10 Best Portable CD Players (Affordable & Reliable)

Best Portable CD Players

CD players are by no means a thing of the past.

Advancements in tech have just meant that even more options than ever are out there, all claiming to be the best portable CD players.

If you’ve been crazily searching around trying to find exactly the right one for you, this comprehensive guide is sure to help you.

From the simple to the high-tech with huge volume capacity, from the classic style to the modern and innovative, we have compiled a list of CD players so extensive that you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Quick List: Top 10 Portable CD Players

  1. Gueray Personal CD PlayerBest Overall
  2. Coby Portable Compact Anti-Skip CD Player
  3. Hernido Rechargeable CD Player
  4. Naviskauto Rechargeable Portable CD Player
  5. Searick Portable CD Player
  6. HOTT Portable Personal Compact CD Player with Headphones
  7. Sony Portable CD Player Boombox
  8. Singing Wood Portable CD PlayerBest Budget
  9. RipTunes CD Player Boombox
  10. Mansso Portable CD Player with Bluetooth

Researching Portable CD Players

Best Overall
Portable CD Player, Gueray Personal CD Player Built-in 1400mAh Battery Rechargeable Discman...
Best Budget
SINGING WOOD 030C Portable CD Player Boombox with AM FM Stereo Radio, Aux Line in, Headphone Jack,...
Portable CD Player, Gueray Personal CD Player Built-in 1400mAh Battery Rechargeable Discman...
SINGING WOOD 030C Portable CD Player Boombox with AM FM Stereo Radio, Aux Line in, Headphone Jack,...
Best Overall
Portable CD Player, Gueray Personal CD Player Built-in 1400mAh Battery Rechargeable Discman...
Portable CD Player, Gueray Personal CD Player Built-in 1400mAh Battery Rechargeable Discman...
Best Budget
SINGING WOOD 030C Portable CD Player Boombox with AM FM Stereo Radio, Aux Line in, Headphone Jack,...
SINGING WOOD 030C Portable CD Player Boombox with AM FM Stereo Radio, Aux Line in, Headphone Jack,...

We understand that, when you’re looking for a portable CD player, you’ll want a great quality of sound but you won’t necessarily want to spend a fortune.

If bluetooth speakers are more your thing then i encourage you to check out our great post on those.

In this day and age, portable CD players are easy to use alternatives to iPods and iPhones that come with perks of their own but definitely don’t need to be massively expensive.

 We tried to strike a balance, asking first and foremost: what are the most affordable yet high quality portable CD players?

We factored in technicalities in our descriptions to ensure that your player works exactly in the contexts you’ll want to use it. Another crucial deciding factor when looking at portable CD players, for example, is battery life.

We have considered everything.

How well equipped is each model is for taking on days out and vacations?

How easy is it to accidentally press buttons, when working out?

What is the quality of the display like for bright outdoor settings or for late nights listening to music?

Throughout our review, we have taken a holistic approach, providing you with a comprehensive guide to the ultimate portable CD players available on the market.

The Best Portable CD Players In2024

1. Gueray Personal CD Player Review – Best Overall

Portable CD Player, Gueray Personal CD Player Built-in 1400mAh Battery Rechargeable Discman...
  • ♬【Wide Compatibility】Widely compatible with CD, MP3 CD, CD-R, HDCD formats, AUX connected with all audible devices 3.5mm audio input, like connecting the speaker or headsets or car, this CD...

The Gueray Personal CD Player is a great, functional option for those who want to be able to listen to a range of CD formats as well as for those looking to use this on the go.

What we like: Very practical option that does not sacrifice sound quality.

❌ What we don’t like: Small, close together buttons.

Standout Features

  • Lock button that prevents buttons being pressed accidentally.
  • Compatible with MP3 CD, CD-R, HDCD formats.
  • 12 hours of charge.
  • Storage bag.
  • High quality of sound and even comes with built-in sound effects.

This CD player is an affordable yet really high-quality option that could suit a number of CD listeners with different requirements.

As mentioned, the sound quality is great. This would be a perfect option for those people who are really into their music and are looking for a more retro way to listen without spending a fortune. It even has cool effects included and it’s compatible with pretty much any kind of CD and headphone style imaginable.

It makes an ideal option for travelling with. With its locking system and compact size, the Gueray is even great for hikes and more active trips since, with an easy slide of a button, you can stop yourself accidentally pressing buttons. It even comes with a great storage bag that could be strapped around your waist while running or cycling. Alternatively you could try a wearable product for running, here are our 7 best wearable speakers including watches and neckbands.

While the CD player is pretty easy to use and is highly functional, this is not the most ideal option for older users or those that are vision impaired. The buttons are relatively close together which makes it a little fiddlier to use. It also doesn’t play without headphones.

For many users though, it’s great. Other key benefits of the Gueray CD player include its super good battery life and easy USB charging cable which mean that you can take this player anywhere, along with your long playlists!

2. Coby Portable Compact Anti-Skip CD Player Review

Coby Portable CD Player with Stereo Earbuds, FM Radio, MP3 Compatibility, LCD Display Portable...
  • LCD Display, Easy-to-Navigate Button Layout Our portable CD player was designed for ease of use and convenience. Our vibrant LCD screen displays what track you’re listening to, duration of the song,...

The Coby Portable CD player is the ideal no-fuss option if you’re simply looking for an affordable portable CD player that does the job.

✔️ What we like: Very affordable and still of a good quality.

❌ What we don’t like:  Not the most long-lasting option.

Standout Features

  • Great value.
  • Comes with its own earbuds.
  • Highly effective anti-skip protection.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Automatic power-off feature.

If you’re here because you want a portable CD player and that’s really all you’re after- you’re not bothered about getting the highest quality of sound or a load of fancy features- you need not look any further.

The Coby is an excellent option for those on a budget. It should be noted, though, that this player is only compatible with original CD’s.

At just a little over $20, you’ll get not only the CD player, but you’ll get earphones too. These might not be the highest quality possible, but they do the job just fine! The machine is also compatible with a range of other earphone options in case you want to swap.

The CD player is highly functional and really enables a great listening experience. It’s lightweight so can be taken anywhere and it incorporates great anti-skip protection that protects against shocks like the machine being dropped.

This is amazing for people like me who are always listening to music… and always dropping things! I always choose to listen to music on this rather than my expensive iPhone for this reason.

This CD player will not, however, last as many years or months as some of the other options on this list, no matter how good the anti-skip protection. This is definitely to be expected for a more inexpensive model though, and at this price you can certainly afford to replace it!

The Coby portable player runs on batteries which isn’t everyone’s ideal but actually works great because of the automatic power off feature which means that batteries last a long time.

If you fall asleep listening, there is no need to worry because the player turns off after the CD finished.

3. Hernido Rechargeable CD Player Review

Rechargeable Portable CD Player for Car, Hernido Discman CD Player with FM Transmitter, 20 Hours...
  • 【IDEAL CAR CD PLAYER】Hernido CD player for Car portable has built-in FM transmitter for wirelessly pair with car radio, totally compatible with all cars. The small personal discman can help you...

The Hernido Rechargeable CD Player is a personal favorite because I can take it with me wherever i go, it has antiskip technology, and 20 hours of playtime.

What we like: Antiskip technology makes it ideal for cars

❌ What we don’t like: Low-volume and distorted music

👌 Standout Features:

  • 20-hour battery life
  • Anti-shock and resume playback
  • 5 sound effects
  • FM transmission
  • Lightweight design

I don’t know about you, but I like the Hernido Rechargeable CD Player because of the anti-shock technology inside. Portable CD players have a tendency to skip and it can get very annoying at times. Even if this CD player skips, it automatically resumes playback from the last point, so you aren’t going to miss your favorite part of the song because the CD player is skipping too much.

I also like portable CD players that are user-friendly and lightweight. This model is the perfect option because it’s a good choice for kids, adults, elderly people, and everyone in between. You can use it to listen to audiobooks, music, or anything else. And it’s simple to carry around because it only weighs a half a pound, which isn’t very heavy at all.

In one instance, a previous customer mentioned that his portable CD player had distorted music and low-volume audio. This sounds like the product was defective when he took it out of the box, and he should contact the manufacturer to find out about getting a replacement. From what I can tell, most customers haven’t had this problem, so it doesn’t appear to be universal.

In total, it’s my pleasure to recommend the Hernido Rechargeable CD Player because it has 120 second antiskip protection, 5 sound effects including classic, rock, jazz, pop, and BBS, and 20 hours of battery life, which means you can keep it playing all day and night without even needing to recharge it.

4. Naviskauto Rechargeable Portable CD Player Review

The NAVISKAUTO is definitely the choice for those music lovers searching for the top portable CD players that are really compact and still provide a really high-quality sound.

✔️ What we like: Palm-sized and very compact, with no compromise on sound.

What we don’t like:  Sound quality when listening in the car is not perfect.

Standout Features

  • Palm-sized with a compact, stylish design.
  • Great amount of anti-skip protection.
  • Backlit display.
  • Last memory function allows for easy resuming.

The design of this portable player has definitely been considered for a number of audiences and is highly suited to all types of music lovers looking to use their portable players in all types of settings.

 Not only is it one of the most compact designs available but its size- that of an average palm- allows for the easiest carrying while working out. The anti-skip protection built in will cover you for up to 100 seconds which is higher than most CD players on the market. This is great for preventing listening disruption in a more active setting.

This is also an awesome option for those who listen to CD’s to fall asleep since it has a last memory function that allows you return to where you last stopped the music. The backlit display is a great feature in this respect too.

The backlit display and AUX cable also allow you to use this device in the car. However, the sound quality can be compromised a little when using the player in this context.

It can still be a great idea to use this Naviskauto CD player in the car, though. Not only is the anti-skip protection really useful for those bumpy roads but using the AUX cable rather than an in-built CD system will prevent your car battery from draining.

5. Searick Portable CD Player Review

If you’re looking for a CD player that will allow you to really enjoy your music as well as to share it with others, this is for you.

✔️ What we like: Great powerful sound that can be shared between two.

What we don’t like:  No built-in speaker.

Standout Features

  • Up to 14 hours of charge.
  • EQ effects.
  • Great, powerful sound.
  • Double headphone jack.
  • AUX cable also included.
Searick portable cd player
Image Credit – Searick

The most unique feature of the Searick is its double headphone jack. With this player, there will be no more awkward fumbling around when trying to show your friends your music. Listening to music with this becomes a super social experience and, what’s more, with the great quality of sound that this player provides, an immersive one too!

It is slightly disappointing that at a price point of just under $70, the player doesn’t come with an in-built speaker but this will almost be entirely forgiven when you experience the powerful sound that you get from the included earbuds.

This CD player is really effective when used with an AUX cable and, with up to 14 hours of charge, is an almost unrivaled option for those long road trips. It is also compatible with all forms of CD we have mentioned so far in this article.

What we haven’t yet mentioned about the Searick player is, simply, that it’s super cool! Not only does it look sleek and slim but it also comes with a number of EQ effects that enhance the music listening experience.

Just don’t let any of your friends with a taste in rock music split headphones with you or you might find them harming your eardrums with the rock mode!

6. HOTT Portable Personal Compact CD Player with Headphones Review

RipTunes CD Player Boombox- Portable Blue Aux-in CD Boombox, AM/FM Radio for Assured Amusement
  • USABILITY: Impressive sound meets compact design in CD player boombox mp3 making utterly fabulous ambiance without any hassle. You can stream your favorable music from smart phone or tablet via AUX or...

If you’re looking for a portable CD player that prioritizes ease of use, this is the one to go for.

✔️ What we like: Ease of use.

❌ What we don’t like: No in-built speaker.

Standout Features

  • Hold button to provide accidental pressing.
  • Clear LCD display.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Number of palm-sized design options.

Few portable CD players are so easy to use at this model. With buttons that are easy to press as well as being clearly labelled and separated from one another, this makes a great option for older users or those with visual impairments. You can simply plug in your headphones and press play to use and it will provide a very crisp sound.

The LCD display is equally useful with clear messages, including one that displays “HOLD” when you have switched the button to lock the keys to prevent accidentally pressing them.

It, again, has a great anti-shock protection system which protects you for up to 45 seconds.

It’s just a shame that such a well-rounded player as the HOTT doesn’t come with a speaker as, in all other regards, it is the perfect design that combines the essentials of a CD player with modern features.

Still, the beautiful design of the CD player makes up for a lot! Despite being so practical it is still really stylish and comes in a range of four lovely color designs. The wooden option is our favorite. It’s incredibly unique and would look great in any home.

The rounded design also contributes to the high-end image and the HOTT CD players are comfortable to hold as they fit perfectly to the size of your palm.

7. Sony Portable CD Player Boombox Review

Sony Super-Portable, Powerful and Durable, Waterproof, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Extra BASS...
  • Feel power of EXTRA BASS - Dual passive radiators work together with full-range speakers to enhance low-end tones, giving bass a boost.

If you’re concerned less with the handheld size of your CD player and more on the sound quality, the Sony portable boombox is ideal.

✔️ What we like: Deep bass enhancement.

❌ What we don’t like: Not the most affordable option.

Standout Features

  • Still a fairly compact size but delivers a powerful sound.
  • Can be used for a number of other things including USB recording and playback.
  • Very sturdy.

If you’re reading this and waiting for us to mention a great boombox style CD player, this is probably the one for you.

The Sony portable boombox provides an amazing sound quality including a really deep, rich bass. Considering its powerful sound, you would not expect the Sony to be the size it is.

Though of course it is not as handheld as some of the options included in this list, it’s really lightweight and easy to carry out with you. It’s perfect for taking out on that sunny day to the park or for using if you need a high-quality CD player that you can take to and from your work.

At around $80, this is definitely not the most affordable CD player out there but considering the fact that it carefully balances sound quality and size, when you’re looking for the best portable boombox, this is an incredible option.

It also includes a number of other features like an AM/FM radio and a headphone connector. As well as being compatible with every type of CD, this model also includes the ability to record and playback USB’s which is super unique.

The interface on this Sony CD player is clear and makes using all the cool features as simple as possible.

8. Singing Wood Portable CD Player Review – Best Budget

SINGING WOOD 030C Portable CD Player Boombox with AM FM Stereo Radio, Aux Line in, Headphone Jack,...
  • Key Features for Enhanced Entertainment: This top-loading SingingWood CD boombox is equipped with key features to elevate your music enjoyment. Enjoy AM/FM stereo radio, and easily connect to any...

If you’re looking for a more affordable, simpler boombox style of portable CD player, this is perfect.

✔️ ️What we like: Good quality dual speaker system.

❌ What we don’t like: Only basic digital display.

Standout Features

  • Pretty design.
  • Headphone jack.
  • Volume dials and simple buttons.
  • Aux cable included.

The Singing Wood portable CD boombox system is great. It’s light, small and looks smart! It has a foldable carrying handle that you can take anywhere with you.

The sound that comes out of the speakers is of an awesome quality but you can also plug your headphones in easily too. Put simply, it does exactly what you would need a portable boombox CD player to do.

The one negative thing about this player is that the digital display, whilst clear, only shows limited information. Some people can find this particularly difficult when using the inbuilt radio but, really, for less than $40, you’re getting a great value piece of equipment here.

It’s also rare that such a high-quality radio is included on top of the dual speaker and an aux cable at this price point.

As well as making a great choice for anyone looking for a simplistic design, with its intuitive button layout, this would also make a great CD player for a kid. Any kid would love being able to take their music out with them and this player does not over-complicate anything.

The Singing Wood CD player is incredibly sturdy too so could survive being used by a kid for sure!

9. RipTunes CD Player Boombox Review

RipTunes CD Player Boombox- Portable Blue Aux-in CD Boombox, AM/FM Radio for Assured Amusement
  • USABILITY: Impressive sound meets compact design in CD player boombox mp3 making utterly fabulous ambiance without any hassle. You can stream your favorable music from smart phone or tablet via AUX or...

The RipTunes really stands out through its colorful design but still packs a punch with its impressive number of features.

✔️ What we like: Very easy to use.

❌ What we don’t like: Lower quality of sound.

Standout Features

  • Nice design that comes in a range of colors.
  • Includes radio and can plug into mobile and play from that too
  • Very sturdy.
  • Ideal for kids.

With it’s fun look and easy to use interface, it is clear that this would make a great portable CD player for any kid. It can also definitely make an affordable, functional choice for an adult too though! If you’re looking for a CD player and radio you should really consider this. You can even plug a phone or iPad in and use it as a speaker.

The colorful design makes a nice chance to the blacks and greys of other CD players but the design is more than just visually appealing.  The RipTunes CD player is made out of a material that is really practical and comfortable to hold.

At less than $30 and with it’s sturdy design, this is definitely an option to consider if you’re looking for something that you can move around a lot with.

It is widely compatible with CD formats but you shouldn’t expect the highest quality of sound from this speaker. It plays at a great volume but can be a little tinny.

 Overall though, the RipTunes CD player is really neat and is actually one of the most compact options.

It does everything you could really hope a portable CD player would do!

10. Mansso Portable CD Player with Bluetooth Review

No products found.

The Mansso portable CD player sure stands out from the crowd. This is the player for you if you’re looking for something really cool and unique.

✔️ What we like: Unique pullswitch design.

❌ What we don’t like: Not the most suitable option for use while exercising.

Standout Features

  • Cool boombox hybrid.
  • Modern design.
  • Number of additional bonuses, including wide Bluetooth connectivity.

If you’re looking for a CD player with the portability of the Walkman style player with the sound quality and features of a boombox, take a look at this one. Despite it’s slim and compact size, this player includes not only a radio and headphone jack but also a Bluetooth connection that works up to 33ft.

With an incredible sound quality packed in, this is an awesome modern hybrid when you’re looking for a portable CD player.

Its stylish modern design goes further than just being mountable on a wall or its included stand. It has a really unique pullswitch feature that turns it off or on. This is not only useful but really does add to the cool image of the CD player.

It does mean, though, that this is not the ideal option to take out with you on a run or a hike. Though it can definitely be taken around easily and works really well in the car with the included aux cable, the switch could too easily be pulled and the CD turned off if you were to use this while working out.

Nonetheless, this Mansso cd player is an all-round stand out product, especially at its low price point.

A Guide To Choosing Portable CD Players

portable cd player

Budget Vs Sound Quality

Like any piece of music equipment, there is a balance to be struck between price and sound quality.

All of the options in this list will provide you a great listening experience with definitely no static but if you’re looking for the very best quality of sound, you should go for the NAVISKAUTO. If you have a little more money to spare and are interested in a boombox, the SONY.

If you’re on a budget and you’re not as bothered about having the ultimate sound quality, go for the Coby or the RipTunes CD players.


Any portable CD player should be… you guessed it, portable but which CD player you choose will totally depend on what you want to use your portable player for. If you’re looking for a player to work out with, the Gueray is an awesome option.

If you’re looking for something to take in the car, maybe go for the Mansso and, if you’re just looking for something that’s super comfortable to hold, the Hott portable CD player is great. All of these CD players are portable and can be used pretty much anywhere but their specific details definitely make them optimized for different things!

YouTube video

Sharing Ability

For many people a portable CD player is really just for their own personal use with headphones. If you are someone, however, who is looking to buy a portable CD player and you want one that has the capacity to play music loudly, you’ll, of course, need to look at buying one that has a high quality speaker.

The Sony is the best option for this or, if you want something a little more affordable, the Mansso. If you’re more likely to just want to share your music with one person at a time, the Searick, with its dual headphone jack, is ideal.


Maybe you’re someone who just wants a really practical, no-nonsense portable CD player. In this case, you could definitely go for the Coby. You might, though, be someone who is looking for a player that really speaks to the cool retro look and timeless design of a good CD player.

The Tenswall is great since it is really optimized for display, but the singing wood player looks really stylish too. Really, with so many amazingly designed CD players to choose from, the issue is not finding one to buy but choosing between many!


CD players are really great things for elderly people and those with sight impairments but unfortunately not all of them are widely easy to use. If you’re looking for a CD player that is more accessible, we would definitely recommend the Coby, Singing wood or Hott models. 

Great Portable CD Players

So, there you have it. The best portable CD players out there that won’t cost the Earth to buy. Any of these options will provide you with the chance to really make the most of your music whether on the go or at home.

All of them come with their own unique benefits too! From clever wall-hanging designs to cool sound effects, there’s really something here to suit everyone.

So whether you want to buy a cheaper model and test it out before you go on to a player with extra features or whether you’re a huge music fan looking for your next CD player, we’ve got you covered.

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