Martin HD 28 Review – Standard Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Martin HD28 Acoustic Guitar

Brand/Model: Martin HD-28

Number of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right/Left

Body Material: Rosewood/Spruce top

Neck Material: Mahogany

Fretboard Material: Ebony

Price Range: $3000

Our Rating: 10/10

Martin HD-28 Acoustic Guitar Review

Martin Standard Series Guitar

This Martin HD 28 Acoustic Guitar has often been said to be the best sounding Martin of them all! For the price, it darn-near should be! Luckily for many buyers and for the hard-earned Martin reputation, it is!

This is why this gem of perfection is our treasured top pick of them all!

To face the world and the audience first is the solid Sitka spruce top to sound off a punch of nothing but clear, concise, and high-end sound! Rich warmth and bold projection comes easily with the East Indian rosewood body.

With an exquisite twist, Martin uses mahogany to create a low profile neck with solid black ebony to construct the fingerboard and bridge.

To add to its professional and sleek demeanor, it’s been crafted with an audacious herringbone top binding, Schaller chrome tuners, bone saddle and nut, scalloped X bracing, and concentric ring rosette.

But, what about the sound of Martin’s HD 28? It can’t be justified by words. The sonic impact of the guitar is out of this world. Perhaps this is why it’s considered the creme de la creme of Martins. Do you dare buy one? If your spouse thinks it’s their idea, perhaps you might just one!

  • Unparalleled craftsmanship
  • Super sonic sound
  • Solid, high quality tonewoods
  • Scalloped X bracing
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Price

Martin’s HD-28 Reviews

Rear view of Martin HD28

The Martin HD-28 guitar was birthed from one of the best guitar brands in the world! While online buys are slim with purchases in this high price range, since they’re usually done hands-on and in person, you won’t regret your online buy of this Martin.

No buyer of the Martin HD-28 has ever had an excuse to complain about the performance and aesthetics of this guitar. It’s a well-deserving treasure to add to your collection.

Alternative Acoustic Guitars to Consider

Sometimes, no matter how beautiful and drool-worthy a guitar is, it’s just straight-up out of your price range – mostly everyone’s price range!  But, you can still spend top dollar and land a genuine Martin acoustic guitar.

For under $2000, you still have the option of getting an all-solid guitar in the D-15M and the D-16RGT models.  They’re premium acoustic guitars, more budget-friendly, and it’ll be your pick between rosewood and mahogany!

Outside of the Martin brand, the historic appeal of a genuine Blueridge might peak your interest.  Again, under $2000 the picking is yours to make.  But, we highly suggest the BR-163A with its vintage cosmetics and modern elements to improve playability and sound.

You have Santos rosewood and genuine Adirondack spruce tonewoods to create unique, exceptionally clear, and very loud acoustics.

Martin Standard Series HD-28 Standard Dreadnought Acoustic
14 Reviews
Martin Standard Series HD-28 Standard Dreadnought Acoustic
  • Solid, book-matched East Indian rosewood is used for the back and sides.

Martin HD-28 FAQ

How is the Martin HD-28 Guitar Shipped?

With a purchase this big, you can be assured that it’s going to be well protected. It’s shipped in a Martin hard case in a Martin box for ultimate protection and security.

What does the HD 28 stand for?

Body of HD28 Guitar

This is all Martin terminology to tell their guitars apart, and if you can master the code, then you’d be seen as a true guitar master, whether you are one or not.

The H stands for Herringbone. The D is indicative of the guitar size. The 28 represents the guitar specifications. In this case, 28 refers to the use of the combination of rosewood, spruce, ebony, and mahogany tonewoods.

What is the Neck Width at the Nut on the HD-28 Martin Guitar?

On the Martin HD 28, the nut width is 1 11/16″.

Are there Other Finishes and Tonewoods Available on this Model?

No. This is the only HD 28 guitar of its kind.

Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need

HD28 Dreadnought Acoustic in Case

This exceptional guitar does include a Martin vinyl-laminated hard case in the purchase.  That’s quite the cost savings when you’re already spending a fortune on the guitar.

With the case down, it’s only a few accessories to go.  Our useful guitar accessories guide lays out the necessities in order of “needs” and “wants.”

From spare sets of strings to guitar humidifiers to protect your solid tonewoods, we lay out everything that a pro and beginner guitarist might want!

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Standout Features of the HD28 Guitar

  • Excellent quality and craftsmanship
  • Personal hand touches to the guitar
  • Distinct Martin tone

Our Verdict on the Martin HD-28 Guitar

To strum it up, the Martin HD 28 is as good as it gets for the average Joe without flipping the bill that matches the cost of a very expensive, brand-new car.  This is a guitar that’s made for the long-term investment that can do everything and sound amazing with its real “Martin tone.”

There’s no going back and there’s no playing other brands when you’ve laid your ears, eyes, and hands on this one!

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