10 Best Earbuds For Small Ears (Super Comfy)

Best Earbuds for Small Ears

Are you tired of buying earbuds, popping them in, and immediately yanking them out because they hurt like crazy?

When you have small ear canals, it can be annoying and uncomfortable to wear them at the gym, on a hike, or during your train ride to work.

At this point, you’ve struggled long enough while searching Google attempting to find the best earbuds to fit your tiny ears.

You want earbuds for small ears, you want them now and that’s exactly what you’ve found my friend.

You’ve come to the right place and we’re excited to help!

Quick List: Top 10 Earbuds For Small Ears

  1. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-VVery Popular
  2. Joymiso Tangle Free Earbuds for Kids Women Small Ears
  3. Avantree TWS110 Mini True Wireless Earbuds
  4. Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating EarphonesBest Overall
  5. JBL E25BT Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones
  6. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones
  7. JVC HAFX5V Gumy Plus Inner Ear Headphones
  8. Joysico Sports Headphones Wired Over Ear In-ear Earbuds
  9. MEE Audio M9B Bluetooth Wireless Sweatproof in-Ear Headphones
  10. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wood EarbudsHighly Rated

Researching Earbuds for Small Ears

Very Popular
Panasonic ErgoFit Wired Earbuds, In-Ear Headphones with Microphone and Call Controller, Ergonomic...
Best Overall
Shure SE215 PRO Wired Earbuds - Professional Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear Sound & Deep Bass,...
Highly Rated
Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wired Earbuds with Microphone, Wooden Phone & Laptop Headphones, 90% Noise...
Panasonic ErgoFit Wired Earbuds, In-Ear Headphones with Microphone and Call Controller, Ergonomic...
Shure SE215 PRO Wired Earbuds - Professional Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear Sound & Deep Bass,...
Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wired Earbuds with Microphone, Wooden Phone & Laptop Headphones, 90% Noise...
Very Popular
Panasonic ErgoFit Wired Earbuds, In-Ear Headphones with Microphone and Call Controller, Ergonomic...
Panasonic ErgoFit Wired Earbuds, In-Ear Headphones with Microphone and Call Controller, Ergonomic...
Best Overall
Shure SE215 PRO Wired Earbuds - Professional Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear Sound & Deep Bass,...
Shure SE215 PRO Wired Earbuds - Professional Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear Sound & Deep Bass,...
Highly Rated
Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wired Earbuds with Microphone, Wooden Phone & Laptop Headphones, 90% Noise...
Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wired Earbuds with Microphone, Wooden Phone & Laptop Headphones, 90% Noise...

As someone with small ears canals, I can totally sympathize with you. I understand how painful it can be wearing earbuds that don’t fit right. That’s why I took on this massive project. It’s not just for your benefit but I benefit from this research too.

While I made comfort and earbud size my top priority, they weren’t the only features I focused on. Sound quality was of the utmost importance while performing my research. What’s the point of having earbuds for small ears that fit but sound horrible? Poor sound quality earbuds aren’t going to cut it and you won’t find any on this list.

I also chose earbuds with varying price ranges too. Some of the earbuds on this list are more than affordable. You’ll have no trouble buying them even on the smallest budget. And I reviewed a few premium options to boot. Although higher priced, they have beautiful designs, excellent features, and crush it with amazing sound quality.

Anyway, I wanted to give you some insight into my research methods. Besides size, sound quality, and price, I also considered features, weight, wired or wireless, durability, noise cancellation, and battery life.

The Best Earbuds For Small Ears In2024

1. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones – Very Popular

Panasonic ErgoFit Wired Earbuds, In-Ear Headphones with Microphone and Call Controller, Ergonomic...
  • Wired In Ear Headphones: Earbuds perfect for exercising; With three sets of earpads (S/M/L), Headphones stay in your ears while keeping surrounding noise out

Designed with comfort, stylishness, and a fantastic listening experience in mind, the Panasonic ErgoFit Earphones are perfect for music lovers, podcast devotees, and news junkies on the go. They’re great for working out, strolling through the park, or commuting back and forth to work.

✔️ What we like: Ergonomically designed earbuds with or without built-in mic

❌ What we don’t like: The packaging was difficult to open, flimsy cord

Standout Features

  • S/M/L soft ergonomic ear pads
  • Nickel plated headphone jack
  • Wide frequency response
  • Comfortable fit
  • Doesn’t slip out of ears

The best thing about the Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones is the way that they glide in and out of your ears canals without any difficulty. These wonderful earbuds are designed to conform to the inside of your ear canals. This is perfect because they fit like a glove, never hurt because the material is ultra soft, and you’ll never have to live with unbearable earbud related pain again.

Another great thing about these earbuds is the size of the cord. It’s 3.6 feet in length, which provides just enough length to comfortably listen to music and podcasts without constantly tripping over the wire. When cords are too short they often slip out of the headphone jack. When they’re too long they can be a real pain in the neck because they constantly trip you up and get in the way.

Although this is a wired set of earbuds for small ears, it’s also incredibly affordable from an economic standpoint. So you get high quality earbuds at a price that can’t be beat. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

Besides the awesome fit, these earbuds are available in 15 different colors. They sell them in violet, silver, matte black, metallic violet, pink, orange, and other great colors. And they’re available with or without a built-in microphone, depending on your needs.

Nothing is ever perfect and these comfortable and affordable Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones earbuds aren’t without their flaws. One reviewer said they aren’t the best earbuds to wear while exercising. Since you’re moving around so much, they have a tendency to make a rubbing sound in your ears that muffles the sound quality and can be kind of annoying as well.

You may prefer to only use them in situations when you’ll be stationary.

2. Joymiso Tangle Free Earbuds for Kids & Women Small Ears

Joymiso Tangle Free Earbuds for Kids Women Small Ears with Case, Comfortable Lightweight in Ear...
  • COMFORTABLE EARBUDS FOR KIDS WOMEN SMALL EARS - With lightweight and ergonomic angled in ear design, these wired earbuds fit in ears comfortably without any annoying droping like other heavy and bulky...

The Joymiso Tangle Free earbuds conveys high quality sound and were designed with durability in mind. This set of wired earbuds combines a lightweight ergonomic style, hands free volume and music control, and other exciting features into one pleasurable and tiny package.

✔️ What we like: Ergonomic design, 3 ear tips sizes, and tangle free wire

❌ What we don’t like: Slippery ear tips and poorly designed controller

Standout Features

  • Comfortable earbuds for small ears
  • Long-lasting and robust earbuds
  • Sturdy and tangle free cable
  • Blocks out background noise
  • Clear and balanced audio

Why do I adore Joymiso Tangle Free Earbuds so much? For starters, they meet my biggest need, which is they fit my small earholes. Too often I struggle to find earbuds that adequately conform to my ears. With small, medium, and large sizes at my disposal, it was possible to choose the smallest size and achieve the perfect fit.

With sizing issues out of the way, I next realized that the sound quality was first rate. The audio pumping through the earbuds was clear, balanced, and it doesn’t make the annoying cracking noises that so many cheaper brands tend to make. I now get to enjoy my favorite songs and talk radio shows without fuzzy buzzing interrupting my listening experience, which is really nice for a change.

The device has a wired 3.5mm gold plated jack for better sound quality. Even better, because they used the standard jack size, these buds are compatible with most standard electronic devices. Obviously they won’t work with Apple products, but they’ll work with Samsung, Motorola, and many other popular brands.

Do you like listening to audiobooks while you’re on the move? These earbuds are the superior choice for audiobook enjoyment. They fit the ear canals so perfectly that they block out all ambient background noise. So you’ll have no trouble becoming fully immersed in a great mystery or thriller novel, an exciting science fiction story, or the latest offering from your favorite non-fiction author.

On a not so positive side, the volume control leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a little flimsy and it seems like it could break easily. It never broke during testing, but it appears possible. And the Joymiso Tangle Free Earbuds are regrettably on the slippery side. So you’ll probably have a tough time getting them to stay in your ears if you’re wearing them while working out.

3. Avantree TWS110 Mini True Wireless Earbuds

Avantree [New Version] TWS110 Mini True Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears Canals, Sport Bluetooth 5.0...
  • 【Ideal for Smaller Ears】 The solution for those who have difficulty finding earphones that fit. Ergonomically designed to fit all ear shapes and sizes comfortably, suitable earbuds for women and...

Avantree TWS110 wireless earbuds are a spectacular choice for everyone in the market for top quality audio, simple mic and volume control, a nifty charging case, and other great features. The clear sounds, 28 hour playtime, and small size were particularly impressive.

✔️ What we like: Wireless earphones, charging case, and designed to fit small ears

❌ What we don’t like: Charging difficulties, inconvenient controls, and high price point

Standout Features

  • Great fit for small ears
  • Simple pairing and button controls
  • Uses latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
  • Portable charging extends battery life
  • Lightweight, compact, and transports easily

I’m a huge fan of the Avantree TWS110 wireless earbuds most specifically because they are compact, durable, and a great fit for people with small ears. Most of the time, it’s hard to find earbuds that fit smaller ear holes. These buds possess an ergonomic design, which makes it possible to fit various ears sizes and shapes without difficulty. Men, women, and children will discover that they are the perfect snug fit.

The noise cancelling capabilities is also a massive boon to this product. Too often, while walking the city streets or taking public transportation, background noise will bleed into your consciousness and make it difficult to hear the audio coming out of your earbuds. This design is great because it limits distracting noises from the background, so you can better focus on the audio coming out of your speakers. It makes it much easier to enjoy music, audiobooks, and radio programs.

This product also uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This was a smart move because devices like this are often difficult to pair with smart phones, MP3 players, tablets, and the like. But because it uses the latest advances in Bluetooth tech, you’ll always experience a stable connection with simple pairing and fantastic energy efficiency. This means energy consumption will last for a long time preventing your Avantree TWS110 Mini True wireless bluetooth earbuds from going dead at the worst possible times.

I wasn’t very impressed with the charging capabilities unfortunately. If the left earbud loses its charge for whatever reason, neither earbud will continue to operate. On the other hand, if the right earbud loses its charge you can still continue to hear audio from the left earbud without any difficulty. This strange little quirk is kind of infuriating when you’re trying to listen to music or the latest episode of your favorite talk radio show.

4. Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones – Best Overall

Shure SE215 PRO Wired Earbuds - Professional Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear Sound & Deep Bass,...
  • ROAD-TESTED BY PRO MUSICIANS - The SE215 provides detailed sound with enhanced bass for personal listening or professional monitoring.

The Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones are more technologically advanced than your average earbuds. Professional musicians and audio aficionados gravitate toward these higher-priced buds because of their enhanced bass, detailed sound, and sound isolating capabilities.

✔️ What we like: Low-profile lightweight shape and three sizes for maximum comfort

❌ What we don’t like: Expensive price point, takes time to learn, and no in-line controls

Standout Features

  • Comfortable sound isolating sleeves
  • Cable is durable and reinforced
  • 3 sizes (small, medium, and large)
  • Handy and soft compact carrying case
  • Gold plated MMCX connector

The most exciting feature of the Shure SE215 sound isolating earphones is the outstanding design. Unlike typical earbuds, the shape and ergonomic design of these earbuds is perfect because they slip in and out of the ears with ease and perfectly fill the entire gap to provide impeccable noise isolation. You’ll never have to worry about unwanted background noises slithering into your experience unimpeded again. These bad boys were designed with pure sound quality in mind and they achieve it in spades.

Just as important, the SE215 provides a masterful performance and a beautiful experience for your eardrums to savor. They are so much better than the average earbuds because they deliver cool, warm, and versatile sound to bring forth a pleasant listening experience in every situation. You can be in a crowded auditorium, an empty church, or on a busy sidewalk and still experience top shelf sound quality in any environment.

Although the nearly $100 price point is expensive when compared to typical earbuds, it’s actually a relatively inexpensive price when compared to other top-quality products used by professional musicians and audio engineers. In fact, even though I might find it difficult to drop $100 on a set of earbuds for my regular listening pleasure, I’d have no trouble buying these if I was in the business of creating and producing high-quality audio in the music industry, the talk radio world, or the podcasting space.

On the downside, it takes time to learn how to use all of the many exciting features. You’ll have no trouble pulling them out of the box and getting them the play audio. But if you’re looking to maximize your experience, you’ll need to get to know these Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating earbuds for a short time before learning to use the totality of all the incredible features. The lack of in-line controls was somewhat disappointing but certainly not a deal breaker.

5. JBL E25BT Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones Red

JBL E25BT Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones Red
  • Type Ear coupling: In-ear (earbuds) Primary application: General listening Secondary application: General listening Operating principle: Closed Audio Frequency response (TX): 20Hz - 20kHz SPL: Not...

The JBL E25BT Bluetooth headphones have impressed audiophiles far and wide. They uniquely pair to two devices at the same time, provide a powerful base response, and deliver impeccable audio through neckband style wireless earphones to maximize overall comfort and listening pleasure.

✔️ What we like: Simultaneously pairs with two devices, remote with central multifunction button

❌ What we don’t like: Minimum noise cancellation, low-volume, crackly speakers

Standout Features

  • Easy folding and storage
  • Uses powerful lithium polymer batteries
  • Pairs with iPhone and android devices
  • High-quality mic for phone calls
  • Satisfying audio and bass sounds

For anyone on the go, you’ll appreciate the JBL E25BT Bluetooth headphones because of their excellent versatility. Whether you’re listening to music or talking on the phone, it’s very easy to seamlessly move back and forth between each option. You never have to worry about missing a phone call again while listening to music on your iPhone or android device.

It also has an impressive three button remote control. The remote allows you to adjust volume control, skip between MP3 tracks, change radio stations, and you can also use it to operate the microphone. Having access to this convenient remote means you don’t have to take your phone out of its case, your pocketbook, or the strap on your wrist to change stations or bounce back and forth between your favorite songs, audiobooks, and YouTube videos.

Unlike other more expensive devices, the battery life lasts for about eight hours, which isn’t bad because it should last for the typical length of a workday. Some devices can last for up to 24 hours but this isn’t one of them. Although eight hours of crystal-clear sound and the convenient neck clip provide a comfortable, secure, and enjoyable audio experience whether you’re at home, at work, or anywhere in between.

The thing I liked the least about the JBL E25BT earbuds is their limited noise cancellation capabilities. You can listen to your favorite song and suddenly outside noise begins to bleed into your sphere of listening and it can be quite distracting as you can imagine. Besides the bleed through, the volume remains low which makes it difficult to hear and the speakers are known to crackle on occasion, which diminishes the overall quality and listening experience.

6. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Senso Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earbuds w/Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo Sweatproof...
  • True HD high Fidelity sound featuring latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology and state of the art acoustic components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble.

The SENSO Bluetooth headphones are an exciting new development for earbud aficionados of every type. They possess noise canceling capabilities, eight hours of battery life, a sweat proof and waterproof headphone design, and a first-rate microphone which provides a high quality listening and talking experience for every user.

✔️ What we like: Uses latest Bluetooth CSR technology, state-of-the-art acoustic components, and deep bass

❌ What we don’t like: Bluetooth connection difficulties and the sound occasionally cuts out

Standout Features

  • True HD high fidelity sound
  • Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • CVC 6.0 noise suppression components
  • Bonus accessories and 1 year warranty

The most exceptional thing about the SENSO Bluetooth headphones, beside the low price point, is all of the additional accessories and bonus one year warranty backing up this product. Most companies aren’t willing to go out on a limb and offer such a long warranty unless they believe in their product. SENSO obviously believes in this noise cancelling headset a great deal.

The true HD high fidelity sound is nothing to sneeze at either. It uses the top of the line Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology combined with the latest acoustic components to create clear treble, deep bass, and quality sound that is truly incredible. Music lovers and audiophiles will truly appreciate the gorgeous reverberations emanating from these inexpensive earbuds.

Their noise cancelling capabilities are also an exciting feature that I do not want to overlook. Other Bluetooth headsets tend to severely lack in noise cancelling prowess. You put them on your ears and you hear all of the background noise in the vicinity and you can barely hear the audio coming out of your speakers. That’s not the case with this practical headset and mic combo.

It’s also a great headset for people that like listening to audio while working out. The waterproof design means that you can sweat your butt off and never have to worry about damaging your earbuds. The little rubber tips aren’t going to be soaked with sweat because they were designed with working out in mind. The device is also flexible and uses silicone earbuds to perfectly conform to your inner ears for a measure of comfort that will also keep the headset firmly in place around your ears.

The Bluetooth connection in the SENSO Bluetooth Headphones experiences difficulty from time to time. And the sound cuts out on occasion as well. Not too many customers have complained about these problems but they were mentioned by other reviewers so I wanted to bring them to your attention too.

7. JVC HAFX5V Gumy Plus Inner Ear Headphones

JVC HAFX5V Gumy Plus Inner Ear Headphones (Grape Violet)
4,802 Reviews

JVC has outdone themselves with their inexpensive yet very impressive HAFX5V gumy ear headphones. They include 3 sizes, 8 vivid colors to choose from, and have an 11mm neodymium driver for the ultimate sound.

✔️ What we like: Comfortable fit and bold color choices

❌ What we don’t like: Lack of longevity and no built-in microphone

Standout Features

  • Inner ear design
  • Gold-plated iPhone compatible plug
  • Rubber body for comfortable fit
  • Noise isolation capabilities
  • 3 sizes silicone earpieces

The Gumy Plus from JVC is a great buy with its inexpensive price point. When compared to other more expensive options, it seems like they are practically giving these earbuds away. But in reality they sell for less than $10 a pair, which is fantastic for anyone looking for high quality low price earbuds.

You can choose from a wide array of vibrant colors when making your selection. They are available in black, blue, pink, green, yellow, white, purple, and red. And they have a beautiful neon glow about them which makes them vivacious, stylish, and completely complementary to whatever outfit you happen to wear.

The 11mm neodymium driver is quintessential because it boosts powerful base, terrific treble, and a tasteful sound that’s very pleasing to the ears and the soul. It doesn’t create tinny music that would otherwise ruin the listening experience. And the sound quality is much better than you’d imagine for earbuds selling at such bargain basement prices.

Everything isn’t all wine and roses as you can imagine. Some reviewers say the JVC HAFX5V Gumy Plus Inner Ear Headphones lack longevity and only last for a couple of months before breaking. Other reviewers complained that they don’t have a built-in microphone. Although another version exists that’s similar to this model with full microphone capabilities.

8. Joysico Sports Headphones Wired Over Ear In-ear Earbuds

Joysico Sport Headphones Wired Over Ear in-Ear Earbuds for Kids Women Small Ears Comfortable,...
  • COMFORTABLE & SNUG FIT IN KIDS/WOMEN SMALL EARS - These over ear earbuds are lightweight. Ergonomically-shaped ear buds nestle comfortably in ears and get a secure hold. You don't have to jam the in...

Joysico never ceases to amaze with their top-quality, high-performing, comfort fitting earbuds. Their sports headphones are perfect for men, women, and children with small ears and they create decent sound and effective noise isolation.

✔️ What we like: Earbuds designed for exercise with tremendous sound quality

❌ What we don’t like: Microphone and volume button failure

Standout Features

  • Earbuds stay put while exercising
  • High-quality sound performance
  • Built-in microphone
  • Hands-free microphone, volume, and phone call control
  • Blocks out ambient noise

You’ll appreciate the Joysico Sports Headphones for a number of reasons including their great sound quality of the highest caliber. And they block out all of the unwanted external noises with noise isolation technology. You’ll comfortably be able to listen to your favorite audio programs and music while appreciating the bass, treble, and lack of outside auditory interference.

Although this isn’t a wireless headset, it has a 52 inch cord, so you can use it just about anywhere without running out of cord length. And if the length is too long, you could always keep it partially wrapped up instead of constantly tripping over it. But having the additional cord length means you can plug these earbuds for small ears in at a distance and still use them without any interruptions.

The angled gold-plated plug is made with a 3.5 mm jack. With the right adapter, it’s compatible with android smart phones, iPhones, MP3 players, laptops, tablets, iPads, MacBooks, and more.

The worst feature on the Joysico Sports earbuds is unfortunately the microphone and volume control. A few reviewers complained that it fizzled out on them and totally stopped working. While this didn’t happen to me personally, it still seemed worth mentioning anyway.

9. MEE Audio M9B Bluetooth Wireless Sweatproof in-Ear Headphones

MEE audio M9B Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless in-Ear Headphones with Built-in Headset Microphone - 9 Hours...
206 Reviews
MEE audio M9B Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless in-Ear Headphones with Built-in Headset Microphone - 9 Hours...
  • High-Quality Sound: Compact and lightweight wireless earphones stream high-quality sound without tangled cords, bringing music and other media to life with enhanced bass and crystal clarity.

MEE designed their M9B Bluetooth wireless earbuds for sports aficionados and exercise loving devotees all over the world. They have a fully sweat proof design, come fully charged with Bluetooth 5.0 and contain a nine hour battery life.

✔️ What we like: Lightweight, compact, ergonomic, IPX5 sweat resistance, and dual built-in batteries

❌ What we don’t like: Failure to connect with every Bluetooth enabled device

Standout Features

  • Lightweight wireless earphones
  • Compact design
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • IPX5 sweat and weather resistance
  • Built-in microphone and batteries

When MEE came up with the design for their wireless Bluetooth M9B model they really wanted to create a product that offered customization, quality, and a great personalized fit for their customers. They accomplish this by offering four ear tip sizes, removable ear fins, and ergonomic ear pieces that fit snugly within the ear canal and block out all outside noises.

These earbuds for small ears are comfortable, noise cancelling, and you can wear them and feel completely pain-free all day long. This is ideal for people with small ears.

Besides the beautiful customization, the design is also lightweight, compact, and you won’t have any tangled cords getting in your way. You can listen to all of your favorite media on devices like iPhones, android smart phones, tablets, and laptops without any difficulty whatsoever. And the beautiful sounds deliver crystal clarity and enhanced bass for the ideal listening experience.

Some reviewers noticed that these MEE Audio M9B Bluetooth Wireless Sweatproof earbuds were incapable of connecting with every Bluetooth enabled device. This can be very frustrating because the sound quality is awesome so you want to use them every chance you can get. But they might not be compatible with your device and they may not show up on the Bluetooth list which is often disheartening and infuriating.

10. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wood Earbuds – Highly Rated

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wired Earbuds with Microphone, Wooden Phone & Laptop Headphones, 90% Noise...
  • ✅ Handcrafted: Meet Symphonized NRG 3.0 wired earbuds designed in Brooklyn. Thanks to handcrafted natural Bubinga housing and metal elements, these stylish earbuds will become your favorite ones

Music lovers will fully appreciate the Synchronized NRG 3.0 Wood earbuds because of their great sound and their gorgeous style. These headphones were crafted from all-natural wood so they have an authentic look while delivering deep bass, crisp acoustics, and natural sounds.

✔️ What we like: Stereo headphones, in-ear comfort fit, and universal compatibility

❌ What we don’t like: Faulty microphone and flawed design

Standout Features

  • Handcrafted from all-natural genuine wood
  • Practical design
  • Unique comfort fit
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Durable and stylish

These handcrafted wired earbuds are perfect for those looking to combine gorgeous style with an amazing audio experience. Plus, the handcrafted wood creates a natural acoustic sound that provides driving base, hard acoustics, and an audio experience unlike nothing you’ve ever appreciated before.

The NRG 3.0 Wood earbuds sound quality is excellent to say the least. They offer stereo sound with studio quality, which definitely enhances the listening experience.

The remote control allows you to control the volume, play or pause the music or podcast you’re listening to, and answer or end telephone calls. So these earbuds deliver big-time convenience and you’ll love controlling the device directly from the wire instead of the phone itself. And more, they’re universally compatible with android, iPad, iPhone, iPod, PC, and tablet devices.

On a sour note, some customers had negative experiences using the Symphonized NRG 3.0 stereo earbuds. One customer grumbled that the microphone was faulty and never worked right from the beginning. This might not be a design flaw and could have been an isolated incident. Another user complained that the overall design was flawed and created a negative listening experience.

A Guide to Choosing Earbuds for Small Ears

While it’s true that all earbuds aren’t created equally, it’s also true that it’s possible to find formfitting earbuds even if you have small ears. Popular belief tells you that this is a downright lie but I’ve tested many earbuds throughout the years and I’ve discovered a few enticing options that will practically make you jump for joy.

As you can see, I reviewed a number of my favorites above and you should absolutely consider buying any of the ones I mentioned. But at the same time, you may want to test a few variations yourself that aren’t on the list of trusted recommendations. In this case, you’ll need to know the most important things to look for when choosing earbuds or headphones for small ears.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some critical categories to consider when choosing small eared earbuds perfectly designed to meet your needs.

1. Choosing Ergonomic Earbuds is an Absolute Must

It shouldn’t really surprise anyone to learn that ergonomic earbuds are just what the doctor ordered when seeking headphones that perfectly fit within your small ear canals. Up until now, you may have felt like you were fighting a losing battle. You may have felt like you were waging a war that you could never win. But you were focused in the wrong direction and you somehow overlooked the latest earbuds with ergonomic designs.

What are ergonomic earbuds? Simply put, the material that they use fully conforms to your inner ear. It is flexible, small in stature, and shapely enough to fit within your ear canal without causing any serious pain or discomfort.

The beauty of these earbuds is they were created to fit within the ear canal to reduce external sound and provide a measure of comfort that completely enhances the entire listening experience while creating positive vibes and good feelings.

2. Don’t Give up until You Find the Best Earbuds for Your Small Ears

It’s unfortunate but so many people give up too early when seeking the best earbuds for small ears and it’s a crying shame. You should never quit on your goals for any reason, and this holds true for those looking for high quality earbuds to fit within their tiny ear canals.

Napoleon Hill told a story about a gold miner that quit too early and paid a huge price. During the gold rush, a man named R. U. Darby labored diligently in his gold mine and he eventually discovered the shiny ore. To make a long story short, after his gold vein ran dry, he eventually quit drilling and sold his land to another prospector. If he stayed the course and kept digging, he would have found countless riches 3 feet from where he finally gave up and called it quits.

As you can see, you may not find the perfect pair of earbuds for small ears immediately when you begin your search. But the right pair for you is out there. You just have to keep digging until you finally strike auditory gold!

3. Stay Far Away from One Size Fits All Earbuds

One size fits all earbuds are usually a complete waste of time and money for people with small ears. They claim that they’ll fit anyone no matter how small or large their ears happen to be. But we know the truth. We know that these earbuds are always too big for people with ears that are small in stature.

Instead, you should save your money and stick to the smaller size options. Make sure they are ergonomic, made with the right material, and offer small, medium, and large sizes.

By sticking to these parameters, you’ll find it much easier to discover the ideal earbuds designed to perfectly conform to your tiny ear canals. And you’ll be glad that you avoided one-size-fits-all brands that never really seem to fit anybody correctly.

4. Consider Custom-Made Earbuds As a Last-Ditch Alternative

It may cost you a couple of extra bucks, but getting custom-made earbuds designed specifically for your ear canals is certainly the most effective way to go. But this is a pricey option to say the least, so it might not be ideal for anyone shackled by a limited budget.

Regardless, custom earbuds from well-known brands deliver outstanding audio reverberations, high quality designs, and you won’t have to sacrifice style, sound, colors, or anything else you might be interested in when choosing a pair of earbuds.

So, if you’re looking for the highest quality audio from top formfitting earbuds, it’s definitely smart to have them custom fitted. You’ll pay for the privilege, but they usually have a long warranty and they’re really built to last.

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Premium Earbuds for People with Small Ears!

Our time together has finally come to an end. As you’ll undoubtedly attest, we’ve run the gauntlet of possibilities for those looking for the best earbuds for small ears. I’ve shared earbuds in just about every price range including those under $10 and some that cost $100 or more.

Regardless of your budget and other factors, you’ll have no trouble discovering desirable formfitting earbuds that mold to your ear canal, never hurt, and create beautiful music and wonderful podcast audio if you put your mind to it.

Are you ready to pick up a new set of earbuds for small ears now that you know my favorite choices?

Every one of my recommendations above delivers premium sound, a completely comfortable experience, and the highest quality so you can never go wrong with any one of my picks.

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