Yamaha APX500III Review – Top Quality Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar

Yamaha APX 500 III Guitar

Brand/Model: Yamaha APX500III Thinline

Number of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right

Body Material: Nato/Spruce top

Neck Material: Nato

Fretboard Material: Rosewood

Price Range: Under $300

Our Rating: 9/10

There is a newer model available which is the Yamaha APX600 BL.

Yamaha APX500III Review

Neck of Yamaha APX 500 Guitar

The Yamaha APX500III Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar might be out of a newbie’s first-time budget buy, but it has some great entry-level features that you’ll definitely be willing to pay for.

We all know that guitarists have a little streak of vanity in them – that’s why their guitars look sexy as hell! This Yamaha has a striking and arresting aesthetic appeal with its black and glossy finish. But, that’s not all. It’s also available in a few other finish colors.

Now, let’s talk about size shall we? It’s definitely not as large as a standard dreadnought. This is a thinline guitar that’s super comfortable to hold and play close to your body.

The thin body with the cutaway also allows for full access to the 22 fret rosewood fingerboard. This acoustic-electric guitar also offers a full-size experience with a full scale of 25.6″.

When it comes to wood, this thing is pieced together with nato and a spruce top. Keeping wood costs low means a better price tag for you.

Resonance is deep and clear with this guitar, in part, you owe your thanks to the non-scalloped X-type bracing. It allows for full tone and an authentic acoustic sound. It also has Yamaha’s System 66 preamp that’s powered with AA batteries that users will find easy to use. It also has an under-saddle Piezo pickup system that will enable you with total tonal control.

You’ve still got an ample and dominant bass presence because of the non-scalloped X bracing. But, with the controls, you can fiddle around with the highs and lows to shape whatever sound tickles your fancy.

  • Thinline body
  • Cutaway
  • System 66 preamp
  • Under-saddle Piezo pickup
  • Non-scalloped X bracing
  • Price
sunburst color of Yamah APX 500 III

Yamaha APX500III Reviews

While the price is low and is an advantage, it can also be a drawback. As an entry-level guitar, it might be too high for a beginner to justify paying that much.

However, happy beginners report that it’s worth the cost. This guitar is versatile enough to cater to fingerpicking and strumming. It’s very comfortable to hold, and it’s not so small that it feels like a child’s toy.

Buyers like that it needs little to no setup out of the box. The action came at a comfortable and low level for them. It also looks like a winning guitar to encourage you to be a winning player on stage!

Aside from the comfortable playing experience, it’s got decent hardware and fantastic electronics. Everything about it screams awesomeness. It’s probably why it’s so popular among the beginner crowd!

Alternative Acoustic-Electric Guitars to Consider

If you’re still after something smaller, perhaps for traveling, you might want to consider its cousin, the Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar. It’s definitely smaller, but it still has some punch to it when plugged in. After all, it’s plug-in power that you want from an acoustic electric guitar right? If budget is still a main concern, don’t worry about it – it’s cheaper! If this sounds like something you could love, see our full review that we did on it.

Another guitar that’s even cheaper and still very popular is the Jameson Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar. There’s some extra perks that’s thrown into the purchase as well. It’s still a full-size guitar, but it’s comfortable to play with the thinline body and cutaway. It’s under 100 bucks and will be a true sport in the guitar field. We even put our stamp of approval on it, and you can strum by our full review on the Jameson guitar here!

If you want to stretch the budget a bit, you have plenty of options there too. Check out our list of the best acoustic electric guitars for the money to see which guitars best fit your price range. This guitar is also featured on our page looking at great acoustic electric guitars for the beginner guitarist.

Yamaha APX600 BL Thin Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Black
  • Thin-line cutaway Body design for exceptional playability
  • 25" Scale Length and narrower string spacing for Enhanced comfort
  • New scalloped bracing pattern for increased bass response

Yamaha APX500III Thinline FAQ

What are the other Finish Color Options on the Yamaha APX500III?

This is the Black finish, but there’s also the Natural, Dusk Sun Red, Vintage Sunburst, and Oriental Blue Burst.

Is there a Warranty on the Yamaha Thinline Guitar?

There is a lifetime warranty offered by Yamaha on the top, neck, back, and sides.

Is Yamaha’s APX 500 iii a Laminate or Solid Guitar?

It’s a laminate guitar that’s made to keep costs as low as possible.

What are the On-Board Controls?

It’s a very simple system with volume, low, mid, and high controls. It also has a mid-range frequency control. Even better, it also comes with a built-in digital tuner.

Is the APX500III or the APXT2 3/4 Better for a Beginner?

The APX500 is still considered full size but with a thinline body. It’s smaller than a dreadnought and easier to hold and play. However, the 3/4 size guitar is great for smaller persons with smaller hands or for a child.

It’s also great as a travel guitar. Both guitars would be great for a beginner. If you want more acoustic sound, the APX500 will be the better choice.

How much does the APX500III Acoustic Electric Guitar Weigh?

It weighs 4.28 pounds – very lightweight.

Is there a Left-Hand Model of this APX 500 iii Guitar?

Unfortunately, there are no left-hand models available for the APX500 guitar.

Is the Action similar to an Electric Guitar Neck?

The action is not as low as an electric guitar, but the neck is slim like an electric guitar.

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Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need

The purchase of this Thinline Yamaha guitar will give you nothing but the guitar itself. This means that you’ll need to purchase all the gear separately to get plugged-in.

If you’re not sure what you need to get equipped, our great guide to must have accessories will hold your hand throughout the process. Otherwise, here’s some starter suggestions to get you going.

Standout Features of the Yamaha APX 500 iii

  • Entry-level
  • Easy to play
  • Little to no setup needed

Our Verdict on the Yamaha APX500III

To strum it up, the under 300 dollar Yamaha APX500III Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar is worth it if you value its specially-designed features.

It’s a little pricey for an entry-level guitar, but it’s got excellent potential. It’s a versatile guitar to help bring out the inner musician in you!

There is a newer model available which is the Yamaha APX600 BL.

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