higher than what they are capable of. With the Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 Punch, you can be confident it can handle 150 Watts for sustained periods. You will be able to find a suitable amplifier and max it out without having to worry about blowouts or sound distortion. 

To achieve the best performance and sound quality, you may need to consider constructing your DIY enclosure or modifying an existing enclosure to fit this subwoofer perfectly. While this is unnecessary, it may significantly affect how this bass driver sounds.

10. CT Sounds 8-Inch Car Audio Subwoofer

CT Sounds MESO-8-D4 1600 Watts Max 8 Inch Car Subwoofer Dual 4 Ohm
  • 8-inch car subwoofer with RMS Power: 800 Watts RMS; Max Power: 1600 Watts MAX; Coil Configuration: Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer
  • 2.4 Inch - 4 Layer High-Temperature CCAW Voice Coil & 160 Oz Triple Stacked Y35 Grade Ferrite Magnet

CT Sounds 8-inch Car Audio Subwoofer is by far the most powerful 8-inch sub on the market. It is so powerful it actually outperforms a number of dual pre-loaded enclosures, capable of producing the same volume output as many 18-inch subwoofers

  • Extremely powerful
  • Great value
  • Great sound even at the lowest frequencies
  • Prone to overheating
  • Heavy

The power handling of the CT Sounds 8-inch subwoofer is truly unbelievable. At 800 watts RMS, this tiny 8-inch subwoofer is competitive with many fully enclosed 15-inch and 18-inch models. If your main interest is volume, you cannot do better than this CT Sounds product.

Perhaps even more impressive than the tremendous power handling is that this subwoofer maintains high-quality sound with virtually no distortion, even at extreme volume levels. This subwoofer promises a listening experience more immersive and transcendent than any other, akin to attending a stadium concert or music festival in your car, with even less distortion.

On top of having excellent sound quality, this subwoofer is impressively built, with a sturdy and robust frame that adds an extra layer of durability you’ll appreciate when driving on bumpy roads.

With high-quality materials and careful construction, this subwoofer is made to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, the one area it lacks is in the field of cooling technologies. The CT Sounds 8-inch subwoofer is prone to overheating when played at high volumes for long periods. This can be easily avoided by limiting the time you spend listening to music on full blast. Considering this subwoofer can reach uncomfortable levels of loudness, this is probably a good thing in the long run. 

8-inch Subwoofer Buying Guide

What is the difference between subwoofer sizes?

The size of a subwoofer is typically listed in terms of inches, with the four most common sizes being 8, 10, 12, and 15 inches. Although this terminology suggests the dimensions of the subwoofer, it actually just refers to the diameter of the woofer cone itself. In general, a larger size cone will produce a deeper and more powerful sound than a smaller one.

This is simply because larger cones are able to push more air. Larger subwoofers are therefore capable of handling higher levels of amplification and matching lower frequencies. Although not all subwoofers of the same size are created equal, the average 15-inch cone will be louder and richer than the average 8-inch model.

Why choose an 8-inch subwoofer?

Since smaller subwoofers are generally inferior to larger ones, you may be wondering why anyone would ever choose an 8-inch model.

In general, 8-inch subwoofers are more affordable. It’s possible to get a really high-quality, premium 8 inch subwoofer for less money than even the most cheaply made 15-inch subs. Unless you have an endless supply of cash to shell out on premium audio equipment, you should definitely consider selecting a smaller size version. 8-inch subwoofers also serve as great gateway products into the world of external audio equipment.

The best 8 inch subwoofers are also great for conserving space. Speakers can take up a lot of floor space, so if you live in a tiny apartment or want something that can fit on your bookshelf, then an 8 inch subwoofer is a great option. Because they work so well in compact spaces, these models are also incredibly popular for use in cars and ATVs.

The standard, stock sound system in most cars consists of an 8-inch woofer. Many audio enthusiasts will opt to replace this factory woofer with an external component in order to add a little bit of soul to their music without losing any space. Others may choose to put together an encasement for one or two 8-inch subwoofers to really improve the bass in their cars.

Are 8-inch subwoofers any good?

A common misconception when it comes to subwoofers is that larger always means better. This couldn’t be further from the truth! There are lots of factors that influence the overall quality of sound that a subwoofer produces, including design, power-handling, and frequency response.

While it is true that the highest-end, top of the line 15-inch subwoofers will likely perform better than a similar 8-inch model, this doesn’t mean 8-inch subwoofers are inferior. You can still get a really deep, rich, and clear sounding bass with an 8-inch woofer. The choice between subwoofer sizes really just depends on how much you’re willing to spend, what your space constraints are, and what you plan on using it for.

While it may be tempting to seek out the most powerful, loudest subwoofer out there, you probably aren’t going to need or want this if you’re only using it in the car on your morning commute.

Finding an 8-inch Subwoofer That’s Right for You

The 8-inch subwoofers on this list represent the best in sound quality, value, and power. While each one has its strengths and weaknesses, all are sure to enhance your existing audio system without taking up too much space.

When choosing which option is right for you, think about what you will be primarily using it for. Home users will likely opt for enclosed units with sleek designs that integrate well into home environments, whereas motorists may value factors like size, weight, power, and durability more strongly. 

No matter what your needs are, you can’t go wrong with any of the best 8 inch subwoofers in this list.

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