Best Choice Products Guitar Review: Sky 120

best choice beginner guitar set

Brand/Model: Best Choice Products SKY 120

Number of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right

Body Material: Laminate

Neck Material: Sapele

Fretboard Material: Rosewood

Price Range: Under $100

Our Rating: 7/10

BCP Beginners 38″ Acoustic Guitar Review

A beginner’s first question when learning to play guitar is usually about how much to spend for a first-time buy.  If you have a very restrictive budget, and you want to stretch it as much as possible, the Best Choice Products Beginners 38″ guitar is an excellent place to start!

Stretching every dollar means getting as much as possible from your guitar buy.  Not only will you get the guitar with this purchase, but you’ll also receive a complete accessories package to get you playing immediately.  You have a nylon gig bag for storage or travel, shoulder strap, and a digital E-tuner.  You’ll also receive a pitch pipe, picks, and an extra set of replacement strings – on the house.

That’s a sweet getup for a low-cost buy.  Now, onto the guitar!

The acoustic guitar is 38″ (L) x 3.25″ (W) x 14″ (H) in size and weighs 4.7 lbs.  With a 19 fret fingerboard, low-action strings, and body style built to concert proportions, the guitar will be comfortable to hold and play.  It’s a great size for any beginner from young adult to full-grown adults.

You’ll notice the striking blue color in a burst pattern that glistens and shines thanks to the gloss finish.  With the guitar being so affordable, common sense tells you that this isn’t a genuine all-wood constructed guitar.  Of course, the guitar is made from wood, but it’s been laminate-machined made.

This lends to its light weight and extremely affordable price.

This guitar, by no means, is meant to last a lifetime.  It’s a starter acoustic guitar to help a beginner get the most of every dollar without it hurting the household budget.

  • Price
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Steel strings
  • Comfortable body style
  • Complete beginner’s package
  • Requires constant tuning
  • Quality control issues reported

Best Choice Acoustic Guitar Review

Front and rear view of Best Choice Products acoustic guitar

The Best Choice Products guitar is designed as an affordable option for beginner guitarists.  Inevitably, cheaper materials will be used, and this will cause some flaws for buyers.  Various quality control issues include neck issues, easily breaking hardware, finish imperfections, and missing accessories.

Tuning issues likely stem from the cheap hardware.  They’ve been said to be smooth to use, but this may cause slipping strings causing the guitar to come out of tune often.

However, buyers on a budget really enjoy learning the basics on this beginner’s guitar.  For some, it proved worth buying as their interest grew and the justification to spend more on a quality guitar became a realistic decision.

For those whose interest faded, it didn’t hurt since the purchase cost is ridiculously low.  As a result, buyers have determined the guitar is a keeper whether it’s for occasional playing or practice, or if you’re starting your journey learning your music groove!

Best Choice Products 38in Beginner All Wood Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit w/Gig Bag, 6 Celluloid...
  • COMPLETE ALL-IN-ONE GUITAR KIT: No need to buy any additional accessories; this all-inclusive set comes with a gig bag, guitar strap with pick holder, extra nylon strings, 6 celluloid guitar picks, a...
  • ULTIMATE BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE GUITAR: This handcrafted acoustic guitar is designed with a classic shape, elegant finish, and features a beautiful rosette for a modern acoustic look
  • FIT FOR ALL AGES: Playing guitar is easy with 6 accessories, and a classic acoustic guitar shape for a comfortable experience, perfect for teenagers and adults alike

Alternative Acoustic Guitars to Consider

This acoustic guitar isn’t the only beginner’s model available in the market.  If you’re willing to spend a little extra and forfeit the extra accessories, the Maestro by Gibson guitar should be a realistic buy for you.  Again, this one is a laminate-machined guitar, but it offers more quality and sound projection.  It’s a full-size dreadnought acoustic guitar with dot inlays, 20 frets, and an exotic laminate back.

It’s not a genuine Gibson guitar, but for a first-time buy, it would be pretty sweet to have Gibson sporting their name on the headstock!

Another excellent alternative is the Jasmine S34C acoustic guitar.  The Jasmine guitar has a grand orchestra body type with a Venetian-style cutaway.  It has their advanced “X” bracing binding the top to the sides, and it even sports two strap buttons that many complain the Best Choice Products guitar lacks.  The S34C features a satin finish that is drastically different to the gloss on the Beginner’s guitar.

A satin finish is less likely to diminish sound projection, and many players prefer the non-sticky feel and matte-like appearance. It is worth checking out our 5 favorite acoustic guitars less than 100 bucks so you can see which one will suit you best.

Blue Best Choice Products Beginners 38'' guitar

BCP Beginner’s Guitar FAQ

Is this a Kid’s Acoustic Guitar?

It’s a 38″ guitar that’s a bit smaller from a full-size one – 40-41″.  Built with concert-style dimensions, the smaller size and curved cutaways make it comfortable for younger players to learn on.  This guitar should be appropriate for players aged 10 and up.

Is 38 Inch Guitar Good for Adults?

Yes, a 38-inch guitar can be suitable for adults, especially those who prefer a smaller size, have smaller hands, or prioritize portability. It’s often considered a three-quarter size or travel-sized guitar. However, individual comfort and playing style preferences vary, so it’s recommended to try different sizes before making a final decision.

What are the Benefits of Laminate Acoustic Guitars?

While acoustic properties on a laminate guitar won’t be able to be compared against a real wood one, laminate guitars can handle more environmental and climate abuse.  Since they’re more affordable, they’re better to learn guitar with in terms of respect for an instrument especially with younger players.

It would also be a shame to expose your expensive, real wood guitar to humidity changes, salt air, and the knocks and bangs of travel damage.

Are Inexpensive Guitars only for Beginners?

Head stock on Best Choice Products Beginners 38'' guitar

It’s often recommended that beginners start out with a low-cost guitar.  Purists say it’s no way to introduce a beginner with an inexpensive guitar as the quality may not encourage a learner to continue.

However, spending hundreds of dollars on an instrument when you’re just starting out may prove to be impractical when, or if, the interest fades especially if there’s a restrictive budget.

If the budget can stretch to include a guitar twice or three times the price of this one, then all the better for the beginner!

Many pro and experienced players enjoy having a low-cost guitar to endure the abuse of playing anywhere, anytime while they leave their more expensive ones mounted to the wall or on the rack.

Does this Acoustic Guitar Need a Professional Setup?

The guitar comes ready to play and no assembly is needed upon box opening.  However, you will have to first tune the guitar.

You might find that you may want to upgrade the hardware, strings, and install some dot inlays on the frets to really maximize sound potential and ease of playing to improve your successful learning experience.

Why is there only One Strap Button?

Many guitars come with only strap button installed on the base of the guitar.  The strap is supposed to be pinned to the base strap button and then tied around the headstock for better balance.

However, it’s hard to deny the convenience of two strap buttons where the other would be located at the neck heel.

Does the Best Choice Products Beginner’s Guitar come with a Manual?

Are you missing the manual in your package?  It seems like this can happen.  Don’t fret, here’s an e-manual for your Beginner’s 38″ acoustic guitar!

Is this a Nylon or Steel String Guitar?

This is a steel string guitar.  Beginners would find it easier to start off with light gauge phosphor bronze strings that are nicer on the fingers.

Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need

Best Choice Products Gig Bag

Fortunately, you’re already getting quite a lot with the purchase.  You’ll receive the digital tuner, pick, pitch pipe, case, strap, and replacement strings with the guitar.

What’s left to buy to complete your beginner’s package?  The following items are optional, but you may want to consider a few of these extra tidbits to help you reach your full guitarist potential!

Standout Features of the BCP guitar

  • Great beginner’s guitar
  • Complete accessories package included
  • Multiple finish options available

Our Verdict on the Best Choice 38″ Acoustic Guitar

To strum it up, the Best Choice Products Beginner’s 38″ Acoustic Guitar is a cheap, first-time buy.  You don’t have to stress over whether your new interest fades or if you end up quickly out-growing this one.

It’s designed to get you in the field and discovering your music potential while spending as little as possible.  Have fun casually jammin’ or take it to a new level when you’ve uncovered your hidden talent!

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