4 Best iPod Speakers (All Budgets)

Best iPod Speakers

Gone are the days of CD’s and Walkman’s, and the trusty iPod has long been a household name for listening to all your favorite tunes.

While headphones are fine for listening on the bus or other quiet places, they’re no comparison with the serious sound and volume that you can get from iPod speakers.

If you’ve been looking for the best iPod speaker for your budget then you’re in luck!

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

Quick List: Top 4 iPod Speakers

  1. Rokono Bass+ G10 Mini Speaker
  2. Earthquake Sound IQ52
  3. iHome Rechargeable Stereo Speaker System
  4. Sony ICFCS15IP

Researching the Best iPod Speakers

We know that not all iPod speakers are made equally, so we made sure to seek out high-quality, durable speakers with great sound that will maximize your listening experience.

Our research also took into consideration that some of you are looking for portable units, while others would prefer to liven up their house parties. If you really want to liven things up you should check out

We also know that not everyone is wanting to blow a hundred bucks on an iPod speaker, so we sought out the best options for all budgets, while avoiding any cheap and poorly made units.

Whatever kind of iPod speaker you’re looking for, we’ve got it covered! We also have a great post on the best iphone speaker docks on the market that is worth a read.

If you get to the end of the article and feel you need to really blow the house down, you should check out our best party speakers post.

The Best iPod Speakers In2024

1. Rokono Bass+ G10 Mini Speaker Review

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The Rokono Bass+ G10 is tiny enough to slip into your pocket and powerful enough to pump the bass of your favorite tunes.

✔️ What we like: Compact speaker that packs a punch with amplified bass.

What we don’t like: Difficult to control the volume.

Standout Features

  • Amplified bass sound
  • Light and portable
  • Long battery life

The design of the G10 is intuitive, with a highly portable, light speaker that can be easily slipped into your pocket or handbag. It also features a pop out design, where you can twist the speaker closed after use to protect it from damage.

While the G10 is small, its sound packs a punch. It has a 40mm audio driver that delivers great volume and its expandable bass chamber design amplifies basslines for clear and impressive sound.

It includes an AUX connection cord and Bluetooth wireless capabilities, so you can connect easily and start enjoying your music.

The only negative feature of this iPod speaker system is the volume button on the unit. It is difficult to adjust and reduce the volume, so you’re better off making adjustments directly from your iPod.

In short, while the Rokono G10 has a mini design, its volume and bass are definitely large enough.

2. Earthquake Sound IQ52 Review

Earthquake Sound IQ52S iPod Docking Speaker System (Silver Piano Gloss, Pair)
25 Reviews
Earthquake Sound IQ52S iPod Docking Speaker System (Silver Piano Gloss, Pair)
  • Compatible for use with iPhone 4G, iTouch, other MP3 players and Airport Express

If you’re looking for a premium iPod speaker with a sound so big that your walls are shaking, you can’t go past the Earthquake Sound IQ52.

✔️ What we like: Superior stereo system with amplified bass.

What we don’t like: Cheap remote design.

Standout Features

  • Impressive stereo and subwoofer
  • Built-in bass/treble equalizer
  • iPod dock

The IQ52’s stereo system includes carbon fiber mid-range units, 20mm NEO tweeters, and a 200-watt A/B amplifier with subwoofer. This makes for a serious sound that has clear lows, mids, and highs, with a thumping and impressive bass. Paired with an in-built bass/treble equalizer, the IQ52 delivers the best version of your music that you’re likely to hear, at epic volumes.

The design of this unit is also fantastic. The iPod dock both plays and charges your device at the same time, and you have the option to use an AUX or RCA jack for other playback devices. The unit has a glossy lacquer finish that is both attractive and durable, making for an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece in your living space.

Our only criticism of this unit is the included remote control. While it can operate from a 32-foot distance, the design of the remote is a little cheap in comparison to its premium speaker.

The IQ52 is a serious investment if you are looking for an iPod speaker that delivers big sound, big bass, and durability.

3. iHome Rechargeable Stereo Speaker System Review

The iHome is a great budget iPod speaker that charges itself, delivers bass-heavy sound, and can easily be carried for listening on the go.

✔️ What we like: Self-charging unit that creates great sound.

What we don’t like: Limited volume.

Standout Features

  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Bass maximizing design

If your priority is an iPod speaker that you can carry around with you, the iHome system should be a serious consideration. It includes a rechargeable battery that recharges itself without the need for a power source. Paired with its sleek design and lightweight design, it is the perfect speaker to take to the park, camping, or just into the garden for hours of playback.

The iHome includes bass-optimizing features from its EXB circuitry design and high-fidelity speakers that deliver crisp sound and thumping basslines. It has a built-in iPod dock with a bumper edge for easy playback that also protects your device. For other playback options, it also has an AUX cord.

However, some users report that the speaker system does not reach high volumes, and that it’s disappointing that the iPod dock doesn’t charge your device at the same time as playing. If you’re looking for an iPod speaker for personal use or small gatherings, this is not a serious consideration.

If your main priorities are portability, battery life, and playing music just for yourself or small groups, the iHome is the best choice.

4. Sony ICFCS15IP Review

If you’re looking for a multifunctional, mid-range iPod speaker that can sit on your bedside table and delivers great audio, the Sony ICFCS15IP should be your first consideration.

✔️ What we like: Premium Sony sound with extra inclusions.

What we don’t like: The remote is not user-friendly.

Standout Features

  • Top-quality stereo sound
  • Charging iPod dock
  • Radio and alarm clock functions

Sony is a household name for a reason, and this iPod speaker model delivers signature sound from a 5.7cm speaker. It also features a MEGA Bass that enhances basslines and MEGA Xpand technology that expands the sound field of your audio. This makes for clear and loud audio that maximizes your listening experience.

The ICFCS15IP is also multi-functional. It includes a handy iPod dock that charges your device while it plays, alarm clock function, and the option for both AM and FM radio.

However, while the Sony model includes a remote control, many users have reported that it is either not user-friendly or doesn’t work at all. While it’s an important point, if you plan to have your iPod speaker on the bedside it’s not going to affect your user experience.

In summary, the Sony ICFCS15IP is the best mid-range option for a beside iPod speaker with multiple functionalities.

A Guide to Choosing iPod Speakers

iPod speaker and remote

Where do you plan to use it?

Where you plan to use your iPod speakers will determine how important portability and battery life are to you.

If you’re someone who is always on the go, you should be looking at smaller models that can easily be slipped in your pocket or backpack without carrying too much weight. It’s also important to choose an iPod speaker with longer battery life, or that recharges its own battery.

If you’re looking to primarily play music at home, then portability isn’t really a priority. There’s no need for longer battery life because you can leave your iPod speaker plugged into the power point, but you’re probably looking for a bigger sound with optimized bass that can fill your room with minimal distortion.

An attractive speaker doesn’t hurt either, as guests will be able to see it.

Do you need multi-functionality?

Are you looking for a simple speaker or an iPod dock that includes extra features? For those of you that are looking to simply enjoy your own music, there’s no need for extras that you will never use.

However, for an iPod speaker that you intend to use in your bedroom, additional perks like an alarm clock, option to charge your iPod as it plays, and AM/FM radio capabilities could reduce your need to own multiple devices.

What’s your budget?

A simple question that is probably your first criteria- how much are you willing to spend?

If you want a simple unit that plays your tunes and nothing more, it’s smarter to go for an iPod speaker at a budget price that doesn’t compromise on its quality. After all, you don’t want to be replacing it after a month.

If you’ve got a little more cash to splash, it’s worth looking into a mid-range option with greater audio capabilities and additional features that avoid the need to buy multiple electronics.

For those of you that love hosting parties and have the money to spare, it’s definitely worth investing in a top end product that has clear sound, thumping bass, and durable design that will serve you for years.

An iPod Speaker for Every Budget

iPod owners are as diverse as their music taste, and we know you are looking for different speaker designs according to your needs.

While some of you are looking for budget, portable options, others love to host a great rave and want to invest in a unit that delivers serious sound.

Whatever your needs or budget, we’ve got you covered with the best iPod speakers on the market.

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