Yamaha FGX800C Review – Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha FGX800C

Brand/Model: Yamaha FGX800C

Number Of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right

Body Material: Nato/Spruce top

Neck Material: Nato

Fretboard Material: Rosewood

Price Range: Under $300

Our Rating: 9.4/10

Yamaha FGX800C Review

For over 50 years, Yamaha has set the guitar world on fire with their FG series, and they up the ante with this stunner Yamaha FGX800C guitar! Expect more power, sound, and unique bracing that the FG line is known for!

This particular model is barely a year old but its dreadnought body is timeless! To afford the a guitar from the FGX series and to keep costs just a hair-splitting penny below $300, the nato-built guitar is your only option.

But, that doesn’t mean you’re missing out on quality. This guitar is outfitted with a solid Sitka spruce top with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

The scalloped bracing ensures ultimate protection to the life of the spruce top tonewood while projecting the true sounds of the rich, iconic, and natural acoustic foundation.

The electronics come into play with the System 66 Preamp that includes controls for the 3-band EQ, precision chromatic tuner, and adjustable mid-range frequency. You won’t ever have to depend on plugging in, since the built-in preamp only takes convenient AA batteries!

  • Price
  • Scalloped bracing
  • Solid wood top
  • System 66 Preamp
  • Improved sound vs FGX700 series
  • Poor quality strings

Yamaha FGX800C Reviews

Rear view of FGX800C Yamaha

The Yamaha FGX800C guitar is a hit with the crowd! Buyers appreciate the quality of this guitar when they know the special features it has can easily cost twice as much! Whether users plug it in or depend on the preamp soundbox, this guitar has the potential to awe you and your audience.

However, a lot of users will end up replacing the strings to higher quality ones at some point in the future. This isn’t a big deal since strings are relatively cheap and personal preferences take precedence when you’re strumming for self-enjoyment or for the fans!

Alternative Acoustic-Electric Guitars to Consider

What more could you ask for from the Yamaha Dreadnought? Perhaps, you could still be in the market if it’s a little too bulky for you. You might want to check out the Yamaha APX500III Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar that’s slimmer in design to cater to players of all statures.

Other than its electronics, it couldn’t be more different to the FGX. It has a non-scalloped X bracing design, multiple finish options, and it’s very lightweight.

However, if you’ve got a mere, few bucks more to splurge, the Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Guitar might be for you. Only the fun and spunky players dare venture for the aesthetic appeal on this hellcat. Skulls and hellcat inlays aren’t for everyone.

But, what does appeal to everyone is the vintage appeal, solid mahogany top, and the bad-ass sound-punch this Hellcat delivers! While it still maintains the dreadnought shape, it’s a tad scaled-down to make it comfortable for all players.

If you are still not sold on one of these excellent guitars, you might want to swing by and check out our complete line-up of the best acoustic electric guitars.

Yamaha FGX800C FAQ

What is the Higher Grade Tonewood Available with the Yamaha FGX800 series?

This has the nato tonewood body but the creme de la creme of the acoustic guitars in this line has the rosewood body. Heavy – yes, but it reflects more sonic energy than most other woods for crisp, glassy, and bell-like overtones.

Is there an All Mahogany Model of this FGX800c Guitar?

No. The other option is the Yamaha FGX820 model that has a mahogany back and sides, spruce top, and rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The only All Mahogany guitar is the acoustic-only version, the Yamaha FG850.

Take a look at our full review on the FG850 acoustic guitar here.

What are the Main Differences Between the Yamaha 700 and 800 Series?

The 800 series kept the same popular features of the 700s such as the solid top, playability, comfort, and slim neck profile. But, the 800 series goes a step further with new innovative designs such as the satin finish on the back of the neck.

The most talked-about upgrade is the scalloped bracing that provides the 800 series with its louder and stronger volumes and resonance emphasizing its bass tones in the low to mid ranges.

FGX800C Sound

YouTube video

Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need

Unfortunately, this particular model isn’t offered as a starter kit. You’re getting bare skin and bones with just the guitar itself. It’s a steal if you’re only playing acoustic, but to plug-in, you’ll need to get your extra equipment too. To know where to start, our guide to guitar accessories has all the info to help you out! But, we’ll get you started right here.

Standout Features of the FGX800C

  • Great value to quality
  • Newer than FGX700 series
  • New scalloped bracing

Our Verdict On The Yamaha FGX800C

To strum it up, the Yamaha FGX800C Acoustic Electric Guitar is our top pick for a guitar under 300 dollars. Its quality is above par for its price range and that’s not just us saying that, the masses agree too. If you want value and quality where it matters, the FGX800C is the guitar to buy!

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