8 Best Subwoofers Under $200 (Includes Options For Cars)

Best Subwoofer Under $200

Subwoofers are essential additions to your collection if you’re passionate about music that you can feel.

While speakers are all well and good for hearing music or movies, there’s something about the bass pulsing under your skin that just can’t be matched.

Whether you’re looking for an addition to your home theater system or something to add an extra dimension to music in your car, a subwoofer is your best friend for an immersive audio experience.

You don’t have to spend big to get great bass, which is why we’ve compiled the best subwoofers under $200, so you can feel bass on a budget.

Quick List: Top 8 Subwoofers Under $200 In2024

  1. Sony SACS9 Active SubwooferGood Value
  2. Polk Audio PSW10 Powered SubwooferMost Popular
  3. Rockville SS8P Underseat Powered Subwoofer
  4. Yamaha NS-SW050BL Powered Subwoofer
  5. Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer
  6. JBL GT-BassPro12 Powered Subwoofer
  7. Pioneer TS-WX1210A Car Subwoofer
  8. Klipsch Reference R-10SW Powered SubwooferBest Overall

Researching Subwoofers Under $200

Good Value
Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active Subwoofer,Black
Most Popular
Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer – Power Port Technology, Up to 100 Watts, Big Bass in...
Best Overall
Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10" 300w Powered Subwoofer (Black)
Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active Subwoofer,Black
Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer – Power Port Technology, Up to 100 Watts, Big Bass in...
Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10" 300w Powered Subwoofer (Black)
Good Value
Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active Subwoofer,Black
Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active Subwoofer,Black
Most Popular
Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer – Power Port Technology, Up to 100 Watts, Big Bass in...
Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer – Power Port Technology, Up to 100 Watts, Big Bass in...
Best Overall
Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10" 300w Powered Subwoofer (Black)
Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10" 300w Powered Subwoofer (Black)

When looking for the best subwoofer under $200, our number one priority was punchy bass that you can feel under your skin. We want to offer you the option for a sub that can shake your walls if you desire, but that above all will immerse you in your favorite movies or music.

If you want to extend your budget just a little bit more, you should look at our article on the best subwoofers under $300.

We paid special attention to construction of subwoofers and prioritized units that have anti-vibration and anti-resonance design, so that you will get only the smoothest bass. Durable construction was also a strong consideration, so that you can get years of reliable use.

No one wants to spend hours on installation, so we chose subwoofers that can be easily integrated into your car or existing home theater system and may include automatic features like an on/off switch for simpler use.

If you like to play around to find your perfect sound, we have you covered too. We chose subwoofers that have adjustable controls, including low pass crossover, phase control, and bass boost, just to name a few.

Sometimes size does matter, and so we chose the ultimate subwoofers under $200 across a variety of driver sizes from 8 to 12 inches.

This gives you the best options whether you’re looking for a compact but reliable subwoofer, or a huge unit that can shake your walls.

The Best Subwoofers Under $200 in2024

1. Sony SACS9 Active Subwoofer – Good Value

Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active Subwoofer,Black
  • Active 10” subwoofer perfect to provide that extra punch for your home theater or music listening setup

The SACS9 by Sony may be small, but you could never tell it from the large, high-quality bass that it delivers.

✔️ What we like: A small subwoofer with big, clean bass.

What we don’t like: Issues with the automatic power on/off feature.

Standout Features

  • Superior anti-vibration design
  • Small and compact
  • Excellent integration

The Sony SACS9 is a compact unit that is suitable for smaller home entertainment rooms, allowing you to tuck it out of the way and clear up some floor space. Due to its size, the reduced baffle area also eliminates distortion for a bass that is clean, clear, and immersive.

This anti-distortion design is also found in the 10 inch driver, which has a cone made of Foamed-Mica Cellular material that is sturdy, minimizes vibrations, and doesn’t deteriorate over time like paper. The inside of the enclosure also features damping material and a vibration-minimizing design that absorbs the waves of pressure coming from the rear of the sub. You can be sure of precise, natural bass with the Sony SACS9.

It covers a decent frequency range, from 28 to 100Hz, allowing it to pick up low frequencies and add extra dimension to your films. It’s not shy on the volume front either, with a 115W amplifier that has external circuits that also minimize the possibility for vibrations or distortion.

The SACS9 has a sleek and contemporary design that can easily fit in with your general decor. Paired with its superior crossover capabilities, it is a subwoofer that can integrate with your home theater system with minimal effort.

Our only criticism is that while it includes an automatic on/off feature, some users have reported issues with its functionality and that it is simpler to use the subwoofer manually. However, if you’re looking to add an extra dimension to your movie nights, the SACS9 by Sony is a solid choice.

Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer – Power Port Technology, Up to 100 Watts, Big Bass in...
  • POWERED SUBWOOFER FOR EXTRA BASS and PUNCH – A 10-inch Dynamic Balance woofer and a uniquely configured directed port provides accurate bass with added depth that brings your music and movies alive....

The Polk Audio PSW10 is a sturdy choice that reproduces exceptionally smooth bass and can easily fit into your home entertainment system.

✔️ What we like: A subwoofer that delivers clean, punchy bass with minimal effort.

What we don’t like: A small crossover range.

Standout Features

  • Great connectivity
  • Anti-resonance design
  • Klippel distortion analyzer

No matter what your existing home entertainment system is, the PSW10 by Polk Audio is designed to seamlessly integrate. It includes multiple inputs and outputs, as well as a phase toggle switch if you’re using more than one subwoofer, allowing for easy connectivity to your speakers and soundbar. The subwoofer also integrates easily with your speakers, allowing for a warm and balanced bass that is a natural extension of your existing setup.

The subwoofer features a sturdy design that is optimized to eliminate resonance, leaving behind only the smoothest of playback. This includes a 10 inch Dynamic Balance driver that can move quickly while maintaining its rigid structure, thus eliminating distortion.

The sub’s enclosure also has internal bracing and damping that eliminates resonance, as well as fine tuning that can handle low frequencies without distortion. A specially directed port allows the expulsion of air from the sub without interfering with the overall smooth sound.

We love the addition of a Klippel distortion analyzer, which optimizes the woofer’s motor structure, alignment of the voice coil, and the overall suspension according to laser-based analysis. This superior technology smooths out the overall sound for that natural bass that you know and love.

Our sole complaint is that the frequency response is a bit limited, covering from 40 to 160Hz. While this misses out on the lowest frequencies, it’s still more than enough for this price point, where the PSW10 is truly excellent value for money.

3. Rockville SS8P Underseat Powered Subwoofer

Rockville SS8P 400w 8' Slim Under-Seat Active Powered Car/Truck Subwoofer Sub,Black
2,709 Reviews
Rockville SS8P 400w 8" Slim Under-Seat Active Powered Car/Truck Subwoofer Sub,Black
  • Rockville SS8P 8" 400w Slim Under-Seat Active Powered Car/Truck Subwoofer Sub.

The SS8P by Rockville is deceptive, with a small design that doesn’t hint at its large sound or fully customizable sound options.

✔️ What we like: A small car subwoofer that allows you total control over your bass.

What we don’t like: A tendency to overheat.

Standout Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Thin and compact
  • Highly adjustable sound

The Rockville SS8P is designed to be placed under your car or truck’s seat, with a compact design that is less than 3 inches thick. It can deliver heavy bass without taking up too much space, with an 8 inch driver and in-built amplifier that can handle a whopping 400W at its peak. While it may be small, the punchy bass that it delivers is anything but.

The sub includes heavy-duty mounting feet that add stability and minimize vibrations, making sure that the sound is smooth across the lowest frequencies. It’s also super easy to install, with high level inputs that can be used even if you don’t have preamp outputs, and the location of all inputs and outputs on one side of the unit.

This allows for easy setup and use, with no need for complicated wiring or stressful assembly. The addition of an automatic on/off setting also simplifies use of the SS8P and allows for rapid connection with minimal power usage.

We love how customizable the sound of the SS8P is, with multiple controls that can be accessed straight from the unit. These include level control, low pass crossover filter, phase control, input sensitivity, bass boost, and a subsonic filter for those extremely low frequencies that the human ear can’t detect.

If you love playing around with your subwoofer to find your perfect sound, you’ll be in heaven with the Rockville model.

The SS8P subwoofer features a cast aluminum enclosure that is designed to prevent overheating even with heavy use. However, some users have reported that the sub can get pretty hot, especially if you don’t have a lot of airflow under your seat. Therefore, it’s probably not the best option if you want to have heavy sub use for several hours at a time.

4. Yamaha NS-SW050BL Powered Subwoofer

YAMAHA 8" 100W Powered Subwoofer - Black (NS-SW050BL)
  • New twisted flare port contributes to clear and tight bass

The Yamaha NS-SW050BL sets itself apart from the competition with intelligent audio design and premium construction, all from a compact unit.

✔️ What we like: Superior audio design and construction from a pint-sized subwoofer.

What we don’t like: A lack of tunable crossover.

Standout Features

  • Twisted flare port design
  • Advanced YST II technology
  • Compact

The NS-SW050BL features a twisted flare port design that contributes to superior sound quality.  The shape of the port creates a smoother flow of air out the side of the sub enclosure, reducing any extraneous noise and making sure that the resulting bass is natural, clean, and super smooth.

The design also allows the Yamaha sub to handle sub blasts without losing a grip on the tightness of its sound, perfect for a consistent sound quality during movie nights.

We also appreciate the Advanced YST II technology, which is a superior negative impedance converter. It allows greater control over the speaker cone, ensures a more stable connection at the lowest frequencies, and can maintain control even at the highest volumes with the highest pressure. No matter what media you throw at the Yamaha subwoofer, it can handle it with style.

The sub itself is small and compact, with an 8 inch cone driver. Despite its small size, the in-built amplifier can handle 100W of power, allowing it to easily fill a small to medium sized home theater. It can also handle a huge frequency response from 28 to 200Hz, setting itself apart from similar subwoofers at this price point.

Our only issues with the NS-SW050BL is that it lacks tunable crossover and automatic signal sensing. While it still delivers a superior sound, these extra features would add a little more user-friendliness and control.

If you’re looking for a tiny subwoofer with innovative audio technology and huge sound, the NS-SW050BL by Yamaha should be top of your list.

5. Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer

Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer - 8 Inch With Auto-On Function, For Studio And Home Theater...
  • This is an 8" powered subwoofer capable of producing 60 watts (RMS) output. The subwoofer has a frequency response range of 50 to 250 Hz with a lowpass crossover filter, which can be adjusted from 50...

The Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer is the perfect combination of value for money, simple design, and decent bass.

✔️ What we like: A budget subwoofer that will give you years of reliable use.

What we don’t like: Limited frequency response.

Standout Features

  • Value for money
  • Durable design
  • User-friendly

If you’re looking to add immersive bass to your home theater system without spending big, the Monoprice subwoofer is the perfect option. It’s definitely light on the wallet without compromising on quality, making sure that you can enjoy years of playback with minimal financial investment.

The subwoofer is designed for seamless integration into your home theater system, including multiple inputs that simplify the installation process. It also has an adjustable low pass crossover from 50 to 150Hz, allowing you to better integrate the sub with your existing speakers and soundbar.

The addition of an automatic on setting that puts your subwoofer to sleep after 2 minutes of non-use and allows it to jump to action when needed is highly user friendly and won’t hurt your power bill.

Monoprice’s subwoofer is compact, with an 8 inch woofer and in-built amplifier that can handle 60W of power. It also includes impedance matching circuitry that doesn’t reduce power output to the front speakers or have a negative impact on impedance load. The exterior of the subwoofer is attractive, with a black wooden finish that can blend seamlessly with your existing speaker system.

Our only complaint is that the Monoprice sub has a limited frequency range, only covering from 50 to 250Hz. This means that it misses out on a lot of the lower frequencies, but it’s still a great choice if you’re looking for a budget subwoofer under $200 that will give you reliable and stress-free use.

6. JBL GT-BassPro12

The JBL GT-BassPro12 is an investment if you’re an auto enthusiast that is serious about their sound.

✔️ What we like: A heavy-duty car subwoofer with seriously powerful bass.

What we don’t like: The weight.

Standout Features

  • Slipstream port
  • Designed for heavy use
  • Customizable sound
JBL GT BassPro12 12 inch powered subwoofer
Image Credit – JBL

The GT-BassPro12 is designed to withstand heavy use, giving you the freedom to blast your favorite tunes to your heart’s content. The woofer is inside a die-cast aluminum basket which is exceptionally durable and eliminates both rattling and distortion, allowing for smooth, punchy bass every time. The motor structure includes venting that prevents overheating at high temperatures, while a slipstream port allows the release of air at high pressure frequencies without distortion or extraneous noise.

The 12 inch woofer includes a powerful amplifier that can handle up to 150W, allowing you to easily fill your car with bone-shaking tunes. The addition of dual stacked magnets  increases magnet flux for higher output and excursion, and the addition of a progressive spider allows for high output at low frequencies without losing suspension. All these elements work together to allow heavy duty use and consistent playback quality, regardless of the frequency or volume.

You can easily adjust sound on the JBL unit, with controls for input level, low pass, bass boost, and phase control. The addition of a remote level control allows you to adjust sound directly from your seat, adding further to the convenience of this car subwoofer. It also includes an automatic power on which works from signal sensing, rounding out the user-friendly features of the GT-BassPro12.

Our only concern with the JBL GT-BassPro12 sub is that it is very heavy and needs a lot of breaking in. However, if you have the space for it and the patience to adjust sound levels over time, you will be rewarded with a heavy-duty sub that has seriously strong bass.

7. Pioneer TS-WX1210A Car Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12” Sealed Active Subwoofer with Built In Amplifier, 1200 Watts Max Power Sub,...
  • 1300W Max Single 12" Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure with Built-In Amplifier Power Handling Peak 1300W / RMS 350W Preloaded with a single 12" Subwoofer Built-in Class D amplifier Sealed enclosure with...

The Pioneer TS-WX1210A is the perfect combination of compact size, huge sound, and user-friendly features.

✔️ What we like: A compact car subwoofer that can handle very low bass at very high volumes.

What we don’t like: Discrepancies in advertised volume.

Standout Features

  • Excellent frequency response
  • Customizable sound
  • Powerful amplifier

The Pioneer subwoofer has a unique trapezoid shape that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. The outer is rigid and durable, while the internal structure reduces internal standing waves. The compact sub can easily be slotted under your seat or in the trunk of your car, taking up minimal space while delivering a punchy, high-quality bass. The exterior is also carpeted, which prevents slipping and protects the sub from damage, making sure you can enjoy years of use.

This subwoofer has both high volume capabilities and an excellent frequency response. The 12 inch sub includes an in-built Class D amplifier that supposedly can handle up to 350W, with a frequency response from 20 to 125Hz. This allows it to pick up much lower frequencies than many subwoofers at this price point, for a bass experience that gets right under your skin.

Installation is a breeze with the TS-WX1210A and it’s also super easy to use in your day to day life. You can control input gain via the knob or mounted control, and the sub also includes controls for LPD, phase control, and variable bass boost. This gives you power and flexibility over playback, so you can find your perfect sound.

While the Pioneer TS-WX1210A subwoofer advertises an amplifier that can handle 350W, some users have reported that it is closer to 150W. This is a significant difference, but also more than enough volume to fill your car or truck.

8. Klipsch Reference R-10SW – Best Overall

The Klipsch Reference R-10SW distinguishes itself with an immersive and musical bass that adds an extra dimension to your home theater experience.

✔️ What we like: A compact subwoofer that delivers a truly immersive audio experience.

What we don’t like: Limited frequency response.

Standout Features

  • Superior woofer design
  • Powerful amplifier
  • Easy integration

The R-10SW has a 10 inch driver that is front-firing and has a superior spun-copper design that is lightweight but rigid. This eliminates distortion and avoids cone breakup, leading to a powerful bass with minimal effort. It’s powered by an in-built 300W amplifier that is fully digital for more accurate sound, bringing out the absolute best of your favorite music and movies.

It can easily fit into your existing home theater setup, due to its simple installation and superior integration. It includes both line and LFE inputs for compatibility with most kinds of receivers and has adjustable low pass crossover and phase control to better integrate with your existing speakers.

While the R-10SW can shake your walls with bass, that’s really not what it’s designed for. The balanced and musical nature of its bass can transport you into the world of film, for a fully 3D movie experience. It’s designed for a bass that is felt just as much as it is heard, adding true value to your home cinema.

Our only concern is that the frequency response is a little limited, with the lowest frequency at 32Hz. However, considering the excellent sound quality of the Klipsch Reference R-10SW unit, it’s still a steal for a subwoofer under $200.

A Guide to Choosing a Subwoofer Under $200

Black $200 Subwoofer

Where will you use your home cinema subwoofer?

Where you intend to use your sub is a great starting point when choosing a subwoofer under $200.

If you’re looking to an addition to your home entertainment system, you need to look at the kind of existing setup that you have. If you are in a smaller room, you could get away with an 8 or 10 inch sub that will still fill the room with sound, without taking up too much floor space. However, if you have a larger entertainment room, you should look at a 10 inch sub as a minimum, to be able to enjoy the full extent of immersive bass.

It’s also essential that you choose a subwoofer that can integrate with your existing system, with the correct inputs and outputs, as well as features like phase control or low pass crossover. You want the sound of your sub to blend with your existing speakers for an overall audio effect.

YouTube video

Or are you looking for a car subwoofer?

If you are looking to add some heavy bass to your driving tunes, you have a different set of needs and limitations.

Car subwoofers are space dependent, so you need to decide if you want one that you can put under your seat to fully feel the vibrations, or in the trunk of your car. Under the seat woofers tend to be more compact and may have smaller drivers, but you can access the controls directly to make adjustments. A woofer in your trunk may have more powerful bass, but you lose out on convenience.

With car subwoofers, it’s also important to choose a unit that can handle your level of usage. If you anticipate hours of blasting your music at top volume, you need to choose a sub that can handle this kind of output. This may include temperature controlling design that prevents your sub from overheating, dual stacked magnets for higher output and excursion, and maybe an intelligently-designed port to release air without extraneous noise.

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How much experience do you have with subwoofers?

If you’re a complete newbie to the world of subwoofers, it’s important to start out with a unit that isn’t going to overwhelm you. You need to prioritize simple installation and multiple connection options so you can get started with minimal stress. You can also benefit from subwoofers that have in-built optimization that eliminates distortion and reproduces smooth bass without effort on your end.

However, if you’re more experienced with subwoofers, you should choose a unit that gives you more control over your audio experience. This could include adjustable controls for phase control, bass boost, low pass, and tunable crossover, just to name a few. This gives you the flexibility to adjust according to your audiophile ear and find the bass that really gets under your skin.

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What kind of sound are you looking for?

Not all bass is identical, and many subwoofers produce a different kind of sound, depending on their construction.

If you’re looking to chase the lowest of the lows, you should be choosing a subwoofer that has a wide frequency level that goes as low as 20Hz. Not all subwoofers pick up these frequencies, so you need to decide if it’s your priority.

Other subwoofers may have a more limited frequency range but pick up greater details of your music or movies, adding an immersive and musical element to your audio experience.

Overall, your focus should be on a subwoofer that has smooth playback with minimal distortion and a natural sound.

The Ultimate Subwoofers Under $200 on the Market

A subwoofer is an essential addition if you’re looking to upgrade your home theater system or add a little oomph to your tunes while driving in your car. Subwoofers can pick up very low frequencies and get under your skin, creating an audio effect that is felt as much as it is heard.

However, not everyone wants to or is able to invest a lot in audio equipment, so we’ve rounded up the best quality subwoofers under $200 in2024. You can get high quality bass without breaking the bank, and we’re here to show you just how to do it.

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