Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under $1000 In 2020 – Top Rated & Superb Quality

List of Electric Acoustic Guitars Below 1000

Do you want a brand-name guitar within your budget?

What about a guitar that will stay with you for decades?

This is what the under $1000 price range offers!

Of course, value is always something you want to look for, especially when you’re dropping a grand.

But, like always, we’ve got the best lineup of acoustic electric guitars that does justice to every dollar spent! 

Our 7 Top Electric Acoustic Guitars Less Than $1000

Realistically speaking, you’re not going to be spending this kind of cash unless you’ve been playing for quite some time. While these guitars are certainly not the most expensive instruments out there, they’re still worth hanging on the wall.

But, beyond the appeal they add to a guitar collection, they’re best suited for both stage and studio playing – something an intermediate and pro player might know a little more about than a beginner player.

However, there might be a gem or two in this under $1000 lineup that even a rich newbie might be willing to cash in on!

tsj-table__imageTaylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium
  • Body: Rosewood/Spruce
  • Neck: Sapele
  • Pickup: Expression System 2
tsj-table__imageTaylor GS Mini-e Koa
  • Body: Koa
  • Neck: Sapele
  • Pickup: Expression System 2
tsj-table__imageOvation Mod TX Collection
  • Body: Solid Spruce
  • Neck: Satin Maple
  • Pickup: OCP1K Pickup
tsj-table__imageYamaha SLG200S Silent Guitar
  • Body: Rosewood/ Maple
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Pickup: SRT-Powered
tsj-table__imageYamaha A3R A-Series
  • Body: Rosewood/Spruce
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Pickup: System63 SRT
tsj-table__imageGretsch G5022CWFE-12 Rancher
  • Body: Solid Spruce
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Pickup: Fishman Sonicore
tsj-table__imageLuna Vista Deer
  • Body: Cocobolo
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Pickup: Piezo

The Best Acoustic Electric Guitars for Under $1000

1. Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Tobacco Sunburst
  • "Shape: Grand Auditorium Number of Strings: 6 Back/Side Wood: Layered Rosewood Scale length: 25-1/2"" Top Wood: Sitka Spruce Body Length: 20"" Electronics: Expression System Body Width: 16"" Cutaway:...
  • Number of Strings: 6
  • Back/Side Wood: Layered Rosewood

We bent the rules a little bit with this one because it technically doesn’t fall under $1000. It’s a little over the budget, but it’s well suited for this category, otherwise, it would fall in among the throngs of other well-made acoustic electric guitars in the under $2000 budget. We couldn’t let that happen, so here it is!

As you would expect, this Taylor is in every way worth its brand name, and it’s a jewel to add to your guitar collection. With a 3-layered laminate veneer and a solid Sitka top, you’ve got your compromises for an entry-level Taylor.

It’s not as large as a jumbo dreadnought, but thanks to the rosewood and spruce tone woods, you’ve got resonance and sound projection that speaks louder than you think it would.

With the Taylor Expression System 2 electronics, an included hard shell case, and gorgeous diamond inlays, this Taylor is finally within your budget and your grasp!

2. Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top ESB w/Gig Bag with case
  • Body Body shape: Other Cutaway: Non-cutaway Top: Hawaiian koa Back and sides: Layered koa Bracing pattern: Other Body finish: Varnish Orientation: Right handed Neck Shape: Other Nut width: 1.687"...

Ka-ching! Another Taylor in this lineup for acoustic electric guitars under 1000! The GS Mini-e Koa is a stunning piece of art with its downright beautiful Hawaiian wood. The best thing about this beauty is it has excellent sound projection jam-packed into a compact size. That’s the idea behind the GS Mini Series, and it’s been done well.

Despite it’s smaller dimensions, it’s deep body makes it feel like you’re wielding a full-size guitar that also sounds like one too. Despite it’s 3-layered, laminate Koa back and sides, you’ve still got the solid Koa top, Sapele neck, and Ebony fretboard that exudes quality.

While it’s an excellent choice of instrument for living-room pickers and campfire strummers, it can also keep up with the demands of solos or even playing unplugged over yards of outdoor space for an enthusiastic crowd. The GS Mini is more than just a go-anywhere guitar, it’s a crowd-pleaser!

3. Ovation Mod TX Collection 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Ovation Guitars is no stranger to the industry with its rich history of innovation. Now with their new Modern TX Collection, they offer even better playability. The Mod TX Collection 12-String Acoustic-Electric guitar provides several unique features.

✔️ What we like: Unique matte black textured finish.

What we don’t like: Requires extra equipment for playability (as an acoustic-electric).

? Standout Features:

  • Elite multi-port soundholes
  • Deep contour cutaway design
  • OP-Pro preamp and OCP1 pickup combination
  • Playable without extra equipment as an acoustic guitar

Although this guitar does not provide the sought-after resonance of a solid wood body, The Mod TX efficiently transmits vibrations with its Lyrachord body. This, along with its Multi-port soundholes, reduces its feedback even at higher volumes. The unique combination of the tonewood top and synthetic Lyrachord body ring true to that signature Ovation sound of balance and impressive tone clarity.

The neck is also made from satin-finished maple which injects brightness into your notes. This guitar is kitted out with a OP-Pro preamp and OCP1 pickup combination, giving plugged-in performances an undeniably accurate extension of that beautiful acoustic sound. The cutaway design of this sleek guitar gives you even better mobility to reach all 22 frets, improving the playability. The Mod TX also boasts a scalloped x-bracing which offers you a more responsive guitar. The price of the Mod TX 12-String Acoustic-Electric means that it has some fierce competition. Many guitars offer similar features at lower prices, including solid wood body guitars. However, the untraditional look of the Mod TX is irrefutable and truly a unique design. If you’re looking for a solid guitar with tried and tested features, and a look that will surely make you stand out, then this is the guitar for you.

4. Yamaha SLG200S Steel String Silent Guitar

Yamaha SLG200S TBS Steel String Silent Guitar with Hard Gig Bag, Tobacco Sunburst
  • Steel Strings, Translucent Black Finish
  • The SLG is the perfect instrument for practice, travel or stage use – any time an acoustic guitar just won’t do.
  • Near-silent performance makes discrete practice simple

This Silent Guitar is an interesting kind of guitar. You’ll notice its bodiless design gives the instrument a unique kind of appeal. Perhaps the kind of appeal that players would want to avoid waking others in the middle of the night, or disrupting the hush while on a bus?

However, just because it’s quiet when you want it to be, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a loud performer. With Yamaha’s exclusive SRT electronic technology, the sound impact when plugged in is going to be pure and unlike any other acoustic electric guitar you’ve heard before.

In fact, Yamaha’s SRT technology is what helped the Yamaha A3R A-Series take the number one spot in this lineup of acoustic electrics under $1000 – even over a Taylor and a Martin! Now, that’s got to be saying something, and as the cheapest guitar in this lineup, it has a lot of value going for it!

5. Yamaha A3R A-Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha A-Series A3R Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Soft Case, Vintage Natural
  • Solid Sitka Spruce top with scalloped bracing for a louder, richer acoustic sound
  • Yamaha's new SRT2 system allows you to blend between microphone models and the piezo pickup to find your perfect tone
  • High comfort satin mahogany neck with a slim taper profile

How does a Yamaha take a spot when there’s a Martin and a Taylor in this lineup? We’ll tell you how. Fully solid wood body. American-made. Superb electronics.

Trust Yamaha to offer an affordable, well-made guitar in the under 1000 price range with a complete and solid wood body. This particular one is made out of solid Rosewood with a solid Spruce top and Mahogany neck.

Interesting fact: the Yamaha A-Series is the first American-made series for the brand. Even its SRT technology that’s found only on the A3 and the AC3 acoustic electric guitars is the result of an extensive collaboration of experts from both the American and Japanese Yamaha teams.

With meticulous attention to detail, not just on the construction, but on the electronics too, your acoustic electric guitar will sound like an acoustic when plugged in. It’s a give-in that under-saddle piezo pickups tend to lose the natural sound of the combination of acoustics and tone woods. However, the SRT system integrates an internal microphone blender to balance the gain from the electronics while enhancing the natural tones of an acoustic. Oh, there’s so much more on this fantastic dreadnought guitar. You’ll have to check out the full review for more!

6. Gretsch Rancher Falcon (G5022CWFE-12)

The first thing you notice when you see the Gretsch Rancher Falcon guitar is the glossy white body, with gold sparkle binding adding a touch of elegance. The dark rosewood fretboard contrasts beautifully against the spruce body. Despite its jumbo size, this curvy instrument sits comfortably in your lap.

✔️ What we like: The guitar has a beautiful rich sound and is comfortable to play.

What we don’t like: The Rancher is only available in one color.

? Standout Features:

  • Onboard tuner
  • Quality feel to fretwork
  • Fishman Sonicore Pickup
  • Full, rich sound

The fretwork has a smooth, semi-circular edge that is not bevelled too steeply, giving it the feel of a much pricier instrument and the benefit of more space before the treble E string.

The headstock on this instrument is rather large and the wider body does give it a bit more weight, but this is expected of a jumbo. The mahogany neck is suited to a comfortable, fast play.

Keeping the strings in tune is easily done with the responsive, onboard tuner. This guitar has the rich, brilliant tone associated with 12 strings. It is a little quieter than other jumbos, tough, and a little light on the bass. The volume isn’t a problem if you are playing by itself or with another acoustic, but it can seem muted with drums or bass around. Even so, you can just plug it into an amp and problem solved! The onboard Fishman Sonicore pickup does a great job of capturing the guitar’s voice, generating a full, rich sound that also pumps up the bass.

This guitar only comes in white, so that might be a slight downer for those of you who like to have color options. However, with its gorgeous looks and excellent voice, it is a great buy for its price. If you are looking for a guitar that can perform in any acoustic environment, the Gretsch Rancher Falcon could be the answer.

7. Luna Vista Deer Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Wow. This guitar. I mean, just look at it! The co-founder of Luna Guitars, Yvonne de Villers, aimed to design instruments that would reflect the personality of their owners, and that is exactly what the Deer does. In fact, their whole vista series is just breathtaking, but this is a personal favourite. Combining fine-art with expert craftsmanship, this grand concert guitar is really something to see. It’s quirky, yet very beautiful. The Luna Vista Deer showcases an intricate moonlit deer scene in tropical wood and is the perfect way to make a statement on stage.

✔️ What we like:  The unique craftsmanship that makes this guitar a piece of art.

What we don’t like:  There is no pickguard.

? Standout Features:

  • Fishman preamp system with built-in tuner
  • Tooled leather look hard case included
  • Expert craftsmanship

The guitar features a lovely 25 ½”, ebony fretboard with mother of pearl, moon inlays. It’s mahogany C-shaped neck, combined with its’ slim, cutaway body makes for a really comfortable play.

The Luna Vista Deer produces a gorgeous, bright, acoustic sound, even without the pickup. Amping up emphasises the guitar’s warm tone without losing any of its acoustic loveliness (if that’s even a word), making it perfect for both playing to a crowd and intimate jamming. One of my favourite qualities of the Deer is the way its body hums back to you, giving an added feel for the music. Although I will say, to get the most out of this guitar, you should swap out the strings for some Elixirs.

The Deer is equipped with a Fishman preamp system and built-in tuner, which is kind of surprising, given the price and the strap-peg is a nice touch too. However, it doesn’t have a pickguard, so it could scratch quite easily – that’s the only real downside. But, a guitar like this deserves to be on display anyway!

Ultimately, the Luna Vista Deer is a playable work of art, and at that price… What’s not to love?

What to Expect in This Price Range Of Under 1000 Dollars

Spending $1000 on a guitar should buy you a ton more quality over a $500 acoustic electric guitar. That’s why you want to look for the best in either the laminate construction, or even better, find a solid wood guitar – they can be found in this budget. At least if you find a laminate/solid wood combo, you’re getting a brand name guitar with a reputation. You’ll also want to look at how the electronics are going to perform with your choice of guitar too. With several features to scrutinize over, let’s help you out with a few tips!

  • Tone woods: Solid tops are expected in this higher end of the budget. You’ll also start seeing solid body guitars too.
  • Quality: There should be no complaints about quality in this price range. However, there might always be some evidence of a quality control complaint, but if it’s not the trend, you’re good to go.
  • Sound: Size will have a lot to do with sound projection. Ensure the guitar size you’re purchasing suits your needs when unplugged sound projection is an important factor.
  • Electronics: You should notice a difference in quality in the preamps and pickups in this price range versus cheaper guitars. Better sound systems typically comes from better brands.
  • Accessories: Additional accessories and equipment are practically non-existent in this price range. However, hard shell cases are often included in the purchase in this budget.
  • Brand: More well-known and respected brands are going to start their entry-level guitars in this price range. Ensure warranties are in order to protect your investment.
  • Value: Ensure the features, such as electronics, choice of tone woods, finishes, and size all match the price the guitar. Without acceptable features, the guitar will lack value – even if it’s a $1000 brand-name guitar.

You’ve Earned the Right to be Picky!

In this price range of under $1000, you’re going to see brands compete against each other with decently-sized margins. You can be enticed by a world-class brand, but then you could have everything you want from a slightly inferior brand.

To avoid buyer’s remorse, ensure you’re specific about the features you want. Whether it be size, sonic projection, or the electronics, you’ve earned the right to be picky with your acoustic electric guitar – you’re going to spend a grand!

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