Best Boombox In 2020 – 10 Top Bluetooth, Waterproof, Portable & Small Models

Best Boombox

There are very few people in this world who don’t enjoy music and for many, good music can have a life-changing effect!

But what are you listening to your music on?

Many of the old-school music enthusiasts — and a ton of the new-age trendy ones — are opting for a good quality boombox to plug in their favorite music and play it within the house, outside in their yard or even at the gym as they work out.

If you consider yourself a part of this category, we have a list of the best boomboxes for you!

Top Boomboxes in 2020 (Comparison)

tsj-table__imageJBL Boombox
  • Battery Playtime: 24 Hours
  • Bonus Feature: IPX7 Waterproof
  • Our Pick For: Best Bluetooth Boombox
tsj-table__imageSony ZSRS60BT
  • Battery Playtime: Up to 26 Hours
  • Bonus Feature: CD Playback
  • Our Pick For: Best CD Boombox
tsj-table__imageToshiba TY-CWU500
  • Battery Playtime: Approx. 10 Hours
  • Bonus Feature: USB and SD Card input
  • Our Pick For: Best Portable Boombox
tsj-table__imageAiwa Exos-9
  • Battery Playtime: Up to 9 Hours
  • Bonus Feature: 6.5-Inch Subwoofer
  • Our Pick For: Best Sounding Boombox
tsj-table__imageRiptunes Cassette Boombox
  • Battery Playtime: Unspecified
  • Bonus Feature: Retro Design & Cassette Player
  • Our Pick For: Best Vintage Boombox
tsj-table__imageOmnigates Aeon
  • Battery Playtime: Up to 10 Hours
  • Bonus Feature: Shockproof & IPX6 Water Resistant
  • Our Pick For: Best Small Boombox
tsj-table__imageauna Roadie Portable Boombox
  • Battery Playtime: Unspecified
  • Bonus Feature: Memory list for up to 20 tracks
  • Our Pick For: Best Boombox for Kids
tsj-table__imageJenson CD-490
  • Battery Playtime: Unspecified
  • Bonus Feature: Top Loading CD Player
  • Our Pick For: Best Cheap Boombox
tsj-table__imageAOMAIS GO
  • Battery Playtime: Up to 30 Hours
  • Bonus Feature: IPX7 Waterproof
  • Our Pick For: Best Waterproof Boombox
tsj-table__imageSony CFDS70-BLK
  • Battery Playtime: Up to 19 Hours
  • Bonus Feature: MEGA BASS for extended bass response
  • Our Pick For: Best Cassette Boombox

As you can see from the list above, there is a wide range of boomboxes available today, ranging from vintage designs, waterproof boomboxes, CD and Cassette options and more. Deciding which one will work best for your needs means you first need to recognize what features you want and what your needs are!

If you feel these options are not quite what you were after, you may want to check out our best portable CD players.

To make it easier for you to make a decision about the best boombox for your particular situation, here is a deeper look into each of the products mentioned in the range above, including pros and cons of each.

The 10 Best Boombox Reviews

1. Best Bluetooth Boombox: JBL Boombox

JBL Boombox - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
  • Made to be the most powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker, JBL boom box delivers monstrous sound along with the hardest hitting bass
  • Enjoy music for 24 hours without missing a beat. Battery charging time (hours)- 6.5
  • Use the massive 20,000 mAh battery and dual charge out to charge your external devices anytime and keep music rocking

The first option on this list and our pick for the best Bluetooth boombox is the JBL Boombox that doesn’t just give you impressive sound quality but also doubles up as a power bank if you need to charge your phone while it is playing music.

Despite the slightly higher price tag that this speaker comes with, this is one of the most popular modern boomboxes because of the massive battery life, waterproof build, the four active transducers and two JBL bass radiators that give you powerful bass that just can’t be compared with the cheaper models out there.

The Bluetooth capability means you don’t even have to plug in your device for the music to play.

  • Comes with a rechargeable high-quality battery so that you don’t have to worry about battery drainage.
  • If sturdiness is a major factor for you, this boombox is unparalleled because of the rugged structure and weatherproof design.
  • Equipped with four transducers and two bass radiators for a powerful and punchy sound quality.
  • Doubles up as a power bank as you have the option of plugging in your external devices and charging them with this boombox.
  • The price can be a deal-breaker for many, as the JBL boombox is significantly more expensive than almost all the other options that are mentioned on this list.
  • The design makes it very easy for the speaker to roll over.

2. Best CD Boombox: Sony ZSRS60BT

Sony Portable Bluetooth Digital Turner AM/FM CD Player Mega Bass Reflex Stereo Sound System
  • CD playback - Enjoy your favorite CDs or personally recorded CD-R and CD-RW discs, including those with MP3 files

If you are looking for something more affordable to play those old CDs that you found lying around in your attic, you will need to invest in a decent product like the Sony Portable Bluetooth Digital Turner.

Our pick for the best CD boombox is relatively light on the pocket and high on functionality, making it one of those products that you just can’t go wrong with.

The boombox plays music from regular CDs or the ones that you have recorded on your own — both CD-R and CD-RW discs. This also includes CDs containing MP3 files which gives you the chance to record music from CDs and put it on a USB drive if the need arises. Bluetooth connectivity is another factor that makes this product a great buy.

  • CD Sync feature with which you can record music from a CD in MP3 form and put it onto a flash drive is extremely helpful in this post-CD era.
  • Battery life is very impressive with approximately 26 hours of playback time.
  • The Bluetooth audio feature allows you to play music using your smartphone or other such devices.
  • Along with the CD playing feature, this device is also equipped with an AM/FM tuner.
  • The overall design of the product is a little lacking.
  • Even though the sound quality is decent, it cannot be compared to the sound quality of the more sophisticated options like the JBL Boombox.

3. Best Portable Boombox: Toshiba TY-CWU500

Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker: Portable CD Boom Box with FM Radio, Remote & LED Lights
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Stream wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet or another compatible device
  • MULTIPLE LISTENING OPTIONS: Use the top loading CD player or listen to USB, SD and FM radio playback

Portability is one of the major factors that come into play when you are purchasing a boombox and our pick for the best portable boombox on this list is the Toshiba Wireless Boombox Speaker.

With multiple listening options like CDs, USBs, SD cards or FM radio, you get a lot of versatility out of this product. In addition to this, it is also Bluetooth enabled, which means you have the option of linking up your smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled device to play your music.

There are two ways in which this device is powered — either plugging in an AC power cord or placing 8 D size batteries in the device for cordless usage.

  • Weighing approximately 7 pounds, it is light enough to be carried around without worrying about you getting tired.
  • You can use the Bluetooth feature to connect your favorite devices like your smartphone and play music seamlessly.
  • If you have some CDs lying around, this boombox can also be used to play these. There is also the option to connect to radio stations.
  • It comes with a remote control so that you don’t have to physically press buttons.
  • It can get a little inconvenient as you need to use multiple batteries for this boombox to work.
  • If you are a person who enjoys his or her music at the loudest level, you may notice some distortion that can impact your listening experience.

4. Best Sounding Boombox: Aiwa Exos-9

Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Orders ship the next business day *** HOME-STEREO SOUND, INSIDE OR OUT - With 200 watts of continuous power and 5 drivers, including a 6.5" dual-voice coil subwoofer, the Exos-9 delivers amazing...

If impressive sound quality is what you are looking for in a speaker, the Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is our pick for the best sounding boombox.

This is a highly powerful device that comes with five powered speaker drivers including a 6’5” dual-voice coil subwoofer. The bass is punchy, the treble crisp and the mids are well-balanced to give you a great listening experience. The product also comes with an in-built graphic equalizer so that your music is free of any distortion or disturbances.

However, you must keep in mind that you will be paying for the superior sound quality that this product gives you, which makes it one of the more expensive options on this list.

  • An extremely powerful boombox that will give you the best possible sound in this category.
  • Built with five powered speaker drivers, which includes a 6.5-inch subwoofer with dual voice coils.
  • Equipped with a 5-band EQ with 4 different presets that make it easy to use even for beginners.
  • Comes with a 60-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee so that you don’t have to worry about spending money on a product that you don’t like.
  • If you are using this boombox in the AUX mode, you will not have the freedom of using it wirelessly.
  • The battery of your smartphone, tablet or other devices can be drained out very easily when you use this boombox in Bluetooth mode.

5. Best Vintage Boombox: Riptunes Cassette Boombox

Riptunes Cassette Boombox, Retro Blueooth Boombox, Cassette Player and Recorder, AM/FM/SW-1-SW2...
  • CASSETTE PLAYER/ Recorder with WIRELESS BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY; This wireless Boombox features Bluetooth for wireless music streaming w/a connectivity range of up to 30 ft. Works w/ any device that...

A highly affordable boombox that will take you back to the time that even your parents would relate to is the Riptunes Cassette Boombox, which is also our pick for the best vintage boombox on this list.

However, you must not just go by the looks of this product. This retro-looking device is not just used for playing and recording cassettes; it is also Bluetooth enabled and comes with the capacity of attaching a USB drive or an SD card to play music.

You can use this product with a charging cord, which is included, or 4 D size batteries – which will need to be bought separately. Available in a couple of different colors, this product is built to give you that vintage feel without compromising on sound.

  • If you have any cassettes lying around from years ago, you can use this product to play or record over them.
  • The product comes with all the modern amenities that you need in a boombox, for example, Bluetooth connectivity, USB and SD slots.
  • The price point is very economical, which means even those of you with smaller budgets may consider this product.
  • The design is very impressive, giving you modern facilities in a vintage outlook.
  • The emphasis is more on the cool looks than the sound quality, so this may not be ideal for audiophiles.
  • There is no AUX port, which would have otherwise made this product a complete winner.

6. Best Small Boombox: Omnigates Aeon

Omnigates Aeon Boombox Bluetooth Speaker – Advanced Dual 5W Speaker, IPX6 Water Resistant & Dust...
  • ( TOP–NOTCH PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES ) - Omnigates Aeon Bluetooth 4.2 Dual 5W speaker offers the perfect size and power. The Advanced Dual 5W is SHOCKPROOF and IPX6 WATER RESISTANT with speakers...

Most people are turning away from boomboxes and speakers that are too large in size because of the lack of portability that is associated with them.

Instead, if you want to get your hands on a small boombox that weighs less than a pound, the Omnigates Aeon Boombox Bluetooth Speaker is a great option for you.

Available in a bunch of different colors and shapes, this is a great boombox for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and want something that is compact yet powerful. It is waterproof and dust resistant, which makes it ideal for the times you are out hiking, camping and enjoying the great outdoors!

  • The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is very impressive, giving you 10 hours of playback time.
  • The speakers are shockproof as well as certified IPX6 water resistant. They are also resistant to dust.
  • The Omnigates Aeon comes with a miniSD card reader to expand storage and increase the amount of music you can listen to.
  • These are wireless speakers that are also Bluetooth enabled so that you can play music from your smartphone or tablet.
  • There is no option for an AUX input, which can make it a little restrictive.
  • The sound is not going to be as strong as some of the larger and more expensive boombox speakers that are available for purchase.

7. Best Boombox for Kids: auna Roadie Portable Boombox

auna Roadie • Kids Portable Boombox with CD Player and Radio • LED Light • AM/FM Radio •...
  • ENTERTAINING: auna Roadie lets you see the rhythm! FUN TOY with Built-in multi-color LED lights that change to the beat of the music.
  • CONNECTED: The Bluetooth interface allows for wireless music streaming from smartphones and tablets.

If you are investing in some good quality boomboxes for your music requirements, your kids may be inspired to get their hands on a boombox of their own.

In such a situation, we would recommend that you opt for the auna Roadie Portable Boombox with CD Player and Radio that is not just great in terms of sound, but also comes in some really fun colors that your kids may enjoy.

The boombox is compatible with a large number of inputs ranging from CDs to USB drives, an AUX port, and an FM receiver.

Your kids won’t just be listening to the music; the multi-color LED lights that are built into the boombox speaker change color with the beats of the music, making it an overall interactive experience.

  • The overall appearance of this boombox is tailormade to attract children because of all the bright colors involved.
  • There are many different ways in which you can use the product — with CDs, MP3, FM capabilities and more.
  • The speakers also have Bluetooth connectivity so that you can play music with your smartphones or tablets.
  • You have the option of powering your boombox with a power outlet or with the help of 6 C-type batteries.
  • The price may seem a little on the higher side for a product aimed at children.
  • The overall sound quality will not leave you truly impressed, as there are better-sounding boomboxes in this price range.

8. Best Cheap Boombox: Jenson CD-490

JENSEN CD-490 Portable Stereo CD Player with AM/FM Radio and Aux Line-In, Red and Black
  • Top Loading CD Player, CD-R/RW Compatible, LED CD Track Display
  • Skip/Search Forward and Back, Repeat 1 or All, Programmable Memory
  • AM/FM Stereo Receiver, Foldable Carrying Handle, Telescopic Antenna, Stereo Headphone Jack

There are many instances where you don’t want to spend too much money but still want to get your hands on a decent boombox that will give you good sound. In such a situation, we recommend that you opt for the Jenson CD-490 Portable Stereo.

This is a very affordable product that you can get if you have some CDs that you want to play, or if you want to play music in the MP3 format.

The LED display screen adds a degree of newness to the otherwise conventionally built product. There is also the option of AM/FM if you want to alleviate your entertainment quotient.

  • Simple operations make this product very easy to use.
  • This is one of the most affordable boombox speakers that you can purchase.
  • The product is very lightweight, which makes it portable and easy to carry around.
  • You can use this stereo to play CDs, MP3s as well as radio, depending on what you’d prefer.
  • The sound quality is a little lacking, but that is somewhat made up for by the cheap price tag attached to the product.
  • This is one of the only products on this list that is not Bluetooth enabled.

9. Best Waterproof Boombox: AOMAIS GO

AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers, 40H Playtime Outdoor Portable Speaker, 40W Stereo Sound Rich Bass,...
  • IPX7 WATERPROOF SPEAKER: Really waterproof! AOMAIS Go has top level waterproof able to withstand full immersion of up to 33 feet for 30 minutes. Other speakers may claim water resistance but can only...

While most speakers have some sort of resistance to water, if you are looking for speakers that are waterproof, the AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers are one of the best options in front of you.

It isn’t just the waterproof nature of these speakers that makes them great, they are also dustproof, snowproof, mudproof and built to withstand even small drops.

With an impressive battery life, these speakers will be able to give you playback time of 30 hours. This time can further be increased if you play the music at 50% of the volume. The best part is that you get all these features at a very affordable price point.

  • The quick charge feature is very helpful
  • Bluetooth version 4.2 to help you connect your smartphones and tablets to the device.
  • Onstalled with 60-watt speaker drivers for great sound output.
  • Weatherproof which is great for people who spend a lot of time outside.
  • If there are any objects in the way of your speakers and the device from which you are playing the music, the overall range may be reduced drastically.
  • These speakers aren’t too appealing in their appearance, so if you are looking for a stylish option, this may not be for you.

10. Best Cassette Boombox: Sony CFDS70-BLK

Sony CFDS70-BLK CD/MP3 Cassette Boombox Home Audio Radio, Black, With Aux
  • A compact CD/cassette player with AM/FM radio, sleep-timer, and 3 station preset capability.

If you are looking for something that has the old-world charm but still gives you an impressive sound quality with cassettes, the Sony CFDS70-BLK CD/MP3 Cassette Boombox is a great option.

It comes with space for a CD, cassettes, as well as an AM/FM radio that can catch all the stations that you’d like to listen to. There is also a sleep timer and a 3-station preset capability, which when combined with Sony’s position in the market, makes for a great product.

  • This cassette and CD boombox is great for those people who prefer that traditional look in their music devices.
  • The AM/FM tuner is a great addition to an otherwise basic boombox.
  • This is a very compact and lightweight boombox, which you can carry around with great ease.
  • The battery life is particularly impressive, giving you close to 19 hours of playback time.
  • The price is a little on the higher side when it comes to such basic boomboxes.
  • The lack of Bluetooth integration is particularly annoying when it comes to the current needs of most users.

What to Look For in a Good Boombox

As you may have noticed in the list above, there are many different types of products that even come within the basic category of a boombox. Depending on what you are going for in terms of the final sound quality, price and so on, different products fare differently for different people.

However, you may not have clarity on what you want in the first place and to help you through the selection process, we have put together some of the main factors of consideration to give thought to before deciding on one boombox as the best one for you.

Product Quality

First and foremost, the overall sound quality should be your first concern as a prospective buyer. There are some companies that have been ruling the market for a while and there is a good reason for that. They use cutting edge technology and innovation to give you the best sounding boombox that will not just work within the confines of your home but also sound great out in the open.

Keep in mind that a portable boombox can’t possibly give you the same strength as a sound system complete with a 12″ subwoofer and $500 bookshelf speakers, but it can work in ways that will surprise you!

Old School Retro Boombox


One of the main reasons why people go for a boombox to fulfill their music needs is the portability factor. Before buying a boombox, you need to be sure that you will be able to carry it around without feeling like your body is going to break. For this reason, most people prefer to go with speakers that have lighter bodies.

Keep in mind that a relatively lighter body does not mean your boombox cannot be as powerful. However, some of the more industrial size boomboxes may be more suitable for the outdoors. Whatever you choose to go for in the end, it is important to look at some of the other features before making a decision.


In the past, most boomboxes were built to play music from CDs or cassettes but these music devices are becoming less and less common now. While there will be some vintage types that will still work only with those two audio inputs, more and more newer versions come with their own storage drives or features that allow you to plug in USB drives or SD cards and listen to music.

These versions may be a little more expensive than the regular boomboxes that most people saw growing up, but the amount of freedom and space you get with these is simply amazing.


If a high-storage model is not what you are looking for in particular, you can always expand your horizons — and the relative ease of use of the boombox — by choosing models that give you many different connectivity options, for example, connectivity using Bluetooth on your phone or other devices.

This means that by turning on the Bluetooth of your phone — or any other mobile device — and the boombox, you have the liberty of even using your boombox as a set of portable speakers. In all, the more you are ready to pay for your boombox, it is highly possible that the more sophisticated its connectivity options will be.

Listening to Music on Boombox


Most people opt for boomboxes because they want a listening solution that will not restrict them on the basis of space or where it can be played. The portability — as we discussed before — is a big factor, but in order for it to really translate into good value, it also needs to be sturdy enough to handle any abuse that it may have to face as you lug the boombox around town.

If you aren’t looking to spend tons of money on repairs and a lot of effort on getting rid of scratches, it is recommended that you choose a boombox that has a good layer of protection to prevent any mishaps. Additionally, water resistance and dust resistance can really be things to look into if you are planning on using the boombox out in the open.

Boombox The Roof Down!

After going through all the key factors that need to be kept under consideration while purchasing a good boombox, you will be able to prioritize which of these are more important to you and which ones can be overlooked in favor of others.

With the help of our lineup of the best boomboxes, it will be much easier for you to take a decision, as the different categories have already been chalked out.

If you need a compact and small boombox, there is something for you.

If you want the best possible sound, we have got you covered.

If you are looking for that vintage feel or just a small boombox for your kids, there are options for all these categories.

You can simply choose one and get ready to bring the roof down!

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