8 Best Speakers For Vinyl In 2021 (Multiple Options & Budgets)

Best Turntable Speakers for Vinyl

Technology has advanced to the point that you can easily source music from all over the internet, and play it via Bluetooth wireless or AUX.

However, for audiophiles, there is nothing more satisfying than the classic sound that you can get from a vinyl record.

Unfortunately, a turntable by itself doesn’t generate enough sound to really get the party started.

If you’ve been looking for the best way to enjoy your favorite tunes, we’ve made it easy with the best speakers for vinyl.

So, sit back, take notes, and join us to discover your ideal speaker for vinyl records!

Quick List: Top 8 Speakers for Vinyl

1byone Wireless Turntable HiFi System
TEWELL RetrorockBest Budget
Edifier R1280TBest Bookshelf
Fluance Ai60Best Overall
Pyle PCB4BK Mini Cube SpeakersBest Small
Ammoon Vintage Suitcase Record Player with Speakers
Micca ON3Best Powered
M MUSIC PUBLIC KINGDOM Record Player with Built-in Stereo

Researching Speakers for Vinyl

We know how important great sound is to you record lovers, so we made sure to thoroughly research and select only the speakers for vinyl that deliver premium sound. After all, what’s the point of grooving to your favorite classic tunes if they don’t sound exactly as the artist intended?

This means we sought out speakers that pack a punch with volume, without compromising on balanced audio and a healthy bassline.

Some of you already have a turntable and are just looking for speakers, while others will be delighted by a turntable and speaker combo. We’re also aware how important aesthetics are, so we chose a selection of attractive speakers with either whimsical and retro or modern and sleek designs. We made sure to cover all bases so that your speaker will fit into your lifestyle and your aesthetic.

We also know that not everyone is looking to spend the same amount on their vinyl speakers, so we made sure to investigate the best options for extra affordable, mid-range, and top shelf budgets. Rest assured that whatever you are willing to spend on a speaker, we have you covered.

We’ve done all the hard yards, so you don’t need to waste time researching your best option for enjoying your vinyl records. So, let’s get started!

The Best Speakers for Vinyl in 2021

1. 1byone Wireless Turntable HiFi System Review

1byone delivers an excellent and intuitive turntable with included bookshelf speakers for optimal sound.

✔️ What we like: Attractive turntable with loud bookshelf speakers.

What we don’t like: The bass can be a little lacking.

Standout Features:

  • Stable design features
  • Advanced speaker design
  • Balanced sound

For a beginner-level turntable with included speakers, you can’t go wrong with this premium option by 1byone. It’s optimized for the ultimate sound for your favorite vinyl tracks, including a tonearm counterweight that ensures smooth playback, avoids skating, and guarantees smooth stylus movement without distortion or damage to the vinyl.

The turntable also features a solid iron platter for uniformity and stability of playback, and the option of two playback speeds. This allows you to enjoy your favorite vinyl tracks in the way they were made to be heard.

The included bookshelf speakers are each 36W and made of an attractive MDF wood. They feature a conical speaker made from a mixture of wool and felt, which paired with the tweeter, provides a balanced sound of bright treble, lyrical alto, and smooth bass. The speakers also include alnico magnets that stabilize the acoustics, for the most natural sound at a room-filling volume.

Our only criticism with the 1byone unit is that while the treble and alto are sharp and distinct, the bass can be lacking in impact. However, the overall effect is a loud, clean sound that allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks in style.

If you’re looking to invest in a reliable turntable with included bookshelf speakers, you can’t go wrong with the 1byone system.

2. TEWELL Retrorock Review – Best Budget

The TEWELL Retrorock offers a balanced, bass-optimized sound at a price that won’t hurt the wallet.

✔️ What we like: Deep bass and powerful speaker at a budget price.

What we don’t like: A little too bass-heavy at the highest volume.

Standout Features:

  • Value for money
  • Bass reflex system
  • Attractive retro design

This speaker by TEWELL is the best budget option for enjoying your favorite vinyl records with balanced sound and healthy bass. The bass reflex design includes an in-built adjustment to maintain bass at even the lowest volumes, and delivers strong, deep, and clear basslines for your greatest listening enjoyment.

The speaker itself is an attractive gold and black retro design that fits seamlessly into the decor of your room and makes for a striking centerpiece in your living room. The wooden cabinet design increases the warmth of the sound, making for a natural and pleasing rendition of your favorite songs. It carries 24W of power, which can easily fill your room with the sound of beautiful music.

Its small size and lightweight nature make it easy to move wherever you need, and it has an AUX cord to connect directly to your vinyl record player, with the option of Bluetooth wireless for other music mediums. This is coupled with a user-friendly design that includes a toggle switch and volume knob for easy operation.

Our only criticism with the Retrorock is that at higher volumes the bass can be a little overwhelming and drowns out the mids and highs. However, this isn’t an issue at lower volumes, and considering how loud the speaker can get, it’s unlikely you will need to use the highest volume.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly speaker for vinyl records, you can’t go past the excellent Retrorock by TEWELL.

3. Edifier R1280T Review – Best Bookshelf

There’s a ton of bookshelf speakers for vinyl on the market, but this mid-range option by Edifier delivers volume, advanced design features, and the option to tweak the bass and treble.

✔️ What we like: Highly customizable sound that isn’t shy on the bass.

What we don’t like: Annoying volume control.

Standout Features:

  • Micro-adjustments for sound balance
  • Studio surround sound
  • Loud speakers

The Edifier R1280T is impressive because of its volume capabilities and superior speaker design. It boasts 42W speakers that will more than fill your room with the incredible sound of your favorite record tunes. The speakers are designed with a 13mm silk dome tweeter and 4-inch bass driver for a natural and well-balanced studio surround sound that doesn’t hide its basslines.

It makes for a sound that has clear tones and is heavy on the bass, but which is also customizable. On the side of the unit, a switch allows you to make micro adjustments to treble and bass from -6 to +6 db. This is perfect for audiophiles who love the intricacies of music and know exactly how they want to optimize their well-loved music.

The R1280T is both attractive and user-friendly. Its natural wood with vinyl finish is suitable for all home decors and has a retro look that is a nod to the past while maintaining timeless style. The addition of a remote control allows for ultimate ease of use.

Our only criticism with the R1280T is that while the volume knob is easy to use, it doesn’t have a clear maximum or minimum. You can turn the knob infinitely without knowing if you’ve reached the loudest possible sound, which can be frustrating for some users. However, if you’re happy to judge the appropriate volume with your ears alone, then this feature won’t bother you.

If you’re looking for reliable mid-range bookshelf speakers with healthy bass and customizable sound, then the R1280T by Edifier is the one for you. 

4. Fluance Ai60 Review – Best Overall

The Ai60 by Fluance is our pick for the best speakers for vinyl, with premium design features, excellent sound, and gorgeous aesthetics.

✔️ What we like: Huge sound and superior construction.

What we don’t like: Hissing sound at the highest volume.

Standout Features:

  • High-powered amplifier
  • Balanced and clean sound
  • Beautiful design

The Ai60 units are designed with volume in mind, featuring 100W speakers with an integrated class D amplifier. The speakers face two ways and create impressive surround sound, without the need for an extra amplifier. However, it isn’t just loud, and the sound is highly balanced with excellent defined mids, lows, and highs. These come from the 1-inch silk dome tweeters and 6.5-inch woven drivers that are premium construction for top quality sound.

The speakers also feature a gorgeous, white walnut design that can be shown off as an attractive centerpiece or can blend seamlessly into the background of your living room. This handmade, natural wood construction ensures sound that is far from artificial and eliminates most of the distortion. The Ai60s speakers prove they aren’t just a pretty face, with acoustics that back up their aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Our only criticism with the Fluance speakers is that some users can hear a light hissing sound at the maximum volume. However, this is a common issue for powered speakers, and not unique to this model. If you’re using them at a slightly lower volume, this won’t affect the quality of your sound.

Vinyl records are valuable, produce great sound, and are a throwback to a vintage era of music. Therefore, if you’re looking for speakers that match the integrity of your records and your turntable, you’ve found them in these Ai60 speakers by Fluance.

5. Pyle PCB4BK Mini Cube Speakers Review – Best Small

The PCB4BK Mini Cube Speakers by Pyle are our pick for speakers that are small in size but large in volume.

✔️ What we like: Tiny speakers that still deliver on volume.

What we don’t like: Occasional rattling at some frequencies.

Standout Features:

  • Tiny and lightweight
  • Powerful speakers
  • Excellent value

The PCB4BK Mini Cube Speakers have a tiny design, with 4-inch cubes that are extremely lightweight and portable. Each weighing less than a pound, they are easy to transport and place by the side of your vinyl turntable without dominating the space.

While the speakers are small, the sound they produce is not. Together they pack 200W of power that creates the kind of volume you wouldn’t expect from such compact units. The 4-inch paper cone driver design delivers balanced surround sound, with clear distinction between the lows, mids, and highs. They can cover the full range of sound from 80Hz – 18 KHz at a volume that can easily fill your room. You can be assured that these speakers by Pyle will do justice to your favorite vinyl tracks.

One criticism of the PCB4BK speakers is that the front metal grille can rattle at some frequencies, making an annoying background noise. However, this can be fixed by tightening the screws on the front plate. Considering how affordable the speakers are, it’s a small price to pay.

Overall, if you’re looking for compact speakers for vinyl that won’t break the bank, you won’t find better than the powerful and balanced PCB4BK speakers by Pyle.

6. Ammoon Vintage Suitcase Record Player with Speakers Review

The Ammoon unit is a turntable with inbuilt speakers that is affordable, attractive, and unique.

✔️ What we like: Attractive, retro design paired with great sound.

What we don’t like: Some units have issues on 33 ⅓ RPM playback.

Standout Features:

  • Portable
  • Timeless, attractive design
  • Affordable

The Ammoon record player is both attractive and practical for those of you who are looking for a turntable with in-built speakers. It features a gorgeous vintage suitcase design that makes for a great gift or as a proud centerpiece in your house. The design is retro but with modern capabilities, making for aesthetics that will never go out of style.

The suitcase design makes for easy transport, allowing you to enjoy your favorite vinyl tracks wherever you desire. What’s more, the durable construction of the suitcase ensures that your turntable is safe from damage.

The record player itself features playback at three different speeds: 33 ⅓, 45 and 78RPM, with the option to record your vinyl tracks into mp3 format. This allows for playback according to your preferences.

The in-built speakers in the Ammoon unit are front-facing and deliver clean sound with minimal distortion and decent volume. While it’s not going to approach the volume or balance of sound of external speakers, for its budget price it’s a steal!

The only potential issue with this model is that some users have reported issues with playback on the 33 ⅓ RPM setting. However, this is specific to some units and not universal to the design as a whole.

If you’re looking for a budget record player with in-built speakers that is attractive and portable, you should seriously consider the vintage suitcase model by Ammoon.

7. Micca ON3 Review – Best Powered

The ON3 by Micca is an excellent mid-range option for powered speakers that feature superior design qualities.

✔️ What we like: Superior speaker design at a mid-range price.

What we don’t like: Not suitable for complete beginners.

Standout Features:

  • Advanced speaker design features
  • Built-in EQ with 2 settings
  • Compact and portable

The superior design of the ON3 makes for a sound that is natural, high quality, and minimally affected by distortion. A single driver speaker design produces a natural sound while avoiding the issues of acoustic lobing, time alignment, or any phase problems. The driver is manufactured with a fibrous paper cone, rubber surround, and neodymium magnet. Combined with a one-inch voice coil, raised dome center cap, and copper shorting ring, the speaker avoids distortion and delivers only the richest sound quality.

The ON3 is not shy on volume either, with dual 24W amps that feature DSP processing circuitry for loud sound across the spectrum of 50Hz to 20kHz. While the speakers are compact at just 3 inches in size, they produce a sound that can easily fill your room for maximum enjoyment of your favorite vinyl records.

Micca had aesthetics and usability in mind when they designed the ON3. The attractive dark wood design is compatible with the aesthetics of most turntables and can blend easily with the classy decor of your living space. The addition of a remote control and the option of front and rear input jacks makes for speakers that are effortless to use.

The sound of the ON3 is highly customizable. The built-in EQ has two in-built settings: setting 1 has a flat frequency that is ideal for emphasizing musical details, while setting 2 has enhanced bass and reduced treble for a classic sound. While it is customizable, many users have reported needing to tweak the EQ settings to achieve the best possible sound. This is our only criticism of the ON3 because complete beginners will need to do some research to make the most of them.

If you’re looking for amazing powered speakers that enhance the listening experience of your favorite vinyl records, this mid-range offering by Micca is the top of its class.

8. M MUSIC PUBLIC KINGDOM Record Player with Built-in Stereo Review

M MUSIC PUBLIC KINGDOM delivers an attractive and unique record player with in-built stereo at a reasonable price.

✔️ What we like: Attractive and simple speakers with good sound.

What we don’t like: Low maximum volume.

Standout Features:

  • LED lights
  • Sensitive speaker design
  • User-friendly

Aesthetics are particularly important in this speaker system by M MUSIC PUBLIC KINGDOM. The attractive, light wood design can blend seamlessly into your decor or stand on its own as a retro statement piece. Additionally, the base of the speaker is equipped with LEDs and 6 different lighting modes, creating a soothing atmosphere that is perfect for kicking back and listening to your favorite vinyl.

The record player component includes two playback speeds: 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM. Coupled with an easy on/off switch and the option for wireless connection, the unit is both easy to use and customizable for your preferred method of listening. In addition, a removable protective dust cover ensures that your M MUSIC PUBLIC KINGDOM unit will be operational for years to come. It is highly suitable for the elderly, kids, or beginners to the world of vinyl who will benefit from the simple and durable design.

The dual in-built speakers are bottom facing, which allows the amplification of sound depending on where you place them. Within the speakers’ design is a high-sensitivity audio technica MM cartridge that reads information from the record easily and creates stereo surround sound that is generous with its bass.

Our only criticism with this unit is that it won’t achieve the volume capabilities of external speakers.

However, if you’re looking for a user-friendly turntable with in-built speakers for vinyl, the M MUSIC PUBLIC KINGDOM is an attractive and durable option.

A Guide to Choosing Speakers for Vinyl

Man holding a record looking at turntable

How Experienced Are You With Vinyl?

Whether you are a beginner to the world of records, or a seasoned collector will determine what kind of speakers for vinyl are most suitable for you.

If you’re starting out and don’t yet have a turntable, then it’s cost effective to buy a turntable that has built-in speakers. This saves you having to purchase both a turntable and external speakers.

An entry-level model also allows you to become accustomed to this playback style without the complications of customizable speakers that may include an adjustable equalizer.

However, if you’re a seasoned audiophile with your own turntable, then separate speakers are the obvious choice. You will also benefit from more premium speakers that include the option to customize the sound quality through an in-built adjustable equalizer. This allows you to produce the exact sound that you love and completely enjoy your favorite vinyl tracks.

Where is Your Record Player?

If you already own a record player, its size and placement in your home will determine what kind of speaker is the best for you.

If you keep your record player on a bookshelf or another limited space, then compact bookshelf speakers will be your best choice. They will allow you to enjoy listening to your vinyl without worrying about weight and space restrictions.

However, if your record player has more of a central position in your room, say as the focus point of your entertainment system, then larger and more powerful speakers are your friends.

A focus on higher wattage speakers with greater bass capabilities is also essential if your turntable is in a larger room or if you intend to host social gatherings.

However, in smaller rooms or just for personal use, there is no need for higher-powered speakers with greater wattage and bass. Even the lower wattage speakers on this list can easily fill a room with sound for enjoyable personal listening.

YouTube video

What’s Your Aesthetic?

While the first thing you might look for in a speaker for vinyl is its technical capabilities, there’s no avoiding the fact that aesthetics plays a part as well.

If you’re more into vintage or retro design, then there are some beautiful speakers on the market that reflect this style. These include both turntables with in-built speakers and external speaker systems. It’s easy to find a speaker that matches the color and antique aesthetic of your turntable for continuity and impressive aesthetics.

Some speakers for vinyl even include LED lights so you can create an ambiance that matches light to the emotion of your music.

However, if you’re not visually minded or prefer more of a contemporary look, there are more modern units with updated technology to match.

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What’s Your Budget?

This question will usually drive where you start your search for speakers: what’s your budget?

If you’re at a beginner level or not concerned with customizable audio, there are excellent compact and lightweight options that are simple in design and still deliver great sound. For less than $100, you can find bookshelf speakers, stand-alone units, and turntables with in-built speakers that are more than adequate for your needs.

If you’ve got a little more cash to splash, then there’s an excellent selection of mid-range units which include more powerful speakers, optimized bass, and customizable audio.

For those wanting to make a serious investment, there are premium speakers for vinyl which feature superior design both in aesthetics and audio capabilities. They are seriously loud, include adjustable treble and bass, and produce sound that will please even the pickiest audiophile.

The Best Speakers for Vinyl on the Market

While vinyl records have been around for many years, their technology is far from outdated, delivering a classic and smooth sound that many audiophiles prefer.

However, a turntable by itself doesn’t produce much volume, and so we’ve compiled a selection of the best speakers for vinyl to truly enhance your audio experience.

These include speakers for all budget levels, familiarization with vinyl, and even different personal aesthetics. We’ve made sure to cover all bases so you can easily find the perfect speaker for you.

So, put up your feet, put on your favorite record, and treat yourself to your ideal speaker system.

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