7 Best High End Bookshelf Speakers In 2024 (Premium Sound & Price)

Best High End Bookshelf Speakers

Finding the best high end bookshelf speakers can be boring to some people who just want an amazing stereo system at home without all of the hassle of researching.

For others, it can be a difficult and nerve-racking process because you want incredible speakers and you don’t want to choose the wrong pair.

You don’t have to hunt through dozens of websites to discover the best bookshelf speakers any longer.

I took care of you by reviewing the top speakers in this category for you today.

Continue reading to learn more about my expert recommendations.

Quick List: Top 7 High End Bookshelf Speakers

  1. Dynaudio Special 40 High End Bookshelf Speakers
  2. Elac ARB51-GB Premium Bookshelf Speakers
  3. B&W 606MB Bookshelf SpeakersBest Affordable High End
  4. KEF LS50 Wireless Bookshelf SpeakersBest Overall
  5. KEF LS50 Mini Monitor
  6. Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speakers
  7. KEF R300 Bookshelf SpeakersMost Expensive

Researching High End Bookshelf Speakers

Best Affordable High End
B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) Bookshelf Speaker 606MB (Matte Black) (1Pair)【Japan Domestic Genuine...
Best Overall
KEF LS50 Mini Monitor - High Gloss Piano Black (Pair), Speaker only
Most Expensive
KEF R300 Bookshelf Loudspeaker - Gloss White (Pair)
B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) Bookshelf Speaker 606MB (Matte Black) (1Pair)【Japan Domestic Genuine...
KEF LS50 Mini Monitor - High Gloss Piano Black (Pair), Speaker only
KEF R300 Bookshelf Loudspeaker - Gloss White (Pair)
Best Affordable High End
B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) Bookshelf Speaker 606MB (Matte Black) (1Pair)【Japan Domestic Genuine...
B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) Bookshelf Speaker 606MB (Matte Black) (1Pair)【Japan Domestic Genuine...
Best Overall
KEF LS50 Mini Monitor - High Gloss Piano Black (Pair), Speaker only
KEF LS50 Mini Monitor - High Gloss Piano Black (Pair), Speaker only
Most Expensive
KEF R300 Bookshelf Loudspeaker - Gloss White (Pair)
KEF R300 Bookshelf Loudspeaker - Gloss White (Pair)

You’ll get the greatest sound from bigger speakers, but most of us don’t have the room to accommodate them.

They are big and bulky and take up too much space.

That’s why I prefer these smaller high end bookshelf speakers and I bet you do too.

If you are looking for the best high end home theater speakers you can take a look at our article on those.

As I took the time to research high quality speakers, I chose to focus my search on a few key areas and looked for certain features that pinpoint the best of the best with speakers of this nature.

As an example, if you’re going to buy high end bookshelf speakers, they better look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Would you pay over $1000 or more for ugly and out-of-date looking speakers?

I wouldn’t think so.

Besides an appealing looking speaker, I also focused my reviews on sound quality, amplification, whether or not the speaker is affordable, the size of the speaker and whether or not it can fit on a bookshelf, and other important bells and whistles that make bookshelf speakers high or low quality.

If vintage bookshelf speakers are more your thing or you think you might be out of your budget you could take a look at the best bookshelf speakers under $1000 and under $500.

Overall we found the KEF LS50 wireless speakers to be one of the best high end bookshelf speakers on the market. With several colors to choose from, 230w of amplification in each speaker and easy streaming capability these are definitely premium quality speakers.

Not everybody likes the same brand so stick around to discover my best choices for the seven top high end bookshelf speakers currently available at your favorite online retailers.

The Best High End Bookshelf Speakers In 2024

1. Dynaudio Special 40 High-End Bookshelf Speakers

The Dynaudio Special 40 Bookshelf Speakers are an audiophile’s wet dream because they have a brand-new tweeter, a specially optimized 17 cm woofer, and a gorgeous aesthetic design.

✔️ What we like: Beautiful speakers will look amazing in your home

❌ What we don’t like: The sound is thin and narrow

Standout Features:

  • Magnesium silicate polymer driver
  • Esotar 40 tweeter
  • 40th anniversary special edition

If you’re looking for dynamic and detailed sound out of your speakers, then you’ll definitely appreciate these bookshelf speakers by Dynaudio. They are agile, deliver heavy bass and the audio comes out of the speakers in a dynamic rhythm.

The best thing that I think you’ll love about the speakers is the way they look. The finish is gorgeous to say the least. They definitely have that high-quality look and feel about them. And if you design your living room the right way, the speakers will match up perfectly with your furniture and other aesthetics.

Do you know what else I like about the speakers? They are built to last and they were created and designed with improved dampening and airflow to reduce all back pressure and allow the diaphragm to move easier. This means there is less distortion coming out of the speaker and higher quality audio for you to enjoy and appreciate. Combine this with the magnesium silicate polymer tweeter and you’re on your way to gorgeous sounding audio that you and your family can really appreciate.

On the other hand, one reviewer felt the audio was a little too thin and a little too narrow when putting the speakers up on a bookshelf. He said that they sound a lot better when you have them on top of a stand. Maybe his bookshelf was a little bit too far from where he was sitting in his living room.

It’s possible that the audio quality would improve if he was sitting a lot closer to the speakers. But that’s just speculation because I personally didn’t have this problem at all so I’m only trying to guess what this reviewer may have been going through.

In the end, the Dynaudio Special 40 Bookshelf Speakers have a beautiful aesthetic quality and the amazing sound pumping through these little bookshelf speakers. The audio is loud and clear and very easy to listen to.

2. Elac ARB51-GB Premium Bookshelf Speakers

ELAC ARB51-GB Navis Premium Powered Bookshelf Speakers - (Pair) Gloss Black
  • Speaker type: 3-Way Powered - Tweeter: 1″ Soft Dome Concentrically Mounted - Midrange: 4″ Aluminum - Woofer: 5-1/4″ Aluminum

The Elac ARB51-GB Bookshelf Speakers are the second runner-up because of their 40 W class AB amplifier, the multicolor cabinet finish, and the total 300 W of power.

✔️ What we like: State-of-the-art drivers and custom woofers

❌ What we don’t like: The speaker doesn’t come with a remote control

Standout Features:

  • 160 W bass amplifier
  • 300 W total amplification
  • 3 way powered speaker

This is an exciting speaker because it’s perfect for anyone looking to experience great quality audio as part of their home stereo system but desires a more minimalist design and speaker style. This demure speaker is quite small in stature yet it delivers a powerful punch. And it definitely deserves to be called a high-end speaker because it has high-class amplifiers, a stunning design, and a powerful 300 Ws of pure amp power that’s hard to come by in a little speaker such as this.

Do you want to know what I like about this speaker the most? It’s the elegant and beautiful cabinets. The speaker cabinets are so gorgeous that they have a wonderful fine furniture finish and they’re available in wood veneer, gloss white, or gloss black, which means you’ll find the perfect color and style to meet your aesthetic needs.

On the other hand, I only discovered one minor complaint. One reviewer was an unhappy customer who was upset because the speaker doesn’t come with a remote control. Some people do not want to get up and adjust the audio or the settings for any reason at all and for those people they should buy speakers with a remote control. But if you don’t mind these slightly minor inconveniences then you’re going to absolutely love the overall sound, power, and aesthetic look and appeal that these speakers deliver.

On the whole, the Elac ARB51-GB Bookshelf Speakers are an absolute joy because of their flexible connections, their high-end amplifiers and tweeters, and the multicolor finishes that will look fantastic in just about any room no matter the color.

3. B&W 606MB Bookshelf Speakers – Best Affordable High End

The B&W 606MB Bookshelf Speakers is an amazing set of speakers with spacious, detailed, and dynamic sound and a well-made finish.

✔️ What we like: Incorporates continuum driver technology

❌ What we don’t like: The treble can sound a little too tinny at times

Standout Features:

  • Attractive design
  • 25 mm aluminum dome tweeter
  • Better balanced sound quality

First off, I really like these speakers a lot because of their incredible sound quality. Some people feel the treble sounds a little bit too aggressive at times, but overall you’ll see that the audio is well-balanced, crystal-clear, and sounds amazing when listening to your favorite music, podcasts, movies, or TV shows.

Even more important, you have to give the speakers a little bit of time to break in after taking them out of the box. They won’t sound as good as they should right away, but after you use them for a few hours straight the audio will begin to sound stunning just like it should.

On the back of the speakers you’ll discover a bass reflex port. Now I know most of you really don’t care about the technical specifics of their speakers. You just want them to work and sound good, right? Well, it’s this port that delivers the heart thumping bass that you’ll love in action scenes and dramatic instances in your favorite movies and TV shows.

You’ll even like the way the bass sounds when you’re playing heart pounding video games because it really comes through in these situations.

As slightly alluded to above, previous reviewers have said that the treble can get a little out of whack with the speakers. And by out of whack I mean it can sound a little too high-pitched and tinny at times if you turn the audio up too loud. Now this doesn’t seem to be an issue for everyone but it did happen to at least one person so I felt it should be mentioned in this review.

Your speakers may sound a little too tinny if you turn them up too loud, so try not to blow out your eardrums and keep the decibels at a respectable level.

I like the B&W 606MB Bookshelf Speakers because of the great sound that they deliver, the thumping bass, the balanced audio, and the beautiful finish.

4. KEF LS50 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

KEF LS50 Wireless Powered Music System (White, Pair)
  • Connect wirelessly via dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity or Bluetooth 4.0, as well as wired via an asynchronous USB Connection, digital (TOSLINK) input, or an RCA analog input.

The KEF LS50 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers are a real fan favorite because they incorporate dual band Wi-Fi connectivity and use Bluetooth 4.0.

✔️ What we like: Control speakers wirelessly through smart phone apps

❌ What we don’t like: One speaker stopped working out of nowhere

Standout Features:

  • 5.25” Uni-Q Driver
  • Available in three color schemes
  • Connects wired or wirelessly to audio devices

For the most part, I think you’re going to fall head over heels in love with these speakers because they deliver incredibly high quality audio every step of the way. You can connect them wirelessly to your smart phone, your PC, your laptop computer, your Mac, your iPhone, or any other electronic device for that matter and hear top-of-the-line audio at all times.

The sound is never compromised and always very clear, easy to understand, and the high fidelity sound makes these speakers extra special.

From a technical standpoint, these speakers benefit tremendously from their high quality power amplification. You can really crank up the volume and listen to audio coming from the speakers at very high decibels without having to worry about hearing crackling treble, or difficult to determine bass, or any other negatives for that matter. The speakers are going to sound great under all conditions because they were built that way with high-end audio in mind.

Unfortunately one of the reviews I read was from an individual who said one of his speakers broke relatively quickly after using them for a short while. Obviously this is a major disappointment because you do not want one of your brand-new speakers to break suddenly out of nowhere.

But it happened to this guy and he wasn’t very happy about it. He also should have spent time writing to the manufacturer instead of complaining about the situation online. You’ll catch more flies with honey they say and writing a negative review isn’t going to endear him to anyone. Regardless, his speakers were probably still under warranty so he could easily send them back for a replacement.

Overall the KEF LS50 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers are the best overall choice for high end bookshelf speakers as they offer great stereo sound, crystal-clear performance, and are available in three color schemes.

5. KEF LS50 Mini Monitor – Best Overall

KEF LS50 Mini Monitor - High Gloss Piano Black (Pair), Speaker only
  • The LS50 radiates an extremely large listening sweet spot and delivers a remarkably fast, clean, and expansive sound with its Uni-Q driver array.

The KEF LS50 Mini Monitor is a popular choice because of the high quality cabinet construction, the clean and expansive sound, and the crossover frequency range.

✔️ What we like: Solid bass tones, pinpoint frequency accuracy

❌ What we don’t like: Right channel made a clicking sound after nine months

Standout Features:

  • 3 available finishes
  • Patent pending housing technology
  • Legendary studio sound

Although these speakers will work perfectly as a set of high-end bookshelf speakers, they also double as studio speakers as well. So if you’re into mixing, mastering, or producing music of any kind, you’ll love having these speakers at your beck and call because they truly deliver amazing audio at the highest levels possible.

But truly, any audiophile looking to spruce up their home stereo system cannot go wrong with these amazing bookshelf speakers from KEF. The audio can pump all throughout the room and create an energizing output that’s very hard to miss. You’ll be standing on your feet and dancing in no time as you groove to the music because it’s just too enticing when you hear it coming from these speakers.

The size of the speakers is another astounding thing about these mini monitors. They are so small that you can easily tuck them away in any corner or place them on top of a bookshelf, on top of a small cabinet or countertop, or place them on your TV stand right next to your television. You’ll hardly even notice they’re there because of their exciting compact design.

The one negative is a previous reviewer said that after nine months the right channel of his speaker began making a clicking sound. This is quite disappointing no matter the situation, but after purchasing high-end speakers you expect them to last a lot longer than nine months.

So I get where this guy is coming from and I really do understand his pain. It’s nice that he’s trying to warn other purchasers about this problem. But he should really focus on letting the manufacturer know about the issue. Not only can they replace his broken speaker but they can use this information to improve the overall quality of their products for future generations. Hopefully he let them know about the issue and they are shipping him a new KEF LS50 Mini Monitor speaker as we speak.

6. Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speakers

The Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speakers are made with beautiful black high-gloss and walnut finishes, deliver high-quality audio and rich reproductions.

✔️ What we like: Tighter bass and greater presence and finesse

❌ What we don’t like: Hollow midrange

Standout Features:

  • Smooth refinement resolution
  • Bright highs
  • Deep lows

Leaving all of the technical stuff aside for the moment, I think that you’re absolutely going to love these speakers because they have a beautiful black gloss finish that looks just like a piano. Or if you’re looking for more of a cabinet style speaker, they also have a walnut wood finish which should definitely live up to your expectations.

Besides the beautiful speaker cabinets themselves, the audio that they deliver is second to none. The speakers are manufactured in France and they use special speaker drivers that were developed by Focal, the impeccable manufacturer of these high end bookshelf speakers.

You’ll love turning up the volume while listening to your favorite music at home. It’s going to sound so amazing that you may want to get up and dance. But at the same time, you can connect the speakers to your home stereo system and watch exciting car chase movies or war movies and it will feel like you are right in the thick of things because the audio is so intense and lifelike.

On the negative side of things, one reviewer wasn’t happy with the midrange of these speakers. He said the midrange sounds really hollow which isn’t very flattering to say the least. Thankfully I only heard this complaint coming from one person so it doesn’t seem to occur regularly from other reviewers. Maybe this reviewer bought speakers that aren’t working as well as they should be and he should consider returning them for a replacement.

When all is said and done, the Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speakers are a fine choice because of their high gloss black and walnut finishes, their patented speaker drivers, and the comforting one year warranty.

7. KEF R300 Bookshelf Speakers

KEF R300 Bookshelf Loudspeaker - Gloss White (Pair)
  • The R300 features a 5 inch Uni-Q driver array, which consists of both mid-and-high-frequency drivers. The purpose of the array is to have both frequencies coming from the same place, allowing them to...

The KEF R300 Bookshelf Speakers are a fine choice because of their high-frequency drivers, their attractive gloss white finish, and their small but powerful stature.

✔️ What we like: Total speaker width is 1’8”

❌ What we don’t like: Too much treble when the volume is turned up

Standout Features:

  • Z flex surround sound
  • 6.5 inch low-frequency driver
  • Uncompressed bass output

As far as high-end bookshelves go, I really like the R300s because of their consistent audio quality. The speakers really sound great when you have them hooked up to your home stereo system and TV. You’ll truly appreciate the way the movie audio sounds coming from these speakers. It will almost feel like you’re sitting in a movie theater listening to the Dolby Digital surround sound audio.

The speakers are also really attractive looking as well. They come in three different colors. The white cabinet with black speakers is very attractive and it’s perfect for the right living room or family room setup. Or you may prefer the high-gloss piano black speakers which are truly stunning because they have that beautiful glossy shine that makes them look incredibly appealing. Or if you’re more into wood finishes, they also have walnut cabinets with black speakers on the inside that are also very attractive looking and go perfect in just about every home.

The negative thing that one reviewer mentioned is you’ll hear way too much treble if you turn up the volume too loudly. Or at least that was what was happening with his speakers. I don’t know if too many other reviewers had this problem because I didn’t read it anywhere else.

But this one reviewer was very annoyed that he was hearing so much treble bleeding out of his speakers when he turned up the volume to listen to his music loudly. I just wanted to mention it in case you like to turn your music up to ear-splitting decibels.

Overall, I’m more than willing to recommend the KEF R300 Bookshelf Speakers because of their great audio, their small design that fits perfect on a bookshelf or other small area, and the three beautiful finishes that match perfectly with just about every style of home decor.

A Guide to Choosing High End Bookshelf Speakers

Expensive high end bookshelf speakers

At this stage of the game, you’ve likely read each one of my reviews and learned a lot about my seven favorite choices for the best high-end bookshelf speakers.

Did any of these reviews tickle your fancy?

Do you feel a particular attraction toward any of my recommendations?

Or do you still feel like you need to keep looking for high quality bookshelf speakers because my recommendations didn’t make the cut?

No matter how you feel, I would still like nothing more than to help you find high quality bookshelf speakers that you’ll absolutely love. This is why I’m going to share a short and to the point guide that will teach you about the most important things to look for when choosing your newest pair of bookshelf speakers.

Does this sound helpful?

If so, continue reading to find out more information about the things to pay attention to while buying high-end bookshelf speakers of this caliber.

YouTube video

Aesthetic Appeal

Some people do not think about aesthetic appeal right away but they need to focus on how the speakers are going to look in their home. Having high quality audio is definitely important, but if the speakers are outdated and ugly you will not want them sticking out like a sore thumb in your living room, bedroom, or family room.

So please take a moment to pay attention to the overall finish of the cabinetry holding your speakers. Are they made with a gorgeous walnut case? Or is it a beautiful high gloss black finish like the finish on a stunning grand piano? Or maybe it’s an attractive white finish with a glossy shine that you can really learn to love?

Are they powered bookshelf speakers or wireless? This can affect how they look as cords can get messy.

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Speaker Size

If you’re looking for bookshelf speakers, you obviously want a pair of speakers that’s small, yet it delivers a high quality sound just like a bigger speaker. Make sure your speakers are the perfect size to fit snugly on your living room or bedroom bookshelves so that they do not stick out like an eyesore.

Remember that you may only have a certain amount of space available for the speakers as well. So if you purchase speakers that are too large for your particular space, you’ll have to pack them back up and ship them back to the retailer and hope that they’re willing to give you a refund. Try not to make this mistake and pay attention to the size of the speakers before you make your final decision.

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Stereo Quality Sound

Finally, the sound quality is also an absolutely important feature of every one of these high end bookshelf speakers. If the sound quality suffers then the speakers aren’t going to be anything more than very expensive paperweights.

Take a look on the Internet when searching for your new set of bookshelf speakers. Make sure previous reviewers were happy with the overall quality of the speakers that they’re reviewing. If they had certain problems that really stood out then it may be best to avoid those speakers altogether because yours will likely suffer from the same issues as well.

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Big Money = Big Sound

Thank you for visiting my website and reading this information about the best high end bookshelf speakers. I hope you found it useful, informative, entertaining, and engaging.

I strive to provide the best information possible about each one of the audio devices that I review.

Today we learned about:

  • Dynaudio Special 40 High End Bookshelf Speakers
  • Elac ARB51-GB Premium Bookshelf Speakers
  • B&W 606MW Bookshelf Speakers
  • KEF LS50 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers
  • KEF LS50 Mini Monitor
  • Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speakers
  • KEF R300 Bookshelf Speaker
  • Definitive Technology D11 Bookshelf Speakers

I highly recommend each one of these speakers if you’re looking for new speakers to place on your bookshelves.

They’re all excellent choices and you’ll like each and every one of them. If not, use my guide to find the best bookshelf speakers based on your own personal preferences.

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