Fender FA-235E Review – Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Viking Bridge & TUSQ Nut)

Fender FA-235E Moonlight Burst

Brand/Model: Fender FA-235E

Number of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right

Body Material: Mahogany/Maple top

Neck Material: Nato

Fretboard Material: Rosewood

Price Range: Under $300

Our Rating: 8.5/10

Fender FA-235E Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

With just one look at this acoustic electric guitar, and you’ll fall hard for it.  Its chic, vintage, and sleek appeal is sure deserving of more curiosity.  So, that’s exactly what we did.

We gave it a thorough once-over to get down to the bare bones to see if there’s any hidden skeletons in the Fender closet!

Body of Fender FA-235E guitar

The guitar is gorgeous on the outside.  The flamed maple top is sure to attract some young and hip players.  It has a concert body shape, and the entire guitar is a fully-laminated machine.  Laminate mahogany make up the back and sides.

The nato neck is adorned with a rosewood fretboard that pairs with the Viking rosewood bridge.

The neck has 20 frets with a Graph Tech TUSQ nut and pearloid “Keystone” inlays.  You also have open-backed geared tuning machines, a 25.3″ neck scale, and aged white binding for the body.  It’s also been outfitted with a Fishman preamp and built-in tuner.

Headstock on Fender FA-235E Concert guitar

You have onboard controls with volume, bass, and treble for stage-ready amplification.  The modern Fishman electronics can have a beginner guitarist ready for live performances with that iconic Fender sound.

The sound is lively, note defining, and high in the trebles, however, it’s also well-balanced with mahogany to produce to some warmth and oomph.

Priced just right, this Fender FA-235E guitar might appeal more to the young crowd, but it’s not the only finish/color option in the bucket.  If you old school artists are intrigued by the flame maple top, you might want to see what other options are in store for you.  Check out the Q&A below!

  • Price
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Viking bridge
  • TUSQ nut
  • Concert body
  • May require setup

FA-235E Acoustic Electric Guitar Reviews

Unfortunately, the buying crowd hasn’t picked up on this newly-released acoustic electric guitar.  While there’s not much to be said of it at this moment, it’s a Fender, we’re sure to see quite the buzz in the near future.

Fender has a long-time reputation with the masses.  Fender may very well be the go-to brand to put into the hands of a beginner, and this FA-235E just might be the way to go.  However, we’d say that this guitar has far more potential than to accept a fate as a starter guitar.

This can be used and abused in the hands of a seasoned player.

It’s a great all-round guitar that can handle its 15 minutes of fame as well the quiet nights at home or at a bonfire rage.  It’s never been a bad thing to make a Fender your go-to guitar – newb or not!

Alternative Acoustic-Electric Guitars to Consider

In this price point, Fender may very well rule the market.  For under $300 you can also strum by the Fender CP-60S with its solid spruce top, rolled fret edges, and its Easy-to-Play neck.  Take note first that this is an acoustic only guitar.  You’ll have to forfeit your plug-in power!Electronics on Fender FA-235E guitar

Another Fender in this price range is the T-Bucket 300CE.  This is also a laminated guitar, but it has a very vintage quilted maple top that provides its own kind of appeal.

It’s larger than the FA-235E since it’s a dreadnought guitar, but it also has a cutaway to provide comfort and style, and Fishman’s Isys III electronics to amp up your playing niche!

Outside of the Fender family, you might want to consider the Yamaha FGX800C with its scalloped X bracing.  The additional support from the bracing lends to its rich sound and intonation.  It’s a hit in the ratings with its under saddle piezo pickup and 3-band EQ.

The natural finish puts this guitar right in your price range.  Check it out today!

Fender FA-235E FAQ

What is a Laminate Guitar?

Laminate is used as an alternative to real tonewoods to build a guitar.  It’s essentially plywood with a laminate on top to provide the exterior of the guitar.  Using laminate allows for lower production costs and a lower price for the consumer.

It’s also more resilient to damage and to humidity that can harm a solid top guitar.

What are the other Color Options of the FA-235E guitar?

This is the flame maple top with a moonlight burst finish.  There is also a 3-tone sunburst and natural finish.

Do the other FA-235E models have the same specs and wood?

Yes, the other FA-235E models have the exact same woods and specs as the featured moonlight burst guitar.

What is the nut width?

The width at the nut is 43 mm.

Is this Fender a Full-size Guitar?

Yes, this is still considered a full-size guitar with its concert body shape.  It is smaller than a dreadnought, but it’s still intended for adult and older children.

What design is the Rosette on the Fender Guitar?

The rosette has a pearloid “Keystone” design that matches the pearloid “Keystone” inlays on the fretboard.

What type of Finish does the Guitar have on the neck and body?

The guitar has a gloss finish on the neck and body.  This provides a smooth finish while also providing a shiny, glistening sheen.

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Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need

It’s customary to see guitars in this price range lacking any accessories included in the buy.  Following the trend, the Fender guitar doesn’t come with any much-needed essentials.

What are those essentials?  We’ll list a few suggestions here, but we highly encourage you to make your way over to our mega guitar accessories guide to see a complete list.

This list will make it a lot easier for beginners to get a grip on what can be bought later and what’s an absolute need for right now.

Standout Features of the FA-235E Guitar

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • TUSQ nut
  • Concert body

Our Verdict on the Fender FA-235E

To strum it up, we didn’t find any hidden skeletons in the Fender closet regarding the Fender FA-235E guitar.  It’s a legit guitar that will soon see a solid rating in the rankings.

We wouldn’t blame you if you bought this guitar just for the looks, we would too!

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