Traveler Guitar Review – Pro-Series Acoustic Electric (with Gig Bag)

Pro series traveler guitar scale comparison

Brand/Model: Traveler Guitar Pro-Series

Number of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right

Body Material: Maple

Neck Material: Maple

Fretboard Material: Ebonized Rosewood

Price Range: Under $400

Our Rating: 8.2/10

Traveler Guitar Pro-Series Review

Traveler Guitar Pro Series

When it comes to traveling with an instrument, it comes down to small sizes and light weights for the most convenient experience.

Leave it to Traveler Guitar to release the Pro Series with convenience in mind for you traveling musicians.

One look at this guitar and you might feel like your instrument has teeth. No, those aren’t teeth, it’s the in-body tuning system.

Instead of a headstock, the pegs are built into the one-piece maple body. It looks a bit odd, but it gets the job done.

The Pro Series guitar replicates Traveler Guitar’s original model. That funky piece at the bottom is a lap rest that can be detached for even more compact convenience.

Without the heft and bulk of a traditional-shaped guitar, this traveler’s instrument is 64 percent lighter and 28 percent shorter.

It’s perfect for airplane overhead cabins and stashing away in an overnight bag. But, you could always just use the gig bag that’s included in the purchase – duh!

The electronics incorporates Piezo and electric pickups. The “unique internal resonant pickup system” even allows for private listening with a stethophone headset that doesn’t run on batteries or even an amp.

How’s that for simple traveling technology?

  • Compact size
  • Battery-free stethophone listening
  • Detachable lap rest
  • One-piece maple body
  • Price
  • Pickup issues
  • Tuning issues

Pro Series Traveler Guitar Reviews

Electronics on Traveler Guitar

As a travel guitar, it’s perfect in every way. The design and concept couldn’t be better. But, when it actually comes to practical use, some buyer’s had a difficult time getting past the weird and in-body tuning design. Many players actually felt it came out of tune a lot.

The piezo pickups were a point of complaint as well. Buyer’s said it lacks tonal range, the acoustic pickup was inhibited in function, and the pickup switch would fail.

However, the majority of buyers love the full length fretboard, the private listening stethophone, and that it’s rather easy to tune. For those who found their groove with the Pro Series Traveler guitar, it proved to be worth the buy. For others, a traditional guitar under $300 seemed to be a better option for them.

Traveler Guitar 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Matte Black (PSS BKMMP)
  • One-piece maple neck-through-body
  • Hybrid Acoustic and Electric with piezo and electric pickups
  • Full 24 3/4" scale steel-string acoustic/electric travel guitar

Alternative Acoustic Electric Guitars to Consider

Being attracted to this guitar might just have you wanting to compare similar options. But, how do you compare such a unique guitar? You stay within the Traveler Guitar family! If you’re willing to dish out a few bucks more, the splashy and futuristic-looking PRO MOD X Pro-Series Mod-X Hybrid Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar might tickle your taste buds.

It’s definitely within that unique breed of travel guitars if that’s what you like!

If you’re not so much into the funky and hip design of this travel guitar, then you should opt for the LX1E Little Martin Travel Guitar. It maintains its conventional guitar shape and style just scaled-down.

It also competes in the same price range as the Pro Series guitar. It does come with a soft carry bag, so you’ll be set to go and travel with it where you wish. While Ed Sheeran gave this guitar its fame, we also found it worthy of its own review.

But, if none of these guitars are fulfilling your idea of the perfect acoustic electric guitars, check out some of our other reviews instead. You can’t say we haven’t given you plenty of options!

Traveler Guitar Pro-Series FAQ

What Strings does the Pro Series Guitar come with?

It comes pre-strung with D’Addario EJ15 strings, however, you can also use whatever you prefer.

Does the Traveler Guitar have an Adjustable Truss Rod?

Yes, there’s a fully adjustable truss rod in the guitar.

Do the Tuning Gears Lock?

They don’t lock into place, but you can contact Traveler Guitar to install locking tuners.

What are the Dimensions of the Acoustic Electric Travel Guitar?

Full body length is 28″, body depth 1.5″, overall depth 2″, and height 5.25″ without the lap rest. It also weighs only 3 lbs 8 oz. The neck width at the nut is 1.75″. The neck is a full-scale neck for an adult player.

Where is the Pro Series Guitar Made?

It used to be made in the USA until 1999. Today, it’s now made in China with the same manufacturer that was initially hired in 2000.

What are the Dimensions of the Included Gig Bag?

The gig bag is perfect for the travel guitar with dimensions of 30″ (L) x 7.5″ (W) x 3.5″ (H).

Where are the Electronic Controls Located?

The controls can be found on the detachable lap rest. It includes the pickup selector switch, volume controls for each pickup, and a standard 1/4″ output jack.

Does the Pro Series Guitar come with an Accessories Bundle?

Unfortunately, the only extras you get is the included gig bag.

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Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need

For a hefty price of just under 400 bucks, you only get the guitar and a gig bag in the purchase. You’ll need to stock up on equipment to ensure you get amplified.

For a list of what you’ll need, strum by our complete accessories for guitars guide to get plugged-in sooner than later! For now, our short list will have to do.

Standout Features of the Traveler Guitar

  • Unique design
  • Quiet playing
  • Solid body

Our Verdict On The Traveler Guitar

To strum it up, we don’t think the Traveler Guitar Pro-Series Acoustic Electric guitar is a cheap buy. However, for the convenience of traveling, it’s worth every cent. If you’re staying put, you will most certainly be served better with a cheaper guitar under 300 bucks.

But, if traveling is in your future, you should get used to the very unique design!

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